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Tie Deluxe | Best Tie Program

Rep: (42)
Tie deluxe
version: 1.3.0

Last update of the program in the header:20.12.2010

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Tie Deluxe is the best tie-up program on the Market.

- 13 types of nodes (Simple, Double, Small, Semi-Windsor, Windsor, Kelvin, St. Andrew, Pratt, Balthus, New Classic, Crusader, Cavendish, Atlantic) and butterfly

- 3 types of navigation (Pre and Next buttons, Swipe (Fling), invisible areas on the left and right)

- Step by step animation (2, 3, 5, 10 seconds)

Google Play: Version 1.3.0
Price: free with a small in-app purchase if needed ($ 0.99)

Additional Information
Russian interface: Yes
The program supports installation on SD (OS 2.2+).

Version: 1.0 http: //savagemessiahzine.com/forum/dl/post/732742/TieDeluxe_Free.apk

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Rep: (24)
And where is the link? Or am I blind ...

Rep: (42)

In a hat

Android Market:market: // search? q = pname: jqsoft.apps.tiedeluxe

Rep: (22)
Give apk pro version!

Rep: (4)
why in the program for tying a tie so draw a shirt ???
such pictures weigh more, which adversely affects the size of the program, the functionality and frequency of use of which does not imply sacrifice in precious megabytes.
in addition, useful information (judging by the screenshots) occupies no more than 25% of the screen - it will not be able to parse anything on small screens.
and for what money? :)

Rep: (42)

money for the work and designers pay back as well, as it were. As for the shirt, it weighs not so much 150 kb, the rest are ties, and the size is due to the quality and ties so that they look clearly on WVGA devices.

Posted on 12/16/2010, 19:11:

skripnik_n, for the impatient, soon I will release a version with advertising, they don’t want to pay a trifle for me, they will watch advertising. for me, paying once is better than constantly watching ads. and apk of the full version, for me it is disrespectful to me as a developer, although in principle I understand everyone, but since it’s a pity to pay, use other alternative programs :)

Rep: (790)
tum0rc0re, so that people do not have questions, I suggest writing in the header in plain text: "I am the developer of this application and I will not post the broken version of my program";)
As for alternatives: search in the Market for the word “tie”. There will be a tie-up application. An analogue, but it will be simpler (as I won’t say on WVGA, I didn’t have time to test it - but on Spica it’s fine)

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Rep: (42)
Free limited version for review -Attached fileTieDeluxe_Free.apk(1,023.72 KB)

Rep: (790)
Honestly, in terms of visibility - the best I've seen. But:
1) there is no Russification (but on MR, I remember, they promised) - well, yes it's a matter of time.
2) in the same place they promised to make a free version with advertising. But this is not at any gate: I understand perfectly well that I need it in the FREE version - I can’t even be neutered: the three simplest knots of a tie + a bow tie.

Rep: (42)
FrozenSE, Russification will be :) as promised. if I didn’t castrate the version, then no one would buy. I put in my ties, the simplest + decided to make a bow tie and not the fourth knot. I myself would not personally buy a version in which there is everything, but there is advertising. and much less money comes from advertising, which is why he is so castrated.

Rep: (42)
Released the new version 1.1.0:

- Added Russian language to the interface
- Several enhancements to collar descriptions for tie knots
- Bug in the slide show (after closing the menu) is fixed

Rep: (8)
Pictures are impudently stuck with Easy Tie, as I understand it? : rofl:

Rep: (2)
I personally did not look and bought. I am very glad, especially the Russian version.
Now we’re experimenting with my wife for a couple.

Rep: (42)
ivlis, taken as a sample, drawn from scratch by a professional designer and of high quality, I could first compare what to show here my ignorance.

Posted on 12/20/2010, 18:01:

sashapetrik Yes, the program is really good, I even bought it :) but still wanted to do better.

Posted on 12/20/2010, 18:01:

Symdrom thank. in the near I’ll do some more filtering by collar type and think sorting.

Rep: (42)
sashapetrik maybe there are some suggestions besides filtering and sorting?

Rep: (1059)
How to choose a suitable tie
What does a man need to know when choosing a tie? First of all, the color should be in harmony with the color of the suit, shirt, sock and shoes. Put the tie on your palm, if its wide end hangs freely, without twisting, then it will lie flat when you tie the knot. The seam on the back should be sliding, and not stiff - this is how manual work is determined. High-quality ties are sewn from three different pieces, and most “commercial” ties are made from two.

The length of the tie should be such that, when tied, he covers the buckle of the belt. The width of the tie depends on the width of the lapels of the jacket. On average, they are from 7 to 9 cm. The knot should be tight, if you like, then you can make a fold when you exit the knot.

You should be careful when choosing too bright ties with catchy patterns, pictures or unfamiliar symbols. In official clothing, a dark tie in combination with a light shirt is considered the general rule. Anyway, dark ties look very elegant. But at the same time, do not forget that it is better to choose a tie so that it is a tone lighter than the jacket.

Burgundy, yellow and gray colors are very popular this season. The drawing in a large and small cell is very relevant. Most appreciated are silk, handmade, ties of Italian masters. Synthetic fabric under silk or its mixture with silk looks good. There are ties made of fine wool, cashmere, cotton, linen and viscose. However, the latter quickly lose their form and lose their forms

there is still tying a scarf, scarf
or here

In fact, the number of nodes is limited, it is proved that 188 nodes can be tied for a reasonable number of operations))) So there is much room for growth)))

Rep: (42)
Myppp Thank you, many girls also advised girls to bring in all kinds of scarves, etc. :)

Rep: (8)
taken as a sample, drawn from scratch by a professional designer and of high quality, I could first compare what to show here my ignorance.

This is called steal, yeah. I don’t see any differences, acre of an unnecessary shirt. From the number of diplomas on the wall at the designer, I am not warm not cold, I compared the pictures - I did not see the difference.

Rep: (42)
ivlis, then use Easy Tie, it makes no difference.

Rep: (1059)
Hmm .. and in Easy Tie do you think the pictures are original ??? And the nodes, too, they themselves figured out how to do ????
Well, someone likes one program, someone else ...

Rep: (42)
Released a new version


- Added sorting (default, ascending steps and descending steps)
- Added display of the number of steps (you can disable this feature)
- Added Favorites and View Mode (all, favorites)
- Added the ability to share a link to the program with friends

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