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I would like to know who we have here from the beautiful half of humanity ...

Dame already:151 + Magnat (honorary lady)

will come in handy:
***La Femme +
***Pocket woman
***Magazines, articles for women
***Knitting magazines and books
***Young ladies ..., Links for girls (topic nik-0)
***Notes wise bitch in FB2 (fromlenhenster )(: Actually, the link is broken, but (maybe) this is it: tyts

not useful:
Barsik(Useless personality, does not sculpt the launcher on the net: D, he has age, ecology, stress ... (so that they do not build illusions and dare to hope))

Live Corner "Devishnik"

***Black diver
***da108, yasha lose!(March Cat - Mkot)
***Firepower(invites gape girls)
***muza9 Admin W / Angle(motto "I have not loved the oval since my childhood, I have drew a corner since childhood!")
***nigga_tive(sent here, get acquainted with the girls, follows everyone (-;

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Lenso @ 10/15/2011, 14:15*
This is a sign of the importance and beauty of the tail.
So! Let my Lady Lenso not think -muse clever!
He knowingly offered to give the AI ​​gifts!
Apricot, of course,he himself eat better ....
but at the expense of "bow on the tail" the absence of such a muse,
bow muse like and to anything

Well, let it be and bow ... just give- he will take ... Wear a shirt instead of a bow tie ...
hee hee ...
But my lady may have no doubt that an armful of fresh thistle will be handed to him on your behalf !!
Lenso @ 10/15/2011, 14:15*
just can not understand it
You do not even try to explain the principles of this logic! It’s not something that can discuss and interpret more incisive issues.

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muza9 @ 10/15/2011, 18:03*
You do not even try to explain the principles of this logic!


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muza9, Are you ready to deprive the donkey ?!

What do I, the philosopher, state the principles? Each situation requires "its" logic ...

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Well ... give a bow. Himself on the tail dress.
And fruit - in half!

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muza9, Is it possible to post your photo with a tail? I'd like to know if it came up ...

muza9 @ 10/15/2011, 10:33 PM*
And fruit - in half!

I did not offer a watermelon ...

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Uh ... Ihto went to whom? muse to tail? Or AI - to the bow?or bayan - goat ??

No, Mrs. myLenso is mistaken: many indisputable advantages and equally outstanding shortcomings are inherent in our co-muse ... butits nature is not tail.

So the bow in any case will go to the destination -cattle on the tail.

And on the bill that a fruit of a symbolic size was offered for eating,
first, the gift is not important, but the attention is important,and secondly - they could not skimp ... hee hee ...

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Yes please

Attached Image

bayan - goat

Attached Image

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OH! Well, Mrs. my Lenso straightbalsa..., pardon - watermelon juice on izzhazhdaluschuysyaPa soul ...

And the goat is good ...But then you have to be consistent.
"Kose - button accordion,
Ass - accordion
Icon - Papuan ... "(c)

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here is the Papuan))

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ABOUT! B. girls, recommend Andriod women's calendar

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my days

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My calendar
My Days - Period & Ovulation
Menstrual calendar

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Good day)
I will answer the first question as follows: it would be very nice from the side of the secret “fan”. However, if I was married at that moment or I had a boyfriend, I wouldn’t pay special attention (if, of course, my lover doesn’t work with me, as he could have done so).

A_H @ 10.24.2011, 20:49*
Or tell me how to find out if a girl is married or not?

It seems to me, so in appearance and behavior this can not be recognized. Here I have a boyfriend. He is in the army. So physically I have no boyfriend. Therefore, I behave as if I don’t have it at all, but I don’t want to establish any relations with other guys (but I don’t say that I already have a beloved one).

A_H @ 10.24.2011, 20:49*
If you are married, will you throw a “long” (two or three seconds) look at a man?

Yes, I will. Just because I sometimes like to watch people. It is interesting to think about what this person is thinking. Just get interested, see the appearance. Maybe something in this person is interesting and special in appearance) it’s not necessary to look at him and see your potential partner, isn’t it?

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A_H @ 10/28/2011, 20:35*
so, what is next?

I myself often ask myself this question, but I cannot give myself the answer :-) Apparently, you need not to think, but to act. Next is how the situation develops.

The most important thing is to understand whether you need it yourself or not.

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In general, I can give you one very simple and effective advice.
Keep it simple, bolder. and everything will be as you want) Do not be shy or afraid of something, wind up something for yourself, just come and meet. Maybe that girl is the one you need?

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Terrible secret I will tell you: google still works !!!

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Attached KB)

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Uh ... I'm afraid that lenhenster! = Galina Nikolaeva ...
It is assumed that any person has the right to lay out the content found in the network either in real form (text, artinka, video), or as a link to.

What was done by the mentioned user ...

And to verify the identity indicated by our cd muse and what was in the cap, you can contact the user with the nickname lenhenster.

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q111111, I'm afraid to lenhenster You can not appeal, because it is banned. In addition, no one claimed that she was the author of shitty notes. She just posted material for Devishnik ...

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Wow, how many ladies I have on the forum) It was always interesting how many of you are here) Now I will know you all by sight ... mmm ...: scratch_one-s_head: ... now I will know you all in a nickname, something like this: )

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note that now they know you too: -D and it’s not known how this will end for you.

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