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WhatsApp Messenger | phone to phone messaging

Rep: (911)
Whatsapp messenger for android
Version: 2.19.175 / 2.19.184

Last update of the program in the header: 19.06.2019

| WhatsApp PC v3.3330 - Discussion | WhatsApp Stickers - all about them |
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Short description:
Direct messaging from smartphone to smartphone without using SMS (any Internet is required).
From January 18, 2016, WhatsApp became free.
The application is designed for direct messaging from a smartphone to a smartphone without using SMS. There are client versions for:iPhone, Android.Supports the transfer of images, audio recordings, video, all types of documents, files of all types (up to 127 megabytes), as well as location on the map and contact information. You can attach both an existing audio recording and dictate a new one using the built-in voice recorder function. At the same time, it is possible to send both messages and content to the user who is currently offline.
The main distinctive feature of the program from other instant messengers is binding to a phone number (this, in a sense, makes it related to iMessage for iOS). Those. there are no user identifiers (like ICQ numbers or kik or skype nicknames) and a related task to find and add them, the program simply scans your phone book for numbers registered in the system and generates a list of contacts. All of your friends who use this program are immediately available for correspondence.

in the Business version, there may be paid services.

About the application:
Required Android version: 4.0.3 +
Russian interface: Yes.
Developer: WhatsApp Inc.
Video call: Android 4.1 +
Homepage: Attached Image
Google Play (Play Store): Attached Image
Presentation_Picturefrom= SHVARZ =
Attention: WhatsApp version has a limited life! approximately ~ 100 days. then the version is blocked on WhatsApp Inc. servers.

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Download Official versions:
What to put what processor in my device?
(Stable with Play Store. For each processor.) Android 4.0.3 / 9.0
Version: 2.19.175. (452843) Stable. (apm-v7a). release from G.P, Android 4.0.3 / 9.0. from 06.17.19
Version: 2.19.175. (452845) Stable. (apm64-v8a). release from G.P, Android 4.0.3 / 9.0. from 06.17.19
Version: 2.19.175. (452844) Stable. (x86). release from G.P, Android 4.0.3 / 9.0. from 06.17.19
Version: 2.19.175. (452846) Stable. (64_x86). release from G.P, Android 4.0.3 / 9.0. from 06.17.19
WhatsApp for Android 2.3.4+ (will stop working in 2020)
ARM. from 07/05/17> Latest version:2.17.253 build 451895
(for all processors: arm-v7a / arm64-v8a / x86 / x86_64)
Beta versions:
Version: 2.19.184 Beta. with GP, oc Android 4.0.3 / 9.0

Download,Mods and Mods.New from: 06/25/19
Attention, All Mods are installed at your Fear and Risk!- resource and releasers of modifications They are not responsible for possible damage to the device and the security of personal data of users of these mods. Be careful not to use them.
in all mods whatsapp changed signature. also added scripts for: registration. and additional options. scripts are poorly recognized by weak antiviruses. and can be detected as a virus. -to install a mod or No, everyone decides.
large antiviruses well recognize the safe and dangerous part of the scripts.
The site security system checks all files when they are posted on the forum. In case of detection / suspicion of viruses, such files will be deleted. if a repeated check by moderators of a section confirms the presence of malicious code ...
* * *
On mods Backup / Restore on google disk does not work. for Mods there is a flexible option, synchronization with the cloud service through,FolderSync v1 / v2
What is the difference in fashion in the subject. from app with play store?
Works of our members of the Forum, Modifications. New from: 06/25/19
Rare fashion our members of the forum. (Catalog) update 06/25/19
Mods from the developer Begal. (Catalog) (write to the author only in QMS! in English.)Updated 06/21/19

Lite Mod Beta: Version: 2.19.153 of 05/26/19 (Alex Ognev)
WhatsApp v2.19.153 Clone. Based on Ognevsky. Arm-v7a. com.whatsapq WhatsApp (Post 4.4.2-KitKat. From 06/08/19)
extended by Mod Tamerlana. version 6.40 >HERE<
Graphic Beta Mod. Taver Dark Edition: Version: 2.19.153 of 05/28/19 (Taver Andrey)
Blackened graphical WhatsApp mod in SamSony style * a. Without customization. Always, the current version. author:(mcarrowlaw.)

