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> Database threw | Attention!!!
01.08.10, 13:51
One day I will come for you ....

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"Database" on a variety of sites and people who "throw."

1) We describe the problem, write the nickname or the site "threw" and write how you can at least return something.
2) I ask without bashing, stupid kommentoff and other funny things.I will punish!
I ask everyone to take it more seriously.
Le taon
23.07.12, 14:38
chan man

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ATTENTION! Unscrupulous intermediaries!

dudes after posting a message, they were honored to reply to my mail. moreover, and joking:
"If you think that the quality of Our services is not at the level - you are free to do what you want! Spend your time pouring mud at our resource and our service, but think about it beforehand: why do We have only positive reviews on our site?!?!?"

Yes, because you negative reviews, like mine, delete !!! : rofl:

Threat I hope not too with a humor. After this hassle, humor helps a little ...

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htc3400-->nokia5310-->Samsung i900 WiTu-->Motorola Em30-->HTC Hero-->Acer neoTouch-->Iphone 3G-->Nokia 5800 + Motorola Milestone XT720-->WiTu + Atrix-->Sharp SH-12C-->Nokia 5530-->LG LU6200-->Pantech Vega Racer 2-->Razr HD-->Razr M-->Razr-->Sony Xperia Z-->Razr M XT905-Meizu mx3-Meizu m2 note-Le S3 X626
17.10.12, 14:52
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Hello to all.
Do not buy anything in this store there specifically throw Renovate Mobilnik.ru

I ordered a touchpad and a display for the Samsung i900 from them, they sent something on the touchpad that is not taped, and the display when connected is only green
Attaching photo
Wrote them about the problem
Here is their answer ____
in the presence of all the labels of films and warranty labels, we produce an exchange or refund.

more interesting

Do you have all the labels and you did not remove them from the parts you ordered (i.e., they are not broken)?

My answer------
What do you mean, are you kidding me there. How would I put the display on without removing the protective film and breaking the label.
Packages and labels on everything remained.

Their answer--------
if you have violated these terms, unfortunately we will not be able to replace them under warranty.
P.S. Before installation, it is necessary to check the spare parts before connecting them to the phone board.

So my friends invited me to their side for the new year, I think I’ll meet with this seller and we’ll talk about how you can check it out without removing the display from the packaging.

So, if you do not want to step on my rake, do not take anything from them.
Regards Akram

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08.02.13, 18:58

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And so on our site was a scammer !!!
Here is his email "О±П…О±ОіОіОµО»ОЇО± О›ОµПЂП„ОїП…ПЃОіОїПЌ"<[email protected]>[email protected]
He offered to buy for 12000 rubles with the transfer of iPad mini 16gb + 4G, iPhone 5 16gb
Sent me a receipt with the track inserted there using paint !!!
The track on the site of the mail of Greece is not registered!
And the address with full name is not what he called!
He offered to send money to the Sberbank card! Introduced ENTUARNT KOTIDIS MANOLOS ERMIDIS !!!

For a long time I cursed with me what exactly I had deceived him and did not send the money !!!

iPhone Xs Max 256gb Dual Sim/ iPhone XR plus 64gb/iPadPro 128 + LTE /iPhone SE 128gb/ iPod shuffle 4th/

Apple Watch 4 44mm Nike download

24.03.13, 03:28
a guest

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frobo,To message # 9, to unite everyone who has suffered and to each such person, send messages (return the money to that_to)
until his blacklist cracks at the seams. But the face, it's good to stuff, it helps: yes2:
15.04.13, 18:10

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They sent me a dead phone (they poked a clip in all holes, broke the microphone and contacts), trying to make me guilty, from communication only one thing: "Do you forgive us?" and all
on aliexpress in their picturessavagemessiahzine.com.

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26.04.13, 12:26

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Kazareichuk Sergey Yuryevich professional swindler, threw me in 2010. at $ 3,500 was associated with the firm of contrust (Electronic Cigarettes) I, found many people whom he threw and even for a larger sum than me, I thought he was hiding, but not here, then he throws, he found on the topichttp://sinocom.ru/showthread.php?t=15157And the EPT on the links indicated in the subject saw a photo of this citizen in contact and ofigel --- and no one beat off Bosko during this time.
Be careful!

Posted on 04/26/2013, 12:26 PM:

At the moment, the photo in the contact is deleted, all sites and groups are also deleted, probably inventing a new scam, beware !!!!!!!!!!!

