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> Creating and editing firmware | Dumps, utilities, instructions, SYS, OEM, XIP, etc.
26.08.10, 19:29
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Creating and editing firmware based on Windows Phone 7
Creating and editing firmware based on Windows Phone 7 | Communicating romodelssavagemessiahzine.com

This topic discusses issues of creating and modifying firmware based on Windows Phone 7. Also, problems and their solutions in already assembled firmware are discussed here.
All relevant information is contained in the first posts of the topic.
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saintonotoleI am very grateful for the reference, there will still be a request if there is an instruction how to sew the program into the firmware and how to remove it into the settings please give, thank you
11.11.13, 01:35

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vadik_narkosha,The basic instruction with the very basics is here:Instructions for creating your own firmware(written for htc, but only the file format is different, the interaction with the builder is exactly the same). With regard to specific techniques and tweaks, it will be easier to disassemble someone else's caste, and see how everything is organized there.
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01.02.14, 12:33

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Hello everyone, is it possible to put a picture on the background in the Omnia W instead of a single color on the desktop?
Standard not, but maybe there are some hacks firmware?

23.04.16, 21:16

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Good time, dear!
Somehow once on the NTS НD2 I put Android.
I would like to know: is there such an opportunity in nature - to install WP or WM on an android device?
Do not scold. thank

13.02.17, 18:55
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EXE files A good time of day, tell a newbie to buy a Lumia 550 (Lumia Windows 10) hoped that I would install the RADMIN client and control the computer at work, shooed the installer in the exe version and the msi version, but it wasn’t can I run the file "something you can do about it

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