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Google Play (Play ) download

Version: 9.9.21(4.0+) / 14.7.50 (4.1+)

Last update of the program in the header:25.04.2019

new material design
Material design
Old version
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Short description:
Official app store for Android.

Russian interface:Yes
Web site: Google Play Store


Explanation of the notation version of Google Play: Here

Version (original Android 4.1+): Google Play Store 14.7.50-all [0] [FP] 244421004
Version (original forrecovery): Google Play Store 14.7.50-all [0] [FP] 244421004 (nodpi)
Version 9.9.21 (original Android 4.0+): Download
Version 9.9.21 (original forrecovery): Download

Version 13.9.35 forAndroid TV 5.0+: Download
Version 11.2.14 forAndroid Wear (Wear OS) 7.0+: Download

Version 8.3.42 Clear \ BlackfromTeam black out: Download
Version 6.2.14 (original + patched forAndroid 2.3+): Download

Attached ImageGoogle Play Patched + Installer + for Recovery (updated by the author)fromAlex0047: Download
Attached ImageLightweight + Patched versions of the Market (updated by the author)fromAlex.Strannik: Download
Attached ImageGoogle Play Patched Substratum EnginefromCitrus75: Download
Attached ImageSuper lightweight versions of the Market (not updated by the author)fromAeronliru: Download
Attached Image Patches for LuckyPatcherfromBlue cat:
Disable signature verification in installed applications: Download
Disable hidden auto update: Download
Original light versions of the Market [No Update]: Download
Sample instructions to facilitate Services and Market: To read

Past versions
Google Play Store 14.6.56-all [0] [FP] 243790928.apk
Version 14.4.20 (original Android 4.1+): Download
Version 14.3.20 (original Android 4.1+): Download
Version 14.3.20 (original forrecovery): Download
Version 14.2.58 (original Android 4.1+): Download
Version 14.1.46 (original Android 4.1+): Download
Version 14.1.46 (original forrecovery): Download
Version 14.0.33 (original Android 4.1+): Download
Version 14.0.28 (original Android 4.1+): Download
Version 14.0.28 (original forrecovery): Download

--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---
All past versions: Download

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FAQ (frequently asked Questions)
IMPORTANT!, Important, Importante, And importante, Wichtig, Wane, Cnemli! Before you begin to read the instructions and make any manipulations with your device ->top link for some users. But seriously, do not forget about backup so that in case of anything, it would not be excruciatingly painful. There are no instructions that will cause the device to be scrambled. But no one is immune from the carelessness and accidental deletion \ change of the wrong file \ in the wrong line ...

Additionally for beginners familiarity with GP :
(link is clickable ->MiniFAQGoogle Play Basics <- link is clickable)


AT.I heard that in this branch there are telepaths \ fortune tellers \ mediums and clairvoyants who can give a full / adequate answer to an incompletely formulated question?
O: Oh, to our great regret, all of the above comrades, went to TNT and TV3. And we, like you, will also hope for their early return to the ranks of the users of our forum ...

In the meantime, please: if you want an adequate answer to your question, then formulate it accordingly. For example, a description of the problem + actions that led to it (flashing, installing, removing programs, changing build.prop, etc.) + firmware version ...

AT.How to install the Market? (Google play)
  • Market, you can install it like any other user application - just run * .apk on the installation. But provided that you install an apk with one "signature" with a replaceable one.

    In other words. Can be installed: original<->original \ mod<->mod but fromone author. And then you will not see the system message: “the application was not installed \ the package file was signed incorrectly, delete the previous version and try again \ applications signatures using this identifier do not match”
  • Download the original \ mod, then, the renamed file is renamed to Phonesky.apk, or Vending.apk, depending on your device :.
    • FirmwareGingerbread -> Vending .apk
    • FirmwareICS \ Jelly Bean \ KK - > Phonesky .apk
  • Via® Root Explorer (File Manager)put it in the system \ app folder with the replacement of an existing file (the system partition should be mounted as r \ w).
  • Change the “permissions \ permissions” of the new market to rw-r-r (644) (long file tap - Permissions \ Permissions - remove excess daws) ->exit the program.
  • Clear cache \ GP data (Settings - Apps - All - Market (Google Play) - Clear cache \ data).
  • Be sure to reboot!