Project RUS MOD. (dated 06.25.19)

1. RUS MOD is a modification of the finished mod, taken from the topic.
2. Modifier, Does not fix global bugs of the original mod.
3. Modifier mod does: the most complete / accurate translation, removes ads from the author of the mod, removes unnecessary languages ​​leaving Russian / English.
4. The modifier may make minor corrections at its discretion, without impairing the functionality and performance of the mod.
5. Modifier, does everything on a voluntary basis, in his free time.
6. The modified mod itself is not updated. Follow the update in the post modifier mod.
7. No need to write a modifier mod in QMS about the implementation of your personal desires!


valid modifier, qwerty_up . work: modYoWhatsApp RUS. v7.92. extension. ARM-v7a. Base - 2.19.34. (from 28.05.19)

valid modifier, Alman (Aka: hhaacckkeerr) . work: modLightweight Mod-Lite RUS.GBWA + / GBWA v7.00. Lite. fix.ARM-v7a. Base - 2.19.17. (from 06/21/19)

valid modifier, Tamerlane (Aka: Tamerlan 095) . Work: mod GBWhatsApp Plus. 7.00 fix. ARM-v7a. (from: 06.25.19)

There are no authors in the topic.below listed mods onlyReleasers- (write them that in a fashion bug, it makes no sense!).
separate themes for mods. OsmThemes v1.8
Mods with Russification.from 06/22/19

Graphic Fashion .

Whatsapp mod frompanatta-sport graphic mod No customization. (requiredROOT)
Whatsapp v2.19.00. (12/30/18). Base 2.18.383 [Universal]

WhatsApp Plus / GBWhatsApp[Omar (atnfas_hoak)]
GBWA + 7.0. fix. (06/22/19 new) Base 2.19.17 - customization in some places, without translation.
YoWhatsApp [Yousef Al-Basha] (you can turn on the interface (from 2014, without tabs at the top)look HERE)
YoWhatsApp 7.99. fix. (06/21/19 new) Base 2.19.150. Russian fromqwerty_up
* GBWhatsapp + RUS *[Rezvan]
GBWA + 7.10. fix. (06/22/19 new) Base 2.19.17
Whatsapp + reborn[Abo2sadam]
WhatsAppPlus 6.85 (04/18/19 new) Base 2.19.17
Whatsapp aero[Hazar BozKURT] v7.99. fix. (06/22/19 new) Base 2.19.150
Rc yowaiOS style / GLAX style[Richar Correa] v7.90 (05/09/19 new) Base 2.19.34

Mods without Russification.from 06.23.19
Russian base, there is.
and additional settings - (customization), without.(or a couple of settings, can be in Russian)

WhatsApp + [Jimtechs Editions]
JiMODs WhatsApp + v7.99 (06/23/19 new) Base 2.19.150
Fouad WhatsApp MODS
Fouad WhatsApp 7.99. (19.06.19 new.) Base 2.19.150
NOWhatsApp (+)[Abu Norah (@norahmods)]
NOWA + 9.46 (04/06/19 new) Base 2.19.34. - until 01-01-2021

Collection of rare Mods.>>here<< for advanced users. there are different smilies. and opportunities. (06.2019)

Past versions of whatsapp. andModov
Attached ImageNot current stable WhatsApp versionsfrom Google Play. for Android 4.0.3 / 9.0

ARM.v7. from 03.06.19> Version:2.19.159 build 452824
ARM64.v8a. from 03.06.19> Version:2.19.159 build 452826
X86. from 03.06.19> Version:2.19.159 build 452825
X86_64. from 03.06.19> Version:2.19.159 build 452827

ARM.v7. from 21.05.19> Version:2.19.150 build 452812
ARM64.v8a. from 21.05.19> Version:2.19.150 build 452814
X86. from 21.05.19> Version:2.19.150 build 452813
X86_64. from 21.05.19> Version:2.19.150 build 452815

ARM.v7. from 20.05.19> Version:2.19.147 build 452806
ARM64.v8a. from 20.05.19> Version:2.19.147 build 452808


Stable versions of WhatsApp. 2019 versions of which are more than 120 days. May not work.
Past versions of Modov are taken out in a separate post.
Archive Mods WhatsApp. 2015/2016/2017/2018/2019

