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The content of this topic:
I.What subsections of the Android section exist, and what is intended for.
Ii.How to use the search, so as not to ask trivial questions
Iii.How to create a RIGHT new topic.
Iv.You are not alone in your quest ... (list of the most relevant topics)

Welcome to the forum

Is this your first time on our forum, and, in particular, for the first time in the section on the Android system?
I will try to help youmake your first steps on the forum simple and understandable to you and others .

The two main axioms, but which are based on the logic of the entire Forum:
1. The forum should be useful in finding information for its users.
2. Today you are looking for an answer, tomorrow your information will help another.

It is the users who fill the forum for themselves with information, and the existing structure of sections and topics on the forum serves to:
- it was more convenient for users to find the answers they need.
- so that it is easier for other users to find information published on the forum by some users.
In this regard, even asking a question is desirable in the right section, since there is always a chance that someone will come after you with the same question, and your question and answers to it will be useful to others.
And it is this structure and order that Moderators, Curators, and other "chiefs" are trying to maintain on the forum.

Separately, a few wordsabout the concept of sectionAndroid First Aid= "Emergency ambulance (call 03)" :
- made a dressing, a course of resuscitation procedures, and sent to the right doctor, depending on the diagnosis. The topic was closed.
- walking patients get to the desired cabinet on their own, so that they only address or direction of movement called.
- the rise of those categorically not welcome ( Forum Rules! p.4.13. ) If you are not answered, it means that no one knows the answer, but there is no point in publishing the answer “I do not know”.

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I. What subsections of the Android section exist, and what is intended for.

1. Android - first aid - The section in which you are always ready to help. But there is two small "but":
- more willinghelp those who apply at least some efforts to solve their "problem", and not just require - "find the answer to my question"? so take a few minutes to read what is already on the forum. At least only the names of those already on the first 2 ... 3 pages of this section. Nothing discourages helping as the creation of a new theme, similar to that already discussed a few lines below.
- Most banal questions already have answers on the forum. Have a question? Recall that you are not alone in this world, and it is likely that someone already has the same apparatus as you, and that someone just as you asked "your" question. Eventhe most patient and generous in knowledge "gurus" get tired of answering the same questions , and the more “your” question has managed to fill the edge of teeth, the sooner they will not want to answer it “for the thousandth time”, or they will simply send you to the Search. So I strongly advise you to take the time to pay attention to the subsections specified in paragraph 2 and paragraph 7 of this list.
In this section there is a special topic where you can ask a question and advise on the choice of this or that software:
- SEARCH FOR PROGRAMS for Android OS- here you can always ask a question: "I am looking for a program that does this and that ..." or "I am looking for a program with the name of such and such ..."
2. FAQ on devices and Android OS - In this section ALREADY collected answers on the most frequently asked questions on the Android system itself and on specific models of devices. Take time to read just TWO topics: - one about the system, the other about your device. And even no one forces you to immediately read everything that is written there - it is enough to read the headings of the questions to which there are already answers there.
3. Android - programs - If a Your question is related to the work of a specific program. , or you are looking for a program for something - you are in this section. Here are topics that can be a guide for you at the first stage:
- Software catalog - Android OS - 2 ... 3 minutes is required to run through the eyes and make a general idea of ​​what is already out of the programs on the forum.
- Buying paid programs in the market- ALL nuances and problems with the purchase of programs are discussed.
4. Android - games - the same as the previous subsection, but about games.
5. Android - decorations - if you have a question: - HOW to change the appearance of the system or program, change the wallpaper, color, etc. - this is your section.
6. Android - firmware - It is difficult to say that you are new if you already thinking about the firmware , and most likely, you are already familiar with this section, but still I remind you that this section discusses:
- any questions on specific firmware (official or not)
- replacement of existing firmware with something else
- problems in the process of flashing
- issues of receiptroot rights etc.
Please note that for the convenience of placing information, all topics are divided by manufacturers.
7. Android - devices - Here is another section of a VERY helpful beginner. This is where you'll find topics. "Discussion" of your model of the device . All questions related to the configuration and operation of specific models - right here. The cap of almost each of these topics contains links to the utility. 2 ... 3 minutes is enough to read at least the names of these links.
Also in this section are discussed issues (problems)device purchasesand there is a separate section for discussing variousDevice accessories
8. Android - development and programming - All questions on programming, including questions about porting the "transfer" of the Android system to devices that are not sold with this system.

For example:
My gentleman's set so, for the "maintenance" of the questions I have, it consists of only 3 ... 5 topics:
- HTC Desire - Discussion (Post # 5558333)- in 9/10 cases, only the caps of this topic are enough.
- HTC Desire - FAQ- read the names of the questions to which there are answers, a couple of them looked. If on some issue there is a thought - “somewhere I have already seen something similar” - first of all I re-read the names of the questions in this topic.
- Software catalog - Android OS- I start searching for any program from here, and only then inSEARCH software for Android OS
- Newbie Questions- It is better to ask a question here than to create a theme-button accordion.

Just remember that the Forum does not end in this section, and youother sections are likely to be useful. , eg:
New items - Discussion of the new PDA and Tablet market.
Selection and Comparison - Compare some devices with others, we advise.
Interest clubs - everything is clear from the name.

