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Windows Phone 7 Software Catalog

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> Windows Phone Device Manager
19.04.11, 12:02

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Windows Phone Device Manager download


Last update of the program in the header:08.03.2012

Attached Image
Attached Image

Unofficial multifunctional manager of Windows Phone.TouchXperience talk.

Changes in version 1.10:
Windows 8 support.

Changes in version 1.9:
Improved remote screen (over 30 fps);
Improved overall stability;
Fixed bug backup applications on unlocked devices;
Fixed the problem of taking screenshots, which was associated with the limitation of memory for background tasks;
Files placed in \ My Documents are now copied into the "Office" hub;
Bugs fixed;

Changes in previous versions
Changes in version 1.8:
Public release;
Full access to isolated storage;
Displays a notification when you want to launch TouchXperience;
Fixed bugs.

Changes in version 1.7:
Full support for Windows Phone 7.5;
Added support for Nokia Lumia 800, Samsung Focus S, HTC TITAN and HTC Radar;
Improved connection;
Automatic detection of the system version when the phone is connected to the PC;
Notification of the user about installing an application that uses interop services on an interop-locked machine;
Support Mango API ring tones;
Notification of the user about the connection status of the phone to the PC (connected / disconnected);
Notification of the user about the end of the application installation;
Automatically check for TouchXperience updates
Fixed bugs.

Changes in version 1.6:
Check whether the device is locked to the operator and whether the screen is locked;
The ability to change the resolution and image quality of the remote screen
Full screen mode while taking screenshots;
Displays the remaining battery life;
User notification of full battery charge;
Automatically block the launch of Zune, while the application is running;
Fixed crash of the application if Windows Phone Developer Tools is not installed;
Improved status dialogs;
Improved overall stability;
"Maybe", fixed access to the file system on LG devices.

