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Personal experience in the second post

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So far we have only a few materials suitable for this branch, but I think together we will put together a good knowledge base, and the best files will be transferred to fact: victory:

1. Tips for reading Pdf and DjVu
Version 5 dated 02.17.2011.
This article was originally written for Onyx Boox, but it turned out that it contained many recommendations, especially on working with BBs, which would be useful to the owners of other devices.
Contains info on work not only in Windows, but also in Mac Os X
Thanks: [Tim], dv1024, jesus08, Kirith.
2. 04.02.2011
Added sections:
"DjVu Document Processing (Windows)",
"Crop fields in PDF and DjVu (Windows) documents."
3. 07.02.2011
The section “Cutting fields in PDF and DjVu documents (Windows)” was renamed to “Processing PDF and DjVu documents (Windows)” and added.
The section "Processing DjVu documents (Windows)" has been added.
4. 14.02.2011
Changed the section "Cutting fields in a PDF document (Windows)", found a convenient FREE program for cutting fields.
5. 17.02.2011
Added the section "Cutting a PDF Document for Comfortable Reading on a 6" Device (Windows and Linux) "with a curious useful program.

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2. The best readers of 2010 according to
Discussion here:Best readers of 2010
Attached Image
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3. Comparison of popular models
There are 2 files in the archive,
e-books.mht - feature comparison
format.mht - support for various file types
Thanks: v13& Wikipedia
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4. Personal experience on the TFT reader, on the basis of which the corresponding section of the FAK was written.
This article is written byShagrathXDbecause Only the owner of the TFT reader can give an objective assessment of this class of devices. If anyone wants to thank this user -click here.
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Personal experience using e-books

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Various useful information
Stone (Pocket Book 360) To read ( 1 part , Part 2 ) Enhance reputation - a little about warranty service
A little bit about choosing a model from this manufacturer -To read
Jaw To read - reflections on the types of devices by localization
Shakirovar - To read If you have problems with the internal memory of the reader ...

Do it yourself

If anyone is interested - a rough plan)
1. The reason for choosing the type of screen and its benefits?
2. Autonomy.
3. Maintaining formats (it is important to note the functionality like footnotes in fb2 and images in the docks).
4. Readability
5. Your personal opinion and impressions (subjectively)
6. If you want to add something - welcome
Naturally - you can add and delete any points)

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Generally speaking, this device turned out to be almost by accident with me: I work in a computer store, once I came across it, took a look and bought it) It really lies comfortably in my hand, and its weight is felt only in comparison with other readers, as it doesn’t seem like an independent device heavy.
It is unclear what to compare it with - this is not an e-book at all but not a tablet; but even when compared with various tablets, it shows good results. The aspect ratio of the display in my measurements can be considered equal to 14:11, and the picture turns out to be convenient for perception in both portrait and landscape modes. The sensor is quite sensitive, you don’t have to make efforts when typing with your finger. One not the most successful moment is the reaction speed of the gyro sensor, every time 2-3 seconds of waiting can get on your nerves))
The advantages of TFT over E-link are obvious: it is the ability to view full-color multimedia content, or, for example, reading a color magazine in pdf format. Adjustable backlight allows you to make reading comfortable in any light or even in its absence.
Wi-fi internet works great; I created a virtual router device on my laptop, and now the laptop’s Wi-fi adapter distributes the Internet, i.e. I shared the usual patch cord connection wirelessly. So, the result of the speed test on a laptop is 7.98 megabits, and on the device - 7.5 megabits at a distance of 10-15 meters, i.e. significant loss of speed does not occur. The IQ antenna is quite powerful, clings to networks that smartphones can no longer see. The lack of 3G is a little frustrating, but nobody took away the engineering idea: if the laptop is with itself, then, if necessary, it distributes a USB modem connection via Wi-fi.
The battery lasts for 4-5 hours of continuous operation with demanding applications with maximum backlight brightness and an active wireless connection. If you correctly use the scheme of such a plan as “read in the subway, sat on the Internet, read in the evening, watched a movie”, then for example I have enough battery just until the moment when I go to bed and put it on charge)))
If we consider in more detail the process of reading from the TFT-display, we will see that to ensure the comfort of the eyes, you need to adjust the brightness of the backlight again almost every time the lighting changes. But after performing this simple action, there will be nothing more to bother: even when reading in complete darkness, experimentally, you can set a personal value in the range of 10-30%; I personally put at the very least.
I will not take the responsibility to judge the medical effect of such a device on vision, but after a month of use I do not observe any abnormalities in myself. Moreover, I think that with such an e-book reading is much safer for the eyes than reading from a laptop screen, because The user can position the image in space in the most convenient way
Let us now consider in more detail the functions of direct device assignment, i.e. reading process. The standard reader digests almost all formats, but I did not use it. I use CoolReader to read fb2 books, and VuDroid to read pdf and djvu. There are some glitches when reading large djvu in the form of a crash, perhaps not enough RAM, working on solving this problem. As for footnotes in fb2 - in the cooler they are displayed at the bottom of the page, as in this book.
The multimedia functions of this device are also at a rather high level, however, for their adequate work, “dancing with a tambourine” is required. At the moment I managed to achieve more or less adequate playback of films, but I can not yet name this issue fully resolved, therefore I will not write anything on this issue.
In general, despite the unfinished business of software, this device has great potential, and fully justifies its cost, but it is absolutely not suitable for those who want to buy and use - it is rather a high-tech toy for people who are interested in "digging" and improving.

