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Dropbox | Access to the Dropbox folder

Rep: (13)
Version: 182.2.4

Last update of the program in the header:02.04.2020

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Short description:
Dropbox client.

Description :
A program to synchronize your files online for all your computers.
More information
Put your files in the Dropbox folder on one of your computers, and they will automatically appear on all your other computers on which Dropbox is also installed (Windows, Mac, and Linux too!). You can even install Dropbox on your smartphone or other mobile device (iPhone, iPad, Android, or Blackberry). All files in the Dropbox folder are also available through the Dropbox site.
With DropBox, you are always in sync!
Let's say you make changes to the document from the Dropbox folder and as soon as you click Save, Dropbox automatically synchronizes this file with all computers and mobile devices. It’s like you’ve saved a document on all computers at once. This gives you the freedom to choose where to work and have the necessary files everywhere.

Dropbox allows you to share files in a very simple way!
You can share individual photo albums or entire folders using Dropbox. Simply drop folders into Dropbox and invite friends. You can also link to specific files in Dropbox. This makes Dropbox a great help for projects with a large number of participants.

With Dropbox you get automatic backup online.
Any file that you put in the Dropbox folder is automatically backed up on our servers. Even if something happened to your computer, your files are safe and secure in Dropbox and can be restored at any time.

Dropbox allows you to roll back and discard changes or deletions!
Every time you save changes, Dropbox synchronizes it with the servers and stores the entire history of changes within 30 days, so you can always correct or cancel something. There is also an unlimited option "Pack-rat".

Dropbox replaces:
- Sending files by mail to yourself or other people!
- Use USB drives to transfer files between computers!
- Rename files to save change history!
- Complicated backup equipment and backup programs!
- And much more!

Posting of the referral link in the topic or discussion of cheating free GB = day PO!

Russian language : Yes (Starting with version 2.3.5)
CHANGELOG : Dropbox (Post # 11721913)
DropBox usage secrets

Developer : Dropbox, Inc.
Homepage: http://www.dropbox.com/android
Google Play: https: //play.google.co...id=com.dropbox.android
Video review from= SHVARZ =: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N9s9-3mcqRU

Version: 182.2.4 (3 variants) from Google Play Market (gorand39)
Version: 180.2.2 of 10/03/2020 (vladmira)
Version: 180.2.2 (Build 18020200, 2 variants) from Google Play Market (gorand39)
Version: 178.2.6 (4 variants) from Google Play Market (And_RU)
Version: 176.2.8 of 13/02/2020 (vladmira)

Version: 90.2.4 Lite Mod / Clone Dropbox (Post mihz # 72542337)
Version: 39.1.2 Black / Clear BlackOutTeam Mod: Dropbox (Post black elf # 59283644)
Version: material ARM7-mod Dropbox (Post Rejjin # 56735023)
Version: 24.2.2 (Material Design Mod) Dropbox (Post Rejjin # 55252171)
Version: 20.2.2 Lite Dropbox (Post by uzenelse # 53798078)
Version: 12.1.2 BlackBlue / ClearBlue BlackOutTeam Mod Dropbox (Post black elf # 51290527)
CLON versions: Dropbox (Post # 26732320)