Screen access rights \ permissions
Attached Image

ATTENTION! The above methods will not work (!) If you have CyanogenMod, AOSP, MIUI firmware. When you first upgrade to these firmware, you will need to also flash GApps. (a set of Google-applications, where the Market enters) And then later, when you want to update / replace, then the method above.

There is always (!) In the firmware themes and a link to download GApps, or you can downloadhere ->topic header ->useful files (GApps)

AT:I have a .odex firmware, and how do I install the GP? Do I need .odex files?
ABOUT: Original answer: tap here Thank: Pasha 77

AT:How to update the Market (Google Play)
O1: If you have installed the original, then the update occurs automatically. With one “but” ... This does not happen at the same time for everyone and can be: from “oops, and here is the update” to “I'm tired of waiting and updating myself” in the way from the first question FAQ

O2: C version of GP 4.6.16, the ability to track updates \ update from the menu. Go settings ->tap in “Market version” = answer if there is an update at the moment.
Attached Image
Important! This update is possible only if you have installed the original Market. If the mod \ broken GP is installed, only in the way from the first FAQ

Q. Why didn’t the Market update come to me yet?
ABOUT: Updates are not always available for everyone at once, they are distributed gradually depending on the region, android version, etc. This is the usual practice of Google. Wait.

Do not want to wait and / or tired, then update hand to hand. How to do it ->read the first questions FAQ

Q. How can I prevent the GP from being updated?
ABOUT: Original answer: tap here

AT:If the firmware did not have Google Play, then the installation from here will solve this problem?
ABOUT: Depends on the firmware. On the PCT devices, or, let's say, official, with the installation of the GP, there are practically no problems. Example: when not GP, but Yandex Store is installed - it is solved by simply replacing * apk (On Yandex.Kit firmware, such a “focus” is not an option)

But on Chinese phones, let's say, on copies / replicas of official devices and / or on devices, where the firmware is “written” in a burning tank and on the back of a wounded comrade, without dancing with feathers inasshead, can not do.

For example, flashing GApps or hand to hand combat in system \ app - GoogleServicesFramework.apk, Phonesky.apk, GoogleLoginService.apk. But it’s absolutely not a fact that in general you can start the Market without changing the firmware, nor is it a fact that when you change it, the GP will start.

As well as the frequent phenomenon that it is impossible to re-install Google Play services, again - without changing the firmware ..

And remember about CyanogenMod, MIUI and others like them, because On these firmwares, there is also no pre-installed GP. But in this case, it is solved with a simple GApps firmware (a set of Google applications, which also includes the Market)

AT:There are problems with the performance of GP. What to do?
O1: We go on this site and see if there are any problems at the moment with Google itself. If there is, then it is logical - we wait.
O2: We do not write about the problem in this topic, but go here \ Google Play - Technical Issues \ IMPORTANT! Before yelling, “Ahtung, guard, save,” start describing the problem there, carefully read the topic header — FAQ.

AT:What is the difference between the modified version of the usual?
O1: If a hacked version of GP - This is a market mod in which the license check library (LVL) is changed, i.e. now it responds to the application that its license is correct, if Google receives a negative answer about the license. This means that if you download the original unchanged version of the application (for example, from this forum), it will work as legally purchased. It even works offline, i.e. when there is no internet on the device.
In simple terms - when an application asks for a license, it will try to deceive it and say that the license is correct and it may not be outraged when working.


O2: If the Market mod - just visual ryushki-buns: Black (black background), Clear (transparent), etc. There is no (!) Functionality in it, like that of a hacked one; it is modified original

ATTENTION! EverythingMost of the answers to install \ work "hacking GP", you will find this topic ->FAQ ->Questions on a modified Google Play.

