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Skype | The official Skype client for Android

Rep: (1776)
Version: /

Last update of the program in the header:30.01.2020

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Developer: Skype
Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?...om.skype.raider
Google Play Lite: https: //play.google.co…etails? id = com.skype.m2
Homepage: http://www.skype.com
Google Play Preview: https: //play.google.co... id = com.skype.insiders?
Russian interface: Yes (except for additions that make craftsmen with XDA)
operating systemAndroid 4.0.4 or later.
If your device is not listed in these lists, but it has Android 2.2 (Froyo) OS or a later version of this operating system, you can activate video calling in Skype settings. We draw your attention to the fact that the quality of video on this device may be worse than on certified devices.
If you are using Android 2.2 (Froyo), only the rear camera will work.
If the ability to activate video calling in the Skype settings on your device is not available, this means that video calling for your phone model is not supported yet.
The device must have a processor frequency from600 MHz and above and screen size 480x320 , 800x480 or 854x480 . Skype may not work correctly on models with a processor slower than 600 MHz and other screen resolutions.
Skype testing was done on HTC Desire, HTC Legend, Motorola Milestone XT 720, Motorola Milestone.
* Remember that when usingSkype on 3G mobile networks (EDGE, EV-DO and UMTS) you will be charged extra for traffic, therefore Skype recommends that you purchase a plan with an unlimited data transfer rate or use a WiFi network.
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Useful information
  1. Skype Standard Sound Replacement
  2. Record calls to Skype.
  3. Supported and Unsupported Devices
  4. FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions and Answers. READ MUST BEFORE HOW TO PLACE THE QUESTION.
  5. Full list of commands available in the chat window
  6. Termination of support for Android 4.0.2 and below
  7. You can also read the application.Droid Translator for Skype , allowing simultaneous translation of voice calls within an application or video calls via Skype and other VoIP services, from Developer Technology Improves the World Ltd.

Version: Market of from 30.01.2020 (gar_alex)
Version: Market of from 11.12.2019 (bulat42)
Version: (6.0+) Skype (Djek-Energetik)
Version: (4.0.3+) Skype (Post Garbarick # 89445783)
Version: 6.0+ (gar_alex)
Version: Lite Skype Light (arm64), GP from 6 Sept. 2019 (Skrip54)
Version: Light Skype (arm 64), GP of 17 September. 2019 (Skrip54)
Version: Lite Skype (Post Skrip54 # 88642175)
Pure Black SkypeLight GP version (regularly updated) Message в„–19168, author nowayatsavagemessiahzine.com
Modified Versions
Everything in one place Skype (Post Raynle # 65046563)
Past versions
Version: Skype - free IM & video calls (froster_dandy)
Version: 9/28/19 (# SanГ«kk)
Version: (4.0.3+) Skype (Post Garbarick # 87815604)
Version: (6.0+) Skype в„ў - IM & video chat (08/15/2019) (froster_dandy)
Version: (6.0+) Skype | arm-v8a | 6.0+ | GP (Ramzes26)
Version: Skype - Free Video Call & Chat (froster_dandy)
Version: (arm64) GP (moorware)
Version: dated 07/07/2019 (iMiKED)
Version: Lite Skype (Post Skrip54 # 86548721)
Version: Lite Message в„–19888, by Skrip54
Version: (arm) GP Lite Skype (Post Skrip54 # 79787890)
Version: Skype (Post Skrip54 # 77982963)
Version: Skype (arm) | 6.0+ | GP (Ramzes26)
Version: Skype (arm) | 6.0+ | GP (Ramzes26)
Version: Skype (arm) | 6.0+ | GP (Ramzes26)
Version: Skype | 6.0+ | GP (Ramzes26)
Version: Preview (6.0 +) (arm) (x86) Skype (Post by vovanKARPO # 79898064)
Version: build 1250003324 (GP) (5.0+) Skype (Post by PPTV King 7 # 79802114)
Version: (China) Message в„–19309, author vovanKARPO
Version: (4.0.3+) Skype (Post by PPTV King 7 # 78111667)
Version: arm, GP (6.0+) Skype
Version: GP (6.0+) Skype (Post by Ramzes26 # 84483728)
Version: arm (6.0+) Message в„–20138, by Ramzes26
Version: (6.0+) Message в„–19917, author ilias_div
Version: arm, GP (6.0+) Skype (Post Ramzes26 # 83367945)
Version arm, GP (6.0+) Skype
Version Lite (4.0.3 +) (x86) Skype (Post by vovanKARPO # 79789656)
Version arm, (6.0+) Skype (Post by Ramzes26 # 80067157)
Version (x86) (6.0+) Skype (Post by vovanKARPO # 79752088)
Past Versions 8.X.X
Past Versions (Lite)
Preview Skype Lite mod v7.48.76.146
Version 1.6Version:
Version (4.0.3+) | (Beta)
Version (Lite | Beta)0.76.31339-release Lite (GP)
Message в„–19164, author skripin
Version (GP) Lite Message в„–19154, author skripin
Version (Lite) Message в„–19120, author skripin
Useful additions
Fashion from Siemens92
Fashion Skype
Fashion Skype