Past versions:
Version: 174.2.4 of 29/01/2020 (vladmira)
Version: 174.2.2 GP Post в„–2656, author And_RU
Version: 172.2.2 (arm64) Post в„–2652, author And_RU
Version: 172.2.2 (3 variants) from Google Play Market (gorand39)
Version: 172.1.2 Post в„–2649, author And_RU
Version: 170.2.8 (2 variants) from Google Play Market (gorand39)
Version: 170.2.6 (arm64) Post в„–2627, author And_RU
Version: 170.2.6 Post в„–2628, author gorand39
Version: 164.2.2 Post в„–2589, author And_RU
Version: 160.2.4 Update (GP) (MimiKatze)
Version: 154.2.2 update from google play market (gorand39)
version: 124.1.4 Dropbox (Post by yurasik3069 # 79850290)
Version: 150.1.2 beta Message в„–2556, author And_RU
Version: 129.1.2 beta Dropbox (Post And_RU # 81815809)
Version: 118.2.2 Message в„–2488, author vovanKARPO
Version: 119.1.18 beta Message в„–2487, author And_RU
version: 116.2.4 Message в„–2483, author vovanKARPO
Version: 114.2.12 Message в„–2480, author vovanKARPO
Version: 114.2.4 Message в„–2477, author vovanKARPO
Version: 112.2.8 Message в„–2473, author vovanKARPO
version: 110.2.4 Message в„–2474, author vovanKARPO
Version: 108.2.2 Message в„–2472, author vovanKARPO
Version: 106.2.2 Dropbox (Post by vovanKARPO # 75827727)
Version: 94.2.6 Message в„–2439, author Rakleed
Version: 90.2.4 Message в„–2430, author alen2012
Version: 88.2.2 Lite Mod / Clone Message в„–2424, author mihz
Version: 88.2.2 Message в„–2423, author mihz
Version: 84.2.4 Dropbox (Post Rakleed # 70978615)
Version: 82.2.4 Lite Mod / Clone: Message в„–2415, author mihz
Version: 82.2.2 Lite Mod / Clone: Dropbox (Post mihz # 70303602)
Version: 82.2.2 Message в„–2406, author Muhoflu
version: 76.2.2 Dropbox (Post 666teen # 68143665)
Version: 74.2.2 Dropbox (Post by vovanKARPO # 67986519)
Version: 72.2.2 Dropbox (Post AZIZ.beavers # 66916954)
Version: 70.2.4 Dropbox (Post And_RU # 66332556)
Version: 68.2.2 Dropbox (Post Holy_Meter_Mak # 66105764)
version: 66.2.2 Dropbox (Post Holy_Ot_Mak # 65673477)
version: 64.2.2 Clone Dropbox (Post mihz # 64969530)
Version: 64.2.2 Lite Mod: Dropbox (Post mihz # 64966835)
version: 64.2.2 Dropbox (Post Holy_Ot_Mak # 64931863)
Version: 60.2.4 Lite Mod: Dropbox (Post mihz # 64509777)
Version: 60.2.4 Clone Dropbox (Post mihz # 64511355)
version: 62.2.4 Dropbox (Post Holy_Ot_Mak # 64624191)
Version: 58.2.6 Dropbox (Post Holy_Ot_Mak # 63747852)
version: 56.2.2 Dropbox (Post Holy_Otter_Mak # 63104606)
Version: 54.2.2 Dropbox (Post Holy_Ot_Mak # 62960131)
Version: 52.2.2 Dropbox (Post dengi66 # 62310875)
Version: 46.2.2 Dropbox (Post Holy_Ote_Mak # 61234164)
Version: 44.2.2 Dropbox (Post OutCast580 # 60653844)
Version: 40.2.2 Dropbox (Post VLADFIONOV # 59648669)
Version: 38.2.4 Dropbox (Post Holy_Ot_Mak # 59503743)
Version: 36.2.2 Dropbox (Post VLADFIONOV # 58720852)
Version: 34.2.2 Dropbox (CyberEgo Post # 57883615)
version: 32.2.4 Dropbox (CyberEgo Post # 57571053)
Version: 28.2.2 Dropbox (CyberEgo Post # 56173670)
Version: 26.2.2 Dropbox (Post dengi66 # 55583002)
Version: 24.2.2 Dropbox (Post dengi66 # 55119684)
Version: 22.2.2 Dropbox (Post Ramzes26 # 54739683)
Version: 18.2.2 Dropbox (Post VLADFIONOV # 53909389)
Version: 16.2.4 Dropbox (Post Ramzes26 # 53780577)
Version: 16.2.2 Dropbox (Post VLADFIONOV # 53741064)
Version: 15.2.2 Dropbox (Post VLADFIONOV # 53006288)
Version: 14.2.2 Dropbox (Post VLADFIONOV # 52633183)
Version: 13.2.6 Dropbox (Post VLADFIONOV # 52452510)
Version: 13.2.4 Dropbox (Post VLADFIONOV # 52368291)
Version: 12.2.2 Dropbox (Post carpenter "s_son # 51468560)
Version: 11.2.2 Dropbox (Post zMiq # 51077995)
Version: 10.2.4 Dropbox (Post carpenter "s_son # 50874534)
Version: 9.2.4 Dropbox (Post VLADFIONOV # 50311226)
Version: 7.2.8 Dropbox (Post And_RU # 49060598)
Version: 7.2.6 Dropbox (Post VLADFIONOV # 49013587)
Version: 6.2.4: Dropbox (Post VLADFIONOV # 48042150)
Version: Dropbox (Post VLADFIONOV # 46980816)
Version: 3.0.7: Dropbox (Post VLADFIONOV # 46830464)
Version: Dropbox (Post VLADFIONOV # 46616725)
Version: Dropbox (Post VLADFIONOV # 46223550)
Version: Dropbox (Post And_RU # 46151734)
Version: Dropbox (Post VLADFIONOV # 45214810)
Version: Dropbox (Post VLADFIONOV # 45021694)
Version: Dropbox (Post VLADFIONOV # 44996087)
Version: 3.0.5: Dropbox (Post OutCast580 # 44511635)
Version: Dropbox (Post by Alex0047 # 44456091)
Version: Dropbox (Post OutCast580 # 44321793)
Version: Dropbox (Post VLADFIONOV # 43869357)
Version: Dropbox (Post mdjurov # 43716909)
Version: 3.0.4: Dropbox (Post OutCast580 # 43699754)
Version: Dropbox (Post by mdjurov # 43661693)
Version: Dropbox (Post Vetal`M # 43577437)
Version: 3.0.3: Dropbox (Post Alex0047 # 42842273)
Version: 3.0.2: Dropbox (Post by mdjurov # 42197737)
Version: 3.0.1: Dropbox (Post And_RU # 41540884)
Version: Dropbox (Post by Aivengo73 # 41424485)
Version: 3.0.0: Dropbox (Post ogo2012 # 41012702)
Version: Dropbox (Post by mdjurov # 40973226)
Version: Dropbox (Post by mdjurov # 40930679)
Version: Dropbox (Post ogo2012 # 40831609)
Version: Dropbox (Post by mdjurov # 40541257)
Version: Dropbox (Post mdjurov # 40485436)
Version: Dropbox (Post by mdjurov # 40334404)
Version: Dropbox (Post VernyjPes # 39626722)
Version: Dropbox (Post by mdjurov # 39532846)
Version: 2.5.0: Dropbox (Post by Aivengo73 # 39476798)
Version: Dropbox (Post by mdjurov # 39341815)
Version: 2.4.9: Dropbox (Post Alex0047 # 38597962)
Version: Dropbox (Post by mdjurov # 38279008)
Version: Dropbox (Post # 37146778)
Version: Dropbox (Post # 36863625)
Version: Attached filecom.dropbox.android.apk (30.36 MB)

