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Devices for reading electronic books ...
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For a long time there are devices on sale which allow to read books in electronic form.
The market for such devices is still too small. However, slowly developing.
I propose to discuss the feasibility of such devices.
Also in this thread will be posted announcements of these devices.

[b] This is a general topic of communication between e-book owners and people who are interested in e-books.
With questions on the choice of devices - inElectronic Book Readers - Selection and Comparison.

Our friends withthe-ebook.orghonestly :) some filesFAQ'aon the selection of the most optimal reader and tables compared readers and software in them. I ask everyone to use!
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"How to choose an electronic reader (reader)" - tips from Alex Exler

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* Stopkin, Thanks and plus for educational program.

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Good day. please help with the choice. Wanted to buy email. E-Inc. book up to 5 thousand of our rubles. What is the best option to read a larger number of formats, had a minimum of glitches and normal firmware. thank
If a quicker solution is possible)

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* nikmaxpayne
we have a separate section on the forum for choosing readers:E-books: Selection and Comparison

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Good evening. Tell me please. Pocketbook 604 flew battery. I can not find on the Internet to the model. Of course, I don’t really understand the parameters, but here. According to the criteria 306070P no, there is such a PL. He will not fit? Or what other model might fit. thank

Posted on 08/02/2018, 00:02:

Good evening. Tell me, is there an analogue of a battery of some other model for Pocketbook 604? I can not find to my model. 306070 R

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Recently I saw an interesting thing, I’m not going to buy - it hurts the price, but in general it’s interesting what kind of animal it is.Videoandsite.
As far as I understand, this is a regular e-ink display? But how is such speed achieved that you can directly draw, write and everything is instantly displayed?

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* kedvje

This is not speed. Local updates could always be done quickly enough.
The guys from Pocketbook doom, remember, for fun ported and launched.

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JAW @ 08.19.18, 2:24*
Local updates could always be done quickly enough.

Are there any materials with details?

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Summer of the Winds @ 09/08/18, 13:47*
Are there any materials with details?

That was many years ago ...
see somewhere here:

http: //www.the-ebook.o...rum/viewforum.php? f = 40

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I have a noob question. Suspiciously needed on the reader program, which allows you to create and save text files, then to transfer to a computer. The simplest ones, txt, will be enough for me, but so that these are files, not notes to the book.
My book is Pocketbook Color Lux based on Linux. Is it possible to install such a program on it?
If not, which reader is possible? I saw that onyx go on the android with access to google play. Is there any opportunity on them-- and if so, on which brands specifically-- download and install a text editor?

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* Nalia, My reader does not have such functionality, but,
for example, there is such an answerBoyue likebook plus (Post by koctiac # 76655514)

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Good afternoon, tell me whether it is possible to install your fonts on e-mail. a DEXP T2 book or a third-party program for reading type. If there are special folders for the font in my pocketbook, and third-party software is not needed, then on this model it would be useful.

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Good day to all. Gentlemen, I ask for advice. Previously, I read e-books from phones, I didn’t get tired of IPS at all, but recently I crawled onto an amoled display and my eyes began to get tired from long reading.
In this regard, I ask you to advise which one you recommend a relatively compact reader, so that at least it can digest different formats like fb2 without troubles and with the display it is as similar as possible to the text of the book, the rest is not so important.

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which one do you recommend a relatively compact reader

E-books / Selection and Equalization

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* Alexandr1302,
and if the black-and-white screen mode is turned on in the settings (in the DEVELOPER MODE), are the eyes too tired of amoled?

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* valeryjan , yes, because the refresh rate of the display affects the eyes. Colors can be muted, but flicker in no way (

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* Alexandr1302,
Well, what does the emphasis on amoled then? On ips, the display refresh rate is the same. I have a nook glowlight plus, before that there was kindle paperwhite 2014. and also there is a tablet mi pad4. There is no difference in eye fatigue when reading a book and a tablet from an eink during the day, despite the fact that the eink does not have a refresh rate of 60Hz. turns gray. eink has an advantage only in daylight, because unlike ips matrices, eink does not glare. What’s eink there, my eyes will get tired even stupidly looking at the wall or drawing, despite the fact that the wall does not flicker at all like a sheet of paper. The problem of eye fatigue is not in the refresh rate, but in the fact that you focus your eyes for a long time (strain the muscles of the eyes) at the same distance, onto one subject.
Well, the main "advantage" is the battery life, which everyone exposes as an advantage in eink readers, an advantage and is not close.
For example: a rather long-playing smartphone Xiaomi Ridmi 6A is able to live in read mode for more than 19 hours with a screen brightness of about 50%; one of the most honest with respect to the operating time of the e-reader, the manufacturer and seller of Amazon reports 3 weeks of autonomy with the most inexpensive reader. But reading is supposed to be up to 30min per day! 21 days we multiply by 30min and get 10.5 hours of autonomy with continuous reading. (Yes, so much in the reading mode gives any modern smartphone without problems) And in eink readers of other manufacturers with autonomy, everything is much worse.

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* Rlnd
Sony PRST-1 stopped working. The computer does not see.
It just reboots endlessly. And the yellow indicator also blinks

How can I flash it or what are the options?
Who will tell you will be grateful

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Hello! My wife ordered an e-book, I’m not an ale in them, in general .. What brand is worth paying attention to?
Thanks in advance.

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* Z1rex what is the wife going to read? - scans of magazines in djvu? A4 manuals in pdf? fan fiction and female novels / science fiction and popadants / classics in text formats?
backlight - definitely needed / absolutely not needed? control - sensor / buttons / combined? "pocket" reader, or "bedside", i.e. what diagonal size?
budget, in the end - which one?

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* Stopkin,
After the Game of Thrones, she wanted to re-read the song A Song of Ice and Fire :)) It seems like she has enough phone but doesn’t want to break her eyes, I think the diagonal is at least seven inches, with backlighting, control is not important. Price .. Well, I’m xs, I looked at how much the brand new PocketBook 740 costs and a little ofigel: blush:

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