Bamboo: The materials of this personal experience are used about the general FAK on readers, for which the author is very grateful! ;)

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if needed, here are a few of my posts on PB360 (on full-fledged userguide do not pull. of course ...: blush:):
PocketBook 360 (Post # 4361076)- very short review
Devices for reading electronic books (Post # 4058675)and its continuationDevices for reading electronic books (Post # 4058992)- about the experience of communication with the SC.

AndE-Book Readers (Post # 4063952)

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In the summer, my wife gave PocketBook 360, with words nothing to break her eyes with her phone.
Before that, I read first from the PDA, then from the communicators.
The first reaction is to drag another device in FIG.

First week:
- Damn, how long has he been running around the list and opening a book.
- Quietly swearing learned to attach the lid to the back.

+ Awareness came that reading is convenient.
+ Faster began to read.
+ It fits perfectly into the side inner pocket.

A month has passed:
+ Damn, and the battery then sat down only in two divisions.
+ Automatically attach the lid to the back.
+ Convenient to watch links, bookmark.
+ The gyro sensor pleases, the right hand is tired, it turned over and into the left, the text itself will turn over.
Half a year, conclusions.

Once I forgot the reader at home, I tried to read from HTC Desire, my eyes got tired after half an hour.
I now can’t imagine how they are reading from communicators, although I myself have long considered that e-link readers are self-indulgence.
Nearby is HTC Desire Z, Chinese Tablet, PocketBook 360 is open the same book - a choice for the comfort of PocketBook 360.
I also reflashed and set up the ABC.
A bit about it, more precisely ergonomics compared to PocketBook 360
+ More screen, although I have enough 5 ".
+ Flip leather cover.
+ Convenient additional keys to go to the desired menu item, the PocketBook 360 must be scrolled with the joystick.

- Scrolling only for right-handers, wheel on one side only.
- After PocketBook 360 seems heavy and cumbersome.

I was holding a SONY 505 in my hands, I was pleased with the design, the metal case, but it kills everything in its format of books.
All e-link readers have the most serious drawback - the lack of backlight.

I hope someone will come in handy before choosing :)

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PocketBook 301+

I have been using it for more than a year.
I was lucky because cover - a pocket that is more convenient than the one that sticks to tape in a modern configuration.

+ Perhaps the best software.
+ The presence of SDK, the ability to develop applications, respectively, developed.
+ The presence of an alternative reader FbReader180, which repeats the native, but has additional functionality.
+ Easy ...
+ Nice plastic.

It’s hard to say about the minuses ... Taki get used to it, everything is convenient.

PocketBook 602

I use 2 weeks. Therefore, cons compared to 301+
- Very wide.
- MicroUSB connector, despite the fact that I have everything sharpened for Mini USB
- MicroSD flash drive.
- Lack of cover, in the case it does not fit into the pocket of the waistcoat, without the e-Inc case in the pocket, carry it somehow ...
- No SDK yet
- Overdone with a bookshelf
+ Funny TTS (high-quality, even very high-quality, but TTS is funny by definition).
+ WiFi, but pampering.
+ Very high-quality assembly (but heavier than 301+)
+ More contrast than the 301+ screen.
+ Lingvo dictionaries, text notes, notes and bookmarks in the table of contents.

