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> Set "must have"
Let's ponder where and why ...
You put the program on the Android version
1.0-1.6 [ 14 ] ** [0,22%]
2.0.x-2.3.x [ 121 ] ** [1,9%]
3.0x-3.2x [ 20 ] ** [0,31%]
4.0.x-4.3.x [ 707 ] ** [11,08%]
4.4.x [ 913 ] ** [14,31%]
5.0.x [ 652 ] ** [10,22%]
5.1.x [ 1330 ] ** [20,84%]
6.x.x [ 1517 ] ** [23,77%]
I can not say exactly [ 97 ] ** [1,52%]
7.С….С… [ 649 ] ** [10,17%]
On the device is not Android at all [ 15 ] ** [0,24%]
8.x.x [ 376 ] ** [5,89%]
New 9.x.x [ 85 ] ** [1,33%]
You put them mostly for ...
Works [ 490 ] ** [7,68%]
Study [ 111 ] ** [1,74%]
Sports or outdoor activities [ 53 ] ** [0,83%]
Digital entertainment (music, movies, etc.) [ 362 ] ** [5,67%]
Communication through the network, browsing sites [ 296 ] ** [4,64%]
Mainly for games [ 168 ] ** [2,63%]
For customization / device configuration [ 881 ] ** [13,81%]
Different goals (for example, some of the previous options) [ 2800 ] ** [43,88%]
Like the installation / uninstall process [ 117 ] ** [1,83%]
I do not put, or put very rarely [ 60 ] ** [0,94%]
There is no my option [ 161 ] ** [2,52%]
And on the device (s) ...
Smartphone [ 3272 ] ** [51,28%]
Multiple smartphones [ 443 ] ** [6,94%]
The tablet [ 216 ] ** [3,39%]
Smartphone and tablet [ 820 ] ** [12,85%]
Everything has another device on the droid (clock, navigator, tp) [ 145 ] ** [2,27%]
Houses "menagerie" of various smarts and planes [ 552 ] ** [8,65%]
No one yet [ 9 ] ** [0,14%]
Hard to say... [ 46 ] ** [0,72%]
Well duck useful to you this topic?
Of course! [ 3671 ] ** [57,53%]
Not really [ 420 ] ** [6,58%]
Useless idea [ 50 ] ** [0,78%]
I happened to be here [ 1352 ] ** [21,19%]
Total votes: 6381
28.02.12, 07:36

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"Must Have" download

Attached Image

Many users at one time the question arises: "And what is better?" Especially for newbies, which has now become very much.
In this topic we will share the setstheir"most needed"programs that may be useful in a given situation.

Perhaps you have questions: Why do we need this topic? Simple examples from our users:
When I switched to android I was in a panic where to run with so many programs in the market, I got acquainted with this topic and downloaded the first set, then I figured out along the way - something left something was not there. But at least some idea received.

I will give an example.
There are many games that are called and are Fifteen, but one author turned out better, and another one got worse. And if I want to put such a game, then I will look for the best and, if possible, free. And in this topic they spread the programs that the forum users, and their subjective opinion, seemed to be the best among other programs with the same functions.
The main idea of ​​the topic is not to look for yourself, but to use the advice of others, those who have already figured out and chose the best program.
What is "Must Have?" If the literal translation - "Must be" or "Must have", but it is not necessary to have this or that program in the device. To each his own.
Example 1
Someone has a root, but someone does not have it - and the choice of prog is completely different.
There are programs that just interfere with each other, they may also require a certain screen resolution, for example.
Someone has little memory and he wants a functional combine, and not a bunch of applications, or you have to sacrifice something so that the specific program needed by the person works.
Someone has a weak percentage and graphics - he has his own preferences for browsers and players.
In some bodies on the drain (like the type of motorola Defy?) There are no IP tables and the droidwall will not work, etc. etc.
On some bodies, you can record a conversation from the line, and on some not (agree that no one would have refused this feature -).
On some, you can screw the frequency control of the probe, and on some not.
On some bodies, you can improve the sound (audio bit, dpmenager, etc.), but on some not.
Example 2
1) File Manager
This is a very important program! Without it, nowhere. It is not all pre-installed. And where it is installed is not always quality.
Define the criteria for the file manager.
- Free (full free without pruning abilities in free versions)
- Low weight (the less it weighs, the faster it works)
- Decent functionality able to satisfy the average and above average user!
- Clear interface.
- The convenience of use.
- Must go at all and always.
All these functions are answered by some file managers. The choice is yours.

