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We publish the answers to the open interview with the

Answers actually divided into 2 parts - the "General" and "Private".

The "general" responsible command, and the "private"met individually almost all of the team members.
All questions were answered openly and in the spirit
In our opinion, a lot of things happened, but I'm sure it will be interesting to read;)


givis22: I also noticed that on weekends news updated very sluggish, although the neighboring resource a lot of new news about devaysakh and TP.

Expmax: 2) Why is there no news sources on the site? Sometimes the news is too absurd, and we refer to sources that do not specify.
3) Why are so few news ??? I want more and more!
4) Will there be any new headings in the news?
5) Are there any news on the weekends?
6) The site consists only of news and the forum will be to somehow expand the site itself? We find it difficult to compete with commercial sites, the authors of which are engaged in the writing of news professionally, but we try not to lose face. Almost all of the news on the site translated and only a small part of them - it's press releases and texts translated by readers. On the frequency of news affects a number of factors, chief among them - is the emergence of a new gadget, the relevant topics and sections of the maximum number of TTX (rumors and speculation, is not very popular with readers judging by the comments). Another, no less important factor is that the main mass of news takes one person who, at the same time to learn. If you want to publish your news - resource provides the opportunity to anyone interested.

About the "absurdity" of news can only say the following - to guess what kind of news is difficult to call ridiculous (we are not mind readers), and the authors of the news about the devices that are just getting ready to enter the market, not in a hurry to advertise themselves or their sources.

Over the weekend, the news appear, but in small quantities (abroad rest, and we must give the time a family sport and a favorite), so smear them on 3 days (Sat, Su, Mo.) does not make sense - it all can be read on Monday.

When translating the news one source is not always used - very often the final text is compiled from multiple sources (with the world on a string), and the text in the translation adapted "for the reader," however, is very often in the text of a link to the store or on the above site logo image there who published this news. If the news is taken from the Russian website, which is rare, the source is always indicated.

Also, read the news in the original questions about the link does not appear, and those who read the translation it does not help much.

development resource

gospodinpg: I will ask, perhaps, the standard question: what are the plans for development of the project?
And further. At the moment, the site is dominated by a part of forum, is there any plans for the expansion of the blogosphere? Plans a lot, just to describe their list are not interested, so in similar matters will write in more detail. As for the blogging part - for us this is not much use. If someone wants to create an interesting topic, it can be made on the forum. Post interesting articles, news, analysis, or the like - on the site. And just to write that "I woke up and came to work" - it is possible to LiveJournal or Twitter is now fashionable.

simins: You do not plan to do chtonit type wiki or knowledge base? On the basis of knowledge very seriously I think a couple of years for sure. Wiki platform for this purpose we absolutely uncomfortable, there will be another, its own platform. In reality, the "Knowledge Base" is the most difficult project that requires very significant time and financial investment. At the moment, difficult for us to pick it up ourselves, but we are slowly and steadily moving towards agreed goals.

X35A: Are there any plans to create its large storage. For virtually all devices released custom firmware, and references to them are at rapid speeds, the people, etc. There and the speed of the cutting and in general, as something not serious for such a resource does not have his great faylobmennikov for their same development. Thanks. Not exactly the vault, but the accommodation of large files will be pretty soon.

en-trance: It is no secret that many people think, following the development And that way, which was a resource from the moment when I found out about it and at the present time - is very high. Itemize need not.
Projects such as the shop and catalog devices - of course, only increase the comfort of use of the resource.
Question: Are there any plans the creation of any new projects?
Is it possible the allocation of server capacity for user projects (unless, of course, on the rationale that is)?
(E.g., New projects certainly are. Over the allocation of capacity for user projects - we are always open to dialogue and ready to fully support and allocate capacity for interesting projects users. If you are ready to start a joint project, and to support its growth - in a personal email to the Administrator tab. Unfortunately, most of the proposals ends like this: - I have a great idea, but do I want nothing. I want you selling it for a hundred thousand millions? With these suggestions do not write.

asdx: Question 1: Do not start your test lab time to mobile devices (with independent and nezakaznymi reviews of new devices, with the ability to post a review acquainted with surveys about the device)?
Question 2: Can the "Programs" section to create a rating next to each, so that people can vote and see the popularity of the programs and their tyschschi there ...
I would like to work to the moderators and other people that help users to pay (if it is not). As well as the creation of the Service Paid support (eg changed the cell, and there is a new platform, new hardware, new skills need to purchase a new week to kill, to bring your favorite device to a desired state .... Contact the support (surcharge), and Please do set up, bought (with her help) program in one day). After all, I'm sure many of your users are, and want to save time by paying the people who work so help everyone on the forums gathering information and creating a manual to address the problems. But the main resource must remain free and available free to all, as it is now. About the lab - we are now in the development of a very interesting project on this topic. He is big and complex, but we run. As for the contract or contract reviews - they do all custom, but to varying degrees. Sometimes the customer is the developer or vendor, sometimes internet project publishing this review, sometimes the author himself (in pursuit of their own goals). Recently, people have begun to see advertising everywhere. Perhaps it is the fault of marketers, but in this there is a clear lack of understanding among consumers. In fact, any message about anything, can be interpreted as advertising. Particularly pleased when people do not believe a single advertising immediately begin to trust the other. Maybe it's time to just take into account that in general all the hype and settle down?

About the rating program - a really difficult question. We spent analyst existing rating systems and concluded that the standard algorithms such ratings, is a very poor tool to determine the real state of affairs. You understand that in order to show the user the actual weight value for the "stars" or "plus sign" must stand the whole analytical system with multi-level algorithms, data cleaning and counting values. We do not have the resources to create such a system, although there are interesting developments in this field. And do "random numbers generator" we just do not want to. He did not show, but only deceiving users. Shura, this is not our method В©

About payment of the moderator, and indeed members of the team - we would have liked. Are you willing to pay for their work? Based on: "But the main resource must remain free and available free to all, as it is now" - no. Actually this is the answer.

About a paid technical support - you can try, but you need to at least see if it is such a service people need. Or rather not so. Services - is needed, but we are willing to pay for it?

Werrn: And yet, unfortunately not online no section Nintendo DS, is it possible to hope for his appearance? Thanks. We have analyzed the need for this section and came to the conclusion that a professionally develop this section we are now unable, and not professional - we do not know.

ArtemKa030390: Recently appeared in Tiomka trepalke the ban Varese (:
You do not want to do that? It is necessary to create in trepalke topic about the capture of the galaxy :)

Kenter: whether it plannedsavagemessiahzine.comstocks, working with software developers on the type of the one that pdaplaza, in other words, the stock-discounts for users. experience of cooperation with PdaPlaza showed that our users are excited about the opportunity to save money, and I think that we will continue to work in this direction. Let us add that it is very pleased with the fact that the tight interaction between the seller and the consumer through an intermediary such as, Has a very positive impact on the business, because immediately visible flaws and complexity. And as for them it is impossible to delete messages from us, they have to decide what eventually leads to a positive impact on both sides. Of course, we are talking about appropriate companies who really appreciate each client.

- = Dirk = -: It would be interesting to organizesavagemessiahzine.comSoftware tests devices. That these tests were not written by journalists, were not of the same type, but something like ... recently held Rovers testing. In the administration of this forum have the opportunity to organize volunteers for such tests. Such testing would be more close to reality.
I would especially like to focus on performance testing software for gps navigation. Soon would disappear questions of bias, maybe tested ordinary users.
The administration refers to such ideas? whether they can be realized in the near future? Testing ... good development of our ideas of open testing devices. We'll think about this project.

With all the software easier and more difficult. With "navigatorschikami" absolutely everything is complicated. If you write well about some (not by us but by the users themselves), the second start talking about that first bought the resource. If you start to write well on the second, third, etc. begin to resent Navigation software market is too tight, and the width of the halos of the participants sometimes exceed reasonable limits. We have a dream to assemble the main participants in this market and establish a direct and open dialogue, if not directly, then at least by us to express each other all accumulated, to listen to the explanation of opponents, to make friends and start a fruitful cooperation for the benefit of consumers, rather than direct public relations of their projects .

I take this opportunity to convey greetings and wishes to all the participants in this market. Guys, let's establish a dialogue, not a whisper in the corridors and showing his finger at each other, pushing the ridiculous charges. Let's get together, come up with an interesting joint project for users of all systems and will combine business with pleasure. Probably already tired of all the "chernopira" and the negative - let's try to create a little more than software, maps, and the ability to publish press releases. This train is already under steam, including Please think in this direction, which would then not look at cars stretching into the distance. In any case we go;)

dex157: Hello, I would like to know whether you are going in the future adhere to the concept of Web 2.0 ..? In pridveri new year on the SDA was almost no news, in contrast to other similar resources, each time due to the absence of time people publish news, I think the concept of Web 2.0 perfectly blended be in your website format and to make life easier for both you and us. ). If a technology 2.0 you understand the content type "user genereyted", then you'll be surprised. 1.5 The site has been working on this principle. Anyone can publish information on their own. It's not hard ( http: // Help /). Rules for published materials too simple ( http: // Rules /).

o.a.i .: Over the past year the audience of users has grown by about 30%. It makes this point: "Registered Users: 805 853".
The amount of the Administration remains the same "+", "-" quite insignificant. Topics moderators monitor all the more difficult, because of the increased audience, the emergence of new themes for the new devices. In this regard, the question arose whether the extension of the State Administration planned? It is transparent, but the US administration is increasing constantly. We try to follow closely the fact that moderators handle the load and if there is a need for helpers, we add them. After passing through the "School of the Moderator" and probation assistants are moderated.

