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Tie Deluxe | Best Tie Program

Rep: (42)
Tie deluxe
version: 1.3.0

Last update of the program in the header:20.12.2010

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Tie Deluxe is the best tie-up program on the Market.

- 13 types of nodes (Simple, Double, Small, Semi-Windsor, Windsor, Kelvin, St. Andrew, Pratt, Balthus, New Classic, Crusader, Cavendish, Atlantic) and butterfly

- 3 types of navigation (Pre and Next buttons, Swipe (Fling), invisible areas on the left and right)

- Step by step animation (2, 3, 5, 10 seconds)

Google Play: Version 1.3.0
Price: free with a small in-app purchase if needed ($ 0.99)

Additional Information
Russian interface: Yes
The program supports installation on SD (OS 2.2+).

Version: 1.0 http: //savagemessiahzine.com/forum/dl/post/732742/TieDeluxe_Free.apk

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Rep: (37)
Human insolence has no limits! Well, a very useful program! В«Tum0rc0reВ» for their mega labors wants more and 30 rubles! The amount of funny, I agree, but now ask yourself - Why? And for what? Type in Yandex "Tie a Tie", the search produces about 553 thousand. Answers! Or "to tie a tie video" 192 thousand. Answers! Go to the first that fell site, where you'll find more than a dozen detailed examples to knot a tie, as in the photo and on video! В«Tum0rc0reВ» look !? Or your 13 exclusive examples, again, who knows only your program? I think that there, you simply make money out of thin air! At the forum a lot of developers, and many deserve a decent respect for the fact that the release is really necessary and useful program, but what about your fee mega programs I have no more words!
Here are some examples, can view a couple of tens of thousands of similar:

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Rep: (42)
Tishina.s, please check your online Tutorials, I do not mind. I spent the time to create a real program, and drew me a tie and jacket, also more than one day. So you go to hell with your philosophy.

Rep: (37)
tum0rc0re @ 31.01.2011, 07:47*
So you go to hell with your philosophy.

Mdaaaa ... no words ... apparently vocabulary you have a small ... in Market your program should not be just a section of free programs, for it should be a separate section and it should be called "Install, please." Interface and one in English, possible for them you wrote it ... and they certainly never guess read about it on the Internet, much less remember how to tie one and the same unit every day ... to talk with you it makes no sense.

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Rep: (42)
Tishina.s, interface in Russian, in the paid version and there added a few buns, such as favorites. I have the free version is no longer updated. Talk about it with a girl like you to talk a reluctance, that you start with the insults. And what about the vocabulary, I think it is much more than you. Just with you, otherwise you can not talk. Such insults I should not answer, such as "Oh, sorry, really useless program, return your money back.". People decide to buy their program or not, who are reluctant to buy, enjoy your way to the Internet.

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Rep: (3)

Do you think that the program is not worth the money, do not buy or use.

People spend time on writing programs and has the right to get paid for it, he does not force anyone to buy it.

What for? And for what? Type in Yandex "Tie a Tie", the search produces about 553 thousand. Answers! Or "to tie a tie video" 192 thousand. Answers!

more delirium heard

That would be all for android developers program sends you to the 'Net

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Rep: (37)
Yes, and here the money !!! : Lol: The program is useless !!! What should be the memory not to remember tying a knot !!! Poking going to his friends before calling me a girl brain in his head turn on, just be sorry !!! Life is not the time faced with such as you !!! Can only bark, and even when it comes to the normal explanation of the relationship still does not close his mouth until he shut up !!!

Rep: (42)
Tishina.s, Well you have a nickname silence, here and thought it was a girl. A barking you first started, I did not.

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Rep: (0)
Something like fichrekvesta, though the program for me and useless.
Support Landscape orientation of the screen (opening side-slider, Acer E130, etc.).
Turn 90onot gud

Rep: (1)
I think that such porgramki should be free, to tie a tie in the campaign where no internet I'm not going, and pay for it to look into 3 "instead of 24" from home - is absurd. And ties tie is not such a difficult task. For works clearly +

P.S.:Afftar - grandmother marketplace! The prirekatsya would go better deal with the case, and it seems that you have a program that placed only in order to "potrolit".
Who likes - that will assess who is not - and can not pay attention IMHO.

Rep: (0)
yah better Ease Tie it all too proresovano and regulations, and to store the exact same file is in English only. The author has taken downloaded from the Market and laid here for a price tag of just less than a convenience store is a forum for the most part free of charge if all that will download and upload here it is not fun, so the author: censored:

Rep: (0)
I wanted to see the program, compared to others, but after reading the comments, and did not download.

Feedback to the author has done its job)

Rep: (42)
We take very seriously alteredthe programNow take into account all your remarks, there was full support for tablets and Holo-style. The header will change the screenshots later :)

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Rep: (0)
Please, put the program itself in the cap threads, t. To. The play market has departed from me. if it is possible of course.

Rep: (1)
rotten topic

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