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vizBattery | [widg] widget

Rep: (115)
Version: 1.1.3

Last update of the program in the header:9.01.2010

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Widget displays battery level. Tap on the widget brings up a window in which various information is indicated, such as temperature, time of the last boot of the phone, etc.

Attached filecom.android.vizBattery.apk(96 KB)

Rep: (7)
Who uses, does not the battery drain like similar programs?

Rep: (0)
apparently no one is using ...

Rep: (24)
Turing @ 24.4.10, 19:47*
apparently no one is using ...

Well, why, already 786 people have downloaded: D Widget as a widget I like BatteryLife more.

Rep: (505)
Well, why, there are already 786 people downloaded

It doesn’t mean at all that they use it (: And on Spike from such programs (without additional logic) there is no sense at all.

Rep: (0)
Fatspirit @ 27.4.10, 22:23*
without additional logic

Without what kind of logic?)

Rep: (1)
Details, please

Rep: (0)
I will download downloaded. according to the results, unsubscribe and so normally I had such a Windows

Rep: (43)
On Desire HD, it sometimes glitches - it freezes with a certain percentage of charge. I have to restart the widget, with the previous battery this was not.

Rep: (0)
after installation, he himself climbed to download supposedly updating a flash player weighing 60kb. with the installation request with the right to send SMS on a paid basis. WTF ??? p.s. I am healthy and sane ...

Rep: (3)
So normal or?

Rep: (0)

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