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Books byAndroid
Books in English
  1. Android Application Development, 1st Edition
  2. Android Programming with Tutorials from the
  3. Android_A_Programmers_Guide
  4. Apres Pro Android Games
  5. Apress.Android.Essentials.Jul.2008
  6. Apress Beginning Android
  7. Apress Pro_Android
  8. Hello Android Introducing Google s Mobile Development Platform December 2008
  9. Hello, Android. Introducing Google’s Mobile Development Platform, 3rd Edition (Ed Burnette)
  10. Professional Android в„ў Application Development (Reto Meier)
  11. Unlocking Android A Developers Guide (W. Franks Ableson, Charlie Collins, Robi Sen)
  12. Professional Android 2 Application Development (Reto Meier)
  13. Beginning Android 2 (Mark Murphy - Apress)
  14. Pro Android 2 (Sayed Hashimi, Satya Komatineni, Dave MacLean - Apress)
  15. Building Android Apps with HTML, CSS, and javascript (Jonathan Stark 2010)
  16. The Android Developer’s Cookbook: Building Applications with the Android SDK (James Steele, Nelson To 2010)
  17. Pro Android Media (Shawn Van Ever 2010)
  18. Multimobile development. Building applications for iPhone and Android (Baxter Reynolds M., 2010)
  19. Android Wireless Application Development Second Edition (Shane Conder, Lauren Darcey 2010)
  20. Sams Teach Yourself Android Application Development 24 Hours (Lauren Darcey, Shane Conder 2010)
  21. Learn Java for Android Development (Jeff "JavaJeff" Friesen 2010)
  22. Android in Action, Third Edition (W. Frank Ableson, Robi Sen, Chris King, C. Enrique Ortiz 2012)
  23. Android Security Cookbook (Keith Makan, Scott Alexander-Bown, 2013)
  24. Decompiling Android (Godfrey Nolan, 2012)
  25. Embedded Android (Karim Yaghmour)
  26. Beginning Android application development (Wrox programmer to programmer), Wrox Press, 2011
  27. Beginning Android tablet application development (Lee W, 2011)
  28. Android application testing guide (Milano D., 2011)
  29. Android user interface development (Morris J., 2011)
  30. The Android developer's cookbook (Steele J., 2011)
  31. The complete Android guide (Purdy K., 2010)
  32. Android recipes. A problem solution approach (Smith D., 2011)
  33. Android programming tutorials (Murphy M.L., 2011)
  34. Pro Android Flash (Chin S., 2011)
  35. Android apps for absolute beginners (Jackson W., 2011)
  36. Learning_Android (Gargenta M., 2011)
  37. Programming Android (Mednieks Z., 2011)
  38. Beginning Android (Murphy M., 2011)
  39. The busy coder's guide to Android development V3.6 (Murphy M.L., 2011)
  40. The busy coder's guide to advanced Android development V1.9.2 (Murphy M.L., 2011)
  41. Pro Android 3 (Komatineni S., 2011)
  42. Pro Android Python with SL4A (Ferrill P., 2011)
  43. Helder Vasconcelos - Asynchronous Android Programming, 2nd Edition - 2016
  44. Augmented Reality for Android Application Development
  45. Android Wearable Programming
  46. Android-studio-3-3-development-essentials.epub
  47. Android Studio Essentials
  48. Embedded Programming with Android Bringing Up an Android System from Scratch (Roger Ye)
  49. Android SQLite Essentials
  50. Android Programming for Beginners (John Horton)
  51. Android Internals: A Confectioner's Cookbook (Jonathan Levin)
  52. Kotlin for Android Developers (Antonio Leiva - 2017-06-20)
  53. Android Design Patterns and Best Practice (Mew K. 2016.)
  54. Android 6 Programming: Android Studio Development Guide (Mark Smart, 2016.)]
  55. Android High Performance Programming (Enrique LГіpez MaГ±as, Diego Grancini, 2016.)
  56. Processing for Android (Colubri A., 2017)
  57. Kotlin for Android Developers (Antonio Leiva, 2016)
  58. Phillips B., Stewart Ch. - Android Programming. The Big Nerd Ranch Guide, 3rd Edition - 2017
  59. Mark L. Murphy - Android's Architecture Components 0.6 - 2017.pdf
  60. Nikolay Elenkov - Android Security Internals, An In-Depth Guide to Android's Security Architecture - 2014
  61. Android System Programming: Porting, customizing, and debugging Android HAL (May 31, 2017, Roger Ye)
  62. Practical Android (2018, Wickham M.)
  63. Android Studio Game Development. Concepts and Design (DiMarzio J.F. 2015)
  64. Mark L. Murphy - Exploring Android 0.1 \ Mark L. Murphy - Android's Architecture Components 0.8 \ Mark L. Murphy - GraphQL and Android 0.3 (2018)
  65. Mark L. Murphy - Android's Architecture Components 0.9 - 2018
  66. Mark L. Murphy - Exploring Android 0.3 - 2018
  67. Android Cookbook: Problems and Solutions for Android Developers (Ian F. Darwin 2017)
  68. Android Apps Guide on Google's Mobile Platform (Laurence Moroney, 2017)
  69. Mark L. Murphy - The Busy Coder's Guide to Android Development 8.13 - 2018
  70. Meier R., Lake I. - Professional Android - 2018
  71. Mark L. Murphy - The Busy Coder's Guide to Android Development - 2019