PocketBook IQ. 2 months.
- Bye Androyd 2.0
- Very heavy
- Lack of 3D, Does not play unconverted video.
- A very small amount of memory for installing applications.
+ Already destroyed, after App2SD there is enough memory :)
- TFT screen with backlight, charging enough for just a day of work
+ TFT screen ... with backlight, Charging is still enough for a day ...
- Charging from special charging, no USB charge
- Poorly reads FB2 with integrated software
+ Allows you to install third-party applications, so the previous one is not relevant.
+ Reads DjVu well, PDF with built-in software, better than anything I shoveled on Android
- Bookshelf and Widget immediately in the trash.
+ Support for dictionaries in the built-in reader.

In general, for all devices I can say one thing ...
There are essentially 3 types of devices.
1) The devices are not adapted for Russia, but glamorous, these are Sony, Kindle, Nook.
I don’t know, if you like reading without hyphenation, then this is your right.
2) Devices with OEM firmware in China. These are the majority of devices on the market.
3) Devices for which firmware is being actively developed taking into account the opinions and needs of users.
This is the ABC, LBook, PocketBook. But, the ABC, LBook, PocketBook 301, have not very high quality hardware.
PocketBook Pro line, the quality of iron is not inferior to Sony.

Therefore, when choosing, you need to understand what is more important. High-quality software, or glamorous iron.

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Experience with two books -Digma e500 and Amazon Kindle DX Graphite
Features, pros - cons, personal feedback on each and devices.

Digma e500

(From the website)
  • E-ink display 5.0 ", 16 shades of gray, resolution 800 x 600 dots
  • Russified menu
  • E-BOOK: FB2 / TXT / PDF / DJVU / ZIP / RAR / RTF / EPUB / HTML / CHM / PDB / MOBI files support
  • AUDIO: support for WMA / MP3 / WAV / OGG files
  • IMAGES: support for JPG / BMP / PNG / GIF / GIFF files
  • T-Flash / Micro SD card slot
  • 2 GB memory card included
  • Work without recharging in read mode: up to 45 days (equivalent to reading 15,000–18,000 pages)
  • Available colors: white / black
  • Dimensions: 148 x 102 x 7.7 mm
  • Weight: 150 g

Let's go toadvantages and disadvantages models:
+Of course, the price. The goal was a quality cheap reader.
+Compactness. The screen in 5 ”is absolutely readable, and the book itself is placed anywhere.
+The screen, in comparison with Sonya, even new ones, on the screen of pearls (350, 650, 950), is really white.
+Rich in software capabilities (On Linux) was regularly updated.
+A lot of opportunities (partial updating of the page, games, calendar, notes, dictionaries, etc.).
+Good grade (case, memory card, all cables, adapters, even headphones, even nischebrodskie).
+He eats a lot of formats.
+Good build quality, I wondered for a long time how so much in such a thin and small device I could fuck.
+Even the quality of the packaging impressed me, it is pleasant to hold it in my hands.
+And she really worked for a month, maybe a little less.

- Immediately to the main thing - it is buggy. A lot of buggy. Pages were turned over (fb2 format) once, sometimes immediately after 2, an unexpected shutdown, freezing, swallowing of parts of pages.
- Despite the quality of the manufacturing materials and the assembly, the ekrn was not strengthened by anything and I broke it 2 times (!).
- The cover in the corners rubbed for a week of active use.
- One more thing about the case - the book is fixed in a case on three sides, it has quietly flown through the hole at the top anywhere, but the problem is solved by bending the side fasteners.
- The firmware, despite the abundance of functions, was raw (disgusting support for pdf and office formats, problems with fb2, it was not difficult to kill the book programmatically).
- The case is easily scratched, and also collects prints, which greatly spoil the appearance (black version)

Experience and personal feedback
I used the book for half a year. For six months, both books turned out to be broken, which I had because of my friends, but this is not the problem. Despite the fact that I could not get enough of myself, I could read on the subway, on the ground, at home, on trips, in the country, in general, anywhere, I was deprived of it for a month because of SC. After I broke it for the first time, I passed it to a service center in China Town, it is the only one in Moscow. I was warned that the case is rare. But not so much after all! I waited patiently for repairs during the month when I was announced a price of more than 6 thousand, I took it from there. At that time she was worth less than 6k in the store This is a word about the SC. I bought a new one (I had to do it right away), it was also broken by me. After that, I decided not to contact Digma again. For some reason, neither the huge Amazon, nor the Sonya, also of a decent size, did not break after being served from half a meter. I will not continue on product quality. It is necessary to add that there were no problems with the firmware (in terms of regularity and ease of updating), moreover, the creators through dixlab (forum for firmware digma and other devices) could leave suggestions, ask questions, and be sure that you will be heard . For example, I was the initiator of making the games in the folder, they were lying on the menu separately. For this they thank you so much. And yet, an absolutely useless feature, not mentioned above, is a gravity sensor for rotating the screen.