Version: Dropbox (Post # 34611887)
Version: //savagemessiahzine.com/forum/d...om.dropbox.android.apk
Version: Dropbox (Post # 35276192)
Version: Dropbox (Post # 33717833)
Version: Dropbox (Post # 33411918)
Version: 2.4.2 //savagemessiahzine.com/forum/d…492/Dropbox__2.4.2.apk
Version: 2.4.1 Dropbox (Post # 30933357)
Version: Dropbox (Post # 30607743)
Version: Dropbox (Post # 28695597)
version: 2.3.12 Dropbox (Post # 27594014)
Version: //savagemessiahzine.com/forum/dl/post/3762290/Dropbox+
Version: 2.3.11 Dropbox (Post # 26812863)
Version: //savagemessiahzine.com/forum/dl/post/3355258/Dropbox_2.3.10.4.apk
Version: 2.3.10 //savagemessiahzine.com/forum/dl/post/3345811/Dropbox+v2.3.10.apk
Version: Dropbox (Post # 23527838)
Version: Dropbox (Post # 23378953)
Version: 2.3.8 Dropbox (Post # 22166051)
Version: 2.3.7 //savagemessiahzine.com/forum/dl/post/2969084/DropBox_2.3.7_230700.apk
Version: 2.3.5 //savagemessiahzine.com/forum/dl/post/2813660/DropBox_2.3.5_230500.apk
Version: 2.3.4 //savagemessiahzine.com/forum/dl/post/2678718/Dropbox_2.3.4.apk
Version: 2.3.3 //savagemessiahzine.com/forum/dl/post/2676996/Dropbox_2.3.3.apk
Version: 2.3.2 //savagemessiahzine.com/forum/dl/post/2616608/DropBox_2.3.2_230200.apk
Version: 2.3.1 //savagemessiahzine.com/forum/dl/post/2552712/Dropbox_2.3.1.apk
Version: 2.2.2 //savagemessiahzine.com/forum/dl/post/2276049/Dropbox_2.2.2.apk
Version: 2.3 //savagemessiahzine.com/forum/dl/post/2418088/DropBox_2.3_230000.apk
Version: 2.2.1 //savagemessiahzine.com/forum/dl/post/2202956/Dropbox_2.2.1.apk
Version: 2.2 //savagemessiahzine.com/forum/dl/post/2094959/DropBox_2.2_220000.apk
Version: 2.1.10 //savagemessiahzine.com/forum/dl/post/1967185/DropBox_2.1.10.apk
Version: 2.1.9 //savagemessiahzine.com/forum/dl/post/1959170/Dropbox_2.1.9.apk
Version: 2.1.8 //savagemessiahzine.com/forum/dl/post/1892869/Dropbox_v2.1.8.apk
Version: 2.1.7 //savagemessiahzine.com/forum/dl/post/1850436/Dropbox_2.1.7.apk
Version: 2.1.6 //savagemessiahzine.com/forum/dl/post/1832016/Dropbox_2.1.6.apk
Version: 2.1.5 //savagemessiahzine.com/forum/dl/post/1777431/Dropbox_2.1.5.apk
Version: 2.1.4 //savagemessiahzine.com/forum/dl/post/1760490/Dropbox_2.1.4.apk
Version: 2.1.3 //savagemessiahzine.com/forum/dl/post/1656553/Dropbox_2.1.3.apk
Version: 2.1.1 //savagemessiahzine.com/forum/dl/post/1566472/Dropbox_2.1.1.apk
Version: 2.1 //savagemessiahzine.com/forum/dl/post/1496758/Dropbox_2.1.apk
Version: 2.0.1 //savagemessiahzine.com/forum/dl/post/1376027/Dropbox_2.0.1.apk
Version: 2.0 //savagemessiahzine.com/forum/dl/post/1349071/Dropbox_2.0.apk
Version: //savagemessiahzine.com/forum/dl/post/1344745/Dropbox1306.apk
Version: 1.2.4 //savagemessiahzine.com/forum/dl/post/1185103/DropBox1.2.4.apk
Version: 1.2.1 //savagemessiahzine.com/forum/dl/post/1067051/Dropbox_1.2.1.apk
Version: 1.1.2 //savagemessiahzine.com/forum/dl/post/984113/Dropbox_1.1.2.apk
Version: //savagemessiahzine.com/forum/dl/post/842674/Dropbox__1.0.3.2_.apk