Why was my post removed?
  • 1. All posts violating the FORUM RULES and the RULES of behavior in the TOPIC - will be deleted without warning.
  • 2. Messages like "Thank you, we will check now", "Hooray, everything turned out", etc. - will be deleted without warning.
  • 3. Questions, the answer to which is directly given in the header, as well as the answers to these questions will be deleted without warning or explanation.
  • 4. Comments on answers like: “I do the same” or “I do the same” - will be deleted without warning and explanation.
  • 5. Questions like "Which version or (mod) is better?", "Should I update?", "What are the cardinal differences from the previous one?" And tips like "Put this one on, it's great!" Lead to a meaningless flood and will be deleted without warning .
  • 6. Thank-you posts like “Thank you, helped! ...” are deleted without explanation. The forum has a reputation change system, an additional plus to the author’s reputation, better than the text “Thank you”.
  • 7. Specific questions without instructions: the model of the device, the version of Android firmware, the shell (EMUI). and whatsapp or mod versions. - will be deleted without warning.

Tips and Utilities. New from: 20/05/19
Installation instructions for WhatsApp on Android media set-top box. MYGICA ATV 495X [Android] (Post volkodav1975 # 72656160)
The possibility of repainting WhatsApp from GP. in the dark gamut.(required: Android 6.0.1 / 7.x / 8.x /. and ROOT.) ®Substratum Theme Engine

Lists of disabled services / receivers / activations / providers for WhatsApp (Post Kucher2000)according to this article. (need root)
MTS operator - SMS does not come with the Code.?>we march to the office and draw up a complaint against the mts. (To learn more)
How to put Team Black Out .. TBO do not pass SMS verification. >HERE<
Option to remove the Big Chat. (~ 10 thousand posts) >HERE<
Options for how to remove the daily notification of the WhatsApp New Version read HERE
GBWhatsApp log in detail *) here (*
WhatsApp does not see Xiaomi - MIUI contacts. >HERE<
Where to find this painter?
Want to turn off the camera sound in whatsapp,(need Root) Read here
We remove duplicate contacts: Collection of methods. >HERE<
Beta testing, I want: Become / Refuse
Sending any files through WhatsApp, (file size up to 70 megabytes, officially) >HERE<
How to remove all media from WhatsApp Immediately! >HERE<
I can not restore a local copy of the chat. Whatsapp looks in google disk >solution<
Like all photos and media, remove from Chat. >HERE<
A way to disable logging in mod.need a root >HERE<
Method Font change in GBWA mod. >HERE<
Make a link to go to your chat or WhatsApp group >HERE<
Migrate chat history from WHATSAPP to GBWHATSAPP. instruction from Team GBMODS