I will pass on to the next test subject.

Amazon Kindle DX Graphite.

In no case do not think that I am comparing these devices, the Kindle is several orders of magnitude higher.

So herespecifications brazenly stolen from their site and Yandex.Market.

  • Screen: E-Ink Pearl, 9.7 inches, 16 shades of gray, 824x1200, 150 dpi.
  • Auto screen rotation.
  • Built-in 4GB memory. (About 3.7 available)
  • There are no slots for memory cards.
  • Free 3G Internet from Beeline in Russia (Doesn’t work everywhere, most often regular EDGE)
  • QWERTY Keyboard (English Only)
  • Support for formats: Kindle (AZW and TOPAZ), PRC / MOBI (non DRM), PDF (non DRM), TXT, Audible (format 4, Audible Enhanced (AAX)), MP3

Advantages / Disadvantages:
+A HUGE screen that lasts for all the queries you can imagine. Internet, pdf, etc.
+The book is flying, really. Pages are quickly updated, all sorts of menus, settings, applications, books, everything are loaded.
+There are no complaints about the firmware. There is even a hope that someday all these wonderful quirks from Kindle 3 will ever be in this device. In the meantime, everything is so wonderful.
+The device is pleasant to hold. To the touch it becomes clear that this is a THING.
+Beg argue withJaw , Russification of the device has passed without any problems, the crack on the new firmware out quite modern, quite high quality. And about the transfers - for example, I see no difference on this screen, whether they are or not. It played a role rather in my previous book.
+Convenient feature with collections. More precisely, I like it, when everything that you have on the device, I mean games, books, pictures, dictionaries can be arranged in any way you like in collections (original folders that only the Kindle itself sees)
+And so on, since everything that is in this book can be attributed to pluses.

- Honestly speaking, I don’t even know what to write ... If you really find fault, then
- The browser is damp, opens 2/3 pages. For example, the Russian bash, unlike the American, is not loaded at all.
- The back cover is scratched very quickly, gaps are formed.
- The case is a little expensive ... Now they are already from alternative manufacturers, cheaper, but still 2500 for a wrapper is a lot, and without it there is nowhere.
- And the book itself is also not cheap ... But in comparison with the analogues of the same price category (Sony, for example), it has no equal.

Experience and personal feedback
Over the entire period of using the book (a little less than a month), so much positive has accumulated about this model that there is nowhere to go. "Glamorous iron" fully pays for itself. According to my personal observations, reading on readers somehow turns out to be faster, so after several hundred books we can assume that the device has paid off. This book is pleased with everything and the most detailed little things - build quality, materials, design, software, the process of reading a book turns into something more. Do not think that behind all the gadgets you can forget about reading, rather, the other way around. Returning to the pluses, I really liked the system for delivering files to the device - you drop the book in any format onto the Amazon box - it comes immediately to your device, in the mobi format. If there is no permanent access to the network, there are convenient converters. For example, I really liked the caliber, an absolutely omnivorous converter. Well, there are also libraries such as librusek, from where it is possible to download immediately to mobi. It’s me that you should not be skeptical about the “uniformity” of this book, everything, in fact, is very simple. Amazon support is also very pleased. Everything that I downloaded on their website was archived (the subsequent ability to download in one click directly from the device), on a book, it was suggested to download to a computer. Registration is simple, everything is thought out. I was pleased with everything this book was associated with. And, of course, special thanks to ZeroChaos, who Russifies this device.

