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Family Budget | Convenient program for home accounting.

Rep: (73)
Family budget
Version: 2.2.7

Last update of the program in the header:16.05.2015

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Short description:
Convenient application for home accounting.

The program can synchronize with the sitewww.koshelek.org, which gives you the opportunity to conduct bookkeeping both from the site and from the phone.
- user-friendly interface
- quick search (income / expense)
- synchronization with the site
- detailing of expenses / income by category
- synchronization with the applicationMobile Bank (In the invoice we enter the card number (last 4 digits), and the phone number from which the sms bank sends you, in general, everything is the same as in the Mobile bank. Description with pictures )
- The ability to maintain a general accounting of finances by several family members under different accounts and different phones, both with android and withIOS devices

Homepage: http://www.koshelek.org/
Google Play Store: https: //play.google.co...d=org.koshelek.android

Russian interface: Yes

Version 2.2.7: Attached fileorg.koshelek.android.apk (4.47 MB)

Past versions
Version 2.2.4: Attached filekoshelek.2.2.4.apk (4.47 MB)

Version 2.2.3: Attached filekoshelek.2.2.3.apk (4.47 MB)

Version 2.2.2: Attached filekoshelek.2.2.2.apk (4.47 MB)

Version 2.1.11: Attached filekoshelek.2.1.11.apk (4.08 MB)

Version 2.1.10: Attached filekoshelek.2.1.10.apk (4.08 MB)

Version 2.1.9: Attached filekoshelek.2.1.9.apk (4.08 MB)

Version 2.0.9: Attached filekoshelek.2.0.9.apk (1.63 MB)

Version 1.1.20: Attached filekoshelek.1.1.20.apk (791.85 KB)

Version 2.0.8: Attached filekoshelek.2.0.8.apk (1.63 MB)

Version 2.0.7: Attached filekoshelek.2.0.7.apk (1.63 MB)

Version 2.0.6: Attached filekoshelek.2.0.6.apk (1.63 MB)

Version 2.0.5: Attached filekoshelek.2.0.5.apk (1.6 MB)

Version 2.0.4: Attached filekoshelek.2.0.4.apk (1.57 MB)

Version 2.0.3: Attached filekoshelek.2.0.3.apk (1.59 MB)

Version 2.0.1: Attached filekoshelek.2.0.1.apk (1.5 MB)

Version 1.1.19: Attached filekoshelek.1.1.19.apk (790.36 KB)

Version 1.1.18: Attached filekoshelek.1.1.18.apk (779.86 KB)

Version 1.1.17: Attached filekoshelek.1.1.17.apk (702,17 KB)

Version 1.1.16: Attached filekoshelek.1.1.16.apk (701.78 KB)

Version 1.1.10: Attached filekoshelek.1.1.10.apk (467.84 KB)

Version 1.1.8: //savagemessiahzine.com/forum/dl/post/1239192/koshelek.apk
Version 1.1.7: http://koshelek.org/android/apk/koshelek.1.1.7.apk
Version 1.1.4 without ads: Attached filekoshelek_no_ads.1.1.4.apk (411.69 KB)

Post has been editediMiKED - 31.05.19, 16:45
Reason for editing: Project is closing

Rep: (73)
Judging by the error Account Online deleted operation that you are right. I can assume that you have deleted an account with the site, and the phone was restored figures in a backup?

Rep: (2)
Several times I delete my account from the site (due to the shoals in sync, at the time, many zadublirovalos operations), but now there is an account on the site. If I add operation on the site, it appears on your phone, but not vice versa. To register a username sensitive? If I create an entirely new account should help?

P.S. base is quite old (a few years) and of course many times restored by Backup.

Post has been editedAScorpio7 - 28.12.13, 16:43

Rep: (73)
I understand how you are trying to create an account with the same name, but this is not one and the same account, it turns out that you have created another account with the same name. Create zanogo you do it will not work. Try to open an account in the application and save it (such as corrected something in it), seems to be the site of such an account if there is no attempt to create it.
And the fact that you have created an account on the website and through the website if you add a record and they are coming into the application, this means that the application creates a new account and these notes thereto are tightened.

