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The review is also available in my LJ, where I recommend it and read it because Pictures and videos are displayed immediately:


I want to dedicate my review to the Alienware m11x laptop. As many probably know, Alienware specializes in high-end PCs and laptops. Until recently, in their park there were models with a 15-inch screen and 17th, and now they have decided to take the 11-inch frontier. What they did I tell you.

In general, I have always had a weakness for such devices, at first I even wanted to take the HP Mini 311c-1010ER on an ion, but when alienware was announced I was stupefied. The announcement was about 8 hours of battery life, a full-fledged discrete graphics card capable of pulling most games, at maximum settings and small size, what else can you dream of? :)


Intel Core 2 Duo SU7300 (1.3 GHz, 800 MHz, 3 MB) (via BIOS, it officially accelerates to 1700mhz)
4GB Dual Channel DDR3 at 800MHz
Video card:
1) NVIDIA Geforce GT 335M ( )
2) Integrated on Intel GS45 chipset
Momentus 7200.4 SATA 3Gb / s 500-GB Hard Drive
11.6 inches (29.5 cm) glossy with LED backlight 1366x768 pixels
Size / Weight:
(width x depth x thickness): 285 x 233 x 33 mm, weight: 2 kg.

The top is made of matte plastic, which, nevertheless, catches fingerprints. True, it is enough to wipe 1 time and they will not.
The left side is rich in connectors, from left to right: Kensington lock, vga, usb, lan, hdmi, display port, card reader, IEEE 1394a (why it is needed in 2010 is a mystery)
On the right side: 2 usb, 2 headphone outputs and microphone input. If realtek audio drivers enable multi-channel output, the ports will become: front pair of speakers, rear pair and center.

Behind only the exhaust hole of the cooler and the connection of the power adapter.
At the bottom, a sticker with a servisteg (by which you can download firewood from the Dell website for your config, as well as get service support), a battery charge indicator, and a cooler's air intake.
Removing the cover, we get access to the hard drive, RAM, 2 mini pci boards and the battery. Notice how the speakers are located.
Inside the plastic is rough, which can not but rejoice. Fingerprints do not remain, do not get dirty, hands do not slide off. The touchpad is made of “bumpy” material, the fingers do not cling (as on the glossy HP's touch) and in general it is a pleasure to use it.
The keyboard is made of some kind of soft touch, slightly labeled, fingers do not slip. I have no complaints about the layout, but I am unpretentious in this regard, except that the arrows could have been bigger.
But the screen, in my opinion, is not very good. Glossy and covered with clear plastic.

- Backlight

It should also be noted zest Alienware laptops - backlight. Almost everything is lit here: the cooler, the logo on the lid, the logo inside, the name of the laptop, the keyboard, the “eyes” on the front panel and alert icons. The color of some of these things can be configured in the Alien FX utility, the interface looks like this:
Video Demonstration:
Admittedly, in a simple, this control center constantly loads the processor, so I found an alternative written in java:
It performs its functions and does not load the computer.

In general, I can say that the laptop is assembled conscientiously, no parts of the case bend, the bottom is generally made of aluminum, does not hang out or squeak, in general - solid brick.


The laptop was bought for games on the road, so almost from the first minutes of my acquaintance I went to test the games. I deleted the preinstalled Windu, rolling a clean seven home premium 64, and also dispersed the percentage from 1.3 to 1.7. Drivers are all official.
For clarity, I shot the gameplay on the camera, the format is simple: the first seconds of the video are the settings menu, and then the gameplay with the fraps turned on.

Left 4 Dead 2
AND It is wonderful, at the maximum settings, in fact, it is the source engine.

Half-Life 2 - Episode 2
The same source and again great performance. Sinks a couple of times, but then I went over with the FSAA.

Fallout 3
It is going well, even at ultra settings, at the end I found a place with 20 fps and reduced to high quality, the picture almost did not change, and the fps became 40.

Bioshock 2
The unreal engine, as always, is democratic to system resources, so the game runs smoothly.

Battlefield Bad Company 2
Here, the maximum settings were too tough, 23 fps on average, but people put on a playable frame rate, I have not yet penetrated.