Irrelevant books

Books in Russian
  1. Mobile application development. The first steps (Author: Fedotenko M. Рђ. Year of publication: 2019)
  2. andbook! in Russian (not professional translation)
  3. Google Android programming for mobile devices (Goloshchapov A.L., 2011, BHV St. Petersburg)
  4. Android application development (S. Hashimi, S. Komatineni, D. MacLean, 2011)| Source Codes and Book Listings
  5. Android for 24 hours. Programming applications for the Google operating system (Lauren Darcy, Reed Group, 2011) | Source Codes and Book Listings
  6. Android 2. Programming applications for tablets and smartphones (Reto Meier, Eksmo, 2011) | Source Codes and Book Listings
  7. Book Hi, android! mobile application development
  8. Google Android creating applications for smartphones and tablets (A. Goloshchapov. 2013)
  9. Android Programming for professionals 2nd edition (2016) - another link
  10. Theory of programming for Android from the site of Alexander Klimov
  11. Android NDK. Development of applications for Android in C, C ++ (Retabouil C., 2012)
  12. Programming for Android. For professionals (Hardy B., Phillips B.)
  13. Programming games for Android (Marie Zechner, 2013)
  14. Android Programming for professionals. 3rd edition
  15. Programming for Android (Brian Hardy 2014)
  16. Head First. Programming for Android (Don Griffiths, David Griffiths)
  17. Efficient use of threads in the Android operating system. Asynchronous Data Processing Technologies (Anders Oransson)
  18. Programming for Android 5. Tutorial (Denis Kolisnichenko)
  19. Android for developers (P.Deitel, H.Deitel)
  20. Don Griffiths, David Griffiths Head First. Programming for Android. 2 edition in Russian
  21. Tutorial on android