Rep: (2)
By the way, iphone perfectly synchronized with your account (though there is an empty database, and I do one-off trial operation). On the site are displayed.

In general, my task is to move the base to androyd Ios. Maybe there is an easy way to e Bole?

Post has been editedAScorpio7 - 28.12.13, 16:56

Rep: (73)
If the site you have a full version of it is better to move through the site. If your phone is via the backup transfer. Here are step by step instructions.
1. Create a backup on Android. File drops the phone's internal memory in koshelek folder.
2. On the iPhone app, connect to the dropbox
3. Copy the backup file to dropbox (there you will Papak application and it family budget).
4. On the iPhone to your computer, select restore from a backup and select your file. I recommend to put a checkbox with the replacement of the site, then the data is replaced with the actual site of the backup file.

Rep: (30)
Planned application in the WP?

Rep: (0)
Great app! Thanks to the author!
As a suggestion: I would like the ability to add monthly payments (eg loans), ie you add an expense (or planned expenditures) and then choose: daily, monthly, quarterly, etc. or the total amount of payment is valid. I think it would be convenient. ;)

Rep: (1)
Thanks for the program! Very handy and useful vesch)

Rep: (193)
KeeeR, I zanoshu every month. In principle, fine.

Rep: (1)
and "login password" you can add an option? nefig for taking my phone call to see such data

Rep: (0)
Good day. Question of mobile applications for androjda. By default the English language - how to change it to Russian? Can not add an Account. I open a bookmark account, and there empty and no identities. Maybe I did not go I go. Such as the settings menu on a site I do not find. In fact I do not understand how to get to the settings menu.

All figured out.

Post has been editedBuhgalter2005 - 11.01.14, 17:11

Rep: (18)
I enjoy the presence of synchronization. I am trying to understand the differences and similarities with the familiar and accustomed to considering cashorg. accounts and categories is clear. description analogue note, clear.
projects here and there is not expected? you can probably get out through the title or description, but it is necessary to readjust. projects have almost all the accounting programs.
"Recipient", aka payee? it was a "name" in cashorg and transformed into the payee. then the title field is, but whether it remembers the options and makes them whether analyzes?

Rep: (193)
maloii Tell me, please, how mzhono remove "stored" name costs. After prolonged use accumulated a lot of excess (ie entered incorrectly, then wrote a little something). And then all the options available when filling.

Rep: (73)
update released2.1.1 :
- Bugs fixed
- Added sorting of accounts and budgets
- Added the ability to backup to DropBox
- Improved synchronization with koshelek.org site

m-a-r_k-u-s Remove any how, sorted by frequency, that is, if the stop to enter that phrase and other'll write it over time kakoeto old phrase will fall down.

Buhgalter2005 Language change in the settings menu on the hardware button or a button with 3 dice if you are using a tablet on 4 android.

raids This feature has long been there, called a PIN code, look in the settings.

Rusdiver Third-party developers are going to do, even showing me the screenshots, but I have not written, if nothing is done it is possible to do yourself.

Post has been editedmaloii - 23.01.14, 16:10

Rep: (3)
Thank you for the program. After the update crashes on startup. I had to delete the data, and synchronize again. Now all is well, but I can see the changes in the "budget", and how to use it not realizing. Explain, if not difficult.

Rep: (73)
At the top there was a 2 button sorting (with arrows) and a visible / non-visible closed budgets (glazik). When sorting, pressing dies there pulling that can be sorted. When you click on glazik or hide closed accounts or displayed.

Rep: (21)
After the upgrade crashes when selecting a category -detalizatsiya.

Rep: (73)
antoniosoilfly Thanks! I know that tomorrow morning will release a patch update.

Rep: (1)
After the upgrade, when viewing income / expenses in the list no longer appear almost all categories. He fell back to an older version.

Rep: (0)
After the upgrade, missing categories of expenditure and income, flies when drilling

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