Invites to closed resources

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Invites to closed resources

Theme rules:
  2. Users who are on the forum for less than 6 months or with the number of messages less than 100, must provide confirmation (screenshots, etc.) of the presence of an invite (exceptions are possible)
  3. Messages written in style:"Who does not mind giving an invite to ...."will be deleted
  4. Before posting, read the last 1-2 pages of the topic, maybe someone has already posted what you need
  5. If you are asking for an invite, without offering anything in return, then indicate a good reason why you should issue an invite(for tracker: screenshot of ratio proof and download & upload from any other torrent tracker, speedtest, seedbox, etc.)
  6. Beggars here do not like
  7. The exchange of contact information only in PM (QMS)
  8. Selling invites prohibited by forum rules

A post that violates the rules of the topic may be removed.


Example of filling the post
1. I have an invite (s) to resource (s):
- .....
- .....

2. Need (s) invite (s) to resource (s):

- .....
- .....
If you made an exchange, cross out the invite that you spent

Useful information for those who want to get an invite
Invite toteamhd
Distribution of torrent trackers by levels
Getting an invite tolosslessclub If you have a profile with a positive ratio and a decent upload on at least one tracker, then you can easily get an invite
Invite to2ip
If you need an invite to sneaker to download games for ps, then look firsthereNot relevant already

Popular closed resources - Online cinema. (Open, instead of - What happens if I combine and hdout? That's right, it turns out INGFILM! - Paid viewing of TV shows in HD - a web service that allows you to watch many foreign TV shows in high quality. Convenient interface and player in particular, many additional features.

* - closed tracker with a large variety of content, including games, software and HD movies - this is the brainchild of the famous release of the R.G. Catalyst and R.G. Origins that formed your tracker. On the tracker in addition to exclusive repack games, also laid out audio and video materials. - domestic HD tracker
Demonoid - Famous private torrent tracker, one of the largest trackers in the world - Russian / Ukrainian HD tracker - tracker general directional - tracker, games for PC and consoles, also on the tracker there are sections: movies, anime, video for PSP and software. - Russian tracker. The main formats of music are FLAC and APE. - Russian tracker of general orientation
ULTRAHDCLUB.ORG - 1st in the world ULTRA HD tracker - tracker, releases of films from the group ELEKTRI4KA
TORRENTMAC.ORG - The closed tracker completely devoted to Mac OS - Mastkhov, as they say, for the owner of the xbox console. There is no better, besides Russian, game tracker for consoles in the network

Will be added

Black list of users who should not issue invites
%username %
Doubleblamsends someone else's screenshots, be careful

Topics Curator - atom63 All questions and suggestions for the development of topics in QMS

Registration on and is disabled, an invite does not help. Invitations will be deleted. is not available fornewusers from Russia and Ukraine from 12/18/17
Invites to BlackCinema for

Friends are regularvisitorsasking-giving, respect others, please do not raise your messages every two or three days. Please raise them no more than once a week.

Do not forget to thank the user who shared the invite, by raising the reputation!

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There is:

Need to:

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News from
"We built and built, and finally built! Yes zdravstvuem we, hurray! "@ Cheburashka.

Friends! We are pleased to announce that you are waiting for a big change. We're moving to a new domain! We do it for the empowerment and correction of accumulated errors. What awaits you:
A more modern and user-friendly design
A huge database of movies
New section with serials
Section with documentary films and serials
Profile concerts and TV

For owners of PRO-accounts:
No ads on the site and during playback
View in HD quality up to Full HD (1080p)
Select audio track (dubbing, author, original)
Watching movies in 3D section
Possibility to follow the release of the new series
Mark viewed series and seasons
Browsing history, and remembers the stop time
Download any movie or episode
Viewing on mobile devices, set-top boxes, of XBMC and Plex (hope plugin will be available soon for Duna) will work even for a while in the former regime, but without updates and additions. During this time, you will be able to use your account, and here and here.

And now the most important thing: ALL PRO-accounts with will be transferred to the domain painless for you and with the expansion of functionality, which is written above.

We are waiting for you to kinopabe!

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Wespa @ 16.08.2015, 23:46*
"We built and built, and finally built! Yes zdravstvuem we, hurray! "@ Cheburashka.

Opinion about like one of the users with 3 years of experience:
Hmm. Even signup is not necessary.
Earlier, when asked "Th for a website?", You can answer, "You still do not have an invite."
Really thought about those who send an invite, because there are only 3. And so was created the community and watch, is. People in the comments could remember, and the inscription "With us: 4 years" said that his opinion is worth something.
A looks like another site and pirate kintsom. Now people will fly, will increase attendance, will srach in the comments and the site will acquire advertising. I sincerely hope that this will not happen.
Why not do it all under the roof
Is it all for the sake of visitors and domain?

- "build" - its users
(Painless want to transfer your account to a new site to the conservation rating -?! Card, and so on items ...)
- "Yes, we zdravstvuem .." - Undoubtedly yes hello, launched a massive collection of money hidden under the slogan "You are so eager to watch, here's analog, without invites, but" a little extra charge "
- If the PRO-accounts on action admins already began to smell baryzhnichestvom, but what they've done now simply "brilliant" - Paid cinema with pirated content: rofl:

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have an invite on sneakers -

I need to wool -

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I have

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I have accounts,

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A week ago, on regilsya throughprofile.After one day from the administrator came to invite.

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Need an invite Notabenoid translation Hong Kong
I will be very grateful

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1. There are:
2. Need:

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there is

need to

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have an invite on sneakers (I can give 10pc) -

need wool -

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need to:
invite to

Accumulated - share.
+ A turnip and respectively Karma

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1. Have an invite (s);)

2. Need (s) invite (s) to resource (s):
- / /

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On you do not get there. Russia there is banned from this year.

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I have
need to

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have -
needed - TorrenTech

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There is:

- waffles
- psytorrents
- torrentshack



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I have
need to


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There are: trancetraffic

Details in lichku.

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there bitspyder

I need

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