AT:Installing a hacked Google Play, a problem appears: "The google play services necessary for the operation of some applications are not supported on your device"
ABOUT: Original answer: tap here .
O1: Original message - tap here . Thank: rosenrotttt

ATTENTION! I \ we do not assert that this is the only and correct solution (and for someone it is not a solution at all), but at the moment, there is simply no other (we don’t know). And pay attention - this decision exactly for \ when installing "GP hacking" on official devices and on a certain part of "Chinese phones". And yet, this error began to appear frequently (not at all, but for some users) precisely from the Market version - 4.6.17, and it is quite possible that it is connected with the transition to the “GP Services” - v 4.x.xx.

On most of the "Chinese" and on the unknown brands of devices, the error "C-GP" can only be solved (!) By changing the firmware and nothing else!

If installedoriginal Marketit is practically not solved in this way (rollback to another version). But there are cases where it helped - the problem was with YouTube.

AT:Installed mod \ GP hacking, but I want to return to the original. How to do it?
ABOUT: Original answer: tap here . Installation Instructions ->see the first question in the FAQ.

AT:When downloading or updating from GP, the download speeds are different. Why?
ABOUT: Original answer: Tap here. thank Vistonishe

AT:I have a super-duper internet, and applications are downloading slowly. Why?
ABOUT: Original answer: tap here

AT:Why do I need to enter a password in GP?
ABOUT: To prevent unauthorized purchases, before completing the transaction, Google asks us to enter the password that we specify to sign in to Gmail or Google Play.

If you have trouble logging in, visitpassword recovery page.
    Disabling the feature may result in unauthorized purchases. We strongly recommend using a password, especially if someone other than you has access to your device. In any case, you are responsible for all expenses in your account.

How to enable password protection
  1. Launch the Google Play app.
  2. Click on the Play Store icon.Attached Imageand openSettings .
  3. In sectionPersonal click on Request password at the time of buying.
  4. Select the desired option.
  5. Enter password.

AT:I don’t know \ forgot username or password from my GP account
ABOUT: To use the Google Play app (Market), you must log in to your Google account. If you purchased a new device or reset the settings on an existing device, you will need to re-enter your username and password to access previously purchased applications.

What to do if you forgot your username or password
  • Take advantage ofpassword recovery page. For security reasons, Google Play does not provide information about the accounts associated with a particular device, and does not send passwords.

Incorrect password and username combination
  • If you regularly see a message stating that the username and password are entered incorrectly, you may have two-step authentication enabled.

Unknown which account is associated with the Google Play application.
  1. Launch the Google Play app.
  2. Click on the Play Store icon.Attached Imageto find out which account you are currently using.
    - To change your account, click on the drop-down menu arrow.Attached Imageand select another account.

To delete an account from Google Play, you must delete it on your device. To do this, open the main menu on the device.Settings and go to Accounts . There you will also find a list of all accounts associated with the device.

AT:In order to leave feedback about the application you need an account on Google+?
ABOUT: Yes, reviews on Google Play are now associated with a Google+ account, this is due to the struggle for the correctness of the comments left.

But, if “religion does not allow you” and you do not want the program to be installed on the device, then go to G + and just exit (not tapping to the menu - “exit”, but through “back”) Everything, you can delete * .apk or freeze - you are still listed on Google servers and you can leave reviews, etc.

ATTENTION! For google fobov. Many do not want \ fear to go to G +, because believe that it will be necessary to register and give their data. So, you gave them on the air for a long time ->google account and g + account = same thing!
Attached Image

AT:I rated the application \ left a review, but I do not see it in the general list. Where is he?
ABOUT: Your review is displayed separately from all, see above from the general
Original answer:Tap here
Attached Image
Attached Image

AT:How do GPs assess appraisals? If several times to vote for different versions of the program, then all will be counted or only one?
ABOUT: The “extreme” rating is taken into account, but you can set / change it, as well as change the review, not only from different versions of the program, but from the same version. And you can change, at least 100 times a day and at least in a year ..

AT:I left a review about the application in GP and it came to the mail that the developer answered me. How to look?
ABOUT: Google, removed the ability to view the response through the Market itself, and officially, you need to look through the browser (there is a link in the letter). Original answer: tap here .

