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Fishing | information about places in Moscow and Moscow region where you can go fishing.

Rep: (719)
Version: 1.4

Last update of the program in the header:20.04.2011

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Short description:
A guide for anglers of all categories from beginner to professional.

Where to go fishing in Moscow and the region?

This program will give comprehensive answers!

This guide is intended for anglers of all categories from beginner to professional.

It contains information about places in Moscow and Moscow region where you can go fishing, and just relax your soul. We also included information on most fish that can be caught in these reservoirs.

Remember that time spent fishing does not count towards life.

Android required: version 2.0 and higher

Google Play: https://market.android.com/details?id=en.in...e=search_result

Russian interface: Yes

Download: Version: 1.4 Attached file________ 1.4.apk (8.56 MB)

Past versions

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Rep: (16)
A good guide only for me would be for Samara and the Samara region

Rep: (61)
For Altai Krai would do :)

Rep: (4)
Very useful program, only Moscow is a pity)

Rep: (64)
: beee: and the Nizhny Novgorod region would not hurt to add.

Rep: (0)
Ehhh !!! Sorry for such a program for Belarus netuuu !!!

Rep: (13)
I want Novosibirsk and the region!

Rep: (0)
according to the screenshots, pictures of fish are licked from "Russian fishing" =)

Rep: (2093)
Comrades who wish, put the program, go to the last tab Info and see below a red house with the inscription Mail. Click and write! The program uses the data from the site russhing.ru, I think there will be more or less detailed information on all regions, you just need to create interest in your region and, probably, help the developers with something. But with this - find out from them yourself. There are also links to facebook and twitter. Be more active! Oh, what’s good about an android - so that you can contact and communicate with all the developers.

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Rep: (0)
A very useful program link, the other day just come in handy;)

Rep: (8)
it’s cool even for Kiev and the region, it’s just a pity we took all the normal ponds for rent and if a family with two children is traveling, then giving $ 12 a day is cheaper to buy already caught fish.

Rep: (0)
A good program, it’s a pity that there are only paid ponds in the database or I could not find free ones.

Rep: (9)
I haven’t set myself yet, it’s very far from me to go to these reservoirs, it would be convenient if the developers add the “comments” items - where you can see the comments of the fishermen who visited these places and “my reservoirs” where you can mark the reservoirs yourself

Rep: (1)
for free ponds there is an atlas and maps and Navi programs)))
a good program, I probably made a micro contribution, sent a letter indicating the error)))

Rep: (7)
"paddlefish" - such a fish? we have? Or is it also from a toy?

Rep: (0)
A good guide only for me would be for St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region: sveta:

Rep: (0)
Guys, for Belarus, please tell me that there is a good application

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