Books byJava
  1. Meet Java. Tutorial (Akkuratov E., E., "Williams", 2006)
  2. Swing Beginner's Guide (G. Schildt, 2007)
  3. Java Philosophy, 4th Edition (Ekkel B., 2015)
  4. Java Philosophy, 4th Edition (Ekkel B., 2009)
  5. Java programming for children, parents, grandparents (Fain J., 2011)
  6. Java 2. The most comprehensive guide (Herbert Shildt, Patrick Nouton, 2007)
  7. Java 8. Beginner's Guide (Herbert Shildt, 2015)
  8. Java 8. Complete Guide (Herbert Shildt, 2015)
  9. Learning Reactive Programming with Java 8 June (Nickolay Tsvetinov. 2015)
  10. Java. Express course from the site of Alexander Klimov
  11. Java 8. Library Professional, Volume 1. Basics. 10th edition (by S. Horstmann)
  12. Algorithms. Reference with examples in C, C ++, Java and Python. 2nd edition (D. Heinemann, G. Pollis, S. Selkov)
  13. Java EE. Design patterns for professionals. (Murat Yener, Alex Feed)
  14. Java.Effective programming (Joshua Bloch 2002)
  15. Learning Java 2nd Edition (Head First Java 2nd Edition)
  16. Reactive programming RxJava 1 (Nurkevich T, Christensen B.)
  17. Oracle's Original Java Tutorial
  18. Modern Java Recipes (Kousen K., 2017)
  19. Data Structures and Java Algorithms (Laforet Robert, 2013)
  20. RxJava Essentials (Ivan Morgillo, May 27, 2015)
  21. Head First Java 2nd Edition (English and Russian versions)
  22. Learning Java with Examples and Tasks (Setter RV, 2016)
  23. Java 8. Beginner's Guide (Shildt G, 2015) | one more link
  24. Java 8. Complete Guide (Shield G, 2015)
  25. On Java 8 Year of publication: 2017Author: Bruce Eckel Continuation of the legendary "Philosophy of Java"
  26. Java Philosophy (4th ed, 2015)
  27. Java. Pocket Guide (Peter J. De Pasquale, 2015)
  28. Java. The Complete Reference. Tenth Edition (Herbert Schildt, 2017)
  29. Retrofit: Love Working with APIs on Android
  30. Java. Professional library. Volume 1. Basics [10th Edition] Authors: Horstmann K., Cornell G. (Cay S. Horstmann, Gary Cornell) Year: 2016
  31. Java. A beginners guide. Eighth Edition (Schildt H., 2018)
  32. Books to prepare for Oracle certification
  33. Java 2. Library professional. Volume 1. Authors: Horstmann K., Cornell G.
  34. Java 2. Library professional. Volume 2. Authors: Horstmann K., Cornell G.
  35. Data structures and Java algorithms. R. Lafore.
  36. Horstmann K. - Java. Professional library. Volume 2. Advanced Programming Tools - 2017 PDF
  37. B. Goets - Parallel Programming in Java in Practice
  38. Sun Microsystems - Code Conventions (1997)
  39. Joshua Bloch. Java: effective programming. 3rd edition, 2019
  40. Edward Sciore Java Program Design Principles, Polymorphism, and Patterns, 2019
  41. Shieldt G. Java. Beginner's Guide. 7th edition, 2019
  42. Reto Meier - Android 4. Programming applications for tablets and smartphones 2013
  43. N.Prokhorenok - Java Basics 2017
  44. Fedotenko M.A. - Development of mobile applications. First steps, 2019
  45. Bryson P. - Easy way to learn Java, 2019
  46. Horstmann K. - Java. Professional Library Volume 1 Basics, 11th edition, 2019

Books byKotlin

Video library

Miscellaneous: useful links, articles, blogs
  1. Blog "Development for Android" on Habrahabr
  2. An Introduction to Android for Developers (presentation)
  3. Android Developers Guide (documentation from Android SDK as one pdf file)
  4. Writing Real Time Games For Android, Chris Pruett (presentation)
  5. How to: Android 'Hello Widget' (tutorial)
  6. OpenCV for Secret Agents (Joseph Howse)
  7. Blog Alexander Klimov, there is a section on the development of under Android
  8. Introduction to Android (lessons by Darya Ryazhskikh)
  9. Writing a game for Android (lessons Darya Ryazhskikh)
  10. Blog - Google Android .... this is easy. Development on Android from scratch, text lessons + video tutorials
  11. R.Рђ.Susi - Python Programming Language (2016)
  12. A series of articles on reverse engineering applications
  13. For those who want to understand inside android, read about the gcc compiler, the kernel device (Linux kernel), arm selection of books
  14. Design patterns (Freeman Er., Freeman El., Sierra K., Bates B., 2011)
  15. Algorithms: construction and analysis (Thomas Kormen, Charles Lutherston, Ronald Rivest, Clifford Stein)
  16. Clean code. Creation, analysis and refactoring (Robert Martin, 2010)
  17. Lynn Bailey - Learn SQL (O'Reilly Bestsellers) - 2012
  18. Boswell Dustin, Foucher Trevor - Readable Code, or Programming as an Art (2012)
  19. Amazon Web Services for Mobile Developers: Building Apps with AWS
  20. Regular Expressions "Jeffrey Friedl" Year: 2008 Edition: 3rd and Regular Expressions. Collection of recipes "Ian Goyvertz, Stephen Levitan" Year: 2015 Edition: 2nd
  21. C ++. Basic course. Authors: Shildt G.
  22. Java and JavaFX Tutorials with Metanit
  23. CommonsWare Second Generation of Books
  24. Jeremy Gibson Bond - Unity and CS. Gamedev from idea to implementation (For professionals) - 2019