There is one option (to see, precisely in GP), but personally, I consider it delusional - it’s like entering an apartment through a drainpipe. I do not impose my opinion on anyone, perhaps, they will suit someone ..
    Create another account (if not initially - on one device there may be several of them) and look through it. In this case, yes, you will see the developer’s response. And I think crazy, because Well, look this way, but to respond, you will need to return to the first account and start the browser.

AT:How to see the size of the application in GP?
ABOUT: In the application description ->Tap "read more" and see ....

AT:How to clear the “wish list” in GP?
ABOUT: Original answer: Tap here. Thank: dva974

AT:Is it possible to remove unnecessary categories in GP? Only games and applications are needed.
ABOUT: No you can not.

If you have such categories in the show - “Applications \ Games \ Movies \ Music \ Books”, then you can only turn on the filter and that's it. (GP ->Settings - Set Filter.)

In some regions / countries, yes, not all categories exist and this is done, by Google itself - because of restrictions on this region / country (legislation, religion, etc.), and not because the user could somehow disable \ delete ...

And vice versa, for example, in the States \ Japan and some other countries, there are such sections: magazines \ devices. What is the last, gives the opportunity to acquire various gadgets through GP

AT:How do I remove the programs that I have installed in my GP profile and receive an update notification, but I don’t want to do this? \ How can I unbind the program from the GP?
ABOUT: The official way and with the original content - no way!

But it is also possible to do this, provided that you agree to the installation of the modified * apk - you just need to “untie” the software from Market (make a clone \ mod):

AT:How, without removing the software from the profile \ not "untie" from the GP, do not allow certain programs to be updated?
ABOUT: Original answer: tap here
Attached Image
Attached Image

AT:How to remove from the list those programs that are disabled by me?
Original answer:Tap here

AT:The program "bla-bla-bla" is not available in the Market. "Device not supported"
ABOUT: The program may not be adapted for your Android OS.

But, as practice shows, the GP is not always correct, and for reasons unknown to us, it determines whether this application will start on the phone or not. And very often, the application (fraudulently ->substitution of the device \ PC program) we downloaded and it works great on the device.

On the screen - an example where you can see it. But in most cases, when we install such applications, Google "changes shoes on the go" and we will see that it is compatible and installed.
Screen - example
The market writes - incompatible, but I have installed.
Attached Image

AT:How to bypass the restriction "Device not supported"?
O1: Original answer: tap here

O2: If there are no root-rights and \ or you don \ 't want \ you can’t, ask in this topic our forum and you download.

ATTENTION! The second answer / advice is NOT related to games and the cache from them. Decide to ignore it, I can say with confidence: - if you contact with questions about the games, then you will quickly, the main thing - culturally (I don’t promise painlessly) that the forest>there. Because You are in the Android section, and all gamers "live" here .

AT:"Invalid package file". What is it?
ABOUT: The application is not under your Android OS. Example: you have 4.0.1, and the application is under 4.2.2 ...

If you still did not believe Google (and there are reasons and examples, see faq) and downloaded the necessary application, but faced with such a system message, then in this case - Google was not mistaken.

B. When you click on the button “other applications of this developer”, it shows only 10 programs.
ABOUT: Original answer: tap here .

AT:I know for sure that the application "bla-bla-bla" is in the GP, but I can not find it.
ABOUT: The availability / display of applications to users is determined by the Market itself and for many reasons by region / country / legislation, etc. And it means that a ban from Google is imposed on this program in your region.

Example . In many countries, “recording a conversation” is prohibited by law and therefore, the GP will never (!) Show software with such functionality.

Developers themselves can also target applications for certain mobile devices, depending on screen size, mobile operator, location, and a number of other factors.

But you can use the web version of Market + herethisorthisprograms (for PC) and in most cases, you can download them yourself.

If it was not possible to start the programs and \ or you don’t want to do it for some reason, then contactthis topicForum, and you download.

AT:How to do to install applications that are "not available in my country"?
O1:Original answer:Tap here

O2: If there are no root-rights and \ or you don \ 't want \ you can’t, ask in this topic our forum and you download.

ATTENTION! The second answer / advice is NOT related to games and the cache from them. Decide to ignore it, I can say with confidence: - if you contact with questions about the games, then you will quickly, the main thing - culturally (I don’t promise painlessly) that the forest>there. Because You are in the Android section, and all gamers "live" here .

