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jkAppSwitch | Switching / completion of active tasks, starts with a hard button

Rep: (1048)
version: 1.07.01

Last update of the program in the header:10.07.2010

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Features of the program:
-Release list of running applications (tasks)
-Switch to or end application
-Support list support
- There is an icon for bar status, with quick access and additional information (available memory or CPU load)
-The launch can be assigned to a long press of the Search button.

Androlib: http://www.androlib.com/android.applicatio...witch-zCmj.aspx

Version 1.07.01: http: //savagemessiahzine.com/forum/dl/post/556474/com.jkc.android.jkappswitch_1.07.01.apk
Version 1.06.00: Attached filejkAppSwitch_1.06.00.apk (419.2 KB)

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Rep: (82)
share impressions)

Rep: (314)
If you display information in the status bar, terrible brakes begin, and let's see ... After such a thing I didn’t have enough, like, of course, I don’t need to, but let it be: D

Rep: (82)
HomeCat67 @ 23.1.10, 13:26*
If you bring the information to the status bar, terrible brakes begin, and let's see ... After such a thing I didn’t have enough, like, of course, not necessary, but let it be biggrin2.gif

oho) already thought to delete ...) then took a daw)

Rep: (1048)
IMHO, the icon in the status bar is superfluous, and the killer is also the same, but as a switch, the switch is normal;)

Rep: (82)
To mine the task switch and taskkiller should be one application)

Rep: (951)
Great task manager! Moved to him with TaskPanel.

Rep: (1048)
devix @ 24.1.10, 13:50*
everyone knew how to switch between applications
... and run a hard key? : rolleyes: I, for example, do not recall ...

Rep: (11)
and tried to hold the house?))

Rep: (1048)
kai1 @ 26.1.10, 10:52*
and tried to hold the house?))
Already a hundred times on the forum they chewed, a long press on the "house" - this is not a switch, but a fighter applied;) i.e. Last launched applications, try to hold the house after rebooting the phone - it will not work: rolleyes:

Rep: (37)
By adviceramaxa, I tried, I liked the program.
If only there would still be a screen setting, so that you can do a full-screen manager, or leave it as it is.

P.S. Yesterday I climbed the managers, and I just can’t understand: there are some type of killers, a panel - they weigh from 50 to 150, and there is a tax manager, which I had, or this one, which weigh from 500 to 1mb .... here just wondering, what's the difference if the functionality is almost the same? Why are the last so much harder?

Rep: (137)
Smart softinka! Just what the doctor ordered :)

Rep: (37)
Oh, she, she! Guys, and I got a glitch!
I have a badge on the slave table, and when I click on it, before the window of the program opens, I have Chernenko polosochka running through my watch.
Down up. The clock is standard!
What could it be?

Rep: (53)
In the market appeared v.1.07.01. Put on Desire. Works great. There is no advertising.

Attached files

Attached filecom.jkc.android.jkappswitch_1.07.01.apk(422.09 KB)

Rep: (0)
Why do the icons so small do not get a finger.
IMHO Task Tray is more convenient.

Rep: (27)
simple and tasteful! able to turn on running applications and close. what else do you need? : rolleyes:

Rep: (0)
On Motorola Milestone does not start by long pressing on the search when the keyboard is expanded, and so is a great program.

Rep: (1)
And how to enter it in the settings?

Rep: (22)
Friends, tell me, please, what could be the matter: Desire was flashed on Android 2.2 and the application stopped closing the running programs. I put both the latest and previous versions.

Rep: (0)
The application is good, well-made, especially pleased with the use of hard keys. But what I don’t understand is why the list of running applications in different task managers is different(there are Advanced Task Killer, jkAppSwitch, Estrongs cheto there) ??? ;)

Rep: (36)
I have been using this application since I moved from Simba to Andrew ...
prog everyone happy, but not convenient to melong press on the search.
It would be possible to change it for a short tap, it would be super !!

ZY can someone tell me, is there such an application that assigns application keys to the hard keys?

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