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TalkBox | Voice messenger

Rep: (248)
Version: 1.62

Last update of the program in the header:19.08.2012

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(IPhone Screens)

Short description:
Voice messenger.

Enough of the keyboards! We send each other voice SMS!

Homepage: http://talkboxapp.com/en/home

Additional Information
Russian interface: Not

Version: 1.62 http: //savagemessiahzine.com/forum/dl/post/1952877/TalkBox_Voice_Messenger_PTT_1.62.apk

Past versions

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Rep: (0)
How to use it? Need to get somewhere or something else to do?

Rep: (0)
Something somehow I did not quite understand how to register in it .... trying to fly out ...: blink:

Rep: (248)
I started the program, in it I clicked the "new user", the registration fields appeared - full name + soap + password. Everything.
Then came a chat with a robot. Returning from the chat one step higher, a menu is accessible by button, where settings and an avatar are set.
New contacts are added there. Further, as SMS, only voice correspondence.

I just can’t understand what the “sight” button does.
The program works great.

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Rep: (5)
Culibin @ 05/11/2011, 09:35*
I just can’t understand what the “sight” button does.

button sight for geotagging users

Rep: (1)
In the market there is a program with that name. But it looks different. Functional did not check.
There are similar programs Cbradoichat and TV

Rep: (0)
Is there a general list of contacts, or can you only communicate with contacts that you add yourself?

Rep: (0)
Russian mod did not install on the ski

Rep: (171)
set yesterday, launched, registered ...
Today I looked at battery consumption, this program ate 72%. An hour later it was already 78%. Rebooting does not help.
In general, the situation was the same with the LG Camera on CM (2.2.1), now TalkBox on CM (2.3.4).

In general, the idea is interesting. But the program was demolished in connection with the above problem ...

Rep: (183)
TalkBox Voice Messenger v1.01

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Attached filetalkbox_1_01.apk(988.69 KB)

Rep: (248)
G-sense @ 05/11/2011, 10:29 PM*
Looked at battery power, 72% ate this program. An hour later it was already 78%. Rebooting does not help.

Write to support. There is no battery leak on my device!

Rep: (41)
I didn’t get on my ski, although I don’t have any problems with the English one, everything is very intuitive, and the sound quality is actually ok

Rep: (138)
I liked the program.
There is not enough ability to clear chat.
In general, similar functionality in Handcent ...

Rep: (6)
Avovik031 @ 11.5.2011, 23:58*
Mod Rus:
[attachment = "959411: talkbox _... Rus_1_01.apk"]
Thanks for redrawing the graphics:GVlad284
on top of the original does not rise.

SGS JP3 crashes
Aglitsky version works

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Rep: (8)
lg gt540 russian mod does not work

Posted on 05/23/2011, 04:49:

lg gt540 2.1 russian mod does not work

Rep: (24)
G-sense @ 05/11/2011, 10:29 PM*
Today I looked at battery consumption, this program ate 72%. An hour later it was already 78%. Rebooting does not help.
In general, the situation was the same with the LG Camera on CM (2.2.1), now TalkBox on CM (2.3.4).

I have the same story ... deleted, I will follow the updates. I wrote them on Facebook. There have already been complaints about this.

Rep: (28)
Yesterday I installed English from the Market (there is no need for localization, everything is extremely simple). I liked a lot more than the previously used analog (HeyTell) in that geotagging is displayed on the whole screen and because it compresses the voice more, saving traffic + the ability to send photos. On my Sony Ericsson X10i with Android 2.3.3 and Samsung Galaxy SII son with Android 2.3.4, the battery consumes no more than 3-4% per day of more or less regular use. Given that there is a version for the iPhone and is expected for Symbian and Blackberry, the program seems very promising ...

Rep: (11)
Attached filetalkbox_1_3.apk(2.85 MB)
TalkBox Voice Messenger 1.3
What's in this version:
Customized alias.
Add all contact count.
Add Voice Broadcast customized setting
Enable C2DM pushing service
Redesign conversation page.
Enhance UI elements.
Fix image caching problem.
Minor bug fix

Rep: (979)
TalkBox Voice Messenger - PTT v.1.62

- Enhanced Facebook login method in TalkBox (SSO)
- Fixed scrolling bug in JellyBean (4.1)
- Fixed some major crash problems
- minor bugs fix

Attached fileTalkBox_Voice_Messenger_PTT_1.62.apk(6.6 MB)

Rep: (0)
I can not start, it writes a connection error, ex sky

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