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> OEM software from device manufacturers | Adaptation and launch of programs on various Android devices
09.10.10, 20:56

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OEM software

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Discussion of the adaptation of programs preinstalled in devices for their installation and launch on other Android devices.

Important!If you were able to achieve a sufficient level of performance of an OEM program, create a separate topic for it (each program has its own theme).

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* MaxCrafter,
Remove the error log in the fall and see what is missing. Well, for starters, disassemble the arch and disassemble framework-res.apk, disassemble your framework-res.apk. find system ids in the portable arch and compare with your own.
22.03.19, 13:43

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Can you please tell if it is possible to make this dialer work fully on Android 8.0?
Everything works except for one moment - it always calls only from one SIM card (which is selected by default), for example, if SIM1 is selected by default, then if you try to dial a number from SIM2, you will still have a call from SIM1.
I worked great on the 5th Android, I would like to adaptexactly this versionunder the 8th.
Asus Contacts & Dialers
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27.03.19, 12:43
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Guys, tell me please, is it possible from the Treble firmware this oneDevelopment and porting of GSI-firmware (Post bullik01 # 76348864)which works well on the Meizu 16th device (I personally tested it, but at the moment it is worth Flyme (stock firmware)), pull out and insert a badge (so that when you click worked) the TV transmission of what is happening on the phone screen (I don’t remember how The function in that firmware is called, it is in all the firmware on the bare android)? In the Flyme firmware, there is its own setting called the Wireless Display, but for some reason it does not find my TVs on the android, and when I install the Treble firmware, the built-in function perfectly finds this firmware and working

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