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Ii. How to use the search, so as not to ask trivial questions

To search for information on the forum, you can use two "technologies" (which one is more convenient):
1. Powerful tool
2. Built-in search engine forum.

About the first optionbest written here:
Questions and suggestions on the work of the section (Post # 5547395) (thank you Mean122 )
Questions and suggestions on the work of the section (Post # 5558932) (thank you Bespectacled )

About the second optionI will say a few words in addition:
To make the built-in mechanismSearchbecame really useful to you, it is enough (at the initial stage) to understand only three nuances:
1. Learn how to highlight KEY words in your question.
When asking a question in a "human" language, we are often forced to use common words, i.e. words that are found in other matters. Search for such words will give out a bunch of extra answers.
The easiest way to write a question is the way you would ask a personand then try to remove non-keywords from this phrase. The main feature of the "non-key" word is that even by deleting it, the remaining words will allow you to understand what is at stake.
"How to install live wallpapers on Android HTC Hero" - the words "How to install ... on Android HTC ..." are not key since they do not specify the problem and you may encounter questions that are of no interest to you, but the words " Hero live wallpapers will be key.
2. Learn to limit your search
- First of all, in the left field, on the Forum tree structuretick those sections of the forum in which As you think there should be an answer to your question.
- Put a tick"Search Titles" - If it does not help, then return to the search in messages.
- If among the found and displayed topics, you can’t understand in which topic you are looking for an answer, you can tick"Results as messages" , but be prepared for the fact that it will be necessary to analyze a large number of answers.
For convenience - in the found answers, your keywords are highlighted.
3. Learn how to expand your search terms.
Different people have the habit of formulating the same question differently, and if you do not know in which variant this or that word was used, usesymbol "*" , to designate arbitrary letters in the specified keyword.
You are looking for something about the Market, in this case, setting the keyword in the form of "Market *" (without quotes) will allow you to find not only the "Market", but also "in the Market", "Market", etc.
Reverse situation, if you know the exact phrase you want to find, thenenclose it in quotes .
The search for "live wallpaper" (in quotes) will allow you not to find the phrase "live hamsters" and "wallpaper in flower".
Usingpreposition AND between the keywords, it will allow you to find those messages in which both of the searched words are found, and not just one of them.

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Iii. How to create a RIGHT new topic.

If, nevertheless, you decided to create a new theme, then always remember that:
- someone can come after you and look for the answer to a similar question.
- the majority of those from whom you expect help do not have encyclopedic knowledge of all the issues existing at the Forum, and if they don’t always have time to “check” all topics asking for help, but most often there will be a couple of minutes to answer a question the answer to which they know.
These two non-complex logical prerequisites limit the "correctness" of setting the name of a topic to very simple rules:
1. The essence is better than emotions.
The title of the topic should reflect the ESSENCE of the problem, and its emotional component.
The name "The Dawns Here Are Quiet" is beautiful and intriguing, but it will be much more useful."One man and six girls kill thirty fascists in the forest" .
2. If can not think of a name
If you, when creating a new topic, cannot formulate the “correct” title from the very beginning, then first try to write the text of your question, then re-read it, andjust copy a sentence from it with the gist of your question.
3. Slang is contraindicated
Avoid using emotional words in the title, jargon, and other "beautiful".HTC Tattoo is better than Tatushechki.
4. Ridiculous topic names
Use in the title of the theme the words "Help", "Urgently need help," etc. in no way improves it. 4/5 of all topics on the forum about "Help in a particular issue," so thatstupid shouting "Fire" in the midst of a fire show.

And also remember that placing a new topic in the right section always speeds up getting an answer to a question.

I advise you to also lookalternative reminder how to properly ask your question (thank you Bespectacled )

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Iv. You are not alone in your quest ...

Very rarely anyone on the forum (especially beginners) encounter truly unique situations and ask unique questions.
Most often, someone has already asked something like that, and that means someone has already answered, or at least someone is already looking for an answer.
In the topics below, you will not always find a ready answer, but it is there that your colleagues are trying to find.
Here isTopical and popular topics and questions today For which users are looking for answers:

1. Google Play does not work.
Google Play - Technical Issues- an attempt to collect all the problems in one topic. The remaining topics are closed, so as not to dissipate knowledge.
Buying paid programs on Google Play- problems with the purchase through the Market (debit, refund, which cards, removal of a previously purchased program, etc.)
Google account not added- the name speaks for itself. Have a problem with adding an account? That way.
2. Setting up the Internet and network:
a) Internet access from a PC or laptop
Android + PC = Internet
b) connection of Android and BB to a local network for data exchange
Configuring access to files on the local network
c) Internet and MMS settings on the phone via GPRS / EDGE / 3G
[Android] Internet and MMS via GPRS / EDGE / 3G
3. Problems with the memory card.
Solving problems with files on the memory card.
4. Do the money go quickly from the account for the Internet connection?
Android internet traffic leak
5. Got root-rights, what to do next?
Questions beginner root user
6. Is the battery not charging properly or does it sit down quickly?
Tips to improve power saving devices on Android OS
Battery. Charging problems

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Comments and suggestions on this topic, please send via Private messages or in the topic:Questions and suggestions on the section

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