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26.04.13, 20:10

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wandererbkHmm, interesting, and creating this topic, no one thought that they can throw slander here? Who checks the information given by userssavagemessiahzine.com? Apparently the moral question, the creation of this topic, was resolved in favor of the fact that 10 true posts compensate for 1 false post. But decent people can suffer. To call a person a thief or a “kidaloy”, for such statements there are specialized sites, law enforcement agencies, the court in the end.
My opinion is to close this topic, but for all the will of the moderators.

If something depended on the elections, we would not be allowed to participate in them. В© Mark Twain
11.05.13, 06:11

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Ruslanbag43 @ 04/27/2013, 01:10*
My opinion is to close this topic, but for all the will of the moderators.

I do not agree. Apparently, you have never been deceived in this way. And the people should know their "heroes". An honest person, in case of a mistake, can whitewash himself somehow, I think. Information about scam should be accessible to all. She helped a lot and, I hope, will continue to help. For example, in my case with D. Smirnov. I started to return the money. The partners with whom Smirnov is now working apparently decided that it would be cheaper to return me money than to suffer damage from his reputation. Not all the money back yet, 2500 out of 15500, but I hope. I see that the partners of Smirnov did work here and my last post indicating the website of the company and the page of partner Smirnov on VKontakte rubbed. Well, I will recover this data if the amount is not fully returned to me in the near future.

Update: another 1000 returned, 12000 left "total" :)

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12.05.13, 11:45

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New iPad Mini WiFi + 4g 64GB (white / black)
Ability to ship:Not

The possibility of bargaining:Yes

Description of your device:

who knows what's the catch?http://bit.ly/17gED2A

iPad Mini WiFi + 4g 16GB (white / black) - 11,900 rubles
iPad Mini WiFi + 4g 32GB (white / black) - 12,190 rubles
iPad Mini WiFi + 4g 64GB (white / black) - 13,000 rubles
Apple Tablet PCs Available - iPad Mini
All devices are not activated in the factory polyethylene.
Complete set, our forks.

Rostest - devices made specifically for Russia, have passed the Russian certification.
Work with all GSM operators.
Year warranty from the official representative of Apple in Russia.
As well as 2 weeks for return-exchange under the laws of the Russian Federation from our company.

When buying any checks, insert the SIM card of any operator, activate, check by IMEI-code.

Our company provides a wide range of services:
-Check the machine for performance.
-Cutting off your SIM card in any format.
- Sticker of protective films, etc.

Also in our assortment there is a large selection of various accessories: Bumper, Covers, Protective films, Car zu and other accessories.
Pickup, free shipping. We also work with all regions of the Russian Federation.

We work every day without holidays and weekends!
Call, consult, purchase daily from 9-00 to 23-00
Detailed information on tel: 965 287-40-40

Accept paymentonly on the map
As they say - the courier arrives, we check the goods - we pay by the terminal

But what happened next:
on the phone before sending me a courier - askeddictate card number and CVV code
and as soon as I refused, they hung up and didn't pick up anymore

be carefuldon't get fooled by this kindfraud!

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13.05.13, 07:37

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These "sellers" only accept paymentCards Maize
and ask to dictate with them some numbers, under the barcode
ostensibly for billing)

It looks like there is a loophole for fraud with Corn cards, which have not yet been covered up (according to the type of money withdrawal from the biline accounts)
Be careful! The code on the maps Corn is the same as the CVV code on ordinary plastic cards
13.05.13, 10:34
Unjust KroleG

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astin2007 @ 05.13.2013, 08:37*
The code on the maps Corn is the same as the CVV code on ordinary plastic cards

do not talk nonsense. CVV on them is the most common.

Three times honorable4
Aha If I understand something in something, then the hole is a hole, and the hole is Rabbit, and Rabbit is a suitable company.
Double Closed Curator4
13.05.13, 10:55

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Apple iPhone 6 Plus

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The main loophole in the faith of some citizens that we can buy cheaper than in the American Apple Store.

Happy New Year, everyone!
13.05.13, 13:01
Unjust KroleG

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wrote "to whom it is necessary", they will want - they will cover, they won't want ...