2) Browsers
A standard browser may not meet all the requirements you need. What do we want to get from the browser?
- Free. Although most of them are free;
- The speed of opening pages;
- Saving traffic;

3) Security
Here opinions differ. Some say that there are no viruses, others that are. The choice is yours. If you are downloading apps from anywhere, install and rest easy. The choice is big. What should be an antivirus?
- Do not clutter the system;
- Frequently updated database;
- Plus, if necessary, additional functionality (blocking access of applications to the Internet, blocking calls, etc.)

Top 10 Masthawas by the results of user moderation (updated 240219)
If you decide to add your list to the topic, then consider the following points:
  • First of all, the theme is designed for beginners, keep in mind that bad masthead will not bring them any good!
  • Try not to make a “sheet” of solid text that is difficult to perceive.
  • Do not write all 100,500 programs / games, etc., you have installed. Describe the main ones, that is, those that you really consider to be a must-have.
  • Do not write stock (preinstalled) programs in Mast-Heve due to the fact that these are often specific developments for a specific device or Google programs known to very many if not all.
  • Required (!), when writing a list, give links to topics with applications / games or a page in the Google Play Market (links to other sources will be deleted). For many, and especially for new members of the forum, this will greatly facilitate the search process.
  • Try to set aside half an hour of your time to create your own program description worthy of your choice, because even in program topics the description may turn out to be crooked, uninformative or in English!
  • Keep in mind that here the sets, which rating is lower than zero according to user moderation, are not delayed. Users decide for themselves which is good and which must be deleted !!
  • There are other selections forAndroid media consolesMany of the programs will be quite useful for smartphones and tablets.

Also read some of the rules of the topic, the violation of which would entail the rapid removal of the post without warning:
Such deviations from the topic will be regarded as flooding, offtopic and stubborn unwillingness to use the topic header and search in the forum, with corresponding consequences for violators.

  • The subject lists are allowed only the most necessary programs with at least a brief description !!
  • The topic does not discuss or criticize the sets of a particular user. This is the meaning of "Must Have", that this is the choice of exactly one person;
  • Do not write one or two programs, for this there is a separate topic -Android OS: opening programs of 2013 year. Your experience.
  • For questions about the health of programs, please contact directly to the topic of the program;
  • If you can not find this or that program, for this there is a specialized topic:Search for programs for Android OS;

Adhere to the already established culture of communication on the forum and, perhaps, it is your set of programs that will ever be able to help users with a choice.

Polls archive
Attached Image

The curator of the topic isdim ^ n.
With all the wishes, criticism and also about violations that have not been noticed for a long time, contact me inQMS.

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13.01.10, 03:53
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@- for the full functioning of the program, Root rights of the user are required.

1. Office, Calculators, Converters

2. Finance
  • Easymoney- The program to manage your finances

3. Schedulers, Alarms, Notes

4. Management Optimization
  • jkAppSwitch- Allows you to switch or terminate the application, the launch can be assigned to a long press of the Search button
  • HTC Touch Input- On-screen HTC keyboard with intelligent input (RU / EN)
  • EStrongs File Explorer- File manager, access to PC files via LAN, FTP client, application manager (backup / delete / etc.).
  • Mysettings- Turn on / off the main functions of the device
  • Appcontrol- Installed Application Manager

