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Personal experience in the second post

Just in case, I warn you - attempts to pofludit will be stopped mercilessly, but you should not be afraid to express sound thoughts;)

So far we have only a few materials suitable for this branch, but I think together we will put together a good knowledge base, and the best files will be transferred to fact: victory:

1. Tips for reading Pdf and DjVu
Version 5 dated 02.17.2011.
This article was originally written for Onyx Boox, but it turned out that it contained many recommendations, especially on working with BBs, which would be useful to the owners of other devices.
Contains info on work not only in Windows, but also in Mac Os X
Thanks: [Tim], dv1024, jesus08, Kirith.
2. 04.02.2011
Added sections:
"DjVu Document Processing (Windows)",
"Crop fields in PDF and DjVu (Windows) documents."
3. 07.02.2011
The section “Cutting fields in PDF and DjVu documents (Windows)” was renamed to “Processing PDF and DjVu documents (Windows)” and added.
The section "Processing DjVu documents (Windows)" has been added.
4. 14.02.2011
Changed the section "Cutting fields in a PDF document (Windows)", found a convenient FREE program for cutting fields.
5. 17.02.2011
Added the section "Cutting a PDF Document for Comfortable Reading on a 6" Device (Windows and Linux) "with a curious useful program.

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2. The best readers of 2010 according to
Discussion here:Best readers of 2010
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3. Comparison of popular models
There are 2 files in the archive,
e-books.mht - feature comparison
format.mht - support for various file types
Thanks: v13& Wikipedia
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4. Personal experience on the TFT reader, on the basis of which the corresponding section of the FAK was written.
This article is written byShagrathXDbecause Only the owner of the TFT reader can give an objective assessment of this class of devices. If anyone wants to thank this user -click here.
Attached fileTFT ________. Doc(34.5 KB)

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Tell me the people, I want to give my mother a book for her anniversary, on the link with backlight, what to take? around 100 bucks, well, or a ceiling of 130

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Dalarino @ 06/01/18, 15:28*
Tell me the people, I want to give my mother a book for her anniversary, on the link with backlight, what to take? around 100 bucks, well, or a ceiling of 130

Maybe there will help:
E-books Selection and comparison (redirect)

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Comrades! I do not know where to turn, decided to still write a book syuda.Priobrel GMINI S62LHD, in principle, the book satisfied all, a nice screen, control, enough for a week (although my past lived without recharging at least three) .But there is one very unpleasant moment - a very up slowly (about 4 GB of books in it) .On the official forum wrote to me saying that the admins, this indexing, upload one book and you will be schaste.Ya disagree, my last book 6 years ago (although it was a bit operatives more 7 gigs indexed very quickly) .Kto some presents Xia owner of this device or understands it installed firmware? Really nothing can be done?

I’ve been using it for a little more than a year, it’s been warming for so long, as explained .. I’m already used to it, but I don’t get used to it if it is written in italics, it never gets used to it .. well, it infuriates that you have to choose a book every time you turn it on. .

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Hello everyone, I have a request, who can drop the “\ system \ logo” folder or screensavers that will work, otherwise I’ve cleaned the library and accidentally deleted the folder, and now there is no screensaver on the reader, it’s not comfortable without it, the reader doesn’t work or not. I have a PocketBook 611, thank you to everyone who responded in advance!

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Hello, I have a cable broke during disassembly akkamulyatora.Pomogite find reception vilku.Zver: Kobo N905B.

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Good evening everyone. My mother for several years enjoyed the same poketbukom and he stopped working RAPIDLY power button. Prompt who knows whether it is possible to podpoyat that neatly or still have to haul in for repair?

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* doggo89,
Well, it is necessary to look to you to disassemble. Button can finally cover and need to solder the button, and can contact broke off button. In short, Vangovat and predict no one here can- only disassembly and inspection

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