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MySettings | Quick setup of frequently used parameters

Rep: (42)
version: 1.9.9

Last update of the program in the header:21.10.2012

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Short description:
Quick setup of frequently used parameters.

I present to your attention a free program to quickly configure frequently used Android parameters -Mysettings.

MySettings can do the following:

- change the call mode
- change the brightness level
- enable / disable Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth and Airplane mode
- enable / disable auto-rotate screen and auto-sync
- display of the amount of memory on the SD card and internal memory, as well as the battery level in percent
- for quick access to the program, MySettings can be added to the notification panel
- You can also disable the unlock key with one touch if you use it, as well as adjust the time the phone is turned off when it is idle.

You can download the program on the Android Market. The program is free and has a Russian interface (it is included only if you have a Russian locale). There is also a paid version without ads.

Homepage: http://jqsoft.ru/apps/view/2/
Android Market: https://market.android.com/details?id=jqsof..._from_developer
Android Market Web: https://market.android.com/details?id=jqsoft.apps.mysettings

version: 1.9.9 http: //savagemessiahzine.com/forum/dl/post/2121406/MySettings_Pro_v1.9.9.apk

old versions

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Rep: (0)
but where, besides Marketta, can you download it?

Rep: (42)
On SlideMe -http://slideme.org/application/mysettings

Rep: (1057)
MySettings v1.1.1 Attached fileMySettings_1.1.1.apk (288.18 KB)

Rep: (42)
I found a bug with resources, I forgot that hdpi is not supported in 1.5, etc. In resources, in general today I will add just a drawable folder with ordinary icons and everything will be ok. in the evening, wait for the update with large icons)) update will be on the market and on the slideme

Rep: (2)
Great program, on Hero works fine. Thanks to the developers !!!

Rep: (45)
On HTC Magic, brightness does not save the set value: no:

Rep: (267)
We are waiting for 2.1 ...

Rep: (42)
I posted version 1.1.2 on the market and on SlideMe, fixed a bug for 1.5 firmware (the images were small)

Posted on 03/13/2010, 10:00:

Miner, Well, say thanks to HTC :) In my opinion, the brightness of them in all the programs does not work, except for the standard brightness change, although I'm not sure.

Rep: (1057)
MySettings v1.1.2 Attached fileMySettings_v1.1.2.apk (288.54 KB)

Rep: (4)
tum0rc0re, can you extend through webmoney? and in the future to get paid?

Rep: (42)
truporez, I'll make a wallet in the evening, I will post a link to the blog, thanks for the support :)

Rep: (57)
freemsk1 @ 13.3.10, 10:24*
MySettings v1.1.2 Attached file MySettings_v1.1.2.apk

Is she still not friendly with 2.1?

Rep: (0)
very good prog !! I would like to have it implemented something else like APNdroid. It would be super: yes2:

Rep: (42)
APN will be how to figure it out :) about the 2.x firmware - I'll do it soon

Rep: (250)
We will wait for the opportunity to help in testing: rolleyes:

Rep: (42)
Moderators, change in the header pliz version to 1.1.2, it is strange that you can not edit the message yourself, it is not convenient a bit.

Rep: (13)
Location button duplicates GPS - is it a feature? ;)

Rep: (42)
Worona02, It does not duplicate, the inclusion really duplicates because these settings are turned on on one screen, but the status is different - there are also GPS locations and there are WiFi and cellular towers, so if you turn both on, both icons will be highlighted.

Rep: (250)
Is the switch going through the setting in the settings? hmm ... no ice ...

Rep: (13)
Tum0rc0re @ 15.3.10, 11:53*
really duplicates because these settings are enabled on one screen,

On the hero, both buttons lead to the inclusion of the location, check for yourself ... And these are different screens ...

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