# YouROK #: The proposal and the issue, I as a developer and some others. Developers want to sell or their programs actually offer, whether the site and administration support and make a mini shop selling on, respectively, with sales of a certain percentage to be deducted site.
Actually the question, would not want the administration to support the development, setting up shop on the site? an interesting proposal. Let's discuss it in your section - raise the topic.

nn4gps: whether on the basis of the resource administration does not thinksavagemessiahzine.comstir alternative mobile-review? Those. start writing reviews and testing gadgets, software? Why stir up a good alternative to the project? Mobile-review course now it is "formulaic fiction" about any mobile device, but the readers are used to it, they like it, and therefore the project fulfills its main task and doing it professionally. As for us, as we have already said and, in this area we are now in the development of an interesting and unusual project. How it will end up so far, but even the idea is very interesting. This has not been done yet.

Bally83: Do you plan to do on the site Chat And then the decision on the establishment of the QMS messages that frankly is not very ....
A Chat can be divided into different rooms (CCP) - (KMC) - (PC) - (Netbook) - (Yet what a room) is also of interest and discuss urgent problems so as not to flood the forum and allow just stupid chat with friends forum users so to speak of the eternal .... We do not plan to. We have already had experience of supporting its own IRC channel were jabber-channels, but experience has shown that the interest in this kind of communication is very fast drops. This is probably due to the fact that people have less and less time to spend on simple communication, and more eager to obtain useful information. In general, it is even encouraged us.

Dde11: Good day! Tell me, if you do not plan to redesign the site and the forum, as well as a more convenient distribution of mobile platforms on the site?
For example, to make some branches like the;; Redesign does not plan, we must also bring to the current status, at least close to perfect. With regard to the division into sub-domains on the platforms, we thought about it, when launching a new version of the site and forum 1.5 years ago. We came to the conclusion that this is not necessary. At the moment, the key sections of the site and the forum have a simple and clear structure.

rom_usr: - Do you plan in advance the establishment of those sections that can attend only those people who have proved their "aptitude"? I mean technical topics in the first place: programming, firmware, etc. The results of the joint solution / research may be published in the relevant topics. Professionals also want to talk to each other, not only to answer questions and to seek out useful information to hundreds of pages. I understand that it is difficult feasible, but it's worth it.
- Do you plan to introduce the age limit for the forum users? For example 12 or more years. After all, most of the flooding comes from very young people.
The second point, which is also indicated, this action of the administration, which is now equated the curators.
A person possessing even a modicum of power, trying to use it immediately. Yes, it posts to the floor of the page with the quote of forum rules in response to the message of 10 words, sometimes it's warnings and threats, only because that person thinks differently, not as a moderator or the person does not agree with the response moderator. I do not mean to discuss violations of the rules of the forum and the dispute in the technical issues or dissatisfaction with any software product. I know that there is a corresponding theme of the complaints, but another question.
- Is there an administration review of actions by other administrators? whether warnings are submitted for being rude or unreasonable punishment? Are there any system of rules for moderators / moderators, they are to perform? Creating closed sections are planned. We are, in principle, not very good attitude to the creation of "elite sections" with restricted access. On nothing prevents our mind professionals to communicate openly, except of course the halo. Exceptions are closed subsections for communication group working on a project - they are created.

Age limits are not planned. We are for open access to information for all. Bad we do not teach young people accurately.

Regarding the work of the curators - the complexity really is, but they are solved individually. The faster moderators receive information about abuses or shortcomings on the part of the curators, the faster the situation dealt with. Curators megalomaniac very quickly cease to be them, if you know.

Most of the actions of representatives of the Administration are logged and monitored, if necessary. All team members are aware of this. In case of errors in moderation, always going analysis of the situation and make appropriate warning or suggestion. Sometimes we ignite serious battles because of this, but only in the case. If as a result, we understand that it's really our fault, we always apologize - this rule. Our team is mature and strong to be able to admit their mistakes and take responsibility for them. For the representatives of the Administration, there is not only a set of rules and recommendations, but also the whole "School Moderator" which are Assistants moderators during the trial period. Due to the head of the project and the active help of moderators, school accumulates a huge amount of knowledge gained heavy empirically. Once the school has earned, the number of errors in the new moderators reduced to a reasonable minimum. Sometimes even experienced moderators find interesting solutions to difficult situations.

Kova17: "Does the administration plan to create those partitions, go to that could only those who have proven their" aptitude "?"
Keep the question!
I myself have yet to professionals do not consider, but if there is such a group, it will strive to popas
There are closed sections on many technical websites. Access to them have a certain number of people. Accepted at this group, only people who have their own merits and achievements. Acceptance of the candidates on the recommendation of the group members.
Because of such people on the site is not much, probably will not be difficult to create a group with access to a separate closed section, the more it will be beneficial for the development of the site and for the growth of the participants.
Similar to a certain topic on asusmobile, well, discuss and decide on the rom, but when there is a thread of the newcomers, who can not even look in the cap threads - pardon the expression, I want to spit in it ... although I do so
And as though she had not moderated - still has in it a lot of superfluous ... But sometimes hunting and pofludit ... We have already answered this question, but here you want a little supplement. Developments in the closed group. People tend to get into it, get some frustrated (forbidden fruit is always sweet, until you try it). This eventually leads to the fact that the elite groups drastically reduced (some elitism, if there is already a thousand people) and at this point the real significance of the closeness of the group disappears. Acne ... nobody likes ... no one likes pimples ... right В© vicious circle.

nickkadrov: 1) Do you plan to make the device reviews and post them on the forum / blog?
2) Who Androyd section isolated in a small appendix at the bottom of the forum =)
Whether it is planned to pay these forums more space to make more branches? 1. We plan. Two projects will be in this direction. The first - "Non-standard review ..." after entering user criticism, will continue in the coming days. The second - an enormous amount of preparatory work. He is now in the planning stage.

2. Section Android literally lifted out of nothing two of our great moderator. They have done a tremendous job, but this year we are serious about a very close attention to this platform. As for the allocated space, we adhere to the policy of gradual development, ie allocate more space and create additional branches only when it has to have the information, or it is in operation.

Flask:.: I would like to know whether the implemented large knowledge base. Where would all have been on the shelves but decomposable, about the same as the catalog of programs. And it has recently begun to understand the kitchen and found that the site is very little information about it, or she just scattered on different topic about piercings, making it difficult to search. Well, as I would like to join the other participants about whether or how to make the section a directory of other programs (some not convenient to look for) and whether it is possible to do it in programs rating, it was cool. And also about the tests devices and programs will be implemented and whether it would be desirable, that these tests would be carried out by the users themselves, and wrote. Knowledge Base - the idea of ​​such a base is, even the achievements already for that. So far, not enough resources to ensure that it would quickly run and start filling in, but we're working on it.

The fact that the programs need to build a catalog of more convenient, we know. The new catalog of programs ... In principle, this is one of the areas of knowledge, but with some characteristics, including The situation will depend on the platform of the Knowledge Base.

By rating by already responded, look asdx answer. Testing devices also already met several times. Software test ... it is likely to be, but so far the project has not reached even before the planning stage. If you are ready to take on the development of this project - write, be happy to discuss with a serious attitude and - support.

skymer: The question is whether the organization has a test lab device is planned? An overview of the site and complete disassembly of the gadget on the cog, and an indication of the cost of spare parts? To know how much hard-earned goes to the manufacturer? Currently there are no plans. It doubts the relevance of the project. Who will be the consumer of this information - only a small group of professionals? Incidentally, it is also questionable, since professionals and so everyone knows it. As for determining the value of the components, all just here. We do not buy the components and the finished device, accessories and maintenance of the device (information, technical, service). What is the point in this case to know the cost of components?

Rita: Do you plan to branch on ovi maps? It probably comes _teme_ on Nokia maps? Look at here .

Gryn87: You want to continue to publish the magazine "All About PDA" ?

artver: Did not reflect whether the administration to develop its own publication with an overview of devices, industry news and market software, games, news site, and so on.
It is understood that similar publications exist, but we can always do better, more interesting, more competently.
And the competition is not so terrible, We can say the brand has already taken place (though so far only in the network). There's no plan. The tendency of the modern information world - access to information via the Internet. Many major Western and even Russian newspapers close their publishing house and go to the Internet, including special meaning in the magazine is simply no.

