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Phantom Music Control | Interesting music widget

Rep: (2659)
Phantom music control
version: 1.67

Last update of the program in the header:13.06.2016

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Short description:
Multifunctional player control widget.

Interesting music widget, which was originally created for use withWidgetlocker lockscreen , though, nothing prevents you from using it on your desktop.
  • Automatically hide / reveal player
  • WidgetLocker integration
  • Three graphic themes (H7C is just like Sense)
  • Power saving mode, with almost zero power consumption

Requirements: OS 1.5 and higher ...

Supported Players:
  • - Stock and modded Android Music (2.3+ with Pro)
  • - Google Music (Pro only)
  • - HTC Music
  • - MusicMOD
  • - PlayerPro
  • - doubleTwist
  • - PowerAMP
  • - UberMusic (Fede's Music App; Pro only)
  • - BeyondPod (Pro only)
  • - Experimentally Samsung TouchWiz (Pro only)
  • - Almost any other player (such as Winamp, Meridian, С– / Cubed, MortPlayer, MIUI, Zimly, Songbird, etc.) in compatibility mode (Pro only)

Original XDA themePhantom Music Control for WidgetLocker
Google Play: https: //play.google.co…jhg.musiccontrolwidget

Russian interface: Not

version 1.67: Phantom Music Control (Post by Giacomino # 26345214)
version 1.62.4 + Mod: Phantom Music Control (Post # 16183328)
Key v.1.0.3: http: //savagemessiahzine.com/forum/dl/post/2098969/PhantomMusicControl.pro.apk

Past versions

Post has been editedvadeus - 13.06.16, 11:17
Reason for editing: new version

Rep: (132)
Interesting, simple but fry lagoon, I try to fasten to poweramp'y. let's see what happens.

Post has been edited1987glaz1987 - 11.01.11, 02:03
Reason for editing: corrected his opinion .....

Rep: (0)
Externally, a smart little thing. For more functions)

Rep: (28)
1987glaz1987 @ 11.01.2011, 01:00*
screw to poweramp'y

Can it be screwed to other players? to standard for example? Oo How is this done? thank

Rep: (0)
Already version 1.9 released. It is screwed to the standard without problems (in the settings choose stock or modded android)

Ability to select skins only from android version 2.2

Rep: (20)
Great, check on Gelaxi with, built-in player

Rep: (20)
Does not work with built-in samsung, is there a similar widget that will work on galaxy s?

Rep: (19)
Neither the screens nor the description absolutely did not understand what this widget is wonderful and what it does. Guys ... well, make a normal description of the functional. Download everything in order to check I have neither the ability nor the desire.

Rep: (2659)
Update v1.9
Translate somebody (unfortunately I can not) normally from the original topic on the XDA, I will add a cap

Phantom Music Control for WidgetLocker

Post has been editedDanisSSSR - 20.01.11, 00:48

Rep: (2)
And how can I remove the background thread from the widget? : blush:

Rep: (38)
DanisSSSR @ 01/19/2011, 16:45*
Update v1.9
Translate somebody (unfortunately I can not) normally from the original topic on the XDA, I will add a cap

If in short, he writes that the widget only supports the player for Sense and no more. That is to screw to PowerAmp, Winamp and others will not work and sorry: /

Rep: (52)
translation for the cap. googletranslate breaks the brain)
A warning .
This version of the widget only supports standard or modified Android player and HTC Sense music player. It is not compatible with Samsung (the author is working on it) and Sony Erikov players, it also does not work with third-party players installed by the user (for example Winamp). Use their own widgets.

I would like to tie it to the MusicPlayerPro (

Rep: (3)
What a pity, I'm looking for such a widget for the stock player GHS. I use transparent widgets, with white text on dark wallpaper. Oh, to find a suitable player widget.

Rep: (7)
What kind of player on the second screen?

Rep: (2659)
Faca @ 01/31/2011, 00:03*
What kind of player on the second screen?

The same as on the first, only the text version of the design

Rep: (7)
and how to change? not found, apparently

Rep: (2659)
when you add a widget to the screen, there is a tab in the settings,choose theme .
You press it and see such a picture ...

Attached Image

... choose what you need, although it’s not a fact that you will have this item, it seems to work only on the NTS, check.

Rep: (7)
yeah There is no this item. is it with 2.2 :( sadness. but you can't tell anything like that? well, I really liked the player with the text version. with the clock, the text looks just amazing.

Rep: (2659)
No, while there seems to be nothing with text widgets, and about that, here is an excerpt from the program
Themes and background transparency settings, only Android 2.2 / Froyo and above are supported

Rep: (7)
On the Xperia x10 mini pro, the flight is normal. Everything is working.

Rep: (2659)
Update v1.10 in the header
I added another Russian version to the header, I translated it first of all for myself, but maybe it will be useful for someone ...

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