5. System applications

6. Security
7. Internet - Communication
  • Nimbuzz- Multiprotocol IM client (skype, icq, gtalk), this is the only client that works correctly with Skype: chat, call (not callback), send files, etc.
  • Sipdroid- Open-source SIP client (JustVOIP, sipnet)

8. Internet, Communication
  • Steel- Browser
  • GRemotePro full- Remote control of PC applications
  • Gmote- Remote control of multimedia functions of the computer, the ability to broadcast video / audio directly to the device
  • VLC Remote- Remote control of VLC player
  • Connectbot- SSH / telnet / local terminal
  • AndFTP- FTP client
  • FTPServer- FTP server. Due to the fact that the transfer of files on bluetooth is not yet fully implemented, I think it would be very useful to have an FTP server on the device
  • Remote VNC Pro- VNC Remote control of computers based on Windows, Linux, Macs operating systems with a VNC server running.RealVNC Enterprise v4.4.3 Server (win)
  • Hoccer: throw data- Data exchange (ad-hoc) - images, songs, contacts, addresses and messages throwing and catching data with gestures.

9. Multimedia
  • Meridian Player (Noble)- Audio / video player; playback from the stop point, editing tags, etc.
  • PicSay Pro- Powerful graphic editor
  • Camera ZOOM FX- Multifunctional camera with lots of effects (the quality of a standard camera is better)

10. Navigation (GPS)
  • iGO My way 2009 - [Android OS]- Offline navigation. iGO displays 3D models of attractions and the landscape of the surrounding area (meadows, hills, mountains). I replaced them with a copilot.
  • CoPilot [Android OS]- Offline navigation, POI, 2D / 3D display, calculation of the optimal route, etc. (for Europe)
  • Navitel Navigator - [Android OS]- Highly detailed offline maps with three-dimensional road junctions, support services Navitel.Probki and Navitel.SMS (for Russia, Ukraine, Belarus)
  • Maps (-) [Android OS]- Map viewer with OpenStreetMap.org. Caches visited places on the SD card.
  • Transport Maps- Access to the database of public transport cards (buses, metro, railway transport ...)

11. Telephone part
  • aFirewall- Block unwanted incoming calls
  • Handcent SMS- Tool for SMS / MMS; pop-up windows, search, T9, emoticons, themes, etc.

12. Reading electronic documents, books. Dictionaries, encyclopedias.
  • SlovoED (demo)- English-Russian and Russian-English dictionary does not require an internet connection.
  • FBReaderJ- Reading books oeb, epub, fb2
  • AlReaderWhich will be ported to android.
  • Aldiko- Aldiko - with this program you can read books, search for them in various directories and download. Very nice interface in the style of the bookshelf.
  • iTranslator for Android- Online translator

13. Widgets

14. Miscellaneous

* The list was created based on what HTC Hero is already able with MoDaCo 3.0.
* The list will be updated and updated.

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Everyone has his own look at "must have", but you have a pretty good selection of programs. Thank.
13.01.10, 08:27

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ramaxa @ 13.1.10, 3:53*
TasKiller - Uploading programs from RAM, widget

I just want to add a little ... write what his people would set up correctly, and not stupidly kill all the processes))))))
13.01.10, 09:48
Old resident

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I just want to add a little ... write what his people would set up correctly, and not stupidly kill all the processes

The Advanced Taskiller itself ticks off that you do not need to close. What is the problem?

By the way, add then what is the best reader for txt-books. and then a lot of them
13.01.10, 10:27
Guru nikon

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A few questions on the points))))
At point 8 of the Internet, Communication, there are a number of programs that use remote BB control. How does this happen?

In paragraph 10 of the Navigation (GPS) that is under the words offline? Applications are free?

In paragraph 14. 14. Miscellaneous Barcode Scanner program - Barcode scanner, what does it mean by itself. I read about it, but did not understand: blush: it is desirable to explain it in your own words)))

By the way, I have seen many places that people often put calculators on an android, which are more functional. On the Adroids of the basic calculator, does it not work or does everyone need complex calculations? : o

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13.01.10, 11:25

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happa @ 13.1.10, 12:27*
By the way, I have seen many places that people often put calculators on an android, which are more functional. On the Adroids of the basic calculator, does it not work or does everyone need complex calculations?