AT:Can I get a phone / tablet via GP?
O: Yes you can. But, for example, such a service is not available for Russia and for a number of other countries - there is no “Devices” section.

But this is not a problem, you can purchase through GP, for example, the USA and Japan. In short, you will need to go through the following steps:
  • Card design
  • Intermediary Services
  • Register Google Wallet
  • Change location
  • Purchase
  • Delivery status
  • Receiving a parcel to the warehouse, payment, delivery
In general, there is nothing difficult, but there are nuances - therefore, for the full instruction (s) see / look on our website inprofile topics- section "purchase"

AT:How to see which gadgets can be purchased via GP without a fake account?
ABOUT: Like so. Go to this site For Russia, it is blocked, well, okay, then we go by direct link . We drive in the line "web": https://play.google.com/store/devices, Tap "Go" and get on the American section of the GP - devices \ device.

You can see the characteristics of the devices, the price, as well as the date they appeared in the store or delivery times if the devices are already in stock.

AT:I want to buy a device through GP - I did everything, but the Market remained in Russian, although the IP is American. What's wrong? I can not buy?
ABOUT: We do not shout "guard" and do not try to remake everything - you are lucky and enjoy the Market in your native language. Feel free to continue the process of acquiring the device - the appearance does not affect it.

AT:Is it possible to install the same program twice / side by side on one device?
ABOUT: Officially, and with the GP - no, impossible. The market will inform you that the application is already installed.

But this problem is solved with the majority of applications, but not with all. You can try to make a clone * apk yourself -"How to make a clone apk?"or contact"Club Mod apk"After changes (modifications) you can safely install both programs on one device.

IMPORTANT! The functionality of the mod \ clone, will not differ from the original.

AT:How to choose simultaneous \ batch installation of applications?
O1: Original answer: tap here
Attached Image

AT:If you install * apk not from GP, will it be automatically updated later?
O: Original answer: tap here

AT:Is it possible to delete several programs at once?
O1: Perhaps on Android 4x. At the first long tap, it is blue in color, and in the upper bar a blue stripe with a daw and a circle appears. On the rest of the programs, the usual tap, they are all shadowed with blue. Tap on the circle above and all the rubbish removed.
O1:With GP 4.6.16, this is no longer possible. Now, this is how applications are installed.

AT:How to delete applications via the web version of GP?
O: Already in any way, Google removed this opportunity. Original answer: tap here (a little more detail)

AT:How to change the density / resolution of the screen (DPI)?
O1: In the file manager (Root access mode), in the / system folder, the file build.prop (edit) find the line ro.sf.lcd_density, you can change it, for example 240 by 210 ->save and reboot the machine.
O2: You can do it with programs. (But personally, I would not use them, but it's up to you)
  • Install ® LCD Density Modder Pro
  • Select: "Fix Market compatibility issues".
  • A new window will open and in paragraph 2 select xxx (the one you need).
  • Next tap on the "Download Modded Play Store".
  • We will see that both files are deflated and ready to be installed, and tap on “Install Mods”
  • For no problems, tap on the "Kill play Store"
  • We use a fully working Market (Google Play)

More often, all these manipulations are done to get around the restrictions in the Market.

ATTENTION! Such operations / actions affect the performance of many programs and if you managed to download the necessary program from GP, then return everything to the sink (preferably)

There are still programs of this kind; if you cannot find them yourself, then contactthis topicforum.

AT:How to get rid of non-standard screen density (DPI)?
O1:Original message:Google play (Post # 16424977)

O2:It is logical that if you made changes to system \ build.prop or using programs, then we change it back in the same way.

