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Skype | The official Skype client for Android

Rep: (1776)
Version: /

Last update of the program in the header:30.01.2020

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Developer: Skype
Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?...om.skype.raider
Google Play Lite: https: //play.google.co…etails? id = com.skype.m2
Homepage: http://www.skype.com
Google Play Preview: https: //play.google.co... id = com.skype.insiders?
Russian interface: Yes (except for additions that make craftsmen with XDA)
operating systemAndroid 4.0.4 or later.
If your device is not listed in these lists, but it has Android 2.2 (Froyo) OS or a later version of this operating system, you can activate video calling in Skype settings. We draw your attention to the fact that the quality of video on this device may be worse than on certified devices.
If you are using Android 2.2 (Froyo), only the rear camera will work.
If the ability to activate video calling in the Skype settings on your device is not available, this means that video calling for your phone model is not supported yet.
The device must have a processor frequency from600 MHz and above and screen size 480x320 , 800x480 or 854x480 . Skype may not work correctly on models with a processor slower than 600 MHz and other screen resolutions.
Skype testing was done on HTC Desire, HTC Legend, Motorola Milestone XT 720, Motorola Milestone.
* Remember that when usingSkype on 3G mobile networks (EDGE, EV-DO and UMTS) you will be charged extra for traffic, therefore Skype recommends that you purchase a plan with an unlimited data transfer rate or use a WiFi network.
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Useful information
  1. Skype Standard Sound Replacement
  2. Record calls to Skype.
  3. Supported and Unsupported Devices
  4. FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions and Answers. READ MUST BEFORE HOW TO PLACE THE QUESTION.
  5. Full list of commands available in the chat window
  6. Termination of support for Android 4.0.2 and below
  7. You can also read the application.Droid Translator for Skype , allowing simultaneous translation of voice calls within an application or video calls via Skype and other VoIP services, from Developer Technology Improves the World Ltd.

Version: Market of from 30.01.2020 (gar_alex)
Version: Market of from 11.12.2019 (bulat42)
Version: (6.0+) Skype (Djek-Energetik)
Version: (4.0.3+) Skype (Post Garbarick # 89445783)
Version: 6.0+ (gar_alex)
Version: Lite Skype Light (arm64), GP from 6 Sept. 2019 (Skrip54)
Version: Light Skype (arm 64), GP of 17 September. 2019 (Skrip54)
Version: Lite Skype (Post Skrip54 # 88642175)
Pure Black SkypeLight GP version (regularly updated) Message в„–19168, author nowayatsavagemessiahzine.com
Modified Versions
Everything in one place Skype (Post Raynle # 65046563)
Past versions
Version: Skype - free IM & video calls (froster_dandy)
Version: 9/28/19 (# SanГ«kk)
Version: (4.0.3+) Skype (Post Garbarick # 87815604)
Version: (6.0+) Skype в„ў - IM & video chat (08/15/2019) (froster_dandy)
Version: (6.0+) Skype | arm-v8a | 6.0+ | GP (Ramzes26)
Version: Skype - Free Video Call & Chat (froster_dandy)
Version: (arm64) GP (moorware)
Version: dated 07/07/2019 (iMiKED)
Version: Lite Skype (Post Skrip54 # 86548721)
Version: Lite Message в„–19888, by Skrip54
Version: (arm) GP Lite Skype (Post Skrip54 # 79787890)
Version: Skype (Post Skrip54 # 77982963)
Version: Skype (arm) | 6.0+ | GP (Ramzes26)
Version: Skype (arm) | 6.0+ | GP (Ramzes26)
Version: Skype (arm) | 6.0+ | GP (Ramzes26)
Version: Skype | 6.0+ | GP (Ramzes26)
Version: Preview (6.0 +) (arm) (x86) Skype (Post by vovanKARPO # 79898064)
Version: build 1250003324 (GP) (5.0+) Skype (Post by PPTV King 7 # 79802114)
Version: (China) Message в„–19309, author vovanKARPO
Version: (4.0.3+) Skype (Post by PPTV King 7 # 78111667)
Version: arm, GP (6.0+) Skype
Version: GP (6.0+) Skype (Post by Ramzes26 # 84483728)
Version: arm (6.0+) Message в„–20138, by Ramzes26
Version: (6.0+) Message в„–19917, author ilias_div
Version: arm, GP (6.0+) Skype (Post Ramzes26 # 83367945)
Version arm, GP (6.0+) Skype
Version Lite (4.0.3 +) (x86) Skype (Post by vovanKARPO # 79789656)
Version arm, (6.0+) Skype (Post by Ramzes26 # 80067157)
Version (x86) (6.0+) Skype (Post by vovanKARPO # 79752088)
Past Versions 8.X.X
Past Versions (Lite)
Preview Skype Lite mod v7.48.76.146
Version 1.6Version:
Version (4.0.3+) | (Beta)
Version (Lite | Beta)0.76.31339-release Lite (GP)
Message в„–19164, author skripin
Version (GP) Lite Message в„–19154, author skripin
Version (Lite) Message в„–19120, author skripin
Useful additions
Fashion from Siemens92
Fashion Skype
Fashion Skype