Thank you that you remember about our magazine. With this project, we are really proud of, despite the fact that it existed not very long.

damir4er: I would like to see more competition online. Does the logo competition is planned?
Pts liked the competition from Acer.
You can in fact come up with a lot of things, such as a benefit, to participate in the competition fee is needed, for example 1 ruble))), 3 winners will share the money
In order to simplify the payment (not vebmani), you can do so: The most responsible moderator buy a sim card, such as Beeline, one who wants to participate in a contest or sweepstakes lozhit to rubles (opsosy allow), one who wins, the money for the phone (transfer of funds to phone) Contests are likely to be, but what and with whom, is still a secret. Maybe we'll work out something a bit more exciting. As for your proposed "contribution", it most resembles a pyramid scheme, but this is not our area.

centner96: Will there be a section on the site software for blackberry devices? This question pops up periodically, but so far no real need in this section or an active person, capable to pick it up to the proper level. If such people will be - we will support them.

History resource

Serjyck: I would like very much to know who is the founder (s) of the site, from where did the idea and whether it was originally planned on the theme of "Not only the CCP." Founder resource Imater. The idea came from his clever head and she was devoted exclusively to Pocket PC.

Igor555: Interestingly, it all started as a business (well, if not now then in the future) or purely Hobie hobby?

kaddyd: And the history of the site in a simple conversational not describe the form? Have you thought at first that the resource will become one of the largest sites dedicated to pda, and in fact would be a kind of analogue

Gold1: And I would like to hear the story of this most beautiful of the portal =) As he was born as evolved.

SmallDoom: Hello, I would like to learn and in general where the idea to create a website? Who suggested it, where did the idea, and even how you started at the beginning, what type of which version of the site was in the beginning, how many people it served as the administrators, in general, how it was? Probably like most popular and outstanding projects,savagemessiahzine.comI was no exception and was built on an entirely enthusiasm. It was a hobby, interest club, playground for comfortable intercourse. Sitesavagemessiahzine.comOpened April 13, 2005 and was then known, then it was Actually rough way of developmentsavagemessiahzine.comcan be found at the following link:*/

As time went on, we started new projects, devoted a lot of time filling, and most importantly - our visitors. We managed the most difficult - to create a pleasant and fairly stable atmosphere for communication. We noticed. Competitors and enemies began to curse, do nasty things prevent our development, predicting the imminent collapse of the resource, and other short and merzenkie things. The type of friends - to show their true colors. Friends - lead with other good people, and share knowledge with others. Partners - to help our users.

Somewhere in this period Imater decided to leave the project and to devote themselves to other purposes. I must say that he is brilliant, achieved everything he wanted and even more.

While competitors and enemies continued to spend time and effort to, Both outside and inside, we tempered, muscles and teeth grown, matured, umnel, wrong, even more umnel analyzed, fought actively changed and continues to evolve. At one time, many became clear that we were outgrow all our Russian competitors. We do too, it was clear, but the bright halo around our heads we are not blind, and we made a few more active jerks, showing everyone that are not going to rest on our laurels.

Once we looked up from the hard work and realized that we were the first!

Along with the growth come new challenges, problems and situations. Leave people in their place come new. It is important to note that there is a situation where people "grow" out of the resource, and is where the resource "grows" out of people. We are always sad to leave, but life goes on. Every day we decide to hundreds of different issues, from global to individual.

Do not be afraid to say that, together with the resource has grown several generations of very serious people. Moreover, areas where you can meet "our people" are not limited to mobile devices. By the way, the answers of our team you will be able to understand how we are all different, versatile people. As for the users, sometimes we find them among these people that it is difficult to believe it. Among our customers there are very serious and successful businessmen, politicians, members of the most diverse and interesting ... offices and services, and the famous public people, top-class experts in a variety of areas, doctors, scientists, designers, artists - the list can be very long. We suspect that the actual state of affairs in this matter, we can not even recognize.

Our way is really difficult, but extremely interesting. Experience which has received and continues to receive each member of the priceless!

We are really proud that our plans to help the development of mobile technologies, and in particular PDAs and communicator market in Russian, realized!

Resource information

Pashka1-45: Great if you get a profit from the site? The main Advertising- profitable if you do not want to make the site more advertising? When there was this site? And from what he started? Crisis as something affected you? On the resource maintenance in operational condition and the gradual development of the missing.

If the situation requires an increase in the number of advertising spaces, do it. But it is very important to note that we try very hard to do from a resource "Christmas tree" hung with advertising. We sincerely believe that this should not happen.

With regard to the basic income, you'd be wrong. The main profit - knowledge, experience, and it's not pathetic sounds, the ability to share this knowledge and experience. But finance is a tool for system maintenance, nothing more.

I would like to sing the song "I do not regard to the crisis", but alas - has also affected us. But we have a positive attitude, and therefore even this benefited;).

rus-expert: According to statistics, it is clear that at the same time on the forum can be up to 8,000 people. According to my observations, it is the most visited resource forum on mobile devices. We can assume that everything that happens on this site affects large sections of the PDA users. Question: Due to the fact that it is possible through the polls, for example, to collect data on the current state of the market, and therefore - and to predict its future development, whether cooperate with gadgets manufacturers instructions for the last "on the right path?" Will it take the form of competitions (just not as ugly as the with ACER) or a survey? We are really able to accumulate and analyze the huge flow of information, if required. You are a very optimistic person, but we will not reveal the whole truth about the developers, it is not all survive. In short - it is not necessary to grant producers of outstanding qualities, which they almost did not have. At least in the Russian market. Although you encouraged us to try their hand and ... affect the market. Maybe then all of us (consumers) better hear;) The information space is truly a great thing.

Nemo.tec: tab, Good day, dear.
I would like to make a small "predlozhenitse": The blogging part there are PR and unfiltered, etc., how about to create something on the similarity, for example, "How was it," where it is possible to paint such results are not annual, but let's say.. , monthly (weekly)? From having been created as a nice resource, and continuing indefinitely, write ups and downs ... just to see clearly how first a simple website into the largest (I am not afraid of this statement) mobile portal page, I think it would be very not bad.
I offer their possible help, not sparing the "belly svoyago" =)

tab: Good time. Frankly, I have for some time after you watch. You definitely have talent. Try to keep it in the future. As for the history of life, believe me, it is interesting to only a few. And a couple of years ago the information was of interest to more people than at present. But time goes on, society is changing, trends are changing and now everything is mostly directed to consumption. On this basis - to cooperate in a creative manner, "the future" or at least "the present." It will be interesting to all. You, by the way, a sequel to "The History of a communicator" asked the people;).

Dmrykov: I have this question. What is the reason limiting file downloads 100000 KB.
from other servers are sometimes unrealistic download such as favorite movie ... due to lack of "resuming" or the end of the file retention period ... It's simple - the disk space is not rubber. In the near future we should start a project that will solve the situation you mentioned.

mailrib: how many servers takes your life? Do you plan to share a single AS (Autonomus System) ?? Several. If necessary, we even put on the moon base;)

Arthur Gatin:
Why smartphones on the forum paid so little attention? After all, smart phones, too PDA! And one more, why not use images in signatures? At least Cats? Help develop the section smarts - together we will raise this section soon.

Cats evil. Take a calculator and count the total traffic, they will accumulate at least one person, provided that he will come through mobile means of communication. This is an expensive and utterly senseless fun. We have decided to allocate the intellect rather than images in signatures :)

damir4er: -Questions directly Decorator site. Really it is impossible to catalog all the programs divided into sub-items, spoilers), and then sometimes when looking program from one direction, it is necessary and others to view. Because you need to remember that most people browsing the site with a PDA and software directory as text weights of 50 KB, and it YUSVEBE, about Opera Mobile generally keep quiet.
-Daydzhest- idea is good, but why so complicated that ?, really it was impossible to make a link, for example: new dress, and all that is added in real time gets there, in new clothes You're right, you need a modern catalog of programs, which would be more convenient, economical and efficient. We think about it.

Your proposal - a reference to the theme-trash, which in a week will not be able to find something, and generally choose to somehow classify.

IOZ: I have no statistics on attendance, but it seems that this resource is already known to everyone. That is all, or nearly the entire audience of owners of handheld devices sitting there (of those who do go to the 'Net, and to whom it is interesting). Accordingly, interesting statistics of attendance, say for a year. And how are you going (going right?) To build your audience? Is it possible that in a few months we will see this resource in English?
How closely you are related to Maybe I missed something, but on this occasion did not know anything.
I want more of various competitions with device manufacturers. Is it difficult to negotiate with them? What are the difficulties?
You do not plan to change the design? I was happy with everything, but just wondering.
Also I would like to see reviews of members of the forum on the main page. Not all or even nearly the entire audience of owners of mobile devices sits with us. This can be guaranteed. Didex, for example, periodically upset that someone of the owners of mobile devices, do not

Visitor statistics are not published, but there is an analyst for the year -http: //

Making multilingual portal we are not planning for now.