AT: What are Multі DPI and inverted Multі DPI?
ABOUT: Original response - Google play (Post # 27287820) Thank: Vitalymoiseev

AT:I got lost, GApps and Google Play Services. What is it?
In short:

GApps \ Google Apps \ Google Applications - These are services and applications provided by Google for use with certain Google products. For example, Google Play, YouTube, Gmail, Maps, Disk, Search, Google + and others.
  • But you, a set of Google applications will not see pre-installed in some firmware, for example, CyanogenMod. Because under license from Google, developers are not allowed to do this. GApps need to be installed independently and after each update. (rumored to be about to change)
  • GApps home page <- link is clickable
  • GApps set is installed via custom recovery!ClockworkMod recovery FAQ | TWRP recovery FAQ

Google Play \ Google Play Services - This is not a Google Play application market, but an additional service from Google, thanks to which the application from the Play Store is integrated with Google+ and other Google accounts. And not used to update Google applications and applications downloaded from Google Play.
  • Thanks to this application, when updating programs from the market, the whole new version of the program does not download, but only a new piece is eaten and embedded in the application or game.
    This significantly saves traffic and phone battery.
  • At the moment, Google has updated Google Play Services to version 4.1+. The new version of the application supports step-by-step multiplayer for games, an API for integrating Google Drive into applications, and the device battery life is improved when geolocation is turned on.

Turn-based multiplayer
    Now game developers can build step-by-step asynchronous multiplayer - when 2-8 users can play at different times, but the gameplay remains holistic.

    Also now there will be a new game transition animation “Connecting to Play Games”, after which the dialog for choosing parameters or entering the game appears. This animation will be especially convenient in cases when you need to enter a login and password to enter the game.

Google drive
    The new Google Drive API allows developers to embed easy viewing and recording of files into applications. Users will also be able to work with files offline - during the Internet connection will be synchronized and all files can be viewed by other users (with the permission of the owner).

Google mobile ad
    Google Play Services 4.1+ now supports the Google Mobile Ads SDK, which fully supports DoubleClick for publishers, DoubleClick Ad Exchange and search advertising for mobile apps. You can now also use the Location API to display advertisements based on the user's location.

    Now you can share information via Google+, in particular, automatic auto-completion has been improved, you can transfer contacts from Gmail, from the device, as well as from Google+.
This is not a complete list and possibilities for what exactly Google Play services are needed.

AT:I don’t know what exactly I need Google Play Services. How to be?
O1: If there are no root-rights, then it is possible and not to think (if, just for the sake of interest), because Except from Market, you won't reinstall it. And from there it will be installed under your device.
O2: If there are root-rights, then go to the system, find the file build.prop in it is a string ro.sf.lcd_density = xxx and look what is written there and then go here and everything Example: ifdensity = 240, you will needC-GP - 034.

AT: I want to install \ update GP Services. Can I install any? And how is it right?
O1: No, not any. Original message: Tap here
O2: How to re- \ install? Original message: tap here

AT:Is it possible to do something so that the “GP Services” are not updated themselves? And then after the update, they already occupy (xx) mb.
ABOUT: They have been updated, updated and will be updated, because we need not only for the full and adequate work of google-applications, but also for software, as well as for games from other developers.

If with each update they began to occupy more and more space, then - the original answer:tap hereand \ orhere- see "what ours"

If, on the other hand, you see “bloated” GP services in: “settings - applications are working”, then we start digging in the direction of the programs that are required \ run them. Because In short, if the program fails, it will automatically begin to "drizzle" and services. And until you solve the problem with the software \ game, the "C-GP" and do not calm down.

A priority ( ! ) - not services start \ use the program, but their program

AT:I changed the firmware \ device \ installed my account on one more device, and all programs began to be installed \ updated automatically. But all the software, I do not need. How to be?
ABOUT: Original answer: Tap here

IMPORTANT! On different devices, but under one account, a different set of applications / games is possible.

AT:For some reason, changed \ changed the appearance \ locale \ language GP. How to return?
ABOUT: Original message: Tap here

Important! The way is working, if initially all locale in this language.
• Easier) If you were sent a device from another country and its locale does not have your language, then first install / get it (Morelocaleetc.) and only then we work with the Market.
• I translate and even easier). If the device, figuratively, in English, then in this way, the Market in Russian is not done. Here already, only "substitution of the country = fake account"

AT:I am in another country \ I own the device, where there is no my language and the software is installed in the language of the device. And the GP itself is not in my language. Can I somehow change?
ABOUT: Can. Original answer: tap here .

