BookReader | Program for reading electronic books (FB2, TXT)

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Version: 1.0.1 (09/30/2010)

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This program is intended for reading electronic books.

Key features:
1. Supports book formats:
- fb2
- text files
3. Support for illustrations.
4. Memorizes positions for the last 10 books.
5. Full screen mode.
6. Support screen rotation.
7. Support color schemes.
8. The clock.

Price: Is free
Russian language: there is


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Please lay out the application cache, otherwise with Kies "BookReader" is not in the store at all, but when you try to download it from the phone it says that you need to update the firmware.
Bullshit, in general. :(

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Prog g .. for nothing that is paid.
Not all files are digested - for a long time it will convert to something when changing the font, it will again convert the entire file.
In general, it is not worth attention.

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Are there any other alternatives for reading?

Are there any sources for this program? I could fix the glitches that are. But you need the source.

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NDA, the developers do not do the program at all, it has not been updated since September (((And she is still very far from normal readers.

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Sadly with reading rooms on bad. This one sucks. My wife had to put the Tome in Java. Is there really not one decent reader on the platform?

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I do not know. I don’t care to save the files in txt, and this program copes with them quite myself. Enrages only the long loading of the application. I did not understand what it was connected with - I put the program in the phone’s memory and on the card - the opening speed does not change from this.
In all other respects, I did not notice the difference in the work of this bad reader and the zx reader on the latest touch sims. Convenient, however, is a multi-touch, which not one of my sims had = increase font decrease simply by the movement of the fingers. Not perfect, but not so bad for a free reader, as they complain.

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In general, a fig reader: I drop the normal FULL book in FB2 from the computer (I check first that it is all to the end). As a result, it reads up to 56-60% and shows that it is already 100%. And emptiness. : beee:

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In FB2 does not show part of the text (after illustrations, etc.). Does not process large files. For 2 weeks of intensive reading, I hung 3 times - took out the battery. The bug fix field would use it.

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C) some unfinished. I'm saving myself a tome for samsung, bye.

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Help a year ago, I downloaded the file from you and then replaced it. Recently accidentally deleted. Now downloaded for free does not go

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download iuReader it is many times better

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the program is not working, it only pretends that it works.
When turning over a book, whole paragraphs of text either disappear or appear.

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And how can I cram books into my computer? I open the program itself, and it has only a bookstore. And I click on a book in a folder, it writes an unsupported format. Or tell me where to look for it installed on the phone. I see only the bookstore icon on the desktop. Judging according to the screenshots, like all the rules should be. Sorry, if something. I first encountered Bada, my sister asked the reader to install it. : blush:

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please give a link to download via pc

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