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Sony & Sony Ericsson Club | make.believe

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Founded February 18, 2011

Want to join us - write MyStory!

About SONY
history of the company SONY
2012 model range
Smartphones for the global market

Sony Xperia в„ў T
Sony Xperia в„ў TX
Sony Xperia в„ў V
Sony Xperia в„ў Acro S
Sony Xperia в„ў Ion
Sony Xperia в„ў S
Sony Xperia в„ў P
Sony Xperia в„ў Sola
Sony Xperia в„ў U
Sony Xperia в„ў J
Sony Xperia в„ў Go
Sony Xperia в„ў Miro
Sony Xperia в„ў Tipo / Tipo Dual

Smartphones for local markets

Sony Xperia в„ў SX - Japan
Sony Xperia в„ў acro HD (NTT DOCOMO) - Japan

Sony Xperia в„ў Neo L - China

Tablet computers

Sony Xperia Tablet S (2 gen)
Sony Tablet S
Sony Tablet P

2013 model range
2014 model range
2015 model range
Lineup 2016
All about the Club -Club Rulesthe purpose of its creation, Club members, a map of their locations and a calendar of events
Club Rules and the purpose of its creation
The club was created for fans and owners of phones and smartphones of the wonderful company SONY and Sony Ericsson. Here we can discuss our devices, tell us how we started getting acquainted with the company, share the latest news, ask for advice or just chat about everything related to Sony & Sony Ericsson. And not only! ;)
Club Rules Everything is simple - they are the same as the general Rules of the Forum, as well as the rules of the "Breaker" section. To join the Club, just write a small one (or more, as you please). history-review of your devices SE & Sony- MyStory !!! . Do not forget to clarify that you have them in stock. We will be interested, really.
And further! Request for new arrivals: please send me to QMSa linkon your MyStory, because I am not always in the on-line mode and can not notice the message with the application. : blush:
Please note that everyone who joins the Club receives thanks in the form of a "+".
  • The club is created for communication. Join the Club and communicate as equals.
  • Be sure to indicate that you want to join the Club.
  • The club does not accept persons with a reputation "-".
  • After writing MyStory, the candidate receives a trial period in the form of 50 informative posts, after which the question of his joining the Club is decided.
  • If a member of the Club for a long time (a month or more) does not participate (feasibly) in the life of the Club without a valid reason, but is active at the Forum, the premium reputation score is canceled and the question of his expulsion from the Club is resolved.
  • The Club prohibits: rudeness, disrespect in communication, mate and any foul language.
  • Violators will be excluded from the Club!
Club members, a map of their locations and a calendar of events
Our honorary teammates
Always glad to see you among us !!!!!! : happy:

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renai- w580 - w595 - Vivaz - x8 - x10 - arc.Mystory My photo
The founder of the S & SE Club and the first curator. : good:

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lmp44- P910 - P990 - Arc - LwW - SXS.Mystory
CHEF - our second curator, our friend! : friends:

If you are an active member of the club and want to see yourself on the map - write your coordinates in personal messagesLeonid_F!

To make your birthday

Assistance to the Club - Signature link to our Club
If you want to help us, just paste the following link into your signature:
[url = "//savagemessiahzine.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=219725""allerycolor="royalblue""[iimanmake.believe - the club of Sony & Sony Ericsson owners [/ i] [/ color] [/ url]

Our "MyStory"
MOKKO - our desktops, as well as the photo gallery "Summer-2013"

Dear friends! All teammates can submit new ones, as well as add existing posts with desktops with fresh ideas that have found their realization in your smartphones. To do this, publish your creative solutions in your posts marked "MOKKO" (our desktops with a description of the firmware, launcher, mods, programs and widgets).
You can seeHERE

Club Photo Gallery. Wishing to, we join, we post pictures with the note: "My summer 2013".
Archive - results of contests, club evolution, club meetings
Held creative contests and club meetings
Contest forecast
The contest forecast was announced in the Club on the topic "How many gold, silver and bronze medals the Russian national team will win and what place will it eventually take in the overall medal standings."
To participate in the Contest, they registered and voiced their predictions:

Competition Results
The first thousand pages (February 2011 - March 2012)
18.02.11 - Foundation of the Club renai .
08.03.11 - Now in the list of club members, immediately after the device, there is a link - our stories (MyStory). At any time, everyone can write his own, if he hasn’t done it yet
13.09.11 - The first hundred members of the club. 100 people
10.10.11 - Change of the curator of the Club - lmp44 .
07.12.11 - Changed the name of the club.
13.12.11 - Completed 200 pages of the forum.
14.01.12 - Passed 300 forum page.
18.01.12 - Added section: "SONY model range 2012
22.01.12 - During the competition, the club logo was approved. Author muzontnt .
25.01.12 - Completed 400 pages of the forum.
03.02.12 - Completed 500 pages of the forum.
10.02.12 - Completed 600 pages of the forum.
17.02.12 - Completed 700 pages of the forum.
18.02.12 - Club's birthday, timed meeting and video chat teammates - "First Star" - Founded FEBRUARY 18, 2011. "
24.02.12 - Updated club heading. Author Leonid_F .
25.02.12 - Completed 800 pages of the forum.
02.03.12 - Completed 900 pages of the forum.
07.03.12 - Completed1000forum pages.
08.03.12 - Club raised to the rank of "Important Topics."
13.03.12 - Reconstruction caps. Author Leonid_F .
The second thousand pages (March-April 2012)
13.03.12 - Passed 1100 pages of the forum.
19.03.12 - Completed 1,200 pages of the forum.
21.03.12 - Flashmob avatar - "Day of the Snow Leopard." The author first barsoavatary - Deymor . Our avatars: Rage collage , Deymor collage .
23.03.12 - Completed 1,300 pages of the forum.
27.03.12 - Completed 1,400 pages of the forum.
31.03.12 - Passed 1500 pages of the forum.
01.04.12 - April 1st. Flashmob Avatar - Lisichkin Day !!!
04.04.12 - Completed 1600 pages of the forum.
09.04.12 - 1700 pages of the forum are completed - coincidentally coincided with the birthday glubannik .
13.04.12 - Completed 1,800 pages of the forum.
16.04.12 - Completed 1900 pages of the forum.
19.04.12 - Completed2000forum pages.
Third thousand pages (April-May 2012)
24.04.12 - Completed 2100 pages of the forum.
27.04.12 - Passed 2200 pages of the forum.
01.05.12 - Completed 2300 pages of the forum.
04.05.12 - Completed 2400 pages of the forum.
08.05.12 - Completed 2500 pages of the forum.
08.05.12 - Completed 50,000 forum posts.
11.05.12 - Completed 2600 pages of the forum.
15.05.12 - Completed 2700 pages of the forum.
19.05.12 - Passed 2800 pages of the forum.
26.05.12 - Completed 2900 pages of the forum.
27.05.12 - Summed up Photo contest "Spring is coming! Spring is the way!" winners announced.
30.05.12 - Completed 3000 forum pages.
Fourth thousand pages (June-August 2012)
03.06.12 - Completed 3100 pages of the forum.
08.06.12 - Completed 3200 pages of the forum.
13.06.12 - Completed 3,300 pages of the forum.
21.06.12 - Completed 3400 pages of the forum.
30.06.12 - Completed 3,500 pages of the forum.
05.07.12 - at 20-00 Moscow time, the Club took the leading position in the list " Important topics "
07.07.12 - Completed 3,600 pages of the forum.
13.07.12 - Completed 3700 pages of the forum + Friday 13!
23.07.12 - Completed 3800 pages of the forum.
02.08.12 - Completed 3900 pages of the forum.
05.08.12 - Competition for the club logo won Ermac . Change the logo.
09.08.12 - Completed 4000 forum pages.
Fifth thousand pages (August-November 2012)
21.08.12 - Passed 4100 pages of the forum.
31.08.12 - Completed 4200 pages of the forum.
11.09.12 - Completed 4300 pages of the forum.
20.09.12 - Completed 4,400 pages of the forum.
28.09.12 - Completed 4500 pages of the forum.
08.10.12 - Completed 4,600 pages of the forum.
14.10.12 - Passed 4700 pages of the forum.
22.10.12 - Completed 4800 pages of the forum.
29.10.12 - Flashmob "Squirrel. I came!"
01.11.12 - Completed 4900 pages of the forum.
06.11.12 - Completed 5000 forum pages.
The sixth thousand pages (November 2012- February 2013)
16.11.12 - Completed 5100 pages of the forum.
28.11.12 - Completed 5200 pages of the forum.
05.12.12 - Completed 5300 pages of the forum.
11.12.12 - Completed 5400 pages of the forum.
22.12.12 - Passed 5500 pages of the forum.
03.01.13 - Completed 5600 pages of the forum.
12.01.13 - Passed 5700 pages of the forum.
19.01.13 - Completed 5800 pages of the forum.
30.01.13 - Completed 5,900 pages of the forum.
02.02.13 - Change of the curator of the Club - Tsarevna_L
08.02.13 - Completed 6000 forum pages.
Seventh Thousand Pages (February - June)
14.02.13 - Completed 6100 pages of the forum.
16.02.13 - There was a meeting of the Moscow "branch" of the Club, dedicated to its second anniversary
18.02.13 - In the competition for the logo of the Club won Spaun_Studio Change the logo.
18.02.13 - Two years to the Club!
25.02.13 - Completed 6,200 forum pages.
04.03.13 - Finished updating the caps ... almost: derisive:
11.03.13 - Completed 6300 pages of the forum.
23.03.13 - Completed 6400 pages of the forum.
01.04.13 - Draw "Find your theme"))).
05.04.13 - Completed 6500 pages of the forum.
16.04.13 - Completed 6,600 pages of the forum.
26.04.13 - Completed 6666 forum pages. Flashmob "all evil!" .
30.04.13 - Completed 6,700 pages of the forum.
13.05.13 - Completed 6800 pages of the forum.
29.05.13 - Completed 6900 pages of the forum.
07.06.13 - Completed 7000 forum pages. Congratulations tygodympro happy wedding
Eighth thousand pages (June - November)
25.06.13 - Completed 7100 pages of the forum.
14.07.13 - Completed 7,200 pages of the forum.
02.08.13 - Completed 7300 pages of the forum.
17.08.13 - Completed 7,400 pages of the forum.
03.09.13 - Completed 7500 pages of the forum.
22.09.13 - Completed 7600 pages of the forum.
09.10.13 - Passed 7700 pages of the forum.
24.10.13 - The resignation of the curator Tsarevna_L . Return to the curators of the topic lmp44 .
25.10.13 - Completed 7800 pages of the forum.
02.11.13 - Completed 7900 pages of the forum.
11.11.13 - completed 8000 forum pages.
Ninth thousand pages (November 2013 - March 2014)
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07.12.13 - Completed 8300 pages of the forum.
18.12.13 - Completed 8400 pages of the forum.
31.12.13 - Completed 8500 pages of the forum.
17.01.14 - Completed 8600 pages of the forum.
25.01.14 - Change of the curator of the Club - Generalgrant
01.02.14 - Completed 8,700 pages of the forum.
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25.02.14 - Passed 8900 pages of the forum.
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08.07.16 - Completed 12,000 pages of the forum.
Thirteenth thousand pages (July 2016 - .... 2016)