Information on cooperationsavagemessiahzine.comand PDA Plaza you will find here:http: // Pda-shop /

Contests will be. Agree not difficult. Difficulties - sluggishness of large companies.

To review - publish and we all see them. Sverhvydayuschegosya anything it does not need.

pasha229: I have this question. Why not partition the PC among others. I know that there are a couple of trepalke about the software and other stuff on the big blind. Why not bring these topics in a new section called PC?
This would result in new users in our forum and a lot of publicity from the 'iron' shops and sites like and (nevkoem case of not advertising).
whether this is planned? "It is impossible to grasp the immensity" (Kozma bars). PC - is another huge topic (in volume by no less than the actual mobile devices), and if we add to the Forum also "all about PCs," we just have fun with you drown ...

  1. Do you plan to organize normal section PocketPC - Program? Now there is all the software side by side and say if I need a simple text editor will have to scroll through several pages to find it. In my opinion, it would be logical to create a sub-type of system, office, organizers, etc. Novice user would be easier to navigate.
  2. Why "some" of the program among equals have become "more equal" than others? Why in one branch of the navigation software, you can express their opinion about each build, as in the neighboring reviews disgruntled methodically destroyed by the moderators on the pretext that it is "a massive problem, and it has already been discussed." In my opinion, the number of negative reviews, if they affect the objectively existing problem, demonstrate the potential buyer of the program quality. And if such reviews being written 2-3 per day, so the program really is not all right, and you may want to hold off on buying it? In general, I would like to seesavagemessiahzine.comnot biased site, and platform independent, where you can always express your dissatisfaction, if it is culturally formulated. 1. Use a catalog of programs ( http: // - it greatly facilitates the selection. But in general, it is necessary to improve the directory, yes.

2. savagemessiahzine.comnot biased in life and never have been, and such statements are rather on the willingness pofludit than the desire to think and understand the reasons for the removal of mass flooding. We have many times talked about the fact thatsavagemessiahzine.comIt adheres to the policy of neutrality in relation to any developer (unless it ourselves).

Once again on this subject, as briefly and clearly (this is our position and it does not discuss the meaning):
  • savagemessiahzine.comService is not supported either by a single developer.
  • We are not concerned with the problem of supporting a single developer.
  • We have discussed only the software and its components.
  • Questions related to the acquisition, repayment, support, policy development and behavior - are beyond discussions of the software and deletedeverywhere Where we find it, or we reach the hands.
  • We do not support the "garbage", in which merge their dissatisfaction with software companies, software consumers, even if it is culturally expressed. For this there is official support. If TAM developers do not want to listen, this is a fact of their biography, and we have nothing to do with it.
  • People come to us for information about the product and we try to give this information as accurately and cleanly as possible. Flood and holivary are interesting only for a small part of consumers, the Administration is categorically against it.
  • Freedom of speech is only in one case - if you are alone (a). In all other cases, there are rules of communication (we did not establish this). Our rules are also spelled out and have nothing to do with the idealistic ideas of the floodsters about the world.

VDR: I'm onsavagemessiahzine.comthe first year and in general began to lose interest in this forum. Will explain:
  1. Bloated caps, when you look to the PDA is very uncomfortable that prevents remove a spoiler?
  2. Curators and moderators, sometimes their comments on the size of several times the amount of flood. What prevents to give a link to the forum rules and do not post the entire piece on half a page?
  3. Loop and scattered huge amount of talented members of the forum, I think because of the administration's policies. I'll stop at a certain time to spread their crafts, are now doing just for myself, the reasons for administration are known.
  4. All programs require for their work netCompactFraemork should be allocated in a separate section, the whole forum dirtied.
  5. Why is rarely updated caps? Some topics of the last update information can be found on the last pages in the header older versions.
  6. We need to create a strict form of Default section of the program where you have to fill in the appropriate fields, so to say lead caps to the same standard.
  7. All pictures suggest to post a spoiler, who need to open up and look, a PDA with a bad connection, you want to see the Old and wait until upload pictures. Completely disable loading them no way out.
  1. It is not always convenient, and the traffic is not saving.
  2. We struggle with this.
  3. People come and go, it is a natural situation. One clarification. Those on whom you speak, did not go because of the resource policies, but because of his own rejection of changing policy. This is a very big difference.
  4. Interesting offer. Let's form a separate group of all, who thinks so and to limit their access. Around the same thing. Joke of course.
  5. Running late. We are working on it constantly.
  6. To do this for a few months, there are special templates that work to create new themes - try.
  7. Your proposal is not the answer, alas.

Trump: - There is no conflict with your software manufacturers or iron? Just wondering. With software developers - are, but through dialogue is always possible to reach an understanding. With regard to the development of devices, everything is easier. Most of them live in their "fairytale castle" and rarely get out of them.

viRUS_966: "On the prohibition of Varese" - Why do you forbid it? Because it is evil :)

Dragon Master: In runetsavagemessiahzine.comthe largest resource for Windows Mobile. And what about other platforms? whether competitors are strong? What steps have been taken and is planned to be done that would be в„–1 on Android, iPhone and other platforms? Audience grows whether these sub-forums for the most part of the deceased with WM or part of the forum is dominated by the inflow of "beginners"? Some competitors are very strong and we are very happy. If there is onlysavagemessiahzine.comTo become bored. For iPhone: - just handsome! Very talented, well-organized and obscenely creative. For Symbian: probably Dima wonderful man, a good organizer and a good fellow. On android yet probably not select the brightest and fastest ups, but we are sure they will be.

About the "steps" will not speak because of strategic considerations.

Followers subforums growing in principle. Migration from platform to platform is, but it is not so active, that we could build a long-term forecasts. Although now Android is more and more interest.

forsik: RSS newssavagemessiahzine.comwill? waiting for a long time! RSS news for a long time Feed /

Citizen Jury: Twitter-tape fromsavagemessiahzine.comwill be? Already have: join us!

gava: Why before the site was prohibited Palm discussion? Ban on discussion not remember. There were several smoldering on the Palmu, but they just do not use "in demand." Although many of the "old" climbed on WM it with "Palms".

  1. Why Join the forum and site are different, it is very difficult to view?
  2. Do you write your own programs, or just doing the programming resource?
  3. Because You are quite experienced users of PDA, then tell us how you came to this and why chose these devices, because there are alternatives, and how they actually help you to work on the site and in your deeds, and primary areas of work?
  4. Is it possible that the site will be sending out RSS news (about the updates to the devices, and so on), maybe it was very convenient and quickly receive news on your mobile, maybe, most of the time I spend on the resource in this way (due to the hard work schedule).

P.S. I would like to make you a little more attention paid modders topics, maybe, in some cases, they begin to "bend the stick" (borzet)
I agree with the fact that it is necessary to organize a meeting of users by region, maybe much better visual support WEB-support, and I would undertake the organization, maybe I know a lot of your users in real life, so to say it is necessary to expand the horizons of communication and support.
  1. Register one - of forum. Authorization different. What is difficult is that to log in?
  2. When necessary, the guys write software, but basically it is the development of the Internet.
  3. Each chose his device on the basis of their own views. Believe me, it's pretty boring to describe. We are the same customers as you do.
  4. Feed /, the bottom button to read through the site Yandex or Google.

P.S. Defend its position moderators are able and obliged. But borzet users usually start, and in 99.9% of cases, after the breach of the rules them. Sorry - statistics do not even argue. Problems with the Administration, too, are, especially when many users borzeyut :). We are human beings too, not robots and are also experiencing emotions. But unlike the users, we have no right to make decisions based on emotions - just right. And when, in response to the comment about the violation of the rules, we get tons of mud mat, insults, curses, threats, and other things, we are angry because I want to respond appropriately, but to sink to the level of these vampires, we can not. In recent years, cases of "failures" in the Administration representatives have almost no - we have learned to respond correctly.

Not quite clear about the regional support, but users of the meeting organized by the users themselves, and quite regularly. No one bothers to do it, and we only support such forms of communication.

myrainbow: It came a strange idea:
by the management, the opening section of registration of copyrights, with the creation of a special commission to establish, protect the rights, contacts with representatives of the executive and legislative base.
Site status go to another level. Perhaps it makes sense to go in the direction of producing promising ideas for further implementation of the product in the western markets. Really strange thought. By the management even possible to organize the construction of the collider malipusenkogo, only what we Collider? If the only way - В© neighing.

kochrob: Would it not be appropriate to cancel the reputation for administrators and moderators? Lowering reputation can be considered as representative of the arrival on the administration - whether that someone seems a little unreasonable. A user with a bad reputation is not the place to moderators. And an ability to revoke moderator raise or lower status deprives assessment objectivity. Is not that right, tab?

tab: Not this way. This issue is discussed more like even when you. Then there were a few changes, and they all led to the fact that we are back to where you started. Other options have failed. P.S. Doc, I got rid of your negative, without my knowledge - I really cursed because of this. They sincerely prized, seriously.

