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Sony & Sony Ericsson Club | make.believe

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Founded February 18, 2011

Want to join us - write MyStory!

About SONY
history of the company SONY
2012 model range
Smartphones for the global market

Sony Xperia в„ў T
Sony Xperia в„ў TX
Sony Xperia в„ў V
Sony Xperia в„ў Acro S
Sony Xperia в„ў Ion
Sony Xperia в„ў S
Sony Xperia в„ў P
Sony Xperia в„ў Sola
Sony Xperia в„ў U
Sony Xperia в„ў J
Sony Xperia в„ў Go
Sony Xperia в„ў Miro
Sony Xperia в„ў Tipo / Tipo Dual

Smartphones for local markets

Sony Xperia в„ў SX - Japan
Sony Xperia в„ў acro HD (NTT DOCOMO) - Japan

Sony Xperia в„ў Neo L - China

Tablet computers

Sony Xperia Tablet S (2 gen)
Sony Tablet S
Sony Tablet P

2013 model range
2014 model range
2015 model range
Lineup 2016
All about the Club -Club Rulesthe purpose of its creation, Club members, a map of their locations and a calendar of events
Club Rules and the purpose of its creation
The club was created for fans and owners of phones and smartphones of the wonderful company SONY and Sony Ericsson. Here we can discuss our devices, tell us how we started getting acquainted with the company, share the latest news, ask for advice or just chat about everything related to Sony & Sony Ericsson. And not only! ;)
Club Rules Everything is simple - they are the same as the general Rules of the Forum, as well as the rules of the "Breaker" section. To join the Club, just write a small one (or more, as you please). history-review of your devices SE & Sony- MyStory !!! . Do not forget to clarify that you have them in stock. We will be interested, really.
And further! Request for new arrivals: please send me to QMSa linkon your MyStory, because I am not always in the on-line mode and can not notice the message with the application. : blush:
Please note that everyone who joins the Club receives thanks in the form of a "+".
  • The club is created for communication. Join the Club and communicate as equals.
  • Be sure to indicate that you want to join the Club.
  • The club does not accept persons with a reputation "-".
  • After writing MyStory, the candidate receives a trial period in the form of 50 informative posts, after which the question of his joining the Club is decided.
  • If a member of the Club for a long time (a month or more) does not participate (feasibly) in the life of the Club without a valid reason, but is active at the Forum, the premium reputation score is canceled and the question of his expulsion from the Club is resolved.
  • The Club prohibits: rudeness, disrespect in communication, mate and any foul language.
  • Violators will be excluded from the Club!
Club members, a map of their locations and a calendar of events
Our honorary teammates
Always glad to see you among us !!!!!! : happy:

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renai- w580 - w595 - Vivaz - x8 - x10 - arc.Mystory My photo
The founder of the S & SE Club and the first curator. : good:

Attached Image
lmp44- P910 - P990 - Arc - LwW - SXS.Mystory
CHEF - our second curator, our friend! : friends:

If you are an active member of the club and want to see yourself on the map - write your coordinates in personal messagesLeonid_F!

To make your birthday

Assistance to the Club - Signature link to our Club
If you want to help us, just paste the following link into your signature:
[url = "//savagemessiahzine.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=219725""allerycolor="royalblue""[iimanmake.believe - the club of Sony & Sony Ericsson owners [/ i] [/ color] [/ url]

Our "MyStory"
MOKKO - our desktops, as well as the photo gallery "Summer-2013"

Dear friends! All teammates can submit new ones, as well as add existing posts with desktops with fresh ideas that have found their realization in your smartphones. To do this, publish your creative solutions in your posts marked "MOKKO" (our desktops with a description of the firmware, launcher, mods, programs and widgets).
You can seeHERE

Club Photo Gallery. Wishing to, we join, we post pictures with the note: "My summer 2013".
Archive - results of contests, club evolution, club meetings
Held creative contests and club meetings
Contest forecast
The contest forecast was announced in the Club on the topic "How many gold, silver and bronze medals the Russian national team will win and what place will it eventually take in the overall medal standings."
To participate in the Contest, they registered and voiced their predictions:

Competition Results
The first thousand pages (February 2011 - March 2012)
18.02.11 - Foundation of the Club renai .
08.03.11 - Now in the list of club members, immediately after the device, there is a link - our stories (MyStory). At any time, everyone can write his own, if he hasn’t done it yet
13.09.11 - The first hundred members of the club. 100 people
10.10.11 - Change of the curator of the Club - lmp44 .
07.12.11 - Changed the name of the club.
13.12.11 - Completed 200 pages of the forum.
14.01.12 - Passed 300 forum page.
18.01.12 - Added section: "SONY model range 2012
22.01.12 - During the competition, the club logo was approved. Author muzontnt .
25.01.12 - Completed 400 pages of the forum.
03.02.12 - Completed 500 pages of the forum.
10.02.12 - Completed 600 pages of the forum.
17.02.12 - Completed 700 pages of the forum.
18.02.12 - Club's birthday, timed meeting and video chat teammates - "First Star" - Founded FEBRUARY 18, 2011. "
24.02.12 - Updated club heading. Author Leonid_F .
25.02.12 - Completed 800 pages of the forum.
02.03.12 - Completed 900 pages of the forum.
07.03.12 - Completed1000forum pages.
08.03.12 - Club raised to the rank of "Important Topics."
13.03.12 - Reconstruction caps. Author Leonid_F .
The second thousand pages (March-April 2012)
13.03.12 - Passed 1100 pages of the forum.
19.03.12 - Completed 1,200 pages of the forum.
21.03.12 - Flashmob avatar - "Day of the Snow Leopard." The author first barsoavatary - Deymor . Our avatars: Rage collage , Deymor collage .
23.03.12 - Completed 1,300 pages of the forum.
27.03.12 - Completed 1,400 pages of the forum.
31.03.12 - Passed 1500 pages of the forum.
01.04.12 - April 1st. Flashmob Avatar - Lisichkin Day !!!
04.04.12 - Completed 1600 pages of the forum.
09.04.12 - 1700 pages of the forum are completed - coincidentally coincided with the birthday glubannik .
13.04.12 - Completed 1,800 pages of the forum.
16.04.12 - Completed 1900 pages of the forum.
19.04.12 - Completed2000forum pages.
Third thousand pages (April-May 2012)
24.04.12 - Completed 2100 pages of the forum.
27.04.12 - Passed 2200 pages of the forum.
01.05.12 - Completed 2300 pages of the forum.
04.05.12 - Completed 2400 pages of the forum.
08.05.12 - Completed 2500 pages of the forum.
08.05.12 - Completed 50,000 forum posts.
11.05.12 - Completed 2600 pages of the forum.
15.05.12 - Completed 2700 pages of the forum.
19.05.12 - Passed 2800 pages of the forum.
26.05.12 - Completed 2900 pages of the forum.
27.05.12 - Summed up Photo contest "Spring is coming! Spring is the way!" winners announced.
30.05.12 - Completed 3000 forum pages.
Fourth thousand pages (June-August 2012)
03.06.12 - Completed 3100 pages of the forum.
08.06.12 - Completed 3200 pages of the forum.
13.06.12 - Completed 3,300 pages of the forum.
21.06.12 - Completed 3400 pages of the forum.
30.06.12 - Completed 3,500 pages of the forum.
05.07.12 - at 20-00 Moscow time, the Club took the leading position in the list " Important topics "
07.07.12 - Completed 3,600 pages of the forum.
13.07.12 - Completed 3700 pages of the forum + Friday 13!
23.07.12 - Completed 3800 pages of the forum.
02.08.12 - Completed 3900 pages of the forum.
05.08.12 - Competition for the club logo won Ermac . Change the logo.
09.08.12 - Completed 4000 forum pages.
Fifth thousand pages (August-November 2012)
21.08.12 - Passed 4100 pages of the forum.
31.08.12 - Completed 4200 pages of the forum.
11.09.12 - Completed 4300 pages of the forum.
20.09.12 - Completed 4,400 pages of the forum.
28.09.12 - Completed 4500 pages of the forum.
08.10.12 - Completed 4,600 pages of the forum.
14.10.12 - Passed 4700 pages of the forum.
22.10.12 - Completed 4800 pages of the forum.
29.10.12 - Flashmob "Squirrel. I came!"
01.11.12 - Completed 4900 pages of the forum.
06.11.12 - Completed 5000 forum pages.