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Rep: (1769)
K11K @ 04.01.18, 01:00*
Fashion untethered from gugloservisov

In a pinch, you can always askthis topic... ;)

Rep: (1776)
He updated his ->MOD

* K11K ,
I made without Google services.

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Rep: (0)
Tell me, what the latest version of operating correctly for Skype Lite TV box there?
of PM light is not installed - says I do not have the device

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Rep: (67364)
Skype Lite v1.31.76.29400-release
What's new
We have listened closely to your feedback and made improvements to make our app even faster and better. One example of this is the addition of 'Typing' indicator in messaging. Please keep the feedback coming! Thank you!
Attached fileSkype Lite- MB)


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Rep: (4)
People, such a problem: when you call writes a bad connection and priryvisty caller's voice. I call on vayfay 50m in the same network: the interlocutor standards have so (ie the feeling that either Skype somehow restricts bond or Andrew..

Rep: (107)
Mall-87 @ 01/04/18, 22:04*
either Skype

Tazha crap on the latest skaypa.Otkatilsya at 7.46, there is less, but also sometimes breaks occur, but much less frequently

Rep: (1776)
The new version of the light, I understand not ispraveli bug speaker.

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Rep: (0)
Alex0047 @ 05.01.18, 02:17*
Skype Lite v1.31.76.29400-release

Video Conversation is not included
The microphone does not work in the chamber (activated after yusb distortion of a prefix)

Once the light is not much for TV set-top boxes or something good? Interface for remote and wide screen clearly sharpened.

Rep: (1776)
Tested the new version of Light, not one of them is not working as it should, in my opinion, is the most stable version"" others do not see.

Rep: (1769)
MR.AlexandrO @ 05.01.18, 19:22*
none of them is not functioning properly

I agree completely - Lite MS version is also beginning to spoil ... :( I do onold enoughnow I sit, all subsequent somehow throw from Akka, and to read it, it is necessary to log on the new or fresh messages come only after multiple I / O ...

Rep: (563)
MR.AlexandrO @ 5.01.18, 19:22*
Tested the new version of Light, not one of them is not functioning properly
I have the same thing, stuffed there are many useful things, the stability was lost, notifications are displayed through time, the battery capacity has become unhealthy. He fell back to 1.11. 1.09 in the previous did not like that every time you open the chat triggered camera. In general, from left, back and come: D

Rep: (26)
I use Skype + Lite + 1.15.028303-RU. As long as everything works normalno.Stavil newer version, but not stopped at this ...

Rep: (23)
Fogar @ 02.01.18, 12:22*
All a Happy New Year, people tell the most stable version of Skype for Android 6.0, the latter of which is downloaded from pleymarketa it's just a horror that, thanks in advance.

As has been answered in the topic, it She was not without glitches (bad transfers files in the background, sometimes tupit and a few minutes can send the edited message), but compared to the newer sample of ergonomics and stability.

In general, of course, a better version of Skype was a fashion from xda theos0o, but their development has stopped for another kitikete, when the author had gone to another area.

