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Latest firmware version : 111.040.1511 from 27.08.2012
Previous versions : 111.030.0609, 025.007, 024.001, 022.014, 014.002, 013.016, 011.012

Nokia Belle operating system change your mind about smartphones. You can take advantage of its amazing features by installing a software update on your phone. Nokia Belle is available for the following models: Nokia N8, Nokia E7, Nokia C7, Nokia Oro, Nokia C6-01, Nokia X7, Nokia E6 and Nokia 500. With the new software, your phone gets a new simple and expressive interface, more working screens, new widgets, simplified personalization. A simple menu, smooth on-screen transitions and drop-down notifications allow you to stay up to date with events and quickly find the information you need. The add-ons include a new status bar, a new toolbar and the new Nokia Maps application, as well as an improved video recording function, an improved browser and much more.


Flashing / downgrading the firmware version

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* nicneme123 , I can assume that the radio module is faulty. There was such a problem on Nokia 311. Although it rebooted in all modes, when it just turned on and started looking for the network, or when the flight mode turned off, and again it started looking for the network. Where did you buy it? Can I get it back?

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Regarding wi-fi ... see for example hereNokia E7 - Discussion (Post - = at = - # 77151841)

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* Sanek_iz_Kurska , I’ve bought it with my hands, you can’t return it ... I asked in the group on the Symbian-smartphones, they say that the SIM card is new, it is necessary either to search for the old or new one.
By searching on the topic, I found out that for some, after reflashing, the SIM cards stopped reading.

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* nicneme123,
Regarding WiFi, so that it is always connected - in the wifi menu options, you need to turn off energy saving. Moreover, you can use the program Keep Connect, you can get it in SIStore!

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