Club members and their activity

Post has been editedGeneralgrant - 16.10.18, 11:53
Reason for editing: Added new Club members - yard7115 and lw6242150

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Bot-Campot @ 15.01.2012, 21:08*
And in the slot memory card

And yet another battery.

At the expense of bluetooth version - although everywhere write that 2.1, but I still think that there is 3.0.
And somewhere I saw some video that is 3.0.

Rep: (364)
lmp44 @ 15.01.2012, 19:13*
Yes, all the same will soon be happiness (the Ministry of Communications to protect mobile devices against theft) !!!

Yeah ... they should at least look at honey agaric Ukraine! For us, it's bad. PCT no longer just phones will be disconnected. It does not care about us (the alleged theft! Ask any Ukrainian who lost the phone. The police sent from one to another. And his throw faster than you will be returned even if the block) This is all done with only one goal! In order not to bring no PCT phones into the country without paying duties stripped theirs!

Rep: (1298)
Bot-Campot @ 15.01.2012, 21:08*
Has anyone seen where the sim is inserted?

Under the back cover ... It is removed ....

Rep: (364)
Think about who to vote for in the elections is now: D

Rep: (22)
At Iona? if the picture is easy to throw.

Rep: (1298)
Bot campot
Out of S ke ....

Rep: (22)
I'm talking about Ion ask about Sku I know =)

Rep: (293)
vladi5700 @ 15.01.2012, 21:18*
In order not to bring no PCT phones into the country without paying duties stripped theirs

And I do not quite understand, so I went to Europe and bought himself a new telefonchik, and brought him here. That its use is contrary to the law? Which? With vendors and let them understand the customs, and the user then what does? And the old phones, mine, bought with blood? Even if the "Gray", who said that I was not a bona fide buyer? Here zaglyuchil I have (for example) a smart, now I just find that the oldest of the roll in the boxes, peretykal Simcoe and full speed ahead. And here that, each time to opsosu? And he will treat me more that this phone is it I can bind to the SIM, but this is not? Well bredyatina ...
Theft ... it was, is and will be, to steal not only mobile phones but also many other things, so it's just an excuse in an attempt to crush the "gray" market.