IMPORTANT! Such manipulations can lead to loss of warranty (not always and not at all), so you really decide: “You have to go or go” © - which is more important at the moment.

AT:Lost function "to return the payment." Is this a bug / bug or is it all so?
ABOUT: Congratulations, if this function \ button is not displayed when purchasing content, it means that Google gave you shale with a towel and sent it to your account (s). The most common reason is the frequent refusal of purchases (according to Google - frequent)

At the moment, when contacting technical support (google support) with the question: “what to do now and whether it is possible to somehow rehabilitate” - users, except for heaps of template phrases, the meaning of which is: wait (no time is indicated) do not receive anything in response . But Google does not promise that the ban will be removed. Wait and maybe keywords.

At the same time, the rest of the functionality of the GP is not trimmed, just like the Google account itself.

AT:How to download software \ games, if the Internet is received via USB?
ABOUT: No Original reply (in more detail): tap here .

An exception: HTC devices, because on these devices with official Android 2.3 and higher, the “End-to-end Internet connection” feature is available by default;

Android apps and games help
Although Android apps are sold / downloaded via the Google Play platform, many of them are created and maintained by independent developers. Examples are Facebook, Skype, Angry Birds, Instagram, Temple Run, as well as any other applications in the development of which Google has not participated. If you have any questions related to the downloaded or purchased application, contact its developers (and not the Google Play team).

Frequently asked questions to the manufacturer
  • The downloaded application does not work.
  • The downloaded application does not work as described in the description.
  • I have a question about using the downloaded application.
  • I have a question related to application rights.
  • I could not get the goods purchased through the application.
  • I want to return the money for the application (or goods purchased through it).
  • I want to leave a review or ask a question about the application downloaded via Google Play.

Frequently asked questions from Google and the Google Play development team
  • I am trying to buy an app or product through it, but my payment is declined.
  • I'm trying to download an application, but loading stops.

To obtain contact information for the application developer, follow the steps below.
  1. Go to Google Play and select the desired application.
  2. On the application description page, find the “Developer” section.
  3. It will contain your email address, phone number or website address.

If you have problems using the application and you have contacted the developer, but did not receive a response, or the answer was useless, you can share your experience by leaving a review about this application on Google Play. Google can’t get developers to respond to everyone who accesses them, but reviews are a good way to get their attention.
Google Play Services for Instant Apps
Google Play services

"GP services" are installed under the density / resolution of the screen (DPI). If you set not your own, then some programs may be partially and / or completely lost.
Attention to the changed marking of Google Play Services !!!
For details, seeGoogle Play (Play Store) (Post Displax # 51870383) and FAQ - installing GP and DPI services.

Google Play services 16.0.91 of 04/24/2019

Google Play services 16.1.53 of 10/04/2019 download

Google Play services 16.0.89 dated 03/23/2019 download

Google Play services 15.0.90 download

Google Play services 14.8.49 of 01/31/2019 download

Google Play services 14.8.48: download

The latest version of services formipsarchitecture
Services 10.2.98 (146496160-xxx)
Download (50)

The latest version of services with supportAndroid 2.3, 3.0, 3.1, 3.2
Services 10.0.84 (137749526-xxx)
Download (30/32/34/36/38/50/70)

The latest version of services forarmeabiarchitecture
Services 9.4.52 (127739847-xxx)
Download (10/12/14)

Light versions of Services
Attention! In case of problems, contact QMS to the author of the mod!
Google Ultra Play Services Mod v2.0 (API 9 - API 23) from Aeronliru : Download

Past versions
I do not leave past versions, because they have been updated, updated and will be updated = rollback is not possible!

• If someone wants to help, but does not know how to “pull” * apk (GmsCore \ com.google.android.gms), then, for example, usethese programs
To readMANDATORY ! google tech support answer
I checked your account. Unfortunately, device "xxx" does not support the Google Play Store app and play.google.com, so the Google Play website opens with an error.
Although it may seem strange, but not all devices on the Android platform are licensed to use the Google Play service. The reason is that manufacturers use free Android software on their devices, but these devices do not always meet Google’s compatibility requirements for installing Google Play Store.