Changes in version 1.4:
Creating a backup / restoration of documents and application data;
Improved connection reliability;
Improved transfer of large files;
Improved quality of connection via Wi-Fi;
Fixed some problems with the connection;
The error message "Newer version required" is fixed;
Connect in manual mode by entering the IP address of the PC;
The ability to change ports on the device;
Automatically add rules to Windows Firewall;
Displays the progamma receiving information about the application;
Sort the list of applications (by name, size, installation date, etc.);
Sort the file list (by name, size, date of change, etc.);
Preservation of UI status at exit;
Display of modules and firmware files blue / dark blue;
Opening the application folder directly from the list of applications;
Sending sounds (as well as sending ringtones to change tunes in Advanced Config);
Support Mango developer tools beta;
Fixed localization errors;
Improved debugging;
Automatic search for updates for Device Manager & TouchXperience;
Hundreds of improvements and fixes.
The main functions of Windows Phone Device Manager:
  • Application Management: View, Install / Delete
  • File management: view device file system, file sharing
  • Sync files, folders, favorites with phone
  • Sending to Windows Phone (files, applications, ringtones, links with one click of the mouse)
  • Detailed device information (CPU, ROM, RAM, storage, network, battery, OS, ...)
  • Add your own ringtones and manage them
  • Sending SMS, E-mail, notes directly from the computer (without the need for cloud services)
  • Making screenshots from the phone screen
  • Programming notifications sent to the phone
  • Shared clipboard on phone and computer
  • Windows explorer integration (drag & drop, copy / paste, view icons and application details)
  • Integration with the control panel (Device Stage, task links)
  • Nice integration with Windows Vista / 7 (jumplists, widgets, aero effects, ...)
  • The ability to initiate a connection from both the computer and the phone
  • Wi-Fi connection support
  • Communication occurs automatically (no need to enter the IP address of the computer and phone)
  • Notification of application updates installed on the phone
  • Create backup application
  • Use your phone to remotely control your computer (mouse, keyboard, navigation in Windows Media Center)
  • Opening the marketplace for non-commercial applications (if developers would be interested)
Useful information
You can initiate a connection from both the computer side and the phone side (Click PC Synchronization in TouchXperience to initiate the connection from the phone). You can connect via both USB and Wi-Fi, but for the first time you have to connect via USB. This is necessary so that WP Device Manager can install TouchXperience and your phone gets the IP address of your computer.
In the current version, you cannot manually change the IP address of a computer or phone, as well as change their port.
Make sure that port 8007 is not blocked by a firewall on the computer, and also that port 8107 is available on the device.
When the WP Device Manager initiates a connection and cannot connect to the phone: in case you are connected via USB, it will launch TouchXperience on your device; otherwise, a push notification will be sent to your phone with the advice to launch TouchXperience manually.
For some tasks it is necessary that the screen of your phone is unlocked.
No need to run Zune in order to use WP Device Manager.
If WP Device Manager does not start, make sure that you have installed everything you need, and also try reinstalling .NET Framework 4.0 and developer tools.
If you are unable to connect or some features are not working or are working incorrectly, go to Settings in WP Device Manager, click Restore default settings, and then restart your computer.
If you get the message "TouchXperience version or later is required", this means that the Device Manager cannot connect to TouchXperience. To solve this problem, go to Settings in WP Device Manager, click Restore default settings and restart your computer. Also try disabling your antivirus software or firewall.
If you have problems with the connection, also try the following: disconnect / reconnect your phone, close Zune, restart WP Device Manager, make sure your phone is determined to Zune, otherwise restart your computer.
WP Device Manager and some of its components may be recognized by your antivirus software or firewall as a potential threat, this is a false alarm, add WP Device Manager to the exceptions in your antivirus software and firewall.
WP Device Manger automatically turns off when you exit TouchXperience (for example, when you launch an application or exit the start screen). This is not a bug, it is a result of the fact that TouchXperience stops due to the lack of native multitasking in WP7. To work around this, you can enable multitasking in the TouchXperience settings.
Click on the menu title in TouchXperience (at the very top) and the main menu will appear.
If you want to take a screenshot of another application on your phone, you must enable multitasking in the TouchXperience settings.
On non-HTC devices, you only have access to \ Windows and \ My Documents and some folders will look empty. This is due to the fact that so far only HTC devices have full access to the file system.
Programs installed not through WP Device Manager are also not recognized on non-HTC devices (they are identified by their id). To solve this problem, you can simply view your xap-files, information about the programs will be automatically cached and displayed in the application manager.
Some versions of applications are displayed incorrectly. This is due to the fact that some manufacturers do not update the manifest in their applications when they release a new version. To solve this problem, you can check the application for updates, and then click Dismiss All. After that, all your applications will be updated to the latest versions.
You can not copy many DLLs and EXEs in the \ Windows folder. This is due to the fact that these are not files, but modules.
You can check the version of TouchXperience in Settings or in the list of applications in WP Device Manager.
To use WP Device Manager with Windows Device Stage, you must have Windows 7 installed and driver signature verification must be disabled, unfortunately, this is due to the fact that Windows 7 recognizes only digitally signed drivers.
Solutions to possible problems
Updated: If you have win7 x64 and when connecting the phone, the program causes an error - install Attached fileEasyBCD_2.0.2.exe (1.31 MB)

In it, click the advanced settings, then the advanced tab and tick the box "Allow installations of unsigned drivers on 64-bit Windows" and then "save settings". Be careful, this allows the installation of unsigned drivers.
Also, if there are any problems, try installing a previous version of the program.
Updated 2.05.2011:
Added registry fix for those who have problems with the connection ("TouchXperience version or later is required") on windows7 x64. Need to apply this file on PC -Attached fileWPDeviceManagerFix.reg(306 bytes)

Also, who has problems with the connection, just connect via Wi-Fi:
  1. Connect your phone to your computer via usb. Do not forget to turn on Wi-Fi
  2. Run WPDM
  3. After receiving the message "TouchXperience version or later is required", touchXperience should start (if it doesn't start, do it manually)
  4. Disconnect the phone from usb
  5. In WPDM, click "connect"
  6. The phone must be determined by WPDM

1. Download Windows Phone Device Manager and run WPDeviceManager.exe
2. Connect your phone, the system will automatically detect it, if not - click Connect in the menu
3. When you first connect your phone to your computer, Windows Phone Device Manager will automatically install TouchXperience on it. If this does not happen, install the xap file manually.

