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Thinkfree Office | View, edit, create documents for Word / Excel / Powerpoint

Rep: (77)
Thinkfree Office
Version: 7.0.170125

Last update of the program in the header:08.02.2017

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Short description:
View, edit, create documents for Word / Excel / Powerpoint.

Thinkfree Office - we work with office documents from Microsoft. Supported by viewing, editing and creating documents for Word / Excel / Powerpoint. The program is also capable of displaying PDF documents.

Android 2.x

Homepage: http://thinkfree.com/
Market :
Russian interface: there is

Version 7.0.170125 Pro Thinkfree Office (Giacomino Post # 58109637)
Version 5.0.130117 Free //savagemessiahzine.com/forum/dl/post/2529181/ThinkFree_Office_5.0.130117.apk
Version 5.0.121018 (HD) //savagemessiahzine.com/forum/dl/post/2520799/Thinkfree_Office_5.0.121018_crk.apk

Past Versions

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Reason for editing: new version

Rep: (40)
On 2.1 it starts, but asks for activation.

Rep: (30)
It costs 5 bucks, lay out the full, if anyone has: blush:

Rep: (241)
Mrxiii @ 2.9.10, 18:09*
... but asks for activation.

And who bothers to click on the activation?

CrazyRAT86 @ 2.9.10, 19:56*
... if anyone has

This is complete.

Post has been editedVyacheslav-s - 02.09.10, 17:39

Rep: (62)
On Galaxy S is delivered free of charge on all firmware: D

Rep: (30)
I meant grunted. I clicked "activate now", and he "does not manage to activate on this device".

Rep: (10)
damn, already office and he wants 2.x

Rep: (6)
A couple of minutes of use very much. It takes time to compare, but I think a great competitor is DocuStoGou !!!
The presence of support for the Russian interface - the bomb

Post has been editedTroll_X650 - 02.09.10, 22:28

Rep: (79)
Judging by the description on the site, the current version is only a viewing of documents. Editing promise to version 2.0.
And 4.99 ye - this is for each component of the view (separately Word, separately Excel, etc. - each of 4.99). If you take in bulk, then 9.99.

Rep: (3)
people give crack for the program ((((((

Rep: (62)
ementat @ 3.9.10, 11:48*
Judging by the description on the site, the current version is only a viewing of documents. Editing promise to version 2.0.
And 4.99 ye - this is for each component of the view (separately Word, separately Excel, etc. - each of 4.99). If you take in bulk, then 9.99.

I calmly create word documents ...

Rep: (28)
Prog - WEIGHT! Shows complex graphs in Excel, supports MT. Dokumets2goo this can not. Who-thread lay out the registered version, pliz.

Rep: (1)
Until I found the reason why documents are not saved on the sd-card. (Rather, even a document is created, but the changes are not saved).
Apparatus - Galaxy with.

Rep: (198)
I have been looking for a long time with what to create / modify Word / Excel documents. At first I found Doc To Go, but it is non-Russian, paid, and generally sad :(. Fortunately, this program is different! And then I gave her a small crash test (at the same time I learned the possibilities: happy :)):

TXT, DOC, DOCX: txt opened; doc and docx 1-1,5MB thought for a long time and didn’t open it (maybe there was something extra in them), docx and doc 0,1-0,7MB opened, There are 3 "Display Mode": white background-black text, " gray "background-black text and black background" gray "text, which is convenient to read. You can change the document: change the text (size 8-72,F , TO , 2, 2, choose a color in a full-fledged palette), add a picture (from the gallery, from the camera, draw in the built-in editor), how to delete the picture did not find, select the text (whole, word, line, paragraph), change the text position (left, middle, on the right), work with the buffer (copy, cut, paste). So the scale is changing (25-50-75-100 + multitouch-scaling !!!), there is a search (in my opinion, convenient — everything found is highlighted).

XLS, XLSX: I discovered everything that I had, even the 3D graphic was drawn: D. There is cell editing, inserting pictures, changing the number format, the font (all the same thing), drawing borders, text layout and fill. Save to xls only.

I did not check the rest, this is enough for me: happy :. The program offered to start activating, but I fed it with promises to do it later: rolleyes:. I hope this is not some time trial.

Rep: (1)
Build under the Samsung.
On the milestone is not activated.

Rep: (1)
It was not possible to change your message (# 13), perhaps this is due to the current work on the server.
In general, it became even steeper: I create a document, but it can not immediately open. Only previously created are opened. I rebooted, tried to create both on the phone itself and on the map.
In general, it was updated to version 2.0, the joint was gone, plus now you can create and edit documents on the sd card.

Rep: (13)
exel 95 opens?

Rep: (1)
A good program only kills a constant reminder about the activation (can someone post a broken version of the program): blush:

Rep: (0)
I got up from the first time, when I started it, I pressed it to activate, it was activated, it works fine, it saves documents normally.

Rep: (21)
Strange, someone is activated, someone is not ...
Upgraded to 2.0 from the program itself?

Post has been editedSobesednik83 - 14.09.10, 03:40

Rep: (283)
I do not have time to upgrade to 100% during the update and crashes with the subsequent overload of the smart (memory is not enough?)

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