Rep: (24)
Greetings, gentlemen supporters!
Let its brief history.
Actually, my first mobile phone was "Siemens". After a few years, "Siemens' choice fell on the K790i. Great Mighty apparatus liked. I went with him for several years. Even when I planted my first K790i, what other options I have not even considered, I went out and bought the exact same. After a while already and I wanted to update the phone, and something of a series of "Walkman" wanted (at that time I was constantly listening to music from your mobile phone), and even at the last minute wanted to change the type of phone, try the slider. Good solution became my W595. With bluetooth stereo headset phone was content to and from.
At the end of 2010. I realized that I will sooner or later want to poyuzat Android, to see for himself what it is all about. Since the beginning of 2011. I became pochityvat forums, started to follow the new phones coming out SE (others were not even considered). First, I like the Arc. Even planned to buy in the fall of 2011. (To buy it is not at the starting price). The only drawback for me was the size of the device. To me, he was too big. Then he began to look closely to Neo. Smaller size - it is better. Then there was Ray. You will not believe, but at the beginning, when they were only available phone pictures, I did not like it at all well, never =) showed some expressionless, homely, ugly. Delights all opened later when the phone is already possible to fiddle with in the shops - soft-touch black phone, neat compact in size, the severity of - all this in the end and I liked it. That's the way I November 2011. I perceive the Android system on the SE unit.
At the moment, I have used both devices - and W595, and Ray. W595 with camera dismantled for trips to work (modal enterprise, prohibited the use of different kinds of video with smartphones and phones, cameras), and Ray for the rest of daily life, free from work. Problems change every time the SIM card is not present - in one of the phone is worth dubbed Simca. One phone turned off, turned on the other, and know the problems.
Thank you =)

Rep: (364)
u313 @ 15.01.2012, 22:04*
peretykal Simcoe and full speed ahead. And here that, each time to opsosu? And he will treat me more that this phone is it I can bind to the SIM, but this is not

Not. If your imei with a white base, then you can insert any SIM card in it

If gray, any kind will not work. If you are traveling from abroad with your phone, then fill in the customs dikloratsiyu and bear entered in the white list. But if you were sent by mail gray phone, then of course that no one at the customs number is not recorded anywhere, and the phone will not work in Russia

Rep: (1298)
And there is...

Posted 15-01-2012, 21:11:

And if I come from a long trip, and overseas there bought a phone or a foreigner who has bought here a sim card ???

Rep: (364)
Generally realize it is not economically viable for operators. They do not care where you are calling! the main thing that you pay for it. But love can not be. If you did, then everything will be something like

Posted 15-01-2012, 21:14:

lmp44, Well, you will go through customs from a business trip. On your phone customs ENTERED white base. For foreigners (judging by the Ukraine) has a limit of 2 months. If he arrives in Russia for longer, so that it is not necessary to cut off a bunch of booms in chastotnadzor serve. As we will not know

Rep: (1298)
vladi5700 @ 15.01.2012, 22:14*
If he arrives in Russia for longer, so that it is not necessary to cut off a bunch of booms in chastotnadzor apply

Here's more to do, we have nothing than wear a paper on the organizations ....: D

Rep: (1298)
SmartDock for SONY ION.Good news.

Rep: (2084)
: D pictures found where it is seen that the cover covering the memory card slot and connector miniusb on the new BT headset, FIG lose! If only tear: rofl:

Attached Image
Attached Image

Rep: (550)
Techno Tuesday

Rep: (1298)
muzontnt (Engineering sample?)
Gasser, both will be available, we will take !!!

Hello !!

Rep: (550)
Hello, Hello!

Rep: (80)
about the new law or bill. In Ukraine, still scare unlock the phone, and things are there. All the time set aside, but get money to make the trip ostensibly real phones. We like to Ukrchastotnadzor said that another year the whole thing is delayed, although operators have bought equipment to turn off the gray pipes.

Rep: (1298)
This is all understandable that Monday's phone will not turn off. But the fact remains, it will be at 100%. The more that is spent on this venture money and I do not mean small.

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