Three times honorable4
Aha If I understand something in something, then the hole is a hole, and the hole is Rabbit, and Rabbit is a suitable company.
Double Closed Curator4
13.05.13, 20:32

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Samsung Galaxy Young GT-S5360

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To the ridiculous, he spread the info on the divorce, but then the divorce for money for sure. My mother, and the woman she is aged, received the following message:
U.klient Your bank.karta blocked TS.B.RF. Tel: 8 (902) 295-47-58

My mom did not notice that the phone number was not a savings bank and called back right away, well, and flew in by a given amount.

Post has been editedruslanbag43 - 13.05.13, 20:32

If something depended on the elections, we would not be allowed to participate in them. В© Mark Twain
13.05.13, 21:58

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Ruslanbag43 @ 05/13/2013, 21:32*
flew by the amount

Describe why flew
Are there any heavily paid directions?
on the similarity of short numbers, but only in full eight-digit format?
Fry 13
19.05.13, 11:04
Not local

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I bought a tablet from him, from the beginning we texted, I asked for a lower price because a tablet with jambs, this is so to say a feature of tablets of this brand (I will not write what brand, extra flood, and they will accept advertising), in the end they seemed to be bargaining. I bought a tablet, I knew that there were shoals, but did not know what they were! A bunch of broken pixels, spots that are visible on max. brightness. Well, I am writing to him, I ask you to return the money, to which he sent me in 3 letters!
So if it happens that you have to deal with this subhuman, by the way, he is sitting here 100% though I don’t know his nickname, but he’s sitting here, keep in mind that he has KIDALA! This post is just the beginning, I will do a lot so that his life turned into hell!

Motorola DROID RAZR M XT907 (Official CM 10.1.3 Stable 09/23/13)
Motorola DROID RAZR MAXX XT912 (Artmod 4.3 firmware from the section "Finished me myself!")
Who left PacMan 4.2.2 + gapps (release for 05/24/13 for XT907) throw a link in QMS
20.05.13, 14:14

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Ruslanbag43 @ 05/13/2013, 20:32*
To the ridiculous, he spread the info on the divorce, but then the divorce for money for sure. My mom, and the woman is old, received the following message: Quote Customer account Your bank card is locked TS.B.RF. Tel: 8 (902) 295-47-58 My mother did not pay attention that the phone number was not a sberbank and called back right away, well, she flew in by the same amount.

I had a similar case about a year ago. Sms came, they say, like your card is blocked. And please send an SMS to no longer remember what number, such as they will send the unlock code. He experienced stress, as he was currently in Italy and intended to use the card actively. Alarmed a few moments. I have two cards in this bank, the message dealt with one. Further, the bank does not use a certain short number for sending SMS informations, to which I was asked to send a message.
As a result, I did not want a dough, I called the bank at the number indicated on the card and everything was explained. As practice shows, many for such a divorce are, unfortunately. BE ALERT!
07.06.13, 09:18

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In princepa, I live in Altai, Rubtsovka from me in 300 km. There is an option to minimize the neck of the little bastard. For the future, be careful with the Altai Territory, beware of the cities Rubtsovsk, Biysk, Kamen-na Obi, Novoaltaysk. You can directly put them on the lists. imprisonment, remain there, the result, the population is criminal. My father sat there for 10 years, has a weight in such circles, not frail. So you can punish if you need. I only know by whom he walks.Spider,
In princepa, I live in Altai, Rubtsovka from me in 300 km. There is an option to roll the neck of the little bastard. For the future, be careful with the Altai Territory, beware of the cities of Rubtsovsk, Biysk, Kamen-na Obi
02.07.13, 11:24

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I want everyone to knowwhat an unpleasant situation happened to me. If you buy a B. device, carefully check it, and watch the people who sell it to you! Administration, please do not delete the post!
Good and knowing what a girl is doing (Long-term and respected user of this forum under the nicknamelenwin), I bought from her on the HTC one ad, and on the trail. the day it fell down with artifacts (the screen was twitching, dotted stripes) the video core was faulty, the girl apparently played enough with custom firmwares (when she was selling, she pretended not to understand and said nothing sewed, she said everything was fine with the device) when the device from the service center will be repaired in Moscow, and in general, will it be repaired? Led on the price tag in 20t.r for perfect condition, but received a non-working phone from the girl who collects the custom, owns the skill of the progher, and on the ears of the noodles the device was hanging, ideally, with such skills I knew all the jambs of the device, if they returned from a service that was out of service or refused to be repaired, I don’t know what to do!
And on account of that defect. Called in service, they said that they seemed to replace the mat. fee, I hope that everything will be so .. I really hope! And yet, the administration of one hundred percent will remove this post in the near future, but I am going against the rules of the forum ..
Nick on the forumsavagemessiahzine.com - lenwin
Mail - [email protected]
Perm city
The girl apologized, wished me “all the best” and that's it!