DimaN-KoloboK: Torrent refers
If so then you can make all the investments and attachi avtoaticheski were well on this torrent? No, not the case. This is a third party, but an interesting project.

Vintom: Why is allowed to spread "soft" with deliberately laid down codes for removing Deng from the user's account? Is that normal? Or is it an article profit site developers? Why rob the visitors !? How do feel about it? If this is the "norm" - something in the oven you all !!! I want clarification !!!
Sincerely, the site is not bad! No, it's not normal. Our site has nothing to do with it. We try to quickly check all that is laid out in our forum and website. We try to immediately respond to such cases and carefully inspect laid out at the slightest suspicion or if someone reported such a "tab". Anything can happen - there were cases when people specifically registered with us and share these "charged" program; but in most cases the one who puts himself did not know that the program is "tainted". In any case - please be vigilant and if in doubt - better not to use the downloaded program and let us know about your suspicions.

rokr: By the way, why is not the forum of the "artists"? Quite a large group would be .... Besides the size of the group that would be?

simins: A personal digital assistant (PDA) is not just a personal digital assistant (PDA), but the PSP, and GPS-navigators and mobile phones, and notebuki and at bolshmu, account even WB !, principle, can be a PDA. In general it is a wide range of digital devices that have a lot of interesting.
Hence the question:
Not hard to monitor whether the whole spectrum? Hard, but we have a lot of good assistants - people who do not only consume, but also benefits people, share information on a daily basis painstakingly fulfill their obligations. Here on these people and built our little society.

givis22: But there are a few comments (IMHO), I think it would not hurt to improve search by clicking the link above. And yet, it was not bad for the evaluation of applications to enter. Take 5 minutes to study an advanced search by clicking the link above and you will be happy. About the rating already answered.

dra6a: I would like to know how manysavagemessiahzine.comsponsors, the names of companies or individuals are not interested ... But if it is not a trade secret, it is possible and voice. There are not many.

Cooler3D: About Acer competition, and especially the "not beautiful", you bought, or had other motives? If so, keep quiet, understand. It all depends on perspective. But not even a single competition with prizes was not without people who can not cope with envy. Competition from Acer is no exception. If you do not respond to what group you belong to, say nothing, understand.

komok1965: Once again raises the question of privilege for those who are more reads and writes. Is it possible to upgrade the software to track the registration and stay on the forum. Those. Messages less than 15, but the date of registration (for example 3-6t months) and stay on the forum (at least ... tsat hours total time from the filing date) and may have to be considered a rookie. And writing for not very good set of messages I want to say right. Who is to say thank you (+) is possible only after a minimum of 15 posts (I write for myself), but I do not want to interrupt his admin problems. Because and without my requests they have their affairs and duties, and still have family and friends they are also waiting for communication. Thus, to take time from the administrator to solve their problems, not to work in the forum. Just know that reading and writing are not enough, I hope they will support me in this.
Is it possible to do so, that would be the theme admin delete another "same" question, and notification of the administrator answer the question went to the writer as a LAN. Ie lights; new map; why is switched off, and so almost everything is in the FAQ. Unresolved problems less and repeated from page to page - a lot. Leave only the strict administrator warning of punishment. The subject always has an answer, it just need to find (I confess, sorry, missed happened with questions) Hard to read about it with a bunch of garbage. Let us respect their own and other people's time.
Is difficult to load a file with 4pda, exe opens in a dock or txt. I change the browser and everything is OK.
I keep the issue of payment for human work. 15 posts is not so much that he would not participate in the forum. Of course parallels can not be carried out, but if you do not write and do not help other people, then you just consume. Which Privileges may be involved in such a case?

You are quite rightly pointed out - let's respect of their own, and through him, and other people's time. The rest is secondary and we will fight with him.

About downloading files clearly can not be said. It all depends on many factors, often even those for which we can not influence.

About payment - we are for. Are you willing to pay for access to information? The question is rhetorical, not required to answer, we know the answer.

zombie7: Join to offer: software digest well, but needs some more and ranking in the general catalog of programs (it would be convenient to not fill cones, and immediately put the most highly rated software at once, for example). Or make each section a rating / review spetsa moderator (for example there is an HTML editor, etc. etc.). I understand that the necessary strength, but read this kind of comparative reviews more convenient than to rearrange all ..... Rating - good. But only when it is really important, not a "random number generator or the stars." Full answer rated we have already mentioned.

GarryBig: Plus, this site Sea. My knowledge of the CPC by 95% obtained from this website.
Thank you for all you have done for users. But the last time (or just recently I started to notice it), there are "pro-directed" news, ie clearly customized. For example, your shop partner "PDA Plaza". Often jokingly covering these "news" tag "naly PR". The news more and more. And at the forum were complaints (although I myself have not experienced this), which moderated the forum is not the same.
Q: What are you doing in order to not get bogged down in the commercialization of the project?
ps: For a no-brainer that in these "news" and tough moderation separate forums paid money (or provided hardware, software).
pps: Re-read the post and would like to add. Question without sarcasm and mockery, it is clear that to maintain the project need to earn. I argue with that stupid. But if you do not restrain the amount of publicity it has probably lost a lot of users and turn into the next trading platform. About pro-aimed news - you're wrong fundamentally. Read the rules on the publication of the site, you will understand why. As for news of our partner stores, you probably do not understand a few ... this is our partner store and we are interested in is to inform people about what is happening to him and what kind of products people can buy, thus saving money. We do not cover it does, there is simply no need. Category "Brazen PR" specifically designed, that it could not be read by those who are not interested, and it clearly demonstrates what we thought about their users, even in this.

Complaints about the forum, that you do not come across - it reminds anecdote ...
There are two Jews:
- I've heard of "The Beatles" did not like. Burr, fake ... What people like about them ?!
- And where did you hear them?
- Yes, I sang Moshe ...

Anecdote very accurately describes the reality of your understanding of what is happening, in contrast to the hedgehog. They assess the situation from the fact that they know reliably.

About the "if you do not hold back," ... please consider at your leisure, why life for 4.5 years did not turn into what you think. Do you seriously believe that if we wanted to do it, we would have something held?

hbc: I'd love to find out if you are paying money to developers is in the list of prohibited for Varese. If yes, how much is being in such a list during the year and which gives privileges.
I would also like to know why the management of threads and caps on the products in the list of prohibited Varese, is only possible for a representative of the developer company and categorically impossible for ordinary members of the forum, even if the representative of a company does not update the cap and will not appear on the forum for months. Do not pay. Caps are only the representatives of the companies that are actually present at the forum. If they are not, or not too long, the hats are regular users, supervisors or moderators.

BrodyagaRU: Whether meetings scheduled (conference) participantssavagemessiahzine.comin real life? In the image of IT-Western societies, so to speak ... It would be cool, remove any hotel (holiday home, guest house, etc..) For a week (sea desired) and combine business with pleasure! I think those (when properly throw a cry of) will be enough. Not big money. By the way, you can make a poll in the forum ... Conference in the real world like to arrange. Eg annual SPB-Day organized very cool and gives a very good impression. As for entertainment, together with the conference, the ... um ... we're not business-monster. We simply do not have the resources for this purpose. We need to think about what would attract sponsors for the organization of such an event (ready to consider proposals).

yod: That refer to file sharing - I understand it takes resources. But why not create a torrent tracker for file sharing? For example ask weighing ~ 100mb just unreal pour ... I join the request of the file hosting! and more voprosets when 4pda 5 years old? (Day month) A good idea. April 13, 2010 it will be 5 years.

svojvdosku: I read the question, of course worried about how manysavagemessiahzine.commaking money, but on a platter navryatli owners will present their business model.
The main resource is excellent and just live, that means the model works.
Resource rich in useful information, although personally I would have hired a professional staff, who would be the whole day sitting in the forum and help people with their problems at the expense of the audience would still uvilichit + programmer who would rivet small, but all the necessary useful program.
Now my questions:
  1. Do you plan to develop a wiki platform as a knowledge base / encyclopedia site? Probably more than once the question was asked, and probably tentative attempts have been, I would like to get the best view of current ideologues site.
  2. planituete whether to go in languages ​​other than Russian
  3. hard you own or you rent a server, if your, what exactly (if not secret)
  4. Projects is the only commands, or there are other network? If there are others - name, interesting to look at.
  5. how to start a share?
  6. where the team is sitting, whether there is some kind of office where people come to work every day or is only through the Internet from home?
While everything may then invent something more. Thanks in advance for the full, comprehensive answers.
  1. Already answered simins.
  2. Not.
  3. All his own.
  4. - rest until at pablike.
  5. After all, we are not a corporation.
  6. Someone in a warmer climate, someone in the cold. There are those who travel back and forth and do not sit.

Sorry, but it did not answer exhaustively ... basically already answered.

