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RBC | RBC customer

Rep: (10)
version: 3.0.6 / 2.0.7 HD

Last update of the program in the header:25.07.2018

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Short description:
RBC customer.

The application is intended for access to the Internet resources of the Rosbusinessconsulting company. All the latest information is available in the main news section. The quotes section allows you to track the exchange rate, fluctuations in the stock market. For those who are used to receiving information from the press, an electronic version of the RBC Daily newspaper is available. And users also have a unique opportunity to view the latest RBC-TV stories on the screens of their phones.

Description from the Market
Latest news. The best financial news. Live RBC-TV. TV Archive. Quotes FOREX, SELT, MICEX, RTS. Newspaper RBC-daily. Weather. High tech CNews.ru. Stock News Quote.Ru. Sports, car market AutoNews.ru. Weather.
RBC-TV live broadcast, weekly TV program, as well as recordings of the latest issues of “News”, “Markets”, “Experts of the Markets Program”, reviews and analytical programs of RBC-TV (“Intrigue of the day”, “Focus”, etc. d.).
Foreign and Russian stock indices, stock and currency quotes, quotation charts for the day, month and year. FOREX (FOREX), Central Bank of the Russian Federation, MICEX SELT, dollar (USD), euro (EUR), MICEX (MICEX), RTS, Dow Jones, NASDAQ.
Automatic selection of a city by geolocation data (at the current position, using GPS or network data) when displaying weather, the ability to select a city to receive weather data around the world.
RBC (RBC) - ROSBUSINESSCONSULTING (ROSBUSINESSCONSULTING) - the leading Russian news agency, publishing house and television channel RBC-TV, specializing in information from the world of economics, business and finance for business people. Website addresshttp://www.rbc.ru.

Russian interface: Yes

Google Play: https://market.android.com/details?id=en.rbc.news.starter

Version: 3.0.6 RBC (Post Ansaros # 62253209)
version: 2.0.7 HD (Tablet) //savagemessiahzine.com/forum/dl/post/3490715/RBK_Novosti%28Planshet%29-2.0.7.apk

Past versions

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Reason for editing: new version

Rep: (56)
The program is interesting! Thank!

but! just bewildering! the program does not know how to work in the horizontal orientation of the page !!!
I do not understand the developers !!! indignant !!! program for business people, businessmen. working on a tablet is simply inconvenient !!!

with respect.

Post has been editedfreemsk1 - 27.06.11, 18:27

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avl-tv Yes, there is such a thing, I hope the problem will be solved in future versions ;-)

Rep: (-2)
Can you put the sport express app for optimus ?!

Rep: (10)
bcfc contact the topic Discussion LG GT540

Rep: (34)
It’s a pity that there is no possibility of distribution on Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Rep: (32)
On my LG Optimus One, the SBJ is already preinstalled. Version 0.9
How to upgrade version?
Or is there only one way out? Delete it from the system and put apk from the header?

Rep: (19)
Put on top. Restart the current then, so that the application icon changes)))

Rep: (32)
Will the SABZ be updated automatically or will it again need to be thrown fresh apk?
And how is version 0.9 different from the version in the header?

Rep: (19)
I periodically look at the site in the header that is indicated. There are no new versions so far (((And in the market it is not at all
The differences are good:
- Added two new tabs - markets and RBC-TV
- The weather is working fine
- Ability to choose which channels to show, i.e. I don’t like the sports channel, for example, you can disable
- Change font

Rep: (32)
With a calm mind, I remove version 0.9 from the system and put it from the header!
I wonder where the apk was taken from the header?
Thank! : thank_you:

Rep: (49)
Why not on the Market ??

Rep: (32)
Why - I don’t know ... But this is a fact!

Rep: (1123)
Now official, on the Market:: clap:
  1. Added the ability to download all news so that you can view them without access to the Internet. (Menu item: download all news)

Rep: (32)
Good news!

But in my case, TV Online works without sound! There is no sound either with or without headphones connected. It's a pity!

Rep: (202)
Update 1.31

Attached files

Attached fileru.rbc.news.apk(674.61 KB)

Rep: (4)
An excellent program, even on the Toshiba AC100-116 curvilinear stock firmware, the image does not flip 90 degrees, what you need for tablets and smartbooks.

Rep: (56)
Wonderful program!
just to upgrade to version 1.32 here ...
perhaps a bug has been fixed in it - when you try to change the country / city - the program stops.
and in addition, it would be generally great if the opportunity appeared to save the article you liked.

with respect.

Rep: (32)
My messageRBC (Post # 8067090)can anyone comment? Or is it just me alone?

Rep: (56)
To: Zoll,

Zoll @ 06/28/2011, 15:51*
But in my case, TV Online works without sound! There is no sound either with or without headphones connected.

Everything works for me with sound, except that at first the picture freezes for 10 seconds, and the sound goes fine, then everything synchronizes and works fine.

with respect.

Rep: (32)

To owners of LG Optimus One! Does sound come on our LG Optimus One?

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