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Phantom Music Control | Interesting music widget

Rep: (2703)
Phantom music control
version: 1.67

Last update of the program in the header:13.06.2016

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Short description:
Multifunctional player control widget.

Interesting music widget, which was originally created for use withWidgetlocker lockscreen , though, nothing prevents you from using it on your desktop.
  • Automatically hide / reveal player
  • WidgetLocker integration
  • Three graphic themes (H7C is just like Sense)
  • Power saving mode, with almost zero power consumption

Requirements: OS 1.5 and higher ...

Supported Players:
  • - Stock and modded Android Music (2.3+ with Pro)
  • - Google Music (Pro only)
  • - HTC Music
  • - MusicMOD
  • - PlayerPro
  • - doubleTwist
  • - PowerAMP
  • - UberMusic (Fede's Music App; Pro only)
  • - BeyondPod (Pro only)
  • - Experimentally Samsung TouchWiz (Pro only)
  • - Almost any other player (such as Winamp, Meridian, С– / Cubed, MortPlayer, MIUI, Zimly, Songbird, etc.) in compatibility mode (Pro only)

Original XDA themePhantom Music Control for WidgetLocker
Google Play: https: //play.google.co…jhg.musiccontrolwidget

Russian interface: Not

version 1.67: Phantom Music Control (Post by Giacomino # 26345214)
version 1.62.4 + Mod: Phantom Music Control (Post # 16183328)
Key v.1.0.3: http: //savagemessiahzine.com/forum/dl/post/2098969/PhantomMusicControl.pro.apk

Past versions

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Rep: (2)
Can any living creature say specifically what kind of player you need to download to kantachil this widget?

thanks in advance!

I used to sit on all standard all worked very pleased, but now stands CyanogenMod, built-in player to nevidet widget (

Rep: (2703)
Update v1.12

Supported Players:
  • Stock and modded Android Music (up to 2.2 / Froyo)
  • HTC Music
  • MusicMOD
  • Playerpro
  • doubleTwist
  • PowerAMP
  • For some root users almost any other player in compatibility mode (2.3 / Gingerbread stock, Winamp, etc.)

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Rep: (21)
Bliiin ... Not something 2.3

Rep: (4)
Oh sorry transparency can not be more clearly set up ...

Rep: (0)
and how to buy it if I do not have a visa and master card?

Rep: (68)
It is a pity that it can not change the font.

Rep: (41)
upd: After searching the internet, able to find and download a version Phantom Music Control Pro v1.55 (If you have a newer version - fill here, please).
Personally, I did not install it over the old version, so I recommend you uninstall the previous version before installing the new one.

Attached files

Attached filePhantom_Music_Control_Pro_v1.55.apk(167,85 KB)

Rep: (68)
Changelog can be?

Rep: (41)
maelfilk @ 23.07.2011, 12:13*
Changelog can be?

Yes, it is possible of course. The entire changelog here:http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=879015

- Fixed bug in broadcast sending (for developers)

- Support for 3rd party apps to utilize Phantom's wide range of controllable players
- Some performance and battery life optimizations; if you experience battery drains from older versions, please uninstall Phantom completely and install it again
- Added Turkish translation, French updated

- Localised to Dutch, French, Spanish, Italian and Russian (some fully, some partially); thanks to all the translators!
- Changed activation system, so users does not have to contact me when they flash different ROM (experimental)
- With next version of BeyondPod, scrobbling should not be required anymore

- Native BeyondPod support (experimental)
- New Aero theme (WMP style)
- UberMusic modified for new package name (Beta 1); Alpha is still supported by Advanced compatibility mode
- Ability to hide control buttons (requested by some users to only display track info)
- Advanced compatibility mode tweaked to be more reliable
- Translation support
- Hot-swap icon has lower opacity

- Music player hot-swap (ability to change the controlled player in real time)
- Scrollable track information
- Ability to open any music player in Advanced compatibility mode
- Increased Advanced compatibility mode performance (let me know if you experience any problems)

- Compatibility mode tweaked for MIUI
- ScrobbleDroid and SLS can be used to read track info in compatibility mode (works with BeyondPod, Zimly, and many others; you do not need to install the scrobblers)
- Ability to swap the track information order

- UberMusic (Fede's Music App) support
- New Metro theme (WP7 style)
- Custom background settings (any color, any opacity)

- Advanced compatibility mode tweaked for MortPlayer
- License activation dialog fixed for copy & paste
- New License model - version Pro prices from under $ 0.99! (All current licenses work as transferable 3-device licenses)

- Advanced compatibility mode tweaked for Meridian and i / Cubed

Introducing Phantom Music Control Pro!