Greenjew: I subscribe to the following issues:
1. I want to be in the catalog of programs has been entered rating or even any way to select the wheat from the chaff.
2. With regard to the readers of the forum. very rarely I write itself to the forum, as abundant use search, watch for the interests of my subjects, and 95% of all of my questions find answers, so just write a post 5. It would be very good as written komok1965, enter something similar to I could itself raise the reputation of the people whose work I value (for example, constantly updated Wiki). 1. posted. 2. The answer is just there in the question komok1965.

bibo: as mentioned at the forum were too many branches, topics not relevant topic of the resource, otherwise, are simply too many flood.
not it be better to advertise jabber conference and move there all this flood? or it is not possible for objective reasons, such as the administration's own forum like "chew the fat" and "popalatitsya"? Our resource is no longer just a set of technical information and software, and interest club, a platform for communication, a kind of relaxation. Even the flood shapes our global atmosphere. The major topics we are fighting with him of course, but apart from them there is also the whole mass.

vanek13: To join previous speakers in terms of issue of the rating program. I have a PDA 2 years, and every day I learn and find something new.
If there are ratings that would be faster and easier.
And another suggestion: according to statistics 20-30% of users of PDAs are standard default programs and to put nothing new wants. Reasons for this are several: Laziness, not the desire to understand, not the desire to carefully read and something to do. But the first is laziness!
And therefore if you do not think of the "package" proposal, such as collections. I filled a cab and got the package of 5-10 the most necessary programs. Rated already answered. According to the package proposal - such ideas were expressed for quite some time, but no one has yet undertaken to realize this exciting project. If there is a leader of the project - will do.

Expmax: 1) Why is there no notification to the soap on the work of the moderators on our posts (edit, delete, and etc.)?
7) Over the past year has been a lot ... whether to continue the successful development of such a portal in the new year?
8) I would like to at the forum, it was forbidden to meet the people in this format:
"Yuzay search topic is locked, post deleted" for this type of message is no better or more informative messages of the previous question. 1. If you are serious break the rules, you certainly know about it. In the meantime, violations are not serious, we reduce the burden on everyone.
7. Let's talk about it in late 2010.
8. If you tell another workable solution - we think. In the meantime, unfortunately - people do not even want to read what is written for them is very big, red letters.

forsik: What equipment and what parameters are currently set to maintain a high productivity of the resource? High performance servers that are regularly upgraded.

4624: There is a question - a proposal. When you type in a search, for example, the word "PIGEON !, 5 pages will be found what is left, and that's the main theme of the same name has been found. And to move permanently to the search page and search by title to put those annoying. But always ask juzat search. Many beginners course will not need to be if the first subject comes N6 Chamber, where the program was mentioned in passing, and in the end the list of the topic itself. 5 minutes spent on a careful study of an advanced search by clicking the link above, you will save a lot of time and nerves.

GreenPill: Very rarely I am recently on a forum, but decided to ask a question!
What prompted the resource administration for such a rapid and global expansion? After all, at the beginning of the creation of the Forum and in subsequent years was the idea of ​​the expansion and diversification of the sections that are actively rejected. Good question. Perhaps we have grown and matured to this. That's the short answer, and in fact these words are so many things that probably can already release a book.

o.a.i .: Question number is not standard, I hope no one was hurt.
Previously, users and the administration of the group stood out bright, distinct from each other by color symbols. Now, however, have to stare Who's Who: The Honorable forum users, developers, businessmen.
Even stretching with the announcement of the collection, lilac.
Do any of the Administration of such a love for purple flowers? Does it have what it meaning, sense or just do not get Narok. This is one of the most visible colors, which at the same time not straining sight. This is certainly not a position of principle.

lexus2408: The wishes only that resource is not turned into a kind of e-commerce sites, of which a huge number of internet and overgrown advertising (subjective desire expressed by the fact that advertising is located on half a page while viewing a PDA eats traffic (that's me until aboutsavagemessiahzine.comBut all are). About prohibition of Varese - the general opinion has been expressed here - it is easier to find a crack in Google.
And the question whether it is planned in the near future to increase the capacity of the resource? (Because I think resources are needed, but sometimes the server capacity is clearly not enough)
And I subscribe to the issue of file hosting (so as not to swing firmware rapid speeds and others ...) Power equipment is increasing regularly, not only when necessary. About sharing - we will have a solution to this problem in the near future.

ivan govorov: Dear administration, and why do you need all this collection of questions? Admins - Admin, picking their engine slowly, modernizing - Moder, users - write and read. It seems everything is going according to plan, resource ahead of the rest .. (well, almost ..) If you need some improvement - Duc for this topic has a special. WHY YOU NEED IT? - the collection of issues. Bored, or what? Very "bored" does not give the idea in their heads, creative thorn in ... and of course users. A collection of questions - for those who are also interested, like us.

firemountain: "Are there jobs? Who recruit?"
Also interesting, I'm almost every day in the forum and would gladly have moderated Temko interesting to me for a little $$, because the money are not redundant. You will not believe ... All the people who are working day and night on the forum, do it out of pure interest.

max99: I ask a question based on their life situation: guys, if there is one vacancy recruit what knowledge / qualities should have your employee? we have no such thing as a job. There are times when one of the sections remains without moderators, but usually there is always an eye on users to whom we can offer work in a team. None competent, adequate, willing to help users, and users of the resource does not go unnoticed, trust me. And then, sooner or later, the user receives an email from one of the team members. Or offers to help himself.

cenayko: The question I have, yes. Here moder branch cleans, deletes posts, the case do not argue. And that is why users whose simple erased not notified, it is not clear. Those. It clears all so used to. But write the script with the auto sending a trifling matter, erasing post moder daw says one of the reasons for the removal of the post and leaves a letter. Trifle. but nice, and the obvious respect for the user. The same can be and when you close the. Thanks for the answer. Again - if you're serious break the rules, you are sure to receive a notification about it. Inform users about each chihe over their brilliant smiles of posts or "one" does not make sense, and it's very expensive.

taxist TAB, when the line monitor, restore ???

tab: I will not promise anything - I do not know. Many suffer without him, but the hands are really missing him. I remember that you only through him and sat, and not only are you of course. I can only apologize.

Gryn87: What happens to the "dead" souls? Users who registered a long time ago and appeared once for all time. In the list of users hanging and occupy nickname. By this, and it is sometimes necessary to attribute to the nick wacky characters, numbers. How you plan to lose some ballast from a completely non-active users? Nick want to change. At the moment, with dead souls, nothing happens. Once I made global cleaning, but it was not associated with the "dead souls", and they were the cause of it. In principle, you can always contact your administrator, and after analyzing the presumed "dead souls" occupied her nickname can be transferred to you. Dead soul, we usually think of someone who does not sign up for over a year, not before.

artver: What administration officials see the, Say 2-3 years?
Also subscribe to the following issues:
  1. What other projects other thansavagemessiahzine.comexist or are planned?
  2. I understand that this is very subjective, but still - is there a desire to implement a program rating (if not in the collection, it is possible in each topic)?
  3. Do you plan to establish a "close" relationship with device manufacturers and software (whatever that means)?
  4. I believe that life is not hosted on your own server, but still - how about implementing your own file storage?
  5. Administration officials who, they say, "Life" (you can without addresses, passwords and appearances) - profession, occupation, etc. (This applies especially to the tab - so to speak, another question) What we see ... Difficult question ... Every day we are working to share and continue to be the biggest resource you'll ever need on this topic over the fact that everyone in need of assistance in helping the user find it here in order to increase the information content of the resource and its fullness useful information. At the moment, everything is going fine.

Details of team

Teammate complete answers to several questions, see theOpen interview with the replies from Team members

d567o13sx: Question one, but in essence. Where is Imater?)))

gava: What is the role currently Imater?

Dr @ ko_n: And I wonder, what does today has Imater the forum if he is still engaged in resource development? Imater is still here, he had long since decided to leave the project and during this time has achieved very significant results. Now it has become even more respected man and his posters hung throughout the land, in a good way. We have a tradition of submariners entered into the list of the teams are very respected people, and on every roll call his name and to respond, even if the person is gone. We have about the same situation. We respect and appreciate Ima for all that he did, and his name is listed in the Project Administration. Imater - the creator of the resource and this status.

AlexQTEK9000: someone from the moderators "fired"? or due to the fact that they are lacking to put up with any who agreed, despite the serious inadequacy of some of them?
PS I have to share for a long time, seen in profile. This is not a layoff, but unfortunately, yes, parted. Each care of this kind, many of the team was seen as a major loss, but time has shown that we do the right thing. Although, as it tried to apply for pablike. Now all the moderators are a special "School of the Moderator" and training, and not all of it after becoming moderators. The selection of a sufficiently thorough and very professional team has grown.

About the inadequacy of the moderators ... "Maybe something to correct the conservatory?" В© M.M.Zhvanetsky.