Utilities: from 5/20/19
cloning utility whatsapp. App Cloner WA + v1.7.0.0 from 04/25/19
Rus Mod Beta Updater for WhatsApp. >UpdateWA<
Export the WhatsApp encryption key without root NEED PYTHON 2
Merge multiple WhatsApp backups into one. instruction.need a root
Recovery, and transfer of chat: from mod, in of.WhatsApp. and back. [Need ROOT]>HERE<
Answering Machine Pro for WhatsApp. and AutoResponder for WhatsApp ™ #New Pro ®AutoResponder for WhatsApp. (Current version)
Quick response. - Quick Replay v1.2.6 Premium
"Commentator for Whatsapp" - Reader for Whatsapp + 1.2.7 >HERE<from 04/18/17
Audio to Text - Voice memo to text converter. v2.7.4 [Ad-Free] 10/25/17
With WaSend You can send any file up to 150 MB through WhatsApp. WaSend Pro - No Ads v1.1.2
qeuBot Chatbot for WhatsApp (Android 5.0+) v1.12 [Premium]>HERE<from 22.05.17
WhatsApp web Clone for Android
WhatsWeb Pro v1.0.4. from 02/19/17
Whatscan Pro for WhatsApp web v1.3. from 02/19/17
Dual Account for Whatsapp WEB Pro v1.0. 04/23/17
translation of 3. applications. fromH. papasha55
How to use one WhatsApp account on two phones >HERE<
who wants to install 2 of. whatsapp or 2 identical mods. (multiprofiles) * for variable work *. >HERE<
Parallel Run two copies of the same application. * parallel work * >HERE<
Export yesterday's chat from whatsapp. in different text formats.(need Root. or equivalent) >HERE<
Transfer of WhatsApp history, from Apple to Android Migrator.4.1.94>HERE< 15.05.19 and >HERE< still options for transferring android to iphone>HERE<
WhatsApp directory on external memory (microSD). | ROOT | >HERE<
WhatsApp directory on external memory (microSD). | ROOT | method 2 >HERE<
Alternative synchronization for Mods, with cloud service >HERE<
fake chat - WhatsFake Pro. | ROOT |(Ad-free) v1.2.3>HERE<from 04.25.17
WhatsFake Pro v1.4Patched >here<from 10.16.17
WhatsFake Pretend Fake Chats v2.5.14 [Pro]
View Deleted Messages. -in whatsapp "do not read deleted messages. v4.1 [Pro] 05/07/18Giacomino
WA Delete for Everyone / View Deleted Messages. -in whatsapp "do not read deleted messages. v4.2 [Pro] 08/05/18Alex0047
Hide Read for WhatsApp. -covertly read messages v1.0.15 build.15
Private Read for WhatsApp. -Offline reader allowing you to read WhatsApp messages without online appearance v1.18.0 [Pro]
Unseen - No Last Seen. -Thanks to Unseen, your contacts will not know that you are reading their messages. v2.2.7 + Unlocked
Open in Whatsapp. -write to a phone number that is not in contacts. V 2.1 here.
GIFs for Whatsapp. (gif maker pro) GIF Maker Pro NO ADS v1.2
Photos from whatsapp contacts. WhatsApp Contact Photo Sync
Contact Sync for WhatsApp (ROOT). (Unreleased) v0.62b [Pro]. from 12.06.18
Xposed WhatsApp.Emoji.Replacer 2 Full 3.5>HERE<07/07/17
Xposed KMod 2.10 for WhatsApp >HERE<
Xposed module, for WhatsApp, hides the * Status * tabneed a root >HERE<
Xposed module WStatusHide v1.0 >HERE<new
Xposed module, WhatsApp Quiet Hours- quiet hours for WhatsApp notifications (ROOT needed) Quiet Hours RUS 1.5.2 from SW. wasp3792 01/19/18
Xposed module, WA Tweaker for WhatsApp4.0.3+ | ROOT | v1.1.8_universal. 02.11.18. from, giacomino.
Xposed module, WA Tweaks for WhatsApp v2.7.6. [Ad Free]. 11.02.18. from, Alex0047.
Xposed module, WA Tweaks for WhatsApp RUS v2.0.9>HERE<10.01.17. 3D_MASTER
Xposed Ultimate WhatsApp Theme Engine 5.4.10 >HERE<from 08/01/17
Whatsapp material themesfrom, krasnodar535
Program for easy cleaning of media files / databases Cleaner for WhatsApp
>HERE<Version: v1.0.13. from 09/16/16
A tool to clean whatsapp files. WCleaner for WA (No Ads)
>HERE<Version: v2.3.2 of 09/19/18. from, giacomino.
>HERE<Version: v2.3.1 of 02/19/17. from, Alex0047. + RUS
Call RecorderWhatsapp
Messenger Call Recorder 1.2 Ad-Free_Rus
Messenger Call Recorder v1.2 [Ad-Free]
Messenger Call Recorder 1.1
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Attention! WhatsApp announced the fight against mods, temporary blocking is applied to mod users. Everyone who uses mods is recommended to start moving smoothly to the official app. Staying on a modified WhatsApp you will sooner or later get * temporary lock * - see the post received a temporary ban

I urge the members of the forum not to litter the topic with posts of such a plan:
I have the 5th ban; I do not want official whatsapp; my mod was banned; is this mod 100% without a ban ?; put this while without a ban; when the mod comes out with a full anti-ban; 48 hours without a ban; -and similar. Such posts do not bear informative load for readers of the topic and will be deleted!

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Rep: (11)
Kod5102 @ 06.26.19, 07:49*
Avatar contacts are no longer saved, how to fix it?

* kod5102 You can safely save the avatars of contacts through web version ;)
If there is a root, then they are here./data/data/com.whatsapp/cache/Profile Pictures

vadim1111s @ 06/11/19, 01:43*
Avatars are here
/data/data/com.whatsapp/cache/Profile Pictures

Post has been editedD3stiny - Today, 10:43

Rep: (63)
And why is the system size hlamit vatsap so precious?
Why is it not human for everything in the whatsap media folder? and in the system only keep the numbers ... mystery ...

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