Phantom Music Control Pro has some great new features:

- Android 2.3 (and higher) stock music player support
- New Google Music player support
- Advanced compatibility mode that supports any player with headset controls (i.e. Winamp)
- Experimental Samsung support
- Honeycomb theme
- Ad-free
- And you will support independent developer and encourage me to add new awesome features!

- Natively supports PowerAMP
- Compatibility mode, that allows some root users with custom ROM to control almost any media player (2.3 / Gingerbread stock, Winamp, etc.)
- Battery saving mode is turned off by default because of some problems in Android 2.3 / Gingerbread

- doubleTwist Player is now supported

- Music PlayerPro support! (Full version only, trial is not supported)
- Added donation guidelines for users without PayPal account
- If you use "Show music player on touch", it will get you to "Now playing" screen during playback in some players (stock and MusicMOD do not allow this, HTC and PlayerPro do)

- Added new Sense-like theme (thanks to @GMKcz for the screens!)
- Some layout cleanups

Fixed two embarrasing and long-lasting bugs

- Music player now can be launched on HTC as well
- Donation button fixed; please buy me a beer if you like the widget - I put wrong link to ALL older versions

Thank you, Ryan, for noticing and testing!

- Added tasty chromeless theme (see screenshots)
- Volume buttons were made easier to reach
- Added option to hide current track info
- Some minor layout cleanups

- Bugfix: "Problem loading widget" resolved definitively; themes and opacity settings only work on Android 2.2 / Froyo and higher
- Music player can be started by clicking on a song name as well
- Buttons were remastered to higher resolution

- Possibility to show volume control (optional)
- Fixed battery saving mode

- Fixed background issue I have caused. Sorry for that. I need some rest.

- Fixed "Problem loading widget" and "Force close" on some configurations. If you still experience this issues, please uninstall the widget, reboot your phone and install it again. Thank you for understanding.

- Added battery saving mode that consumes almost zero energy (if you had any battery issues with Phantom, simply uninstall it and install again; it should disappear)
- Added inverted theme with black buttons on white background
- It is now possible to start music application by touching widget background (experimental feature, might not work correctly)
- Bug fix: The background no longer disappears

- Possibility to choose opacity of the background
- Minor visual changes and settings + defaults cleanup
- Bug fix: If "wait for WidgetLocker to unlock" is checked, widget no longer shows up on lockscreen if playback was already stopped

- Compatible with new versions of Music Mod (1.8+)
- Possibility to hide widget on WidgetLocker unlock (such as HTC Sense lockscreen does it) - please note that it might be delayed
- Possibility to reveal the hidden widget on touch for a while
- Delay can be set to shorter intervals now

Fixed player detection and switching (restart no longer needed)

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Reason for editing: changelog

Rep: (68)
Does anyone have a version 1.58.1 pro? The version in the header does not want to work with the new version ubermusic.

Rep: (41)
Phantom Music Control Free v1.58.2

- Bugfixes regarding 3rd party support, Google Music, UberMusic, etc.

Thanks to the author for the application that sent me the apk.

Attached files

Attached filePhantomMusicControl.apk(266.46 KB)

Rep: (15)
can v1.58.2 Pro version there is anyone?) Put pliz))

Rep: (34)
I realized the chip of this program} -) Those who worth 2.3, that will not be able to use the stock version. There can not be used stock droid pleer 2.3, but only buy the pro version of the program. And many new versions pleer identity do not plow on it. Previous versions of the droid standards plow

Rep: (0)
Here is the free version works with 2.3

Attached files

Attached filePhantom_Music_Control_Pro_v1.55.apk(167,85 KB)

Rep: (14)
What about energy? paverAMP care for its widgets eats battery.

Rep: (2657)
NehalemEX, battery eats very little.
Screen does not lay ... But "Battery consumption," he last among all heaps ...

Rep: (18)
On the fourth google music works sloppy - not always correctly displays the status.

Rep: (2657)
And can someone put the latest version of ... It is already 1.61 ...:? Rolleyes:

Rep: (63)
Phantom Music Control 1.61.apk

Rep: (2657)
3vezda @ 10.01.2012, 01:40*
Phantom Music Control 1.61.apk

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