Pocket Paul: how you relate to the world of fashion, under the influence of the ubiquitous global warming, which we are brainwashed, and yet why elephants rozovye.Kakie documents are required to take over the world? I hope for your competent answers! And what do you think, what their opinions are about the advertisement on the website in the news section and periodically headlining forum? You know, we just all tensed when they saw such questions from a man with the name of Paul, and a woman's face on the avatar. Let's try to answer you competently in your style. English professor found out that he felt the Mossbauer effect much more than he thinks. Professor's wife thinks so often.

As for opinions about advertising on the site - smart, treated with understanding and opinion of others is not very important.

MIC4: - PDAprime stagnant ... maybe it's worth more to communicate with them? With great respect for colleagues and very worried when they had problems. At the leadership level, we periodically communicate projects. If you mean some kind of joint projects, there is so far no offers have been made. This does not mean that we have a halo to the horizon, and we sit and wait for offers. Just had time to notice that the guys quite proud and very sensitive to the individuality of their own projects. This is a very good thing, but unfortunately it prevents them from change, accept constructive criticism that stops development. Sorry. A lot of talented, interesting, creative guys were in that project, but now they are almost not visible.

fortart: question about left acer competition. I would like to know your opinion (not the manufacturer), but not "what is the best", and by the type - the game, the most convenient, the most futuristic, most stylish and etc. etc. In our opinion, interesting ideas were indeed, but so as not to raise the next wave of negativity, we will refrain from assessment characteristics. Well done to all who participated! Even the part allocates people seeking and creative. Greatly saddened only by the fact that like most creative people, not all are able to cope with their own ambitions.

  • What beers prefers 4.pda team?
  • Age?
  • On how many fingers you have on hand? And on their feet?
  • Not all of us drink beer, but who drinks - prefers tasty. So wear.
  • From 17 to 55 (and this is not the limit). If you are sure about our age, not the age of the beer.
  • On average, and here and there around 10, we can calculate the total amount, but it will take some time.


fox283: kak you doing? Only today you have the unique opportunity to choose a response.
  • Thank you, good.
  • Do not wait!
  • And you did it and why sho vie going to do with this knowledge?


Grief: Urgent problem. Open sections and the "game", "program" onsavagemessiahzine.comor any other similar site. And found that more than 95% of software - sucks. And do not say that it is not. Decent game for the PDA I can generally be counted on the fingers of one hand: Orions of Legends, PocketSlay and ... and ... damn it, I do not even know. Section games with support g-sensor - all shame. Buzzing from shaking sword or pouring beer is certainly very cool. No normal racing. Neither one. Can. You could write a better physics, but no. Anderkaver and Asphalt little better than others, but even up to the settling kompovskoy game - do not hold out.
Porting games from your computer and reassembly reversinzheneriey - it curves from the curves of crutches. In just a few years, warcraft 2 AI did not become normal. Emulators just save the situation, but even the emulator of Java there is still no such order without drawbacks.

Software - the same thing. Monotonous alarm clock, calendar, dialer, etc. Here though exceptions will Pobol than in games: Inesoft phone dialer, Vito sms-chat, Cyberon Voice Dialer, WisBar, Resco Explorer ... However, the same coreplayer still does not hold any subtitles or ac3. You throw one thread vidyushku via Bluetooth from the regular phone, and you have no sound in it and never will. Bummer.
Handwriting - something for which was invented touch input is still the blasted ki-km.

Interfaces Interfaces ... Any Winterfac'y and Spb Shell'y - could clearly be better. Admit it, after use of any, I repeat, any program on wm, after some time the thought comes, "but it could be better." The BB has firefox, total commander, miranda, foobar ... And Their functionality tends to infinity and kastomiziruetsya without problems. No similar product on the PDA I have not seen. Resco explorer except that has a plugin system, of which the world three. Zashib. Pardon the expression.

So here's the question. And it is not that - why? Why it is so clear - People hawala. The question is, is there any PDA in perspective as a class? Or did catch percent power and the BB PDA will degenerate into a kind of netbook? Stripped-down Windows XP or Vista or 7 and farewell Windows Phone. Many pin their hopes on a new version of the platform. Yeah. Much has changed from what I have described, when in 2003 changed to wm5 and then wm6? Nothing. Yes, the new CPUs and OS capabilities have been brazenly given at the mercy of ryushek-buns, which are necessary only ... But who they fucking want? Read. We realized that the answer and it is not necessary. Post-sufficient.

ahdreq: why not create an account on some devices? but try not to leave, I M800 was not able to register? Checked in on the M800 is not a lack of AI (artificial intelligence), often it requires more and help the owner. It does not go - it's bad ... But we're not able to help ...

golden_dragon: It should be something like ICQ to do that would be the highlight of anyone which messages come directly from all, and not one like this in the QMS. By the way, if you look closely, the green line QMS often appears a few nicks ...

maneater: And why is not allowed to swear, it will increase the information content and the emotion Live - hardly, and often emotional, and so "over the edge" ...

About mobile technologies

A-styler: What OS (WM, Android, poppy, maemo5 or maybe Palm) for you, the administration, is more reliable, some promising and what you use. Just your thoughts.

Mory: As you consider which platform will dominate in the future, and is it possible that WM gradually replace other OS? Basically, at the hands of the team 4PDA devices based on the VM. As for predictions, then say something specific difficult. WM now continue to use, but interest in it is gradually fading. This is largely due to the fact that nothing new to the platform does not offer 8 years exactly. Market changes, trends change, and change the WM Today screen and only 2 decoration gradient. Against this background, there was Android, interest in which is growing very fast, and judging by the support of the major manufacturers, the platform has a great future. Most likely a couple of years will become clear the basic tendencies of development platforms and the level of interest and credibility among users.

Rep: (1313)
Nobody writes. :) Then I allow myself to print this topic. Prior to the publication, frankly, the responses tothesequestions I have not seen. I am pleased to read from start to finish. I hope the forum users will be no less interesting to read than me. I think cool happened. I hope that I shall not be alone in his opinion) Cheers to our community.

Rep: (442)
I just did stumped answer to my question. By the way, why should there be a group of developers? and what factor-makers, etc.

Post has been editedrokr - 04.02.10, 05:01

Rep: (306)
_Woland_ @ 4.2.2010, 10:57*
Nobody writes. :)

Can i? ;)
Then said I read with pleasure, the answers are quite worthy of the Administration of the questions: -D
But seriously, it would be desirable to have a subscription to such a subject, which will receive new (ie,other ) Issues, and of the answers to them.
I'm sure there will still, what to ask!
P.S. Yes, and the community - without fail URA (in the sense of:Long Live!)
Development and prosperity!

Rep: (8)
Also I read with pleasure. Excellent all turned out, we got closer :)

Rep: (679)
rokr @ 4.2.10, 4:57*
I just did stumped answer to my question

? And what's not understandable tabs mean that you will do, but to be a great team;)
rokr @ 4.2.10, 4:57*
and why should there be a group of developers?

They kind of have to comply with the support of his produkta.eto their "duty"
rokr @ 4.2.10, 4:57*
and what factor-makers, etc.

Faculty makers make Fakie, which facilitate the users to use the device

Rep: (1407)
The intricacies of what ... Each grupa in terms of forum engine is in order so that she could assign any rights. For example, a user with 1 fasting can improve the reputation of, and on the 15th - no question. On the 50th it passes messages in the following group and removal appears right positions, and so on. So which individual rights are necessary to artists? Edit Posts? For God's sake, mozhno..Udalyat their posts? Again, their individual rights need mozhno..Kakie alleged group of artists? Yes no. And if necessary - then prepare a normal justification for this, and tell it a separate topic in this section. We consider chesslovo :). While expediency except attaching a halo to the head there is no artist.

Rep: (1119)
Administration, I propose to close the two branches with the answers, so as not to fall into the flood and avoid stepping on "the same egg, only in profile."
I believe the vast majority of people to meet and quality of questions and the response payload size, and there is no need to continue, IMHO.
Personally, I team became closer.

Rep: (48)
Or have some kind of apathy, or indeed all somehow not so. I began to read the answers and then I caught myself thinking that they are as there are none:

"We plan", "will soon be", "like", etc.

I, in general, nothing special and did not wait for questions, then eventually given not by me, and answers for the most part, such as questions, but still that is - even less than "not waiting for" ...

On the issue of improving resource management at the site for some reason always emerges the need to ask users, "What is better .." You have made a site recognized by all and by all. In the same perspective, and suggest svezhatinki.
This one piece, I think, and reflects the approach of the administration:
tab @ 3.2.10, 18:49*
... we have a halo to the horizon, and we sit and wait for offers ...

But after reading this passage here:
tab @ 3.2.10, 18:49*
savagemessiahzine.combuilt on a completely enthusiasm. It was a hobby, interest club, playground for comfortable intercourse.

- much falls into place ... Now all exactly on the same level, IMHO. Perhaps the impetus needed for this development ... Now, there is - the same enthusiasm undirected style "have to write about that - we write" .. kind of service, but does not build resource ...

Another very interesting if the site remains free of commerce, then why .. ah-ah-ah, okay, that air is confusing to shake ...