Thank you for your attention: thank_you:

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I saw this topic and immediately decided to unsubscribe from my e-book -Lbook eReader V5 . This device looks like this:

Attached ImageorAttached Image

I have a white model, my brother is black. Inside they are naturally the same, but there are some differences that I will write about later

I chose this screen immediately, with no options, since it is no more harmful to the eyes than paper. I need it purely for reading books, viewing images or videos, listening to music, etc. I can on the communicator or player, that is, the fact that you cannot do this on such a reader because of the E-ink does not bother me at all

Autonomy. The instructions stated that the battery is enough to change 7000 pages, charging is spent mainly only during the "turning over" (except turning over, it is also wasted, as I understand the flashing LED in the upper left corner). It all depends not on how long the book is included, but on how intensely you scroll through the pages.
I am a person who lives away from the computer for a maximum of 24 hours, and even less from an outlet, so I never saw my book turned off due to discharging. Can be charged from the computer and from the outlet (the adapter is included in the set to the network 220V)

Supported formats: TXT, DOC, PDF, fb2, ePub, DjVu, RTF. There are not so many formats, but I have enough. I mainly use fb2, I read all the books in it, since it is the most convenient, the files of this format have convenient markup by content, footnotes and the scale is conveniently changed.
The second format that this doc used was: some lectures from the university were available in electronic form, and converting them to fb2 was difficult, because of the schemes and tables, which, by the way, when viewing the original doс file, were displayed correctly, each in its own place.

Reading a book is quite convenient. It weighs 160 grams. Dimensions: 105x151x10 mm. Thanks to the not so big sizes in the winter I carry in a pocket of a down-padded coat, basically I carry in a bag. I carry the book itself in a case, it is quite solid, and it really will save the screen from damage. To read, I think, a book is better without a cover, because with a cover a book becomes almost 2 times heavier.
The book has 2 options for switching pages: buttons 0 and 9 on the main panel of buttons, two buttons to the left of the screen and a lever on the right side of the book. Depending on the orientation of the screen and whether the book is on the table, or you picked it up, select the keys you need, get used to them and no longer pay attention to turning over, it passes automatically.
Pages "turn over" rather quickly, I do not feel discomfort. The key values ​​on the latest firmware are changing, you can change as conveniently. If you need to tear yourself away from the book, it does not make sense to turn it off, there is a lock - the keys are locked and the contents of the screen change to blank (only the line at the bottom where it says how to unlock the book)

My personal opinion: for its price, the book is wonderful and functional. I bought it for 9750 rubles, it was one of the cheapest options, but I am satisfied.
Of course, the book likes to freeze, it does this often, but the problem is solved simply by pressing the power button or in special cases by the Reset button on the rear panel. There was only once when the book hung completely - the problem was solved only by connecting to the computer, after which the book rebooted. It didn’t get out of the battery, although it probably would have helped
Another thing is the body of the book. Its coverage is not very high-quality, it wrinkled a little and the book doesn’t look so pretty anymore, the rubber surface on some buttons was rubbed and the buttons peeled off, initially the white surface turned a little yellow. But the book did not lose its functionality from this, I do not suffer much. Although there is a caveat: it’s exactly the same, but the brother’s black book looks much better. So choose the black version.
The firmware process is easy and not forced. You just need to find the SD card, format it and upload the firmware file there, then run the book in the boot loader mode or something.
I use the book for more than a year, quite actively, satisfied and happy. This is a very convenient thing, and most importantly it saves money very much, because in our time, paper literature is well worth it.
I think there is no need to reprint all the characteristics of the book, just give a link toDevdb
That's all, I hope my short article will be useful to someone

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Prestigio Libretto PER3362B
disser | Raise reputation

The device is quite fresh, went on sale at the end of last month. Important formats, and then F2B, txt, djvu, pdf, rtf, shows. Totally understands 16 formats, doc is not supported. There are only two holes in the device, mini USB for charging and connecting to a computer and 3.5 mm headphones. Headphones, and quite good, are included. The headphone comes with 2 additional rubber ear plugs of various calibers. USB cord is also there. The memory of only 2 GB, 800 MB free, the rest is crammed with gifts in the form of text and audio books, including in Russian. Among the authors, Dostoevsky, Christie, Dickens, and so on. An SD card is inserted into the device up to 8 GB in size. When connecting to the BB, we get access to the memory and to the USB flash drive, mini USB in the socket does not sit very tightly, which is not good. The cover is flung open, the closed book looks like a leather diary. Cover mounts are simple but reliable, although you have to remove the cover to install the card, the SD connector on the back of the device.

