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Lg Home | LG desktop

Rep: (123)
Lg home
version: x.xx

Last update of the program in the header:07.01.2011

Tags: llll launcher

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Attached Image

Standard desktop of LG GT540

Copy LGhome.apk to system / app
set the rights as in neighboring applications

Additional Information
Russian interface: Yes

Download: version: x.xx
Attached fileLGHome.apk(5.4 MB)

modified LG home from LG optimus one

Past versions

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Rep: (55)
What are the differences from
LG Optimus Home Launcher

Rep: (123)
This is the standard lg, and thats the similarity to it

Rep: (790)
Co1D, the one with OpyimusZ, so don't scream. With different models is simple. Sam portan or what? The mailer would tear to work;)

qwir this one is for HVGA and sharpened under 3 "(the one is WVGA), buttons in the bar, sorting in the application list into two groups only (native and installed)

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Rep: (55)
In the sense of torn?
Under the small screen and two icons below?

Did not have time)

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Rep: (123)
mixed up ....
he tore it up, I'll try to tear out the mail the other day ..

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Rep: (790)
Co1D, I think if you do, you’ll pick up the pros: this is the most sensible of all on Android.

Rep: (74)
As I understand it, you need to throw it into the system folder, because it just does not want to be installed (who installed it on the back, unsubscribe)

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Rep: (22)
it weighs a lot ... widgets available?

Rep: (40)
FrozenSE @ 09/16/2010, 19:39*
sorting in the list of applications into two groups only (native and installed)

I do not agree, it is sorted not only into two categories. You can name the category yourself (menu button), and move the necessary applications there! I don’t know how many categories you can create (but enough). The only thing is that you can’t have the application in several categories

Rep: (123)
it weighs a lot ... widgets available?

no widgets no

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Rep: (1964)
Co1D @ 09/17/2010, 14:56*
no widgets no

why is he so fat? o.o

Rep: (123)
why is he so fat?

I don’t know, ask LG;)

Rep: (22)
yes a bit thick. LP about 2 meters with widgets weighs ...

Rep: (7)
Co1d The question is not about the launcher ... and the Sport-Express application with an optimus to tear?

Rep: (123)
offz ok there will be a sport express: happy:

Rep: (14)
And I want a bastard (

Rep: (4)
: happy: get chtol from the file system ??? without b ... contact kama cho need ..

Rep: (22)
Yes, to know what is there :-): blush:

Rep: (0)
something is not installed ... then what kind of dances do you need?

Rep: (123)
here you can search what you need;)

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