Beta versions:
Version: 183.1.2 of 23/03/2020 (vladmira)

Past versions

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Reason for edit: Update: A new version 182.2.4 (3 variants) from Google Play Market

Rep: (3)
millifolium @ 22.07.2016, 18:58*
Good afternoon. Fastest viewer Pdf of Dropbpx'a suddenly ceased to open documents. When choosing dialogue:
[Attachment = "8428594: IMG_20160722_194948.png"]

Falls error:
[Attachment = "8428595: IMG_20160722_194819.png"]

Huawei Honor 4C, Android 6.0 software version 6.7.1

The question was solved granting rights to read from the device's internal memory. The culprit mistakes - a bizarre system of rights for this version of the device by huawei.
In any case - it is solved here such tricks:
Downloading any pdf file on the memory card, then open dropboks predprenimaem and try to access it via the menu-load. Only when such a sequence dialog appears for the granting of rights to read from the internal memory.
In the future, all will open without errors.

Rep: (4)
4yBaak1 @ 26.07.2016, 12:42*
2 GB is available, that it is very small :(

I have a 28 MB 15 minutes pumped. So on long enough. Replaced, unfortunately, I can not - at her zatsikliny program.

Rep: (299)
Lord, to clarify the situation. Somewhere in the last month twice received a letter about the changes in uploading the picture. Deleted, not particularly because vchityvayas migrated from them already. But then, as they say, there was a nuance which involves the use of this service.
According to the letter, I realized that downloading photos is now possible, or with a PC, or a paid account with 20 some of July ... I'm right or something did not understand?

Rep: (0)
I mean on long enough? I threw all the pictures from the camera to the cloud, and has already spent 1.5 GB

Rep: (1016)
Black / Clear DropBoxv13.0.14from Team Black Out


Installation: as a normal application

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Rep: (202)
Dropbox 13.1.2 beta (1310200)
What's new
Thank you for using Dropbox! We release regular updates to Play Store. Please upgrade to the latest version. In it, we fixed some problems and add new features.
Attached fileDropbox_13.1.2.apk(40.97 MB)

Rep: (1388)
* parodental,
for such questions is a special topic on the forum -Dropbox, A reference to that in the cap hangs for several years, and in which I am also moved past your message. I ask you to stop the flood in the subject.

Rep: (3)
Psc @ 25.07.2016, 13:50*
such bans have become unlimited, no one know? third month and maybe more chopped off everything that sticks out, did not think that they are evil.
m in the robot answered "read the FAQ", in reference bluntly says that the lock - a lock.

