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Latest firmware version : 111.040.1511 from 27.08.2012
Previous versions : 111.030.0609, 025.007, 024.001, 022.014, 014.002, 013.016, 011.012

Nokia Belle operating system change your idea about smartphones. You can take advantage of its stunning features, install the software update on your phone. Nokia Belle available for the following models: Nokia N8, Nokia E7, Nokia C7, Nokia Oro, Nokia C6-01, Nokia X7, Nokia E6 and Nokia 500. With the new software, your phone gets a new, simple and expressive interface, more working screens new widgets, simplified customization. Simple menus, smooth screen transitions and the drop-down notification allowed to remain up to date and find information faster. Among the additions - the new status bar, a new toolbar and a new application "Maps NokiaВ», as well as improved video recording function, an improved browser and much more.


Flashing / downgrading the firmware version

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* Crazy doctor 808
Hakey, thank you.

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* Osenok,
Sadly, of course ...

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That our device can for wi-fi give 3g-Fi (though not on Android devices)? Realy?

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* curiousus, not himself, of course, but the attempts were.
JoikuSpot Premium

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Osenok @ 02/11/20, 15:36*
You also have previously written that the Android will not see this online ...

Recently I tried. Confirms. And I thought that I had the app is not working caught. In fact, Android does not see.
I wonder why the android does not see?
8 years ago, I remember, I had a Chinese tablet Luna rmd Android-4th.
Then at him Noky n95 and n78 perfectly distributed Internet through this JoikuSpot premium.
Why now does not work?

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More on the first version of the fourth Android it worked, or using the "crowbar", which is linked to a cap JoikuSpot threads might work. Starting with version 4.2 of either, or 4.3 this option was eliminated. Google, thank you,: censored:!

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very buggy AF !!! in the vicinity do not tell me how to focus it can be configured? Is there a way? phone almost ideally, all functions set mod firmware thought is correct but there is no glitch. As far as I know it is possible to dismantle the phone and tweak the camera but I could be wrong.

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* # Axiles #, 10cm minimum focusing distance, closer is not got nothing to catch. Switch to the "macro" mode.

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