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I would like to know who we have here from the beautiful half of humanity ...

Dame already:151 + Magnat (honorary lady)

will come in handy:
***La Femme +
***Pocket woman
***Magazines, articles for women
***Knitting magazines and books
***Young ladies ..., Links for girls (topic nik-0)
***Notes wise bitch in FB2 (fromlenhenster )(: Actually, the link is broken, but (maybe) this is it: tyts

not useful:
Barsik(Useless personality, does not sculpt the launcher on the net: D, he has age, ecology, stress ... (so that they do not build illusions and dare to hope))

Live Corner "Devishnik"

***Black diver
***da108, yasha lose!(March Cat - Mkot)
***Firepower(invites gape girls)
***muza9 Admin W / Angle(motto "I have not loved the oval since my childhood, I have drew a corner since childhood!")
***nigga_tive(sent here, get acquainted with the girls, follows everyone (-;

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We also have porridge)) is now -7.
Girls that you will give to 23 boys colleagues? But we already broke our head ...

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* LelkaNe @,
And what socks and ties are not satisfied? : D

Posted 05/02/2019 10:45 PM:

I apologize, socks and ties are relatives, colleagues, postcards and coffee: D

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During the time of prehistoric materialism, the muse and KOs were entrusted to be the main ones on March 8th gifts to our virgins.
It turned out after requisitions and with a black cash register for 5 rubles per person - for treats and for a gift.

We decided to buy each good ballpoint pen.

Found: triangular in cross section, high-quality plastic at the bottom and a nickel-plated fixed cap-case at the top, the metal cone on the dyke for changing the rod, smooth soft button, under the thick rod ...

In general - 3.80, as I remember now ... (despite the fact that the most common student consumables then cost 0.35 - such a 6-sided pencil, if you remember ...).

So, we bought the same color for everyone (something like a non-curatorial color scheme) and agreed with the bored engraver to put on the metal caps the initials of each maiden and the date on the remains of money after champagne.

Since then, two decades have passed, and the maidens still have these pens in the course and they protect them like the apple of theirs ...

Why bike? It is necessary to give something that is not very expensive, but elementary useful and at least a little bit.personalized...

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* Lenso, February already. It's time to endure the tree: D

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* Raven-13, and that is true)). I'll take it out))

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* Sochi, we have all naturel)

Posted 02/21/2019 19:48:

* Sochi, we have all naturel)

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* Sochi, silicone tree?

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Posto.Post @ 02.22.19, 13:41*
and the stick, it is now good for her, that only the stove to heat
Hmm ... why immediately into the stoveso cute?

muse will take herand save.
First, don't litter in our devand secondly, a good stick is always included in the price ...

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* muza9, the staff of the battle will not work out of such wood: nea:

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Zmejj @ 02.22.19, 16:17*
fighting staff will not work
Yes? Well, if such wood cannot be used as a staff, then the stick can be thrown ...

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muza9 @ 02.22.19, 15:13*
Firstly, do not litter in our Dev, and secondly - a good stick is always in the price ...

the post, its deleted, in order to avoid in your opinion "garbage , and as for" sticks, I am no longer at that age that bother with it, Good luck in your dreams!

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Congratulations to the defenders of the Fatherland (not to be confused with effeminate penis carriers suffering from bouts of enuresis at the mention of the army) on the holiday. I express my deepest contempt for the mowers and mother-in-law sons, who, on February 23, puffed up their cheeks from pride in themselves, who had evaded service: D

Posted 02/23/2019 10:09 AM:

Well, we are starting to slowly getting ready to congratulate the girls on March 8: D

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On behalf of colleagues and myself. I congratulate all the girls on the occasion of the spring of March 8.
Stay outside beautiful and charming. And in the soul, tender and kind.
Once again with the holiday.
: daisy:

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from March 8!

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Merci on behalf of Devishnik dwellers!

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Lovely girls 4pda, happy holiday to you, cute!
Without you, this resource would be another gathering of red-eyed people.)
I wish you happiness and love!

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Thank. Very nice. : girl_curtsey:

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Thanks: boy_girl:

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Happy holiday! : drinks:

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Anniversary is coming soon. Two months as a topic mummified: D

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