On the front side there are 12 functional buttons on the right edge, and 2 buttons for scrolling to the left, which is not very convenient if the device is in a case and when reading to hold the device with two hands, like a unfolded book. The same buttons when reading are duplicated in the right set of buttons, this corrects the situation. The buttons are pressed with some effort.
The first download after turning on for about 40 seconds. Go to the submenu 2 sec. Loading 500 pages of Dark Alay Bunin f2b- 10 sec. 200 pages of the "Last of the Mohicans" - pdf- 5 seconds.

The screen is not as white as we would like, grayish, closer to the newspaper. The text is dark gray, almost black. The main menu gives you full access to the entire audio-photo library. You can sort the list of books by author or by name, which is not possible with audio files. You can customize the appearance of the display of books: a list or a view of a la bookshelf with a display of covers, which by the word causes the device to dull strongly. Available in 5 types and 6 font sizes. You can increase or decrease the distance between lines and change indents.

There is no fashionable G-module, switching between portrait and landscape formats via the quick menu. This sometimes corrects the situation with reading pdf and djvu. Nuance - in these formats, increasing the font leads to the fact that the text does not fully fit into the screen.

Music and audio books play well, pictures are a newspaper version.

There is a guide, simple and convenient. From the device settings, only renaming the device is available and the choice of a language from 9 available, Russian is present. There are auto off settings, product info, reset to factory settings, internal and external memory formatting is available, date and time can be set.

The device is sewn manual with pictures.

In the lower left corner of the battery charge indicator.

Actually everything. Simple, no frills, pleasant to the eye and touch the device, quite nimble with support for large numbers of formats.

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Added item 3: Comparison of popular models

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If you have problems with the internal memory of the reader ...
Shakirovar /forum/index.php?act=rep&type=win_add&mid=1426505&p=6587709</ a>"target =" _ blank ">Enhance reputation | Bamboo

Shakirovar has a problem:
Shakirovar @ 02/15/2011, 19:09*
Winda did indeed propose formatting “by default”, after which she innocently said “formatting is impossible”. And that's all. The book itself turns on, writes that its firmware version is 1.2.4 (i.e., the firmware, as I understand it was successful), but as for the built-in memory, it is 0.000 (which is generally logical, since it is not formatted). I called technical support - silence. Can anyone help with advice, or at least explain what is wrong?

After a few tips and actions came the following result:
Shakirovar @ 02/15/2011, 20:11*
one). hdd low level format tool coped with its task “on hurray!”, in any case, the format indicator reached the end and the program reported that now I can format further (apparently in FAT). But Winda didn’t see the device, and doesn’t see. Now a logical question arises - WHAT TO DO NEXT?

The user himself finally found a solution and from here came his conclusion:
Shakirovar @ 02.15.2011, 21:10*
1). hdd low level format tool - despite the fact that the system did not see the book, the program found it and low-level formatted it. The system still ignored the device after that.
2). HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool - (on the advice of some forum (on video cards!)). This device was found and offered to format the device (but could not). But after the NEV system, like a flash drive, my device was recognized and I hastily formatted it with the "restore default settings" button. That's all. Now the book shows that the internal memory is better and Windows sees the book.

Both programs can be found in the topic.Programs for BB
Material from the topicWexler Book E6001

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Article (No. 1) on reading pdf and DjVu updated to version 5

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didn't understand why?

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I tried to open a pdf scan of the magazine (in my case GQ) on 2 books Explay HD Book, Texet 500HD

Explay HD Book:
The critical error, in my opinion, is that when viewing a PDF file, that with the vertical, with the horizontal orientation of the screen with a minimum approximation, the page is fully displayed (in my opinion, with a horizontal orientation it would be more logical to show the width, because at the next zoom level, often the edge climbs out of the screen border).
When you open "heavy" pdf files, it shows the first page and when you try to enlarge or turn over, nothing happens.

Texet 500HD:
There is an opportunity to increase it in content and for reading files in a book format, this is quite enough, but when reading a magazine, there is clearly not enough opportunity to increase the page. (i.e. increase to read the journal column will not work). There was also a problem that when turning over, the old page remained in the background, it seems like they solved the problem in the new firmware.

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Reading pdf
mel-loman | Enhance reputation

Explay HD Book:
The critical error, in my opinion, is that when viewing a PDF file, that with the vertical, with the horizontal orientation of the screen with a minimum approximation, the page is fully displayed (in my opinion, with a horizontal orientation it would be more logical to show the width, because at the next zoom level, often the edge climbs out of the screen border).
When you open "heavy" pdf files, it shows the first page and when you try to enlarge or turn over, nothing happens.

