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MySettings | Quick setup of frequently used parameters

Rep: (42)
version: 1.9.9

Last update of the program in the header:21.10.2012

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Short description:
Quick setup of frequently used parameters.

I present to your attention a free program to quickly configure frequently used Android parameters -Mysettings.

MySettings can do the following:

- change the call mode
- change the brightness level
- enable / disable Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth and Airplane mode
- enable / disable auto-rotate screen and auto-sync
- display of the amount of memory on the SD card and internal memory, as well as the battery level in percent
- for quick access to the program, MySettings can be added to the notification panel
- You can also disable the unlock key with one touch if you use it, as well as adjust the time the phone is turned off when it is idle.

You can download the program on the Android Market. The program is free and has a Russian interface (it is included only if you have a Russian locale). There is also a paid version without ads.

Homepage: http://jqsoft.ru/apps/view/2/
Android Market: https://market.android.com/details?id=jqsof..._from_developer
Android Market Web: https://market.android.com/details?id=jqsoft.apps.mysettings

version: 1.9.9 http: //savagemessiahzine.com/forum/dl/post/2121406/MySettings_Pro_v1.9.9.apk

old versions

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Reason for editing: New version

Rep: (42)
Analytics if it only works in the free version, it helps me to know what features you use most often polluetes

Rep: (95)
At 2.1 Acer Stream all OK!
And please make a donation to the upper line of the program will always be?
Or, donate, and will no longer be asking?

Rep: (50)
DEIK @ 15.11.2010, 0:53*
At 2.1 Acer Stream all OK!
And please make a donation to the upper line of the program will always be?
Or, donate, and will no longer be asking?

knechno disappear ... you be thankful, and will include your name in the program code :)

Rep: (42)
DEIK, disappear, but do not forget to remove the free version first.

Posted 14-11-2010, 23:10:

Has released a new version of MySettings 1.6.0.

What's new:

1) Added Spanish language
2) Display HTC Flashlight instead of the white screen, if you have it on your phone
3) Now MySettings visible on all devices in the store with firmware version 1.5.
4) The possibility of installation on SD-card
5) A new appearance upper information bar, where battery, etc.

Rep: (16)
A plan to make a program as a widget? It was too good, but not as convenient (
If the widget will honestly buy: D

Rep: (42)
loocha widget it is planned, but not in the near future. Just widget is always a waste of battery, users will swear again, why waste the battery, etc. ))

Rep: (2)
Update your screenshots. I did not understand that it was renewed for WVGA screens? What is now become icons for this permit?

Rep: (42)
insp63, they have become a high-quality and not rasplyvchitye

Rep: (42)
People who have a Galaxy i7500 with 1.5 firmware? I'm told there MySettings said force close an update on recent and generally a lot of talk that the last apdeyte FC.

Rep: (42)
Bug found on 1.5 devices, so I was Force Close, has been updated to 1.6.1.

Rep: (1314)
Updated to version 1.6.0
Download:Attached filejqsoft.apps.mysettings.apk(322.01 KB)

Changes in version 1.6.0
  • Described several posts above

Rep: (42)
Wildly sorry, released 1.6.2, I found another bug, do not run a program on the X8 and the like.

Rep: (95)
I tried to buy.
Clicked on offer at the top of the program, I came to the Market.
But the possibility of paying by credit card only.
No card.
Is there another way to pay?

Rep: (42)
DEIK, there is no other way for, you can credit card for 5 minutes to make naprimre Qiwi Virtual, it is fine.

Rep: (5)
A wonderful program. Developer thank you very much

Rep: (95)
Punker1 @ 20.11.2010, 11:50*
A version of 1.6.2 can be put in the hat?

A more 1.4.0
They say there are "beggars" (sorry, borrowed) no.

Rep: (3)
And here is a question, whether mobile Ineta button, and the sound of the CO regulation just call? I would like to adjust all sound and multi media the same

Post has been editedtonk @ i - 21.11.10, 20:52

Rep: (1314)
Updated to version 1.7.0
Download:Attached filejqsoft.apps.mysettings.apk(328.59 KB)

Changes in version 1.7.0
  • Added information about the status of the battery (when you click on the icon of the battery - the transition to the screen the standard information: Settings / About phone / Battery / Battery use)
  • Fixed a bug with the settings of the screen unlock in the below OS versions Android 2.2
  • Fixed a bug in the Chinese localization
  • Added correct Japanese localization

Rep: (5)
top banner beggar constantly flashes
It would be desirable or not lock the wafer in a plane or make a separate button off. tel. part
Flashlight does not include a diode and blunt program starts ugly flashlight.

Rep: (42)
tonk @ i, volume control will be closer. version, or 1.8.0, or 1.9.0, still think. mobile internet this year will not be accurate, it does not work consistently.

Posted 24-11-2010, 22:02:

DeWo, make a donation and nothing will be flickering, but for free you can bear, I personally use the version with the beggar and nothing. I was asked for a flashlight so I did, someone else's program, I can not manage.

Posted 24-11-2010, 22:03:

Punker1 it does not matter to me. apparently buggy market. I did not add anything to this version was written. first try to remove the old version and put a new convenience store.

Posted 24-11-2010, 22:06:

And I repeat to all stop talking about the beggar. I distribute it for free, and you still complain. If you do not like the program used by competitors, I do not mind. I do not for the time their spend to immediately remove any pointed beggar. I also want to eat or any work for free?

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