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03.07.13, 21:25
a guest

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Good day. I want to share the story that happened to me. I decided to buy a Galaxy S3 on May 19 from the city of Gorlovka. Ukraine. There is still no phone. The man does not appear. I have no scan of receipt. nor his data. except passport. I do not know whether the package is coming. or not. correspondence remained. have his passport details. as I can throw here. here is his nickname Pashtetus. I do not know whether he will appear again. and is it possible to drain your money somehow?

Conversation betweenstasblood666andPashtetuson topic: phone
From:stasblood666(May 19, 13:33)
good afternoon. I want to buy your s3

From:stasblood666(May 19, 13:34)
here is my number 89832588855. how will it be online. let me know. very interested

From:stasblood666(May 19, 13:34)
himself with abakan.

From:Pashtetus(May 19, 13:35)
Greetings. What city are you from? I can send cash on delivery.

From:stasblood666(May 19, 13:37)
from Abakan

From:stasblood666(May 19, 13:37)
yes agree

From:stasblood666(May 19, 13:37)
there is a possibility?

From:stasblood666(May 19, 13:37)
if yes I will take away right now

From:stasblood666(May 19, 13:38)
price 9k? original sgs 3? So?

From:Pashtetus(May 19, 13:39)
I thought you were from Ukraine. To Russia from Ukraine imposed will not work, that does not exist, only regular mail with ordinary parcels and wrappers. Without a prepayment, I will not send a phone to Russia.

From:stasblood666(May 19, 13:40)

From:stasblood666(May 19, 13:40)
How much do I need to pay?

From:stasblood666(May 19, 13:40)
I am very interested

From:stasblood666(May 19, 13:40)
interested. ready to prepay

From:Pashtetus(May 19, 13:42)
Full prepayment to the bearer of the passport through any payment system. For example western union or gold crown.

From:Pashtetus(May 19, 13:43)
Yes. Full original.

From:stasblood666(May 19, 13:43)
OK. ask a couple of questions. then

From:stasblood666(May 19, 13:43)
I need your personal account and data.

From:stasblood666(May 19, 13:43)
where to send

From:stasblood666(May 19, 13:44)
Do you have a card? or bank account?

From:stasblood666(May 19, 13:44)
it would be very convenient

From:stasblood666(May 19, 13:45)
so the question. how much will go to me? about.

From:stasblood666(May 19, 1:54 pm)

From:Pashtetus(May 19, 13:55)
it is bad through the bank, as it is not convenient to change the rudders for hryvnias later - the interest is large. better than usual translation
bearer passport. I do not know how much will be sent to you, but it reached me from Moscow in 6 days.
I pay postal expenses too. since such conditions in the mail - who sends the one and flesh.
9000 rubles from you and the address where to send the parcel post, with necessarily the correct zip code.
if you are satisfied, I can give my passport information where to send. Well, tomorrow send the parcel.

From:stasblood666(May 19, 13:56)
I agree. and so my data

From:Pashtetus(May 19, 13:57)

From:stasblood666(May 19, 13:57)
Republic of Khakassia Abakan. pr. Severny 9. sq. 84 index 655010

From:stasblood666(May 19, 13:57)
it's mine.

From:stasblood666(May 19, 13:57)
so what is the translation for me? western?

From:stasblood666(May 19, 13:57)
just never did. Well, I think I'll figure it out

From:stasblood666(May 19, 13:58)
your data is complete. and so a brief instruction) and a question. Will you get a notice right away? about getting money? and send the parcel.

From:Pashtetus(May 19, 14:11)
Write your name and middle name who will make the transfer and who will receive the parcel.
Here is my data.
Ukraine. Gorlovka city. To the bearer of the passport РљРќ - 855 - 625
Korneev Kirill Y.
Transfer money through the payment system Western - Union or Golden - Crown.
In any department where there is a western you will be prompted how to do this, there is not a long time — about 5 minutes. Then they will give you a code by which I will receive money.

From:Pashtetus(May 19, 14:15)
Yes. all at once. tell me what you sent the money, I send the parcel.

