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Quotes | Famous quotes are always with you

Rep: (42)
Version: 1.1.0

Last update of the program in the header:7.04.2011

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The JQ Soft team is pleased to present you our new super simple program - Quotes.

Quotes is a huge collection of inspirational quotes from the most famous people of mankind.

Supported languages ​​(both citations and interface): English and Russian. You can also share a quote with friends.

Supports tablets (tested on Motorola XOOM).

All quotes are from the Forismatic project.

Price: ~ .99, but there is also a free version with ads :)

Homepage: http://jqsoft.ru/apps/view/11/
Android Market: market: // details? id = jqsoft.apps.quotes
Android Market Web: https://market.android.com/details?id=jqsoft.apps.quotes

Additional Information
Russian interface: Yes

Download: version: 1.0
Attached fileQuotes_Free.apk(426.23 KB)

Past versions

Post has been editedtum0rc0re - 19.04.11, 11:05

Rep: (5)
For download, just the free version with advertising has been posted, do I understand correctly?

Rep: (33)
quotes swing from neta or can I use off-line?

Rep: (0)
There is no free version on the Market, but you can’t buy in our region, why is it not possible to buy from the developer's site?

Rep: (0)
Wijhet nado! Spasibo avtoru, super!

Rep: (21)
better than brilliant quotes?

Rep: (42)

from an Internet, but I plan to make favorites, which will be stored on the phone. as well as possibly caching quotes

widget will be required.

I didn’t use it, but at least Quotes supports Russian quotes, brilliant quotes seem to be only in English

Rep: (42)
there is a free version on the markethttps://market.android.com/details?id=jqsof...e=search_result

Rep: (31)
Caching quotes still would not hurt

Rep: (42)
springam and how much to cache forward? pieces 20-50?

Rep: (180)
Tum0rc0re @ 04/12/2011, 16:52*
from an Internet, but I plan to make favorites

And what is difficult to do so that all quotes are downloaded at once? I think the chosen ones should not be limited. ;)

Rep: (85)
I support important phrases - they should always be at hand. This is one of the most powerful stimulants.

Rep: (42)
yes no it’s not difficult, just why steal what people have done (forismatic.com), I respect them, they provide free quotes. and of course it’s ideal when the whole base is inside, but then the guys add new quotes every day.

Rep: (180)
but then the guys add new quotes every day.

Well, let them spread it, and those that already exist, let them forever remain in the phone. What is the point every time you download the same thing (for the user it is probably very convenient to be tied to an Internet)?

Post has been editedPADS100 - 18.04.11, 21:05

Rep: (42)
PADS100, I’ll think about it, most likely I’ll limit myself to a certain number of quotes for the cache, and the rest will be favorites

Posted on 04/19/2011, 11:05:

Released the new version 1.1.0:

- Support for tablets. Tested on Motorola XOOM
- New types of navigation for quotes: swipe (finger from right to left), invisible area on the right, one click on the quote

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Rep: (21)
For brilliant quotes, the entire database works offline, there is a widget and integration with social networks. sites.

Rep: (5)
Good program. Author "+" to reputation. It will be very good if you add favorites, and in general it’s great if you can choose whose quotes to upload, that is, the ability to choose the author.

Rep: (42)
Magomed07, there will be favorites, but the author’s choice is not, at least for now, because on the server this is not possible.

Rep: (19)
tum0rc0re, The author’s choice is a convenient contraption and this is another reason to make an offline database (in addition to access to no), I agree PADS100 . And no one talks about theft, you can agree with the authors of Forismatic, or somehow say about the origin of quotes in the program itself.

Rep: (31)
Is there a widget?

Rep: (2)
The program is real! Very good! ;)

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