Old hat threads

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Reason for editing: Android-studio-3-3-development-essentials.epub

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Good day!
I started to study programming on Android and already studied the Android book. Programming for professionals. 3rd Edition and then Don Griffiths, David Griffiths Head First. Programming for Android. 2nd edition.
Books went very well, though for beginners, I would advise you to study them in reverse order.
Now in thought in what direction to further study. Tell me. Thinking or starting to learn Kotlin, they write that since 2016 Google has declared it the main language for Android.
Or study Android in java further inland. For example, in these books only the very basics were given above, but such things as working with nfc, with a gyroscope, direct work with the camera module are not covered in any way. If you study further in depth, then in what books do they write about this?

Post has been editedmistral38 - 15.08.19, 14:15

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Now in thought in what direction to further study.

Stop studying.
It’s time to make a small airlock and fill it in the market.
Set yourself a task, write TK and go.

Rep: (3336)
* mistral38 , as well as Eckel and Java pull up in parallel.

Rep: (551)
Now in thought in what direction to further study. Tell me. Thinking or starting to learn Kotlin, they write that since 2016 Google has declared it the main language for Android.
For example, from books, nothing at all was practically incomprehensible to me. I realized this is only true when I really started making applications. In general, I don’t understand how you managed to master the android, reading only books about android. Without studying Java and without programming practice I can not imagine how something can be understood. Regarding the study of Kotlin, it’s up to you to decide. My path generally led me to learn react native.

Post has been editedStupidSage - 15.08.19, 20:53

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* mistral38, comrades write correctly. until you start writing programs - books will be like entertainment = read, sort of understood, rejoiced, sat down at the program - nothing is clear ... that was it myself .. exercises from books will not help .. you need to write a program. the harder the better. I started in Java. Now I prefer Kotlin. I think that if there is an understanding of java, then it is better to stop in this language for now. the transition to Kotlin is quite easy .. otherwise there is a risk of “knowing” 2 languages ​​== and not knowing any in the end ..

Rep: (299)
* mistral38 , I also confirm the above. Create your own useful project and slowly develop it from scratch. In February, I also wanted to learn python, decided to make a bot for telegram. I googled for days and for a week released the first version, I didn’t even read a single book. Now the bot is half a year old and the second one has already been written, several hundred thousand have been earned thanks to it, which motivates to move on, and a good knowledge of the language has been pumped.
Previously, I tried to learn the language by blunt reading books, watching video courses and repeating the code behind them - this does not work, less than a week the enthusiasm faded.

Post has been editedAndroid..DEV - 15.08.19, 21:22

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This is the structure of human memory. The book may be ideal, but a person is not a robot yet and only remembers what is important to him now. When you start writing, you will have your own questions and the answers to them are almost always faster to find in Google than in the top ten books that you read .. I'm not saying that you do not need to read. But ... I will give an example. My acquaintance with Kotlin did not begin with a book. I was given a project that needed to be developed .. After some time, time appeared in the evenings. I began to read Zhemerov. But time was lost and I didn’t have time to finish it .. When it appeared again, I already felt at ease with Kotlin and there was already more than one project on it, and I already preferred it to Java. And he began to read again Zhemerov. And somehow everything is laid out in the head on the shelves and you see missed in practice nuances and features of the language ...
* mistral38, in general, if you want to practice programming, and not pass an exam or train someone, then practice. What you read is enough, you can find the rest when the need arises .. But leave Eckel for later ..

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I started to study programming on Android and already studied the Android book.
I could never understand this phrase.
He began to study programming in Windows and studied the book of Windows.
Program on YP, but not on OS. You can write a program for Android on FireMonkey.
You need to start with the study of nuclear weapons.

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The only letter combination "YP" that I know is "I Cried." What are you talking about?

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* yozhig_f_tumani , Programming language.

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Updated Elements of Kotlin to version 0.2 and added Elements of Kotlin Coroutines 0.1.

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