From:stasblood666(May 19, 2:25 pm)
I take all the data. we have a time difference what? I have with MSK 4+

From:Pashtetus(May 19, 14:28)
I have +2
Surname name and patronymic write.

From:stasblood666(May 19, 2:30 pm)
Myahar Stanislav Andreevich

From:stasblood666(May 19, 2:30 pm)
so I am a Western Union will list

From:stasblood666(May 19, 14:33)
so do the translation. Tomorrow we have the evening (do not work. But are you in contact?

From:Pashtetus(May 19, 14:33)
I understood. I took your data. I will pack the parcel.

From:stasblood666(May 19, 14:36)
thank! as soon as I inform you immediately here.

From:Pashtetus(May 19, 14:36)
I, too, tomorrow, today is probably the day off. I'm not there, as the social networks do not attract, probably the age is not the same.

From:stasblood666(May 19, 14:36)
then we will keep the link here)

From:Pashtetus(May 19, 2:40 pm)
OK. have agreed.

From:stasblood666(May 19, 14:42)
so i went all Tomorrow I will do the posting right here)

From:Pashtetus(May 20, 2011: 07)
Hey. Phone packed, but forgot to delete contacts. Generally ready for shipping.
I also put my cover, let it be as a bonus.

From:stasblood666(May 20, 2011: 57)
Thank you) I'm at the bank. In rubles or dollars? To send?

From:stasblood666(May 20, 2011: 58)
I send you get 280 dollars

From:stasblood666(May 20, 12:00)
Or make it so that it reaches 300 exactly?

From:stasblood666(May 20, 12: 01)
I would know I'm just in the bank right now

From:stasblood666(May 20, December 12: 06)
Sent. Exactly 300

From:stasblood666(May 20, December 12: 06)
It turned out exactly 9800

From:stasblood666(May 20, 12:35)

From:stasblood666(May 20, December 12, 36)
This is the code.

From:stasblood666(May 20, December 12, 38)
Translation made instant. You already have the money.

From:Pashtetus(May 20, December 12, 54)
Hey. So tnank you. Money has not yet received. I have five to six days. Now I will have lunch and go to the post office to send a package. Then accomplish your goal.

From:stasblood666(May 20, 13:15)
everything is great. I expect) how to inform) what came) and what they sent) wait)

From:stasblood666(May 20: 44)
Well, how well?

From:stasblood666(May 20, 18:25)

From:Pashtetus(May 21, 04:01)
Good morning.
In general, I apologize for not writing before, I received the money - thanks.
Parcel sent back in the afternoon.
You should receive a notification within 10 days from the mail about the receipt of the parcel to the address you gave (as they said in the mail)
Unsubscribe when receive.

From:stasblood666(May 21, 04:06)
Aha got it!) Thank you very much!) Unsubscribe.

From:stasblood666(May 21, 04:06)
I expect!)

From:Pashtetus(May 21, 04:24)
OK. I will wait, if anything - write.

From:stasblood666(May 21, 20:13)
Waiting for)

From:stasblood666(May 21, 20:13)
And the parcel code is possible? I will track)

From:Pashtetus(May 22, 07:39)
Hi, the code does not give, in the evening I will throw off the scan of the receipt.

From:stasblood666(May 22, 08:26)
Good. Thank)

From:stasblood666(May 24, 06:32)
Good afternoon. Scan not forgotten?)

From:Pashtetus(May 24, 08:06)
Hey. Today I will send.

From:stasblood666(May 24, 08:50)

From:Pashtetus(May 24, 08:51)
I was at a dacha, and the Internet is bad there, so I did not send it.

From:stasblood666(May 24, 20:43)
Got it. I am waiting.

From:stasblood666(May 26, 12:06)
Tonight send?

From:Pashtetus(May 26, 12:19)

From:Pashtetus(May 26, 12:19)
do not worry

From:stasblood666(May 26, 17:20)
thank. Yes, I just want to know when it comes: (

From:stasblood666(May 28, 06:06)
Good afternoon. What is there with a scan?

From:stasblood666(May 28, 20:24)
[email protected] here is my mail. Scan here can send.

From:stasblood666(May 29, 19:25)

From:stasblood666(May 31, 22:49)
Scan ..

From:stasblood666(Jun 03, 18:43)
Where are you gone ...

From:stasblood666(Jun 04, 20:02)

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