Tes oblivion
It goes without subsidence.

The sabouteur
Maximum graphics settings and high CPU dependency do their job, frame rate sags.

Unreal Tournament 3
It is going well, but on large-scale scenes there are sinking. But do not forget that the graphics are at the maximum.

Just Cause 2
I play on TV, via HDMI, on Joy from 360th. The frame rate is not very high, but when the frequency falls below 30, the game gradually slows down and this creates only the effect of smoothness, not brakes. You can live.

This is what I shot the commercials for. From the rest that I have tested, they go great: Mirrors Edge, Tomb Raider Underworld, Thief III Deadly Shadows, Crysis (on average, of course, but I haven't studied it yet), C & C 4, Gothic 3.

Other people are great at chasing Mass Effect 2, World of Warcraft, Star Craft 2. In general, any non-CPU dependent games are going well. Any unreal engine games are going well. Total, in terms of games, there are no special problems. Somewhere, of course, the brakes are climbing, but they can be defeated by lowering the graphics settings.

Autonomous work

Another notable feature is the application of the 8-hour battery life. I spent 2 test. To begin with, I'm just working on the internet (youtube, surfing, played a little on the emulsion snes, Skype). When killed illumination, Intel's chart and incorporated vayfay, laptop lived exactly 5 hours. Then I turn off the vayfay and recorded several mouse actions (opening and flipping images, copy-paste text from one document to another), and turned on the endless repetition. This notebook mode, spent 7 hours and 16 minutes.
Demonstration (true in English) here:
Final screenshot:

Briefly about different

- With the help of the Alien Sence utility, you can teach a laptop to log in by face, recognize your computer and log in, in the same way you can switch users.

- As it was said in the title, the laptop has two video cards, one is Intel's, the other is geforce 335. Switching between them takes place without a reboot through the simple combination of keys fn + f6. When switching to Intel, discrete graphics turn off and do not consume power.

- As for heating, everything is rosy here, when surfing it does not heat up, if the cooler works and the cool air often drives. With games, the maximum GPU warmed up to 63.

- 1080 remuksy plays without problems with CUDA, just put the latest Media Player Classic Home Cinema.

- The sound is traditional for such small machines, Harman Kardon does not smell here. Plus, the speakers are strangely located, the left speaker is in the left corner, while the right one is almost in the center. The sound does not come from the "eyes" but from the bottom.


What can I say? Sure of course. Small machine, quietly pulls all that you want, and that does not pull, you can tweak to pull. Autonomous work exceeded my expectations, to be honest, I thought this can only be seen on frail business laptops.

Small size
Powerful graphics card
~ 7 hours of battery life
Good build

Faint sound
Mark screen
Weak compared to the video card processor

P.s. There is a fly in the ointment. A not very high quality sample came to me, I found 1 broken pixel, a whole group of brightly lit pixels and a speck of dust under plastic.
And since I bought it in Denmark, then I can count on service only there. Well, logically so. However, by calling Dell, it turned out that I can freely transfer warranty service from Denmark to Russia and even more, I can repair my laptop once, without any of these operations. So after a small telephone (!) Diagnostics, the employee ordered a new matrix and said that a technician will arrive home who will install it, so I'm waiting.

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rapurimanka @ 6.4.10, 17:01*
where I recommend it and read it because pictures and videos are displayed immediately

The forum engine does not display images from other sites. Upload pictures to us. Much clearer work.

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Great review!
Notebook class, I want to buy one myself, but prices in Russia are twice as high (50 thousand and more).
So I think you need to buy on ebay, but I have never bought from abroad ...
I'm afraid so to say ..: sveta: What do you advise?

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Quote from overclockers
Members, these laptops are already going to Russia, and absolutely legal, Russified, with a guarantee.
Price around 35 tr. There will be two configurations available in early May.

It seems not so bad!