Yes, there is only + - divide and multiply B)
13.01.10, 12:47
Old resident

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There is also a wonderful HandyCalc. graphics builds, displays conveniently (no confusion with parentheses) .... unless there is no factorial ... or not found)

happa @ 13.1.10, 10:27*
or all need complex calculations?

Well, I need to be at the university, but it will be useful to someone at work ..... if something exists, it means someone needs it;)

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13.01.10, 13:27
a guest

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Perhaps I will add)

2. Finance
Easymoney- an excellent program for keeping records of your finances, one trabla: English;)

3. Schedulers, Alarms, Notes
OI Notepad- Create, edit and send notes, including voice
OI Shopping list- very handy shopping list
OI Safe- password manager
Oi countdown- Notifies you after a specified period of time.

5. System applications
AppsInstaller- installation of applications not from Market

8. Internet, Communication
Connectbot- SSH / telnet / local terminal
AndFTP- FTP client
14.01.10, 22:12

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Hmm ... I just noticed that he is literally everywhere. on every forum, on every blog there is a topic or a file is uploaded ...
So I thought that he could mega-mega)))
Clear, we will read))

15.01.10, 14:33
  

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need to add androzip))
like the only prog with rar support

iPhone 2g, 3G - iOS 3.1.3, iPhone 3GS - iOS 6.1.3, iPad - iOS 5.1.1, iPad2 / Phone 4 / 4S / 5 / 5S - iOS 7.1 beta 3. iMac21,5Late2013 - OS X Mavericks 10.9. one
15.01.10, 17:56
Great theorist

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popov17 @ 15.1.10, 14:33*
like the only prog with rar support

Just announced on the forumUnrar.
15.01.10, 22:43
  

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you still need to add, especially with androzip the built-in file manager, and for unrara you need to download separately)

iPhone 2g, 3G - iOS 3.1.3, iPhone 3GS - iOS 6.1.3, iPad - iOS 5.1.1, iPad2 / Phone 4 / 4S / 5 / 5S - iOS 7.1 beta 3. iMac21,5Late2013 - OS X Mavericks 10.9. one
15.01.10, 23:01

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Huawei Mate 8 NXT-L29

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no point for archives ...
The more programs you install, it works slowly ... and most importantly, free up memory for photos, music and video + browser / radio / YouTube cache ...
I suggest so ... make your builds of the program for Android as in the first post and let them take your builds

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16.01.10, 21:58
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Who uses what application to upload files to the phone from a computer, for example via WiFi?
16.01.10, 22:12
Old resident

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Akaki4 @ 16.1.10, 18:58*
Who uses what application to upload files to the phone from a computer, for example via WiFi?

EStrongs File Explorer- it is possible to watch folders on the BB, ala samba
AndFTPftp client
or raise the FTP server directly on the deviceFTPServer
16.01.10, 23:57
Retired biorobot

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There is another option FTP server -Swiftp

Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep?
22.01.10, 16:35
a guest

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HTC Hero

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Here is my list of programs:
01. Alarming Alarm - an alarm clock with night hours and the ability to put an alarm to sleep by shaking a mobile phone. Plus several types of clock widgets on the screen.
02.Camera ZOOM FX - a very advanced program for filming
A very advanced program for filming. Capabilities: 40 photo effects,
6-fold zoom, Stabilizer (the camera analyzes the vibration and takes a picture in the most "quiet" moment), Autofocus, Geotagging, Auto-save, Upload pictures to Facebook, Twitter, Timer, Grid, And much more ...
03.CheckBalance - You can find out the remaining money with just one click.
04.SMS Unread Count - handy widget for Android, showing the number of missed SMS messages and incoming calls.
05.ICQLive - ICQ client. Support for X-Status, registration, list of seeing, antispam, history, etc.
06.RealCalc Scientific Calculator is probably the best calculator for Android devices.
07.AntiVirus free - the first antivirus for the Google Android platform
08.Retro Clock - Widget allows you to display the time and / or date in the style of an old clock / calendar with a flipping dial.
09.PicSay Pro - graphic editor.
10.Bluetooth File Transfer - to transfer files via Bluetoot.
11.Wapedia: Mobile Wiki - Mobile Wiki Encyclopedia
12.BatteryLife - widget shows battery charge in%
13.eRay - advanced task manager for Android OS
14.AndExplorer - file manager for Android in Russian.
15.X-Uninstaller - uninstall applications
22.01.10, 23:56
: D