The sixth thousand pages (November 2012- February 2013)
16.11.12 - Completed 5100 pages of the forum.
28.11.12 - Completed 5200 pages of the forum.
05.12.12 - Completed 5300 pages of the forum.
11.12.12 - Completed 5400 pages of the forum.
22.12.12 - Passed 5500 pages of the forum.
03.01.13 - Completed 5600 pages of the forum.
12.01.13 - Passed 5700 pages of the forum.
19.01.13 - Completed 5800 pages of the forum.
30.01.13 - Completed 5,900 pages of the forum.
02.02.13 - Change of the curator of the Club - Tsarevna_L
08.02.13 - Completed 6000 forum pages.
Seventh Thousand Pages (February - June)
14.02.13 - Completed 6100 pages of the forum.
16.02.13 - There was a meeting of the Moscow "branch" of the Club, dedicated to its second anniversary
18.02.13 - In the competition for the logo of the Club won Spaun_Studio Change the logo.
18.02.13 - Two years to the Club!
25.02.13 - Completed 6,200 forum pages.
04.03.13 - Finished updating the caps ... almost: derisive:
11.03.13 - Completed 6300 pages of the forum.
23.03.13 - Completed 6400 pages of the forum.
01.04.13 - Draw "Find your theme"))).
05.04.13 - Completed 6500 pages of the forum.
16.04.13 - Completed 6,600 pages of the forum.
26.04.13 - Completed 6666 forum pages. Flashmob "all evil!" .
30.04.13 - Completed 6,700 pages of the forum.
13.05.13 - Completed 6800 pages of the forum.
29.05.13 - Completed 6900 pages of the forum.
07.06.13 - Completed 7000 forum pages. Congratulations tygodympro happy wedding
Eighth thousand pages (June - November)
25.06.13 - Completed 7100 pages of the forum.
14.07.13 - Completed 7,200 pages of the forum.
02.08.13 - Completed 7300 pages of the forum.
17.08.13 - Completed 7,400 pages of the forum.
03.09.13 - Completed 7500 pages of the forum.
22.09.13 - Completed 7600 pages of the forum.
09.10.13 - Passed 7700 pages of the forum.
24.10.13 - The resignation of the curator Tsarevna_L . Return to the curators of the topic lmp44 .
25.10.13 - Completed 7800 pages of the forum.
02.11.13 - Completed 7900 pages of the forum.
11.11.13 - completed 8000 forum pages.
Ninth thousand pages (November 2013 - March 2014)
17.11.13 - Completed 8100 pages of the forum.
27.11.13 - Completed 8200 pages of the forum.
07.12.13 - Completed 8300 pages of the forum.
18.12.13 - Completed 8400 pages of the forum.
31.12.13 - Completed 8500 pages of the forum.
17.01.14 - Completed 8600 pages of the forum.
25.01.14 - Change of the curator of the Club - Generalgrant
01.02.14 - Completed 8,700 pages of the forum.
14.02.14 - Passed 8800 pages of the forum.
25.02.14 - Passed 8900 pages of the forum.
30.03.14 - completed 9000 forum pages.
Tenth thousand pages (March 2014 - November 2014)
29.04.14 - Completed 9100 pages of the forum.
21.05.14 - Completed 9200 pages of the forum.
10.06.14 - Completed 9300 pages of the forum.
08.07.14 - Completed 9,400 pages of the forum.
12.08.14 - Completed 9,500 pages of the forum.
31.08.14 - Completed 9,600 forum pages.
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07.11.14 - Completed10000forum pages.
Eleventh thousand pages (November 2014 - August 2015)
26.11.14 - Completed 10100 pages of the forum.
21.12.14 - Completed 10200 pages of the forum.
12.01.15 - Completed 10,300 pages of the forum.
12.02.15 - Completed 10400 pages of the forum.
19.03.15 - Completed 10500 pages of the forum.
17.04.15 - Completed 10,600 pages of the forum.
28.05.15 - Passed 10700 pages of the forum.
27.06.15 - Completed 10800 pages of the forum.
28.07.15 - Completed 10900 pages of the forum.
14.08.15 - Completed 11,000 pages of the forum.
The twelfth thousand pages (August 2015 - July 2016)
06.09.15 - Completed 11,100 pages of the forum.
23.09.15 - Completed 11,200 pages of the forum.
08.07.16 - Completed 12,000 pages of the forum.
Thirteenth thousand pages (July 2016 - .... 2016)

