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Dingoo A-320 | Discussion.

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Dingoo A-320
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Those. data:
Processor: Ingenic JZ4732 at a clock frequency of 400 MHz (MIPS architecture)
Built-in flash memory: 4 GB
Display: 2.8 inches LCD with a resolution of 320? 240 with 16 million colors
Power supply: LiIon 3.7V 1700 mAH battery; operating time without recharging - about 7 hours
Dimensions: 125? 55.5? 14 mm
MiniSD / SDHC slot: support miniSD cards up to 8 GB
FM tuner: digital, in the range of 76-108 MHz, with auto-search function, storing up to 40 tuned frequencies
Headphone jack
Video output to TV (RCA cable included) - video + audio, PAL / NTSC
USB 2.0 with mini-USB connector (USB cable included), USB recharging
Control devices:
On the front left: D-pad and Select button; Right: X, Y, A, B buttons and Start button.
On the upper side: shoulder buttons L and R
On the left side: a reset button and a microphone
On the right side: on / off slider, headphone output
On the bottom: built-in micro speakers, USB port, mini-SD slot, TV out

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The description is not a big inaccuracy, on the right side the slider is on (up) and locks keystrokes (down), and not the headphone output. The device is rather a portable game console, with its games as well as with emulators of popular consoles and arcade machines, rather than a player, but also as a pmp player, but it can also be used, I myself have about a year installed dingux (Linux kernel ported to work on dingoo ). I can answer some questions on the device.

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Where better to order this device? At dealextreme or somewhere else?

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I did not order a device for myself, but simply bought the already imported one, but judging by the conversations of users, most ordered it from dealextreme. there isRussian resourceandforumin the network, there is more detailed answer to this question.

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Something small discussion of such a good device. Also recently acquired myself. Found an ad in the internet. As for me, it is much better than the PSP and convenient as a player. In any case, more convenient than the communicator in this regard.

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Ordered on Dealextreme for $ 86, already a week the order in processing seems to be snapping up them quickly

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I took my ad, reading about the long order processing. Overpaid a little, but quickly.

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Everything, mine already in Moscow, now time depends on customs

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I know a couple of places where you can buy at once or order in an Internet in Moscow, it turns out more expensive, of course, but you don’t have to wait.
A new Gemei A330 gadget with a more powerful iron and the ability to play two different devices in two will be on sale soon, it is considered to be a further development of the dinghy. Dingu is produced on factory power of the company Gemei, by the way, they have their own dingue on the hardware, only the case and the name others.

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You can buy a prefix here, in Russia this is the first official version.

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50 bucks already with delivery)

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How quiet is here with you))) mb. who knows, is it possible to find a ding screen? 2 years used, and then the bases and crushed ....

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dingoo a320 (a black dot appears on the screen)

good day!

the console lay peacefully in the closet and did not touch anyone.
Yesterday I found a black dot at the bottom of the screen (I could not determine if it was a broken pixel or trash)
I tried to open the console, but I do not know how to do it right?

Tell me how to properly disassemble the console and remove garbage from the screen!

Thank you in advance!

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I disassembled and got to the screen, but I do not know what to do next?

There is nothing on the top of the screen!

As I understood this dirt to be between the layers of the screen.

Tell me how to remove it? (I'm afraid to damage the screen!)

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I have two with dealextreme. the main thing is not to order on their holidays, and so quickly react.

on the screen I can say I compared with the same latest ILI9338 loaders
one a little dimmer. quality is enough for your favorite graphics)
also on one ding took the dark point for dirt. no need to clean up.
in all cases, except for one homogeneous background, they are not visible.

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and how to flash it on linux no one will tell the manual?

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* Atlas3000,
Look herehttp://a320.emulate.su/dingoo-a320/

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Acquired in 2011. I use to this day. An excellent thing!

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I did not find topics on A-330, I will ask here. I decided to buy something mega-portable, which allows emulating gba / smd / snes / nes. The choice fell on dingu, but because The device is no longer produced and there are few in stock (except for aliexpress for 5500 r ...) I found only a couple of stores where it is sold:http://consolestore.ru/dingoo/Dingoo-A330-Black/andhttp://vgamer.ru/index…/189-dingoo-a330-blackDo you think you can order in one of them?

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I would recommend to look at the flea market site gbx.ru, but it’s something like five days.

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I sell a brand new dingoo a330 black, 100 USD $

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