About device certification + "certification" without third-party applications.
The market is NOT a Google account, therefore, it’s not necessary to search for solutions for problems with it! That way:Google account

Check your device for a license, everyone can independently : supported devices
Information for lovers of App & Game
Important information about screenshots
Questions regarding the hacked Market will be deleted! Original reply from SW. Chelpahere
All issues related to patches and mods are solved in QMS with the authors, and not in the subject!
Important. Changes since Google Play 14.4.52

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version 2.13 (on Wildfire)

Attached files

Attached filecom.android.vending_v2_13.apk(1.67 MB)

htc buzz a3333 wildfire, android v2.2.1
16.12.10, 08:48

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Market update again, now up to version2.2.7My liquid was updated without problems (changes are not known)
Spread, who has problems with the update

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Attached filecom.android.vending.apk(2.02 MB)

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Market Updates

version2.26Attached fileVending.apk(1.76 MB)

version2.27Attached fileVending227.apk(1.76 MB)

It would be necessary to add links to topics in the header:
Android Market - Problems
Buying paid programs in the market

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Solved the problem with installed applications.
We go into the management of applications, select the market, click to clear the cache, delete updates, and clear the data.
After that we launch the market, accept the agreement and everything, all applications that are installed through the market are visible.

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Market 2.3.2: yes2:

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Attached fileVending.apk(1.74 MB)

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every time you start the market asks for an agreement. Who faced? The cache cleaned, updated, did not help.

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Attached fileVending_2.3.3.apk(1.74 MB)

Take care of yourself!
04.03.11, 19:14

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Market 2.3.4
Attached fileVending.apk(1.74 MB)

Take care of yourself!
09.03.11, 06:40

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gildedemag @ 03/09/2011, 05:43*
how to make a complete removal of all updates.?

Settings - Applications - Application Management - All - Market
you need to click "force stop", and then "delete updates", "delete data"
I did it ...

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Infarh @ 03/09/2011, 07:41*
Where is the version of the market to see tell me

Here — settings — applications — management of applications — everything — the market — the version in the upper right corner will be.
09.03.11, 10:38
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Infarh @ 03/09/2011, 11:21*
Babak does not want to be updated

You need to turn on Wi-Fi or 3G and turn on the market on the main page. or just put the body, and do not touch. After 5 minutes everything will be updated by itself.

And the programs for flashing - there is a Titanium backup, May backup, and others.
17.03.11, 09:27

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lookherestarting with the phrase "For fans to delete Google services."
17.03.11, 09:59

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Bogutsky @ 03/17/2011, 11:27*
Look here starting with the phrase "For fans to delete Google services."

It was established only com.roy.gtalkinfo.apk threw the other three into System App - it did not help ... Okay, I will stay on the old Market
17.03.11, 15:23

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Maybe you have all the services and services Google in place? Or did you delete what? And what a mistake at all?
To update the market, delete its cache and, oddly enough, update, then run - it must update itself - close and run it again. The latest version is now 2.3.4.

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I do not know the new version

Attached files

Attached fileandroidmarketv236.apk(1.89 MB)

10.04.11, 12:35

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What version of android do you have?
I have 2.1 Chinese tablet from Pragma.

Something found:Android Market - Problems
We read the Mini-FAQ, have not tried it yet, I hope it will help)

Please add a link to the header.

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RadeD @ 04/10/2011, 13:31*
That mistake ..

Readso as not to burn yourself.

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Bertrud @ 04/10/2011, 12:01*
Today, when I try to go to the "NEWS" section, the Market constantly gives an error and reboots, check with yourself.

It was the same thing, I went through Settings in Applications / Market - I deleted updates and it all worked. : yes2:
True Market then independently updated to the latest version, but so far ttt!
sshick ™
10.05.11, 23:50

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Pavlo1c @ 05/09/2011, 21:48*
How to find out what version I have right now?

as an option, see with this program® Titanium Backup

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Pavlo1c @ 05/09/2011, 20:48*
How to find out what version I have right now?

sshick ™ @ 05/10/2011, 23:50*
As an option, look with this programВ® Titanium Backup

Or through: Settings - Applications - Application Management. Select Market from the list and see its version at the top.

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