1. Registered and unlocked Windows Phone7.5 apparatus;
2. Windows Vista or Windows 7 32/64-bit;
3. .NET Framework 4.0;
4. Windows Phone SDK 7.1 or later;
5. Zune 4.8 or later;
6. Zune WMDU (optional);

The following devices are currently supported:
HTC HD7, HTC 7 Mozart, HTC 7 Trophy, HTC 7 Surround, HTC 7 Pro, HTC Arrive, HTC HD2, Samsung Focus, Samsung Omnia 7, Dell Venue Pro, LG Optimus 7, LG E900, LG C900, Nokia Lumia 800 and 710, Samsung Focus S, HTC TITAN and HTC Radar.


Download (Version 1.10): Windows_Phone_Device_Manager_v.
Older versions
Version 1.9Attached fileWPDeviceManager_v.1.9.exe(9.82 MB)
Version 1.8Attached fileWPDeviceManager.exe(9.8 MB)

Version 1.3Attached fileWPDeviceManager.exe(9.19 MB)
Version 1.2Attached fileWPDeviceManager_1.2.exe(9.17 MB)

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04.06.13, 21:50

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After starting the program, hanging processWMZuneComm.exewhich does not allow to safely disconnect the phone from the computer. Manually disable this process and allOK: sveta:
Has anyone struggled with this? : P
28.06.13, 03:54
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Lumia 900 AtSt student unlock installed 9 games XapDeployer.xap is not installed and on the Internet they write that the transfer via Bluetooth (Nokia_Bluetooth_Share.xap) cannot be installed, FullUnlok is also needed. Maybe someone knows how to install the driver. BTDrivers.xap is installed and it can be opened but the drivers are not installed and the phone is not asked to restart. Or Lumia 900 AtSt will remain without Nokia_Bluetooth_Share
04.08.13, 13:06
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and what if I do not connect? phone nokia lumia 720
20.09.13, 21:04

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TouchXperience version or later is required.

We can not find this version.

The program does not automatically put on the phone.

Throw off pliz

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21.09.13, 02:02

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Killfly @ 02.28.2013, 03:06*
tata15, here, try TouchXperience_2.5.0.0.xap (1008.48 KB)
03.11.13, 12:08
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I write an error HTC Radar C110e is not registered.you phone nust be a Windows Phone Device manager. how to solve a problem?
: sveta:

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03.01.14, 03:02

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guys writes your phone must be connected via USB in order to manage applications
08.01.14, 11:18

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Hello to all.
3. When you first connect your phone to your computer, Windows Phone Device Manager will automatically install TouchXperience on it. If this does not happen, install the xap file manually. So how to do it manually? why not written? so as not to ask too many questions.

Posted 08/01/2014 11:15:

Busher73 @ 01/03/2014, 04:02*
4. Windows Phone SDK 7.1 or later;

4. Did Windows Phone SDK 7.1 or later do?

Posted 08/01/2014 11:17:

you need to click on the ice, registration is not necessary or 4. Windows Phone SDK 7.1 or later

Posted 08/01/2014 11:18:

Gr1n96 @ 08/04/2013, 14:06*
3. When you first connect your phone to your computer, Windows Phone Device Manager will automatically install TouchXperience on it. If this does not happen, install the xap file manually.

3. When you first connect your phone to your computer, Windows Phone Device Manager will automatically install TouchXperience on it. If this does not happen, install the xap file manually.
15.01.14, 03:20

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Help! I installed the prog, installed the exact point (the garbage is automatically set), the student jail, I deleted the exact point and the prog, but why does my Windows write an unrecognized Usb (can’t recognize the phone); kapets him?

Samsung windows w
The phone was previously charged by connecting it to the laptop, but now it does not charge, why ??? What to do, how to be, now I'm left without a phone?

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I am the same person as you. Do not compare me with anything ...
31.12.18, 05:56
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A good program, but there is a critical bug: when you try to drop a file into isolated storage (IsolatedStore), a system of subfolders is created inside, repeating the absolute path to the current.

This is about version 1.10. In the same old or better?

UPD. Version 1.9 on Win10 did not start. Judging by the fact that Win8 support is announced only from 1.10, it seems that there is nothing more to expect from Win10 ...

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