Club members and their activity

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renai No problem, thanks for your attention

Rep: (1)
Wow-man @ 19.04.2011, 15:44*
A bit offtopic, but I was surprised that when the alarm clock, but the phone is switched off, the alarm does not work: -S

This problem is not your phone, and all the androids, TC Service shoved into the system, and (as on your computer), it works only when the unit is turned on: happy:

heh not know that there is such a club) I myself a fan of Sonic)) runs from w800i 5 years and he did not disappoint me nirazu (!). Even overcame as new (if smoret from two meters: D). Now I go to the Minko: rolleyes:

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darvelpro @ 20.04.2011, 17:18*
This problem is not your phone, and all the androids, TC Service shoved into the system, and (as on your computer), it will work only when the machine is turned on

something you mess up. I Android-SG580 alarm clocks work fine. Always work.
It is believed that on Windows there is a bug you mentioned, yes. On my first devayse it was, alarm clock did not work properly, can not be said about the CE Aspen, there is even a full-time work as a watch, eh lads Sony Ericssons): rolleyes:

Post has been editedsu-31 - 20.04.11, 15:53

Rep: (897)
su-31 @ 20-04-2011, 18:51*
It is believed that there is a bug on Windows you specify

And where such an opinion, if not secret? : Blush:
I have a second pipe on Windows, and that's really on it this just is not there.

Rep: (205)
student555 @ 20.4.2011, 22:05*
And where such an opinion, if not secret? : Blush:
I have a second pipe on Windows, and that's really on it this just is not there.
it was mentioned both here and on other sites and times, too lazy to google. and I also encountered on my previous PDA on Windows can work only acceptable third-party alarm clocks. And once again, in the current smartphone - Aspen no problems with it, even the regular alarm will start without delay

Rep: (3)
And here is my story development of Sony Ericsson:

Sony Ericsson K500i
Attached Image
It all started a distant autumn of 2006, was still only just begun to appear in our city phones nepoloho color display and MP3. While being financially dependent on their parents, I was able to carve out a couple of thousand from the sale Motorolla C350 and asked my mother bought the same amount of b / a phone SE k500i. After that, I fell in love with him. The huge screen (after C350) is simply amazing, the amount of color and volume of the speaker was forced to tremble, and the presence of photo / video camera pridovalo sense of pride and superiority over my friends, just the presence of the infrared port was very convenient and allows you to share media files with your friends, but the use of three months rubbed panel and completely blabbed joystick, so I had rassproschatsya this lovely beast

Sony Ericsson k700i
Attached Image
Selling k500i imbued with love and applying funds from your birthday purchased SE k700i. It hit almost all stylish, but at the same time strict design and of course the camera is 1.3 megapixel, that at that time was very good, as was glad the presence of Bluetooth in this devayse and memory of 32 MB. He served me almost 1.5 years and I was very pleased with it, but like everything in this world, it is obsolete and went our separate ways

Next, I had a Nokia-mania and began all at once with smartphones and ended only after 3 years, and then watching the Sony Ericsson Xperia X8 c its Android-om, I concluded that it was time to take a step towards quality rather than cheapness and bought acer Liquid mt Metal. But a few weeks ago, more precisely on the day when my friend from Germany came Arc I "spit" in the face of Acer-in and asked to give (sell) my Sony Ericsson Xperia X10i

Sony Ericsson Xperia X10i
Attached Image

Now I am looking forward to off. firmware on Android 2.3 and happy little animal, well, over the same will always marvel at the generosity and adequacy of his friend, if he had not, I probably would not return to the world of Sony Ericsson

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Rep: (133)

Rep: (3)
renai @ 20.04.2011, 23:51*
Ikkikun, Charming)

Try) Nenuacho, have someone Exactly, and that's as it should do: ph34r:

Rep: (232)
su-31 @ 20-04-2011, 16:51*
something you mess up. I Android-SG580 alarm clocks work fine. Always work.