Texet 500HD:
There is an opportunity to increase it in content and for reading files in a book format, this is quite enough, but when reading a magazine, there is clearly not enough opportunity to increase the page. (i.e. increase to read the journal column will not work). There was also a problem that when turning over, the old page remained in the background, it seems like they solved the problem in the new firmware.

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Sony PRS-950
katala97 | Enhance reputation

Hello. Yesterday I purchased Sony - 950. It turned out to be cheaper than 650, despite the fact that the screen is larger and there is wifi.

When comparing with the good old 301 pocketbook, it turned out that paper at 950 is better, but not by much. The paper is slightly lighter, the font is slightly darker than the poketbook. I was surprised, because after reading the reviews I counted on a cardinal difference. But it seemed that a better viewing angle, because 301 reading book you want to keep in front of you while reading, and 950 is easy to read and at an angle. It is pleasant and convenient to use the touch screen, it does not glare at all. The kit comes with a stylus, which you can leaf through instead of a finger. I tried to read in two-page horizontal mode, I didn’t like it - in order to fit a lot of lines, you need to make too small a font. The size 950 is almost identical to the 301 pocketbook, despite the larger screen, this is achieved due to the narrower frame around the display.

Russified by the method of the Beard, very easy and fast. Version 1.05m

950 is very beautiful, materials and build quality are excellent. Solid, strict style, cool to the touch metal. It’s a pleasure to hold in your hands.

Connected to a home Wi-Fi router, you can go to any sites through the built-in browser. True, this is not very convenient, because the web page gives an incomplete one and you have to scroll with your finger to view it, but it does not translate it into horizontal mode. (or did not find how to do this) but nevertheless, in some cases, you can use this function. I still did not understand 3G, I need to insert a SIM card.

The most important thing is to read comfortably, everything works quickly and without delay. The quick responses of the touch screen to touch, it's nice. With the settings of the book and the child will figure it out, everything is extremely logical and understandable.

Interestingly, the store said that warranty service will be provided by Sony's official workshop in St. Petersburg. I do not know how this is possible, given that there are no official deliveries. We'll see. (a Rostest sticker is stuck on the back of the book)

The cover should be bought most, it is an additional expense. Included is a plug with an adapter for our sockets, so I charge it from the network.

Rep: (1247) T7001b Review from - = ZEKE = -
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Preface. The device T7001b got quite unexpectedly. The second book revision, software version 1.2.2, did not flash. He never owned expensive devices, in principle, but electronic books in general. Therefore, there is really nothing to compare with, except with “almost the same” devices of the budget segment. And I write a review for the first time in my life. Therefore, it will obviously turn out to be subjective, and, almost certainly, not of high quality. Therefore, please do not swear, but simply cite constructive criticism with recommendations. I also apologize for the poor quality of the photos. Alas, except from a phone with a camera — which — in fact — no, there is nothing more to photograph. Thanks to all!

I'll start with a little background, so to speak. I read maybe not much, but constantly. Mostly by study. And the role of “book” was performed by my friend of Chinese origin, Smartq 5. It was not very convenient to read from him, so to speak, but quite to himself. At the same time, I’ll make a reservation that I don’t have much to compare with anything - before that I read from my laptop, my KVM, and now, with smartq. But the sensor on the Chinese gadget ordered to live a long time, but in fact there are no buttons to control it. And the battery also lost a bit of his strength. But these are trifles, as it is easy to pick up at face value, since the power controller is duplicated in the device itself. But not the point. It was decided to take the e-book. The main criterion is price. Its cost should be as low as possible for these goods. But at the same time looking towards new devices, I somehow do not like the secondary market. E-ink was dropped immediately due to cost and a number of other reasons. With the help of Google, I managed to sort out a little in the choice that fell on Explay HD.Book. Some little things that were annoying from the review in the device were written off exactly on "trifles", since on the Internet everywhere the price of three and a half thousand rubles was announced everywhere. And here he is, the long-awaited day, I go to the store, the second, the third ... and I understand that nowhere in the city is it there. Frustrated, already without hopes (e-books and “offered themselves” from 6 thousand rubles), I look into one office, in which, as I previously thought, I will never buy anything. And now, I’m standing next to the galaxy Tab (a very interesting decision of the manager to place these devices on one shelf side to side), wexler T7001b and a sticky price tag of 3990. Frowning, since even the planned 3500 would be hard and I’m not afraid of that expression by blood. I begin to turn in my hands under the breath of the sales assistant behind my back. The controversial plastic body - pleasant to the touch, and at the same time a little annoying fingers. But the book does not even think to slip out of the hands, as it is not cool. Keystrokes are audible even on the trading floor. True, in this trading hall, apart from me, there were as many as 3 people! I will not continue to run ahead. After 10 minutes I already paid for the purchase and after 2 more I carried a white box with the symbols of “Metro 2033”. Then one thing was especially embarrassing - why when I was looking for options on the Internet, there was not even a hint of this e-book. Accordingly, I did not know anything about her.