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Rep: (105)
traubenbah @ 06.10.2010, 19:55*
Of course in theory hvataet- main digital channel (BCC) 64 kbs

Well I is the fact that skype strongly criticized when I cut off vayfay and 3d, tearfully begged him to allow to approach to a broad communication channel, alluding to the fact that it will not work :) The Edge

Rep: (15)
Hero 2.2 (FroydVillian 1.5.0). Quacks sound.

Hero owners, evading Offline Skype with a request to pofiksilihttp://forum.skype.com/index.php?showtopic=725293 :)

Rep: (10)
It works with a bang, sometimes intermittent audio. but clean. True sound goes to an external speaker. Where can I tweak? At a friend on the same device the sound goes to the earpiece. Sipdroide on the same problem. Maybe the problem is the firmware?

Nexus one
when calling test see 3 buttons below

1 2 3
speaker - hang up - microphone

If you press the speaker (1) - the sound switches to an external speaker, if again it comes back to the phone.

Rep: (0)
Eeee, finally release came out, and the sick Betka

Rep: (3)
Potestit, turned about 800 kb for a moment on the wafer, and about 400 kb of Unlimited green opsosa (220r of 128 kb \ c) per min., According to the wafer are all super at opsosu walking proposes sound sometimes lost connection and do not always now connects, but if you stand - quite acceptable, the quality of both the direct call of opsosu.
There is a proposal to test a traf and quality in the Internet-NL in all three of ...

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Reason for editing: punctuation

Rep: (4)
On geleksi by native firmware 2.1 is not connected immediately, put 2.2, well, there are all Route uskarenie gadgets and swap, put Skype, earned immediately
PJK firmware

Rep: (0)
Good news. Happily. What can I say more? Milestone - to the test began.

Rep: (1)
Spica at least is the third button, but to go from the external speaker on the phone does not work ... or is it just me?

Rep: (10)
serhio.ko, you at least write some firmware which events should you. I have 2.2 turns from internal to external, but the microphone does not plowing ....

Rep: (0)
The camera is turned on by pressing the + wrong, someone called on Skype = phone hung perfectly still, fun ringing incoming call to a lot of minutes (even after on the end rejected the call). The result, after you remove the battery - disappeared Skype, Opera, and perhaps something more, after a while the phone ushl in an endless reboot loop with errors starting screen (Helix and loncherPro). Firmware samdroyd

Rep: (10)
dachshunds, are connected to the headphones spoke through them hear the conversation.

qudi, Shas poprobuems just kill my body: P seems alive and well until ... although Skype has dopilivat necessary and dopilivat

Post has been editedIllain - 06.10.10, 23:08

Rep: (1)
I have a 2.1, reflash the service center.
How not to klatsat internal speaker does not pass.
Another side to the authorization: the first time entered (check with an automatic authorization), the next time I go there, login, password net.Vstavil password, and he does not want to go ... just immediately says that he can not go, not even in an Internet lezit that would check the login and parol.Kak soon as I removed the login and automatically zashel.Vot such shortcomings.

