Making the caps on the program for the PC

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To avoid the lack of information and the difficulty of choosing topics for discussing PC programs, it is recommended to arrange the caps as follows:

The name of the program

Screen or logo of the program (size - 320x240)


Opportunities: (with obligatory use of bb-code "" Insert List ")
  • paragraph 1
  • point 2
  • point 3
  • etc.

Operating system: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, MacOS, Ubuntu Linux

Homepage: Program website .....

Download: Link (official site) or attached file

[SIZE = 4] [B] [COLOR = darkblue] Program Name [/ COLOR] [/ B] [/ SIZE]

Screen or logo of the program (size - 320x240)

[B] Description: [/ B]

[B] Features: [/ B]
[*]paragraph 1
[*]point 2
[*]point 3
[*] etc. [/ LIST]

[B] Operating System: [/ B]

[B] Homepage: [/ B] [url = "http: //."] Program website [/ url] ....

[B] Download: [/ B] Link or file

All other images or screenshots, if any, are hidden in the spoiler.

Software for PC, as well as the OS itself, is FORBIDDEN on the forum!

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For questions about filling the caps, please contact the section moderators via the buttonPictureunder the messages to which you want to add links, or through QMS.

Therefore, if you consider something really important, then do not be lazy to write to the curator / moderator in QMS. I want to explain a littlehow to do it right - so that they would understand you and not waste your time on finding out the details:
  1. In your opinion, how should a link to a useful message be headlined and provide the link itself?
  2. In which topic, in which section and in which subsection of the headings it is proposed to add this.
Here is an example of a real message in QMS about the addition to the header:
Message subject: "Suggestion for editing caps "Chuwi vi8 - Firmware" "
Message text:
I propose to add the following addition to the header. In the theme of the firmware VI8, under the spoiler "Instructions", after the item "Clarification about the fresh bios" you can add:
"Description of BIOS firmware and links to various BIOS versions" -Chuwi vi8 - Firmware (Post vova-55 # 38967251)

And, voila, after a while such a change was considered useful and was made.
Probably, not everyone knows how to write messages in a QMS to a specific person:
1. To the left of the message text at the top is the author's NIC, underlined and in bold.
2. Here, click on the name of the person to whom you want to write a message in QMS and in the menu that opens
choose item: "Messages (QMS)"
Attached Image
If you want to write to the curator of the topic, then look for his nickname to the left of the header at the top or in the list of topics in the section.
Attached Image

3. If you need to provide a link to a specific message, then ... To the right of the text of the message at the top is written something like: "Message#2986". On the number, click RMB (right mouse button) and in the drop-down menu, select" Copy link address. "
Attached Image

SystemComplaints inaccessible to curators, only moderators of the section see complaints. But the moderator, unlike the curator of a specific topic, is not always up to date with events in all topics of the controlled section, therefore, if you want your appeal to be translated into concrete actions, necessarily write in detail where you would like to see the caps and how the specific link should be titled. But you do not need to give a link to the post, when you click on the button Pictureunder the message, a link to it is automatically attached to the complaint.

And now about thathow to use keyword search The same questions are often encountered in the topic, despite the fact that these issues have already been discussed many times. Therefore, if you have a question, then first think about using which keyword to search for answers in the discussion topics. Naturally, you will have to read it thoughtfully. Practice, do this little homework. In real situations, you may need to make several attempts, changing the keyword, and possibly rereading several pages. Sometimes you have to look in neighboring topics, but it's worth it.
I also recommend to read the topic.Forum

The idea of ​​this announcement was borrowed fromvova-55, for which many thanks to him.

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An approximate search for popular programs and games by forum features (IP.Board engine)
  1. Go to the desired section with a catalog of programs or games (for exampleSystem utilitiesAndroid programs)

  2. Scroll the page to the end, and in the bottom right you see a small panel sorting topics by event
    Attached ImageAttached Image

  3. The last three drop-down menus are configured as follows:Attached Image

  4. You can experiment with the first menu with the following items:Attached Image"By: answers" - the most optimal (IMHO)

  5. PressAttached Image

  6. As a result, get an approximate user popularity rating of applications, and the choice becomes easier.

Search topics onsavagemessiahzine.comin which you wrote messages
  1. Go to the following link:http: //
    • It can also be taken on any page of the forum.
    • Click in the upper right corner of any page.Attached Image, then in the pop-up window clickAttached Image

  2. Arrange everything as shown in the screenshot:
    Attached ImageAttached Image

  3. PressAttached Image
  4. As a result, get all the topics where there are your posts.

You can also find topics with the participation of another user by changing your nickname to another.
Search forum topic take the time to ask, probably the question has already been discussed.
Basic moments
  • Do not use any punctuation marks in your query (nothing but letters and numbers).
  • No need to write in the search bar the whole memoirs about what you need to find. It is enough to shorten this sentence to the most important words.
    For example, instead of a query:
    How to glue a broken vase fallen on a fairly hard surface from a height of 2 meters

    It is necessary:
    glue a broken vase

Once I came across a question from a user for help. He asked:
Latest client versiondoes not send files , displays "file transfer canceled". Can I somehow solve this problem?

As a result of this issue, I had to "throw out" all the extra words. Happened:
does not send files

I entered this phrase into the search box and the topic search yielded a lot of results with answer choices.

  1. In the topic that matches your request, find:Attached Image
  2. Out the windowAttached Imageenter a query (short).
  3. ClickAttached Image
  4. Look for the answer to your question or a question similar to yours.
  5. If you find a question similar to yours, but you do not see the answer (you want to see what the users wrote about this message), clickAttached Imageunder the message which is the question.
  6. If the answer is not found, you can ask in the topic.

The instruction was created for the topic. Jasmine im

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