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Half a year I read Digma q600 - e-ink 6-inch screen
Before reading on the Expay navigator in the AlReader 2 reader, of course, with a 4-inch LCD screen

Screen: Switching to an e-ink screen has increased the time spent reading. First of all, not so tired eyes.
You can safely read in bright sunlight (true for lovers of a lazy beach). At night - by itself in a chair under a tarsher with a cup of tea ...
LCD screen in bright light - "death to the eyes", and even when it is dark - eye fatigue affects very quickly. So the glowing screen is a dubious advantage. A few saved reading on a black background in gray letters.

For e-ink I read without charging 1 - 2 books of about 1000 pages. It is very convenient that for a short time (up to several hours) the device can not be turned off - 5 seconds after changing the page, it goes into economy mode with almost zero power consumption. Major costs go to refresh the page.

LCD read 3 - 4 hours. Not bad either, but on small business trips I was carrying along with me.

The big minus of e-ink is its "stagnation". If you want to read "glossy" pdf magazines or books, get ready for minute expectations or even device hangs. And the display of pictures does not bring joy.
I tried to read all sorts of documents in html format. If there are few pictures and they are small, it seems like nothing. But as soon as I uploaded an article comparing cameras with graphs and examples, I realized that I would not endure this bullying.

Conclusion: If you read books, then e-ink is irreplaceable. But for

reading books, magazines with a lot of graphics is better than LCD, something like an inexpensive “tablet” with android.

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Bambuk @ 03/09/2011, 20:14*
Texet 500HD:
There is an opportunity to increase it in content and for reading files in a book format, this is quite enough, but when reading a magazine, there is clearly not enough opportunity to increase the page. (i.e. increase to read the journal column will not work). There was also a problem that when turning over, the old page remained in the background, it seems like they solved the problem in the new firmware.

Corrected ... Texet 500HD, firmware 1.5.0 ..., you can read the logs. As an example, the photo below. The only thing, sorry for the sharpness of the photographs (no experience), but even in the first picture the text is readable with the help of a magnifying glass :).
In the second picture, the maximum that can be done (landscape orientation, large font).
Attached Image
Attached Image

Attention Those who do not open pdf magazines or in the pdf book there are no pictures, you need to disable formatting (settings-formatting-off).

Of the minuses of operation of the book:
1. Constantly inadvertently pressed the touch buttons, which leads to unpleasant consequences (jumping to another page, departure from a file, etc.);
2. Pictures in the html file are not displayed (sorry, because I took offline threads to read interesting threads from the forums)
3. In fb2 or epub books, hanging lines are frequent (text is interrupted in the middle of the screen, several words are on the next screen, the rest of the screen is blank, on the third screen is the continuation of a sentence or text ....

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Honestly, I don’t know if I chose the right subject.

Recently, cases of fast-drying batteries have increased in devices older than a year of operation.
Presumably this is due to the improper use of the battery.
The fact is that the battery requires re-activation, and our power consumption is too low for this to happen.
In general, I recommend to make two fast battery discharge.
To do this, turn on all wired interfaces, music player, in general it is possible to fully load and do so a couple of discharges.

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Having got a book, I decided to play around with the screensavers for it a little, and if they came along, I decided to share it with the members of the forum who might be useful. I do not pretend to high artistic value, I just indulged. I tried to make it adequately displayed on most of the devices. Image parameters size: 800x600, format: bmp, 4 colors. I enclose the Contact Sheet and an archive with images (I decided not to upload it individually, they turned out to be 7 meters in uncompressed form, compressed a little more than 900 KB)

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