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krasnov06062003 @ 04/30/19, 17:01*
Well, there are reviews, comparisons of the ears Funcl Al, Mpow T5, Havit G1 and others, by sound and in general in all respects Funcl Ai to 5k wins. But what could be better than Funcl Ai up to 5k?
those. What was the point of your question in advertising these headphones? No, they are not the best, because fortunately they cannot be the best, we are people, not clones, everyone has different ears and the perception of sounds too: D

pysy: read fluently about these ears, judging bytopicthere you need some kind of codec activity, something there to do with the grid - and then the sound will be great: rofl:
I've got used to the ears = "cops" and forgot, but probably someone likes such troubles, ok everyone's personal business: happy:

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* serruf , QY12 did not try, but in QY8 and T1C the sound is better than in Havit G1.

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but probably someone likes such troubles, ok everyone's personal business: happy:
.... Yes, usually they are just looking for a satisfying sound, but there is something to look at first and at the sound ...

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* Dyusha , but
Dyusha @ 04/30/19 18:49 *
QY12 did not try, but in QY8 and T1C the sound is better than in Havit G1.

QY8 is several times worse than QY12 (personal opinion), some even write that they did not stand next to others, others still believe that QY12 has no competitors to this day ... how many people have so many opinions, I personally did not listen to Hvita (not my format) and therefore wrote that it is not in my personal opinion))

Posted 04/30/2019 19:08:

* PalychRv , well, agree if the sound brings to orgasm: rolleyes:, and in the ears the shape of the headphones itches and I want to throw it out sooner, then the sound will not be in priority. Although I know women who wear shoes and underwear a size smaller, but we are not at such extremes, are we? : D

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* serruf , there are so many people there are so many nuances ... I, for example, if I 'sit' like a glove, but I don’t like the sound, I won’t wear it. At the expense of an orgasm is a bluetooth branch, and it is necessary to adequately consider both the possibilities of its sound on sound, and price / quality; And so, current audiophiles, I know, have an orgasm on gold wires; then people are looking for just a favorable sound, with respect to many factors ... the benefit is growing.

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* serruf No, not advertising, just spoke) I want to find an ideal for this money, so that the money is not wasted, but to buy some, it will not work

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* krasnov06062003 ,
You better tell me what music you are listening to. And what are your wired headphones?
Or you may even need films for movies / audio books / conversations.

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* PalychRv , I, for example, if the sound is set off, but I will not wear ears either.
Again, if to myself, the sound on js18 suits me completely, but it’s still very difficult to find ear cushions to find the perfect ear cushions, and it hurts from the complete ears.

And by the sound, it seems to me that any TWS ears with bluetooth 5.0 will sound acceptable with phones from the top 10 brands, unless it’s an obvious marriage, or I’m just so lucky: D

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bluetooth ears 5.0

By the way about Bluetooth. I noticed that the Jabra Stealth with 4 tooth works farther from the phone than the 65t with the 5th.

And then everyone takes me Plantronics Voyager edge with 4.1.

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* kawabungha ,
I mostly pop listen. I have wired Panasonic for 500r, and Meizu EP52, the sound is the same) bought Meizu so that without wires (almost), but here I was tired of the bezel, so I choose good tws more expensive so that not tweeters, but the bass

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* Dyusha , I have a 4th tooth on Honor 9 and js18 catches through 3 betonki, but I don’t have that much and have never had any breaks, once I caught "FSO" on the red square, but this is different: blush:

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* krasnov06062003 Well, I would compare the funcl in sound with your Panasonic, but with deeper bass. For electronics and pop suit well. In mpow everything is the same, only the top is better and more bass (even too much)

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For those who are looking for TWS with Multipoint. In addition to the Jabra 65t, they also write that B & O E8 2.0 can use two devices.

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Hello everyone, tell me I want to buy the first bluetooth headphones and I can not decide between QCY qs1 and Redmi Airdots. What is better to take?

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Hello! I bought myself a QCY T1 recently, after 2 weeks I started to play quietly, or even completely disconnect the left earpiece. Fading and falling away appear randomly - then it is normal, then the problem. Neither a complete reset, nor a reconnection, nor a purge help ... Unpredictably, it can recover and play normally, and then again ... It’s fed up ... I thought to buy the same QCY in a new way, but something hesitated - is it worth it? Immediately look at mpow t5? Although it is 2.5 times more expensive, but suddenly their sound is much better? If someone made a comparison - share your experience, pliz.

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* allisa And what is there to compare, of course better

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* pahand so the fact of the matter is that here it’s written in the thread that mpow is even worse than qcy ... By the way, there are similar questions to compare qcy and mpow here, but there are no definite answers ...

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* allisa , if aptx is able to process percents on your smartphone, then mpow t5 is definitely worth it, if not, then you can see ears and cheaper on BT 5.0

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Ordered from Jonadorian J.ZAO Lightbuds, are there any owners of Funcl W1? They say the same thing, just branding another.
Previously, I only dealt with the Honor AM61, the sound is mediocre, but what else to expect from Bluetooth headphones for this price. Should we expect a slightly better sound from these headphones?

P.S. I read superficially, about audio codecs, sort of like, that AAS, that AptX are the same thing, and I don’t notice any difference in sound given the prices of the ears I’ve been discussing.

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Enish93 @ 05/02/19 02:22*
They say the same thing, just branding another.

and there is. same eggs, only in profile.

Enish93 @ 05/02/19 02:22*
Should we expect a slightly better sound from these headphones?

I did not compare, but the sound of the W1 is good. especially for pop music.

Enish93 @ 05/02/19 02:22*
kinda like that aas that aptx are the same thing

very roughly speaking - yes.

Enish93 @ 05/02/19 02:22*
and the difference in sound is not noticeable considering the prices of the ears I discuss.


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