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Rep: (4)
Skype 8.12, Android 8.0, tell me, please, how to synchronize contacts from the Skype address book, then to combine and in the contact card has been Skype icon?
From WhatsApp is already displayed, and then to any.
In this case MS Mobile has been integrated, and it was enough to choose any two contact and "tie"

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Rep: (67364)
Skype Lite v1.31.76.29438-release
What's new
We have listened closely to your feedback and made improvements to make our app even faster and better. One example of this is the addition of 'Typing' indicator in messaging. Please keep the feedback coming! Thank you!
Attached fileSkype Lite- MB)


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Rep: (1776)
Again jamb in Light, a feeling that there is nothing they do not correct and only roll out new builds, in the play of market: wallbash:.

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Rep: (79)
* MR.AlexandrO , Ahah robot rolls out firmware every week, even without any new lines)

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Rep: (0)
You do not know why there is no Samsung c6 focus rear camera? frontalka and the best shows and the rear soap soap
or in some versions even have the focus? because the people with whom I called up - there the focus, everything chetenko (tybloko and android ADR), and I like a fool with blurred garbage

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Rep: (4)
The question was solved installing Skype 7

Rep: (1776)
Version arm (6.0+) Skype (Post Ramzes26 # 79736789)
Version (6.0 +) (arm) Skype (Post Alex0047 # 78229861)
Version (6.0 +) (x86) Skype (Post vovanKARPO # 78111984)
Version (6.0 +) (arm) Skype (Post Ramzes26 # 78096286)
Version (6.0 +) (arm) (x86) Post в„–19308, author vovanKARPO
Version (6.0 +) (arm) Post в„–19287, author Alex0047
Version (6.0 +) (x86) Post в„–19288, author vovanKARPO
Version (6.0 +) (arm) Post в„–19264, author Alex0047
Version (6.0 +) (x86) Post в„–19269, author vovanKARPO
Version (6.0+) Post в„–19240, author Ramzes26
Version (6.0 +) (arm) Post в„–19165, author Alex0047
Version (6.0 +) (x86) Post в„–19168, author vovanKARPO
Version (5.0+) Post в„–19282, author PPTV King 7
Version, GP, (4.0.3+) Skype (Post Garbarick # 76342545)
Version (4.0.3+) Post в„–19062, author Garbarick
=>Version GP (4.0.3+)

• ➪ Other previous versions (All in one place)
Version (6.0+) Skype (Post Ramzes26 # 74967620)
Version (6.0+) Post в„–19013, author vovanKARPO
=>Version 8.22.02 (6.0+)

=>Version GP (4.0.3+)

=>Version, GP (4.0.3+)

=>Version (4.0.3+)

=>Version (Android 6.0+)



->Version (6.0+)

->Version (6.0+)

->Version (6.0+)




->version v8.12.0.14(6.+)

Skype (Post vovanKARPO # 67835702)

Skype (Post vovanKARPO # 66835856)

Skype (Post Alex0047 # 66293803)

Skype (Post Alex0047 # 65822740)

Skype (Post Alex0047 # 65421529)

Skype (Post Giacomino # 65015792)

Version: (6.0+) Skype (Post vovanKARPO # 64586286)

Version: (6.0+) Skype (Post Bobbin # 64540520)

Version: (6.0+) Skype (Post vovanKARPO # 64120291)

Version: (4.4+) Skype (Post a6969 # 64129739)

Version: (6.0+) Skype (Post vovanKARPO # 63882280)

Version: Preview Skype (Post Bobbin # 63943826)

Version: (6.0+) Skype (Post vovanKARPO # 63752183)

Version: (6.0+) Skype (Post vovanKARPO # 63219454)

Version: (6.0+) Skype (Post vovanKARPO # 63155839)

Version: (6.0+) Skype (Post Siemens92 # 62707923)

Version: (7.0+) Skype (Post Holy_Otets_Mak # 62569091)

Version: (7.0+) Skype (Post Svyatoy_Otets_Mak # 62232706)

Version: (7.0+) Skype (Post bulat42 # 62195308)

Version: (7.0+) Skype (Post Alex0047 # 62037402)

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