Rep: (2)
The first program, thanks to which my fire for the first time after purchase (end of July), there is something snorted, hangs and crashes.
In this bioreactor Skype, the bioreactor ...: lol:

Rep: (189)
I do not understand why he is 13 meters, there is a volume of resources not ...
I hope they will make
news more than happy than not. Now you can even call

Rep: (78)
Works fine. Today spoke hours 2. Communication was interrupted several times. I can hear perfectly. But I hear it all with some wheezing. In general, it is normally possible to communicate if correct performance.

Rep: (18)
Hero 2.2 (FroydVillian 1.5.0). Quacks sound.

Hero owners, evading Offline Skype with a request to pofiksilihttp://forum.skype.com/index.php?showtopic=725293 :)


And another Hero with custom firmware is not copied to a memory cardhttp://ape-group.blogspot.com/2010/08/froyo.html? HTC Sync'a no.

More on Hero strongly lag and force clauses.

With regard to traffic through the GSM - MTS service just for Skype

Unlimited Internet with phone

Advantages of the tariff option "BIT":

* Unlimited access to the Internet1 extremely profitable for the price;
* Unlimited access speed Internet2;
* The cost of 1 MB of Internet traffic - 0 rubles;
* Ideal for use in mobile phones with web-browser Opera Mini, Opera Mobile.

Subscription fee - 99 rubles per month.

For connecting the tariff option "BIT" type a short command * 111 * 995 # call or send an SMS with text 995 to number 111.

When exceeding the total volume of data uploaded 5MB per hour speed is reduced to 32 Kbits / sec to the end of this hour. Actual speeds may differ materially, depending on the technical parameters of the network in a specific point, as well as a number of other factors that affect the quality of communication services.


Post has been editedsmart_bastard - 07.10.10, 05:33

Rep: (11)
smart_bastard @ 07.10.2010, 06:28*
Subscription fee - 99 rubles per month.

As far as I remember, there is written in small letters or deliberately overlooked, that at this price the service is provided temporarily, and then will be about 300 wooden and limiting speed after discharging a certain amount of cores ...
Inside the Ring Road or so ...)))
May be wrong, because I sit on the "bee" ...: blush:


Post has been editedmikhenty - 07.10.10, 07:55
Reason for editing: Added referring to the Moscow MTS ...

Rep: (11)
Backloz @ 07.10.2010, 09:49*
Th people do on my galaxy s does not go on my account ??

More than once wrote: CLOSED !!! You are not alone, please be patient ...

Rep: (49)
This infection is triggered each time includes Wi-Fi or GPRS.
Included WiFi, popolzovalsya bit, I go to the list of processes it there.
The program went through the correct profile - status - the output.

Rep: (7)
You hear perfectly well how you are with your phone and there is a microphone set up perfectly as not as well from those who have a computer sound a bit clumsy for two reasons, the bad mic + interfere with the dynamics in which the sound is like the voice and that goes back into the microphone.

From phone to phone call to Russia, the quality of elegant, if calling from a normal cell. But on the PC the quality is so-so but that is dependent on the companion microphone.

mfradion @ 06.10.2010, 13:03*
The quality is the same as through the Nimbuzz ???

Compared with Nimbuzz is like a Cossack and Porsche.
1) Nema delay of a few seconds.
2) The quality of a call in to Nimbuzz flawed can not but here is very clean and clear.
3) During the whole day the robots Skype, he never took off, and in case of interruption neta he was connected back to himself.
4) It is not noticed glitches with disconnection in speaking and loss of words as in sha Nimbuzz
5) Traffic guzzle like the same but I have unlimited 3G so that it's like all smooth.

Although there are many flaws in Skype but honestly for me it is important only to the sound quality and the ability to chat to him, with which he copes sha.

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