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My set:
1. Es File Explorer - comments back
2. Nimbuz - ICQ
3. Sygic - gps
4. FBReader
5. WeFi Connect - identifies networks with shared Internet, selects the best and connects.
6. Mobisle Notes - the most convenient program for me to take notes, and it looks stylish.
7. Astro Player - a player with listening to music in folders.
8. GameBoid - emulator
9. handyCalc - builds graphs and solves equations.
10. GPS Status - satellite statistics.
11. Documents To Go 2 - Office
12. NewsRob - rss reader, tied to the Google service.
13. Photoshop - adjust the photo.
14. Wallpaper Plus - put the wallpaper without deterioration.
15. Procces Manager - the best, in my opinion, Task Manager.
16. Barcode Scaner - bar codes.
23.01.10, 22:02

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Apple iPhone 5s

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And here is my MustHave :)
hereHTC Hero - Firmware (OS 1.x) (Post # 3834773)

musthave or something that may come in handy someday)))))

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24.01.10, 00:34

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Great topic, learned a few interesting things from here.
Here is my "must have" list (HTC Hero):

Documents, notes, readers, RSS:
  • DocumentsToGo - viewer / editor of office documents with good functionality.
  • iReader is a good reader that supports most common formats.
  • Mobisle Notes - in my opinion the best notebook existing on the market
  • SlovoEd Deluxe is a great translator
  • FeedR Pro is a good RSS feed with the ability to synchronize with google reader
  • RealCalc is a convenient and practical calculator
  • Wapedia - Wikipedia reader with support for both Russian and English search
  • KeePassDroid - reliable password manager

Communications, networks and IM:
  • Nimbuzz - advanced all-in-one messenger with the ability to make calls via Skype
  • WeFi Connect - a convenient search for the best Wi-Fi networks
  • Gmote - a very convenient remote control for a computer, well suited for a media station
  • Remote RDP — Remote Desktop Management Client
  • NetCounter - traffic reader

Work with files and programs:
  • ES File Explorer is an excellent file manager with a russified interface and the ability to connect network drives
  • TaskPanel - task manager with the ability to quickly switch between running applications (in one click)
  • Uninstaller - very smart program to remove applications with the ability to sort
  • Barcode scanner - barcode and QR-code scanner

  • Sygic Mobile Maps - fast enough / without a glitch program for offline GPS navigation, there are no maps at home
  • Yandex Maps - traffic jams, where without them?
  • Compass - do not believe it is a compass!

  • Astro Player - audio player with the ability to play by directories, as well as the ability to recognize the Cyrillic alphabet
  • Meridian Player is an audio / video player with very good functionality and convenient controls.
  • SPB TV - a program for watching on-line television, supports 6 Russian TV channels
  • iMusic Tao - search engine program for free download or listen to music on-line
  • gStrings is a great customizer for musical instruments.

Photos and images:
  • PicSay Pro - an image editor with wide functionality
  • Snapit - fast photo text recognition
  • Camera ZOOM FX - an advanced application for taking photos, a large number of effects, as well as the possibility

Eyecandy (trinkets, "must have" are not very relevant, but still ...):
  • Google Sky Maps is a very entertaining starry sky map with the ability to search by objects.
  • Bouble - level

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