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TigerArcade | CPS1 / CPS2 / NeoGeo emulator

Rep: (54)
Version: 4.0.2

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Emulator CPS, CPS2, NEOGEO arcade machines

-emuliruet sound.
-There support BT joysticks, the onscreen buttons and their functions.
-built list of supported games.
-multitach. comfortable, combo button

Roma for this emulator-ZIP archivesit is better to put in the folder / roms / arcade / on a flash drive.
to run many games neededbiosNEOGEO.ZIP throw it in the folder with the Roma.

Tiger Arcade (MAME) 4.0.2: http: //savagemessiahzine.com/forum/d...fba-release-v4.0.2.apk

Past versions:

Examples of sites with Roma
MAME 0.37b 0.37b5 complete rom set

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Reason for editing: version 4.0.2

Rep: (20)
bad, there is no saving. the spoke pasheD with sound. chasing metalslug and a couple of fights.

Rep: (21)
Can you plz explain how you launched it on Spike? And then have me look for it cheto starts and closes .....

Rep: (20)
Push igrulyu for neo-geo, cps, cps2 Start emulsion and zhmyakni search Rom, he will look and fell out the list of available roms, if you do not find the restart devaysinu, helped me

Rep: (54)
http://www.emu-land.net/arcade/neogeo/ Roma neogeo
http://www.emu-land.net/arcade/cps/roms_cps1/ Roma CPS1
http://www.emu-land.net/arcade/cps/roms_cps2 Roma CPS2

Always check the compatibility of the Help
To scan a USB flash drive, click Search Games
Some games will ship for a long time, if the message pops up "application not responding" do not close,
press the button to wait

performance on different devices is described

Rep: (173)
on Spike + SM6.1 run, I launched several games, working with sound, without brakes.
Launched Cadillacs & Dinosaurs, and The King of Fighters`98

Rep: (1)
I have to Spike with the brakes, I tried Samurai shodaun
acceleration of any worth?

Rep: (20)
y name fe8.8

Rep: (12)
Afftor flip screens.

Rep: (45)
And the steeper emulya psx4droid?

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Rep: (20)
Well kakbe not cooler, but also guud, metal slug rulezzz ....

Rep: (45)
Yeah I remember to pleysteyshene played. Game Bomb))

Rep: (12)
The emulator is good, but multitach not working correctly.

Rep: (54)
it would be desirable to have brought in katolog games: moil: and the topic will be lost and all

Rep: (17)
on Spike with 2.1 custom + Ruth at start immediately closes itself ... crap ... what the body is overloaded

Rep: (0)
On the hero works fine.
Already in MetalSlug I drove.

Posted 02-11-2010, 17:09:

And, by the way, the hero with multi-touch all right. Play pretty comfortable.

Rep: (20)
at x8 goes pretty well; but without multitouch in fighting games, of which there are a bunch of, hard to play ...

Rep: (168)
When you start it gives "searching games" and closes.

Rep: (7)
on Spike with samturbomod 1.7 (application on a memory card) - shows the emulator button, but the screen is black

Rep: (91)
Who closes when searching for games, try out the game open file manager, helped me a lot.
And yes, do not forget about the BIOS)

Rep: (17)
It's interesting how? Archive to the game through open faylManager?

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