PS do not place links anywhere else on the DB, except by special Akka, if you do not want problems in this regard.

Yes, there is no warning and others, issued a lifetime ban, dropboks is not sharing, this is the place where you can upload your files and fumbling friends for example, but not hundreds of people. But the support they seem OK, close all references to general, then go on the standard of care but in the end choose something such as another problem, in general leave with auto-replies to you for support has thrown. Accept only English, so that the most simple text and translate it out, tell me more so that you will not, and so on. I took a couple of weeks, the first letter they just neponyali well, and the second took pity and razblochili. We can I'm just an agent so lucky. Of the minuses, are responsible for a long time, sooo long, even more than a week can wait for a response.

Rep: (6)
* DedFez, OCRP life, apparently I had more first ban row - did not think it would be re going beyond the limit, and indeed expect it would be so - zablochut jump (for a day or a month) after the limit will come out, and everything.
And where such infa that block forever?

Rep: (260)
Black / Clear DropBox v13.1.2 by Team Black Out team.

Attached fileBlackDropbox13.1.2.apk(39.46 MB)

Attached fileClearDropbox13.1.2.apk(39.46 MB)

Rep: (152)
Beta with MarketDropbox 14.0.16

Attached fileDropbox 14.0.16.apk(41 MB)

Rep: (260)
Black / Clear DropBox v14.0.16ot team Team Black Out.

Attached files

Attached fileBlackDropbox14.0.16.apk(39.53 MB)
Attached fileClearDropbox14.0.16.apk(39.53 MB)

Rep: (2563)
Dropbox 14.1.2 beta from google play

What's new:
Thank you for using Dropbox! We release regular updates to Play Store. Please upgrade to the latest version. In it, we fixed some problems and add new features.

Attached fileDropbox 14.1.2.apk(41.06 MB)

Rep: (53)
There was a little pain and a pain: the DCIM folder (photo) did not quite match what was in the "Camera Upload" in Dropbox. file naming format was also different. I decided to put everything in order. I have given names to a common format, merged into a single folder, podualyal duplicates and unnecessary files. I cleared the DCIM folder and the folder "Camera Upload". Threw the photos in the DCIM folder and hoped that Dropbox automatically pick up and load them on the server, but he refuses to do. Can it somehow to make download files + to them he renamed his views? Phone removes files type "IMG_1970-01-01_120015.jpg", and renames them in Dropbox "1970-01-01 12.00.15.jpg".

Post has been editedcnyx - 18.08.16, 16:27

Rep: (2540)
Attached ImageDropbox
New version: 13.2.4 beta (1320400)
Attached Image
Thanks for using Dropbox! We regularly release updates to the Play Store. Get the newest features and bug fixes by updating to the latest version.
Attached ImageAttached fileDropbox_13.2.4.apk(41 MB)

Post has been editedVLADFIONOV - 24.08.16, 09:26

Rep: (4955)
Dropbox v15.0.8 beta
What's new (В© GP)
Thank you for using Dropbox! We release regular updates to Play Store. Please upgrade to the latest version. In it, we fixed some problems and add new features.
Attached fileDropbox v15.0.8.apk(41.01 MB)

Rep: (1016)
Black / Clear DropBox14.1.2by Team Black Out


Installation: as a normal application

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Rep: (2540)
Attached ImageDropbox
New version: 13.2.6
Attached Image
Thank you for using Dropbox! We release regular updates to Play Store. Please upgrade to the latest version. In it, we fixed some problems and add new features.
Attached ImageAttached fileDropbox_13.2.6.apk(41 MB)

Rep: (224)
Dropbox 13.2.6 (1320600) Lite

* Edit Microsoft Office files from your phone or tablet
* Back up photos and videos automatically if you choose
* Send large files without using email attachments

armv7: Attached filecom.dropbox.android-13.2.6.armv7_signed.apk (19.67 MB)

deleted library for x86 and an introductory video

Post has been editeduzenelse - 28.08.16, 19:50

Rep: (410)
Have not been in this thread ... I understand that after six months Dropboks became worse than it was? - in the Play Store, a bunch of "Dwarf", all the same starting 2GB free + fallen quite the speed of download / upload files? (It's like that?)
rasnet @ 29.08.2016, 21:13*
* Rejjin practically, and yes, the speed is not so hot.


Post has been editedRejjin - 15.09.16, 09:16

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