I suspect that there was confusion in the terminology. Turning off the machine - it's not the one that extinguished the screen by pressing the power button, and one that is completely turned off. From this mode alarm device does not awaken, I realized that it was exactly that.

Rep: (897)
Quite verno.Apparaty on android with a completely off the pipe Service is not included.
On Windows net.Budilnik such works in any case. (Simba seems, too, I have to remember)
If you have this particularAspenThen what the dispute, as it should be. : D
Or you're at it tightened android? ;)

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Reason for editing: error

Rep: (205)
igg @ 21.4.2011, 3:00*
I suspect that there was confusion in the terminology. Turning off the machine - it's not the one that extinguished the screen by pressing the power button, and one that is completely turned off. From this mode alarm device does not awaken, I realized that it was exactly that.

I was talking about the sleep mode.
With total shutdown alarms on PDA, of course, will not be triggered, as opposed to simple dialers

Rep: (1)
My Soup: Sony Ericsson Vivaz, Z610, K790, K550, K500, K700, X10 and X10 mini, they're all I had, almost all live.

Post has been editedgutolin - 21.04.11, 07:50

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According to the famous mobile market analyst Eldar Murtazin, in his blog, Sony and Ericsson companies want to sell their joint venture, because they do not see the prospects of its further development. Source of information, a well-known Russian journalist Eldar Murtazin claims that the situation with Sony Ericsson in exactly the same situation with Siemens Mobile, on which, as you know, have forgotten all "mobile" world. Swedish-Japanese alliance at the same time in every way wants to protect Sony Ericsson brand on the fate of the German company, and therefore appealed to the Chinese producers to offer to purchase the rights to Sony Ericsson. The specific amount of the transaction has not yet been called, but there is evidence that the most likely buyer is a company Foxconn, known as a manufacturer of components and electronics for many of the leading mobile companies in particular - Apple. It is worth noting that information on the sale of Sony Ericsson - these are only rumors, representatives of the company had no immediate comment on the situation. But now, after Murtazin told about a possible sale, it becomes clear why the price tag on Sony Ericsson mobile phones in recent years, so too high: at the expense of the company of fans, for whom the price is almost irrelevant, the Swedish-Japanese alliance, albeit not the number of models sold, and their high cost, but it has achieved positive financial terms of the annual accounts. The company, which has a profit, it is worth much more expensive than the loss-making company, and until it was the second option, you need to sell the brand. According to Murtazin, if all the same Chinese companies and buy Sony Ericsson, it is unlikely that they will develop the company. The analyst believes that the sale of the consequences will be fatal for the fans of the Swedish-Japanese mobile devices employees will be laid off, production facilities and offices - are closed.

Rep: (205)
mrmista @ 21.4.2011, 12:35*
According to the famous mobile market analyst Eldar Murtazin

I would not at all prislushivatsya to such messages from this clown.
It is believed that it is energetically promoting crafts Finns and Koreans in their obzorchik, with great restraint, if not even say openly negative, describes any products from the EC.

Post has been editedsu-31 - 21.04.11, 10:34

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I'm always interested in reading what he writes. Reason not to believe him and to perceive not see a hostile reception - the situation with Se and really not happy.

Rep: (897)
Wait and see.

Rep: (205)
renai @ 21.4.2011, 13:48*
I'm always interested in reading what he writes. Reason not to believe him and to perceive not see a hostile reception - the situation with Se and really not happy.

I also read, until I came to the conclusion that PR still is, IMHO.
but we hope that everything will be fine Sony Ericssons

Rep: (2)
renai add me to the list, but then you probably forgot: blush:

Rep: (1)
me: rolleyes:

Rep: (897)
su-31 @ 21-04-2011, 15:24*
I also read, until I came to the conclusion that PR still is, IMHO.

And I'm on one forum where this "tovarischa" elevate as a "guru" named in the hearts of its sales and profursetkoy piarastom.
Heat of the moment, but it was for that man no reasons not even listen hotel.Tak banned. : D
I'm not upset much, but "osadochek" remained. : D

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