After reading the responses regarding Imater'a arose, perhaps, one more question: Where dci .. Although if you will answer:
tab @ 3.2.10, 18:49*
... it has long been decided to leave the project and during this time has achieved very significant results. Now it has become even more respected person

- then it is better not to answer ...
But the administration itself told, though quite frankly, to try on their history can now every thousand .., better than every hundredth. I would point outIzmalkoff 'Well, thank you: thank_you: There have always been interested in the facts of human life has written 18672 posts and congratulated himself on the thirtieth anniversary of the purchase of hours (we, by the way, were born on the same day) ... And what a cat on the street picked up - too much to be said about a human...

In short a nice razvlekalovka of all this turned out .. In the future, however, it is much better to make a survey of what something like "ProjectorParisHilton" on the basis of output of new products or in some other way ... And always with modernizing hunting pin inserted, might as openness and opinions poofishirovat not advertising, but in the style of "control purchase" ... a week to online news is collected, and then .., Saturday night, after a portion of the billiards and beer - have kneaded brain and fingers for noutom polubredovymi humorous commentary directly from the cafe ... and that 's dozhnikov would be useful (glimpsed the proposal received), they would - "karitkaturili", based on the descriptions and comments discussed, and then inserted in their posts their crafts .., visibility is that it would add ...
That's the answer youizmalkoff You can do the powers of the artists inserted into the user's own posts made artistic creations reflecting the essence of the comments ... It was fun to ... That is not a moderator writes to me: "If you say so again - day RO", and the artist - kalyakaet picture fun pretending as if I - disheveled dude furiously screaming into the monitor muck and inserts directly into my kammenty signed in a threatening finger. Can be animated and something to stir up ... Of course, for such jokes and themes will have to select and otstazhirovat enthusiasts wanting to do such a thing .. but if you want - why not .. The situation would be discharged at least sometimes ... You'll see later on? such images and the demand there ... Even the modernizing can choose standard - and to scold already wordlessly ... the fact that such images will eat much traffic in those with KMC site rummaged .. well, I'm sure? this issue is also not difficult to solve ... Creativity, friends! .. We're crazy though KVM-water about nothing human to us, nevertheless, - not foreign ...

Rep: (1407)
floW reaB @ 4.2.10, 10:37*
has written 18672 posts

in fact thousands of 8 more, but almost three thousand have been removed for cleaning (of which mentioned above), and the rest is probably in trepalke)))
floW reaB @ 4.2.10, 10:37*
Where dci ?.

Disya us, but extremely busy.

The pictures.
Traffic. Yes, and more than sure that a lot of users will find unpleasant in their messages caricatures of themselves. It's one thing when the text inserted moderated, and quite another when it is a picture with the same user share of sarcasm inserted in your post as you, only took place in the group "Artists" and not related to the Administration. But this is better then we'll talk to a designated place where
izmalkoff @ 4.2.10, 8:39*
Prepare the normal justification for this, and tell it a separate topic in this section.

Thank! : thank_you:

Rep: (1015)
floW reaB, Please read the answers again, only this time it was written, not what you want to see. Pull quotes out of context and presenting them as fundamental is very bad for any dialogue. You answer - we do have a professional halo, we have earned, as opposed to you personally. I will say more - we are proud of it and carry it with honor.

Rep: (63)
It-would be very best to get a little closer.
So for example, when it is visible that the person on the line, and pytaeshsya connect it by the QMS with the near my practice alas it is 10% of the 100% who doThey know that they had to QMS .
It is necessary to notice, that pop up just as if it received a letter (within the site).

Will not only I am grateful that in this engine so you can easily remove.
From this we all become closer and will not use this forum as a chat for correspondence
such as how to:

Chit1: As it did not help, and try the case...
Chit2: No it does not roll too ... HELP mi ...
Chit1: Do not cry no one knows except me describe ... more ...
Chit2: Yes, well, I have already described cm. Above ...

Well, etc. in the same spirit.
Say-mail use, and no mail has a limit on the number of shipments ...
So that dear HOTELOS- dorabotochku to see on the forum aboutnotification QMS!

Rep: (48)
tab @ 4.2.10, 13:14*
Please read the answers again, only this time it was written, not what you want to see.

You will excuse me, my schizophrenic taking ..:? Sorry: I'm so, like, read what you wrote ...: blush: Of course, not all, because more or less tried to consider his own interest ...

tab @ 4.2.10, 13:14*
Pull quotes out of context and presenting them as fundamental is very bad for any dialogue

Weird .. but I always thought that if you say anything - it is "something" is quite capable to carry some meaning ... Especially that "pull" I tried one of those places that, in my opinion obviously it does not contain too fat / vague explanations ...: yes2:

tab @ 4.2.10, 13:14*
we do have a professional halo, we have earned, as opposed to you personally

As much as I was not the road my profile on this site, such a transition on the part of the administrator of the person I miss - I can not. Will answer you - I assure you that in my "field" - your halo, such as meaningless as my - on your own ... And I am - with no less dignity ...

If there's anything I offended administration of the site previous post - sincerely apologize .. malice - had simply compared the answers with the picture today ...: sorry:

P.S. By the way, speaking to administrators, it is possible in my nickname in the wordreaB , The letter " e "and" but "- places change will be very grateful ...

Post has been editedfloW reaB - 04.02.10, 11:37

Rep: (1015)
mara04060, a revision of QMS will not. We have been discussing just such a way to inform the QMS, but concluded that it would interfere with the comfortable, because Required Reading "right now" or forget about it.

Regarding the type of correspondence, of which you speak, it is a completely different system in principle. Of those systems that are on the market, it fits just fine on Google Wave. On the implementation of its general we can not say anything.

Rep: (223)
Thanks for answers!

That was not pleasant. Whether it is impossible to reply to some questions, in your opinion, may not be entirely adequate - no sarcasm, once more dry? But somehow not quite professional, in my opinion.
Do not you think?

Rep: (306)
Godless2 @ 4.2.2010, 17:34*
I propose to close the two branches with the answers

So why ...
or me alone wondering what new issues might arise?
I hope, sooner or later you hear it is that many mentally exclaim: "yes and by the way ...!"
another thing that Adminatsii now have more moderate and this topic :)
Do not cover, please!

Rep: (1876)
This topic has been specially created open it to "yes! And by the way ..."

Rep: (2753)
Igorok @ 02/04/2010, 11:51*
Whether it is impossible to reply to some questions, in your opinion, may not be entirely adequate - no sarcasm, once more dry? But somehow not quite professional, in my opinion.
Do not you think?

But honestly:)

Rep: (1059)
Regarding the rating of the program in this threadmuch discussed ... and no really complete and reasonable proposals did not appear. However, this does not mean that admodery decided to spit on the idea ... there are some possible approaches and we will try to implement them in the form of individual projects, but it can be doneonly with the support of users.
Carrying out preliminary work in this area, I contacted dozens grammotno persons on the forum ... of which only three have agreed to help (((Hence the need to talk even with a hundred, which requires time.
Therefore the proposal. If a:
1. Your use of the forum and have at least 15 posts.
2. well versed in at least one program under virtual machine (use a lot, think it is very decent)
3. We are ready to participate in such projects and would like to help the development of the forum.
4. Have the opportunity to go to the forum and some free time.

Please ... like me in a PM. However, we think about a little idea)

Rep: (496)
Thank you very much for the interview. Work has been done is not small, pleasantly surprised that the issue came not formally responded to sort all.
Well done! Solid 5.

It was very nice to read cited below, as many of the reasons mentioned below voiced, but tselostonoy picture "that it wants to see in the administration of commercial topics nevarzenogo ON" personally I have not encountered. I propose to arrange this in a separate post and throw a link to it in every hat that theme. I think this should greatly reduce fleymoopasnost such topics.

tab @ 3.2.10, 16:49*
savagemessiahzine.comService is not supported either by a single developer.
We are not concerned with the problem of supporting a single developer.
We have discussed only the software and its components.
Questions related to the acquisition, repayment, support, policy development and behavior - are beyond discussions of their software and removed wherever we find it, or we reach the hands.
We do not support the "garbage", in which merge their dissatisfaction with software companies, software consumers, even if it is culturally expressed. For this there is official support. If TAM developers do not want to listen, this is a fact of their biography, and we have nothing to do with it.
People come to us for information about the product and we try to give this information as accurately and cleanly as possible. Flood and holivary are interesting only for a small part of consumers, the Administration is categorically against it.
Freedom of speech is only in one case - if you are alone (a). In all other cases, there are rules of communication (we did not establish this). Our rules are also spelled out and have nothing to do with the idealistic ideas of the floodsters about the world.

P.S. Still, it seems to me, should explicitly write that no one pays nothing same was made), which also removes a lot of questions.
P.P.S. Exactly this. I do not know who prepared the interview, but you can ask the moderators to me all of the positive side to throw? The reason is written above.

Post has been editedhbc - 04.02.10, 12:17

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