By the way, there are rumors that soon (by the summer) this laptop will be updated! Percent will be replaced by Intel Core ix (i7 or i5 - I do not know), they will put the optimus, and also increase the screen resolution (that's pure hearing)

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By the way, there are rumors that soon (by the summer) this laptop will be updated! Percent will be replaced by Intel Core ix (i7 or i5 - I do not know), they will put the optimus, and also increase the screen resolution

Yes it would be nice

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Hardly and who will cool him :)

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Literally the day before yesterday appearedAlienware m17xin Citylink and then disappeared,
at the price of 84,5kr.

And17x far more interesting than the 11x mentioned above:
Processor: Intel Core i7 720QM
Processor frequency: 1.6 GHz
RAM capacity: 6 GB
Screen Resolution: 1920 Г— 1200
Graphics: ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4870 - 1024mb
HDD capacity: 640 GB
WiFi, IEEE 1394 (Firewire), Bluetooth
Pre-installed OS: Windows 7 Home Premium.

Device sweetie, but dear ..

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Well, in Alienware m11x, the whole point is 11 "- and there are 17 of them.

rapurimanka @ 6.4.10, 17:01*
- 1080 remuksy plays without problems with CUDA, just put the latest Media Player Classic Home Cinema.
Well, now, because of this CoreAVC, for some reason everyone thinks that hardware acceleration = CUDA.
No CUDA is used there, but DXVA.

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Well, I just blurted out. This is not the point, but the fact that Vidyakhoi is accelerating, that's all :)

Posted 04/04/2010, 18:51:

Hirodger @ 14.4.10, 18:13*
And 17x is much more interesting than the 11x mentioned above:

Weight: 5.3 kg against 2 and 8 hours avtonomki against ...?

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Gentlemen, let's look objectively, I certainly understand the game netbook is cool,
but what to play then?
Alienware is positioned as a system for heavy games, respectively, not for the office to take such a machine
otherwise, just the money thrown out is obtained.
By the will of fate, once a lover of pogam in "heavy" online shooters, I have Aspair 5930g at the moment
on the beech of Crysis Wars and Battlefield Bad Company 2 - and one of the biggest problems that comes to mind
while playing on the device - what a small screen !! but on the 5930g - 15 inches, I can not imagine that
in general, you can see it will be at 11, it is doubtful in playability, in principle, because you will not see the enemy under your nose in love at both play,
not to mention the aiming of shooting.
According to the battery. Believe if the same Crysis is running - the difference in autonomy will be reduced to a few minutes;)

For myself, I conclude: m11x - Ponte because it's really impossible to play on such a screen!

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What is it about? So a netbook can be called any Ponte, it's small. It is in the 1st line of mobility. 11yu can be taken freely with you everywhere and from time to time to play. And not only in some third heroes, but also in red alert 3. That's the point. And if you sit with a laptop at home, then there really is no need to take such a crumb.

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Still, it seems somewhat abundant for Alienware's capacity strategies as the price ..
Well, someone that ..

I remain with my opinion that the screen is too small for games.

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the price in the USA is 23 thousand rubles, and the fact that in Russia it is twice as expensive for the same equipment is stupid, I agree ...

Is the screen too small? it (laptop) can be connected to the TV, the benefit is the way out.
But if you don’t like the screen size, that’s your right, a lot of people, however, play games on PDAs and mobile phones and don’t complain

Posted on 04/16/2010 04:39:

the iPad that has just emerged is a pont cleaner m11x

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Why 23? I have my config goes to 1100 bucks. And this is 500GB, 7300 percent, 4GB frames.

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I talked about the basic equipment for $ 799
$ 1 = 29rub

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KTYJIXY @ 16.4.10, 15:00*
I was talking about the basic configuration for $ 799 $ 1 = 29rub 799 * 29 = 23171

Are you sure that such a config will be sold here? It seems to us immediately go with 7300 and 500GB

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can and will not be on sale, I speak about a margin ...

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I do not understand. Glimpsed already somewhere configs, the same as mine, and the price tag voiced, 35-36. My just $ 1100 worth. In my opinion there is no extra charge. But it's better to wait for the laptop on the shelves.

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these guys disagree with you
Look in this price list for the price of alienware m11x

Well here is not so cruel, but still

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Yes, angry.

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