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Text edit
Version: 1.5.0

Last update of the program in the header:29.10.2011

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Russian interface: Unknown
A simple text editor.

Note to the program site:Unfortunately, this application is not recommended for large files. This restriction mechanism of the text on the Android OS.

Homepage: http://textedit.paulmach.com/
Cyrket: http://www.cyrket.com/p/android/org.paulmach.textedit/

Version: 1.5.0 Ru http: //savagemessiahzine.com/forum/dl/post/1239842/textedit1.5.0_ru.apk transfer OsitKP
Version: 1.5.0 http: //savagemessiahzine.com/forum/dl/post/1239841/textedit1.5.0.apk

Past versions:

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Reason for editing: added new version

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If you learn how to edit large text files, it is very, very necessary.

Rep: (2)
And to understand the different encodings besides Unicode.

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: Rolleyes: long to find this program, thanks to the author):! Yes2:

Rep: (38)
New version 1.3.3

Text Edit 1.3.3 (released 2010-12-31)
Search in menu
Made app singleTop like it should be
Fixed some intent bugs

Text Edit 1.3.2 (released 2010-10-01)
Fixed UI error

Text Edit 1.3.1 (released 2010-08-09)
Move app to SD card

Text Edit 1.3.0 (released 2010-07-19)
Added search via the "search" button

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Rep: (5)
Great program

Rep: (4)
Thank. Useful.

Rep: (0)
Thanks, that is necessary!

Rep: (0)
For my purposes --- that's it !!!
: thank_you:

Rep: (0)
thanks to the author) useful programmulku))

Rep: (18)
"New" version! : Happy:
Attached filetextedit1.3.3.apk(127.57 KB)

Rep: (53)
valek03 @ 04.08.2010, 00:58*
Russian interface: Unknown

I take on the translation. Although the text and awfully small, but it's better to read in their native language

Rep: (19)
Offset :)

Rep: (5)
New update on 03.09.2011here

Rep: (7784)
neofrost @ 08.09.2011, 02:41*
New update from 03.09.2011 here

I did the translation. : Blush:
Spread with the original. Version 1.5.0:

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Attached filetextedit1.5.0.apk(128.23 KB)
Attached filetextedit1.5.0_ru.apk(122.11 KB)

Post has been editedOsitKP - 28.10.11, 12:34

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Steep vesch operates at 100% (HTC Desire S)

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I somehow only display numbers rather than letters of question marks.

Rep: (1)
To read and create text. documents, such as the description of the downloaded prog - good. It is interesting that you can change the background color and font!

Rep: (0)
That's annoying, but where to get vim Mona?

Rep: (10)
"A simple text editor" - well, in general, and there are

Rep: (0)
Prompt, the program can navigate links within open document? Or tell the editor where you can at the beginning of the document Sosa reference to parts of the document, which would then quickly peremeschatsya on it.

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