HTC Manila 2D v0.2.0 | A shell for our smarts!

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HTC Manila 2D
version 0.2.0

Last update of the program in the header02.01.10
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TouchFLO2D shell for smartphones. Now and landscape!

Compatibility: WM 6.0, WM6.1, WM 6.5
Homepage: UPDATE HTC Manila 2D BETA - Shadow Install v0.2.0 UPDATED.
Be sure to follow exactly this installation order!
Text highlightedblue, be sure to observe in the correct order !!!
Step 1.
From the Update20 archive we set (in this order):
4.06 GoogleMaps-ms-htc_compressed.CAB
5.07 HTC_Opera9.5.2745_WWE.CAB
6.08 YouTubeQVGA
7.03 FSP, DShow, WMP, YouTube, Video
8.m2d test
Step 2.
Then we put the following files (in that order):
2.96 DPI hack
3.WindowsLive_NoIM_0409 [1] .cab (optional, that is, it is not necessary to set).
4.Manila Landscape Fix (if your device has a portrait orientation of 320x240, then set. If not, then do not!)
5.Debarron Manila2D v20 N2A Patch (weather patch)

2p step (optional. if you want, then put the program).
1. crack. We put only on the Russian WM assembly (on the bourgeois ones, beckoning will not be Russified). The translation is spoiled in some places, but in general it is very good.
Homepage: Russian version TouchFlo 2D Manila
Download: Attached (202.89 KB)

2. Landsape-fixes for more or less decent display of manila on landscape-oriented screens.
Installation: We extract all the files from the archive and copy all the files to the Windows folder, replacing everything if necessary. These fixes are put last, after the final installation of manila and all related programs. It’s better to put fixes together with the skin from item number 3 (goes further). Otherwise, with a standard blue skin, the clock and some elements are displayed crookedly.

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Download: Attached (72.28 KB)

3. Skin in the style of HTC Topaz (Diamond2). More details in this post:HTC Manila 2D v0.2.0 (Post # 3724543)
Homepage: Touchflo 3D Skin reloaded
Download: Download for now from the home page. It has not been loaded here since 5 attempts. Later, I will take out the skins in a separate topic.
Step 3.
Install (so that the beckoning starts automatically, and not manually from Windows)

Bugs and fixes
Top bar icons still not showing (except battery and signal reception)
Watch Page:
Pressing the clock does not start the alarm settings.
Map Page:
Entering text into the search engine does not work (it will work only if you use the cursor emulator).
Settings Page:
Sync Data now works.
Sound settings do not work.
Wallpaper does not change.
Programs Page:
All programs are launched! (personally checked by me)

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qtekpda just drop it into the view folder and everything will work, just unzip it first !!!
Attached fileHH_0419_WeatherCities.rar(47.71 KB)

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I understand that no one worked on the Tornado ??

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How to change soft buttons ? IMHO on the left there are 2 buttons (one full-time second software) for launching the phone is absolutely not necessary, but on the right it’s more familiar and more convenient than the contacts (I have PocketCM).

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Where you can find skins on Manila 2D, half from Diamond doesn’t roll: unsure:

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Skins are on the xda website. Either download it yourself, or in the evening I will throw a screen with covers (as well as icons and a clock), and then select the one you need.

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Others, tell me, does the lower bar remove / close the beckon on that day, because judging by the screenshot there is no ... but it really will interfere ... and another question - how much operative does it eat and how much space does it occupy in rom. Well, a reference to the skins would not hurt;)

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marchello the operative doesn’t eat much 64mb enough, if the current 64 rom doesn’t fit ... I even made the firmware on the qtek 8310 from which I removed almost all of the standard in order to make it easier. By the way, 96dpi on wm 6.1 the standard does not work correctly (instead of the battery indicator and signal, white cubes) on wm 6.0 the norm goes: happy:

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Hello! I also tried to experiment with my HP 514. First, I had to do XP in order to remove everything superfluous from it. :-) And I had to refuse Opera, when it was installed (even if you put it on a card) it eats memory in the body most of all from this heap. The fact that this shell does not fit into my screen was immediately clear, so it happened. About 20% from the bottom and 20% to the right cut off. Klava works only on the native home screen. If after rebooting the body does not torment for 10 minutes, then the shell then does not slow down much, but there is still a difference. Well, in general, the thing is not bad and looks beautiful, and comfortable ... probably. Only now they would have done it under our screens. Or it’s time to change the device. :-)

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KevinSD @ 10/31/2008, 2:06 p.m.*
Only now they would have done it under our screens.

Yes, HP 514 is a smart smart, but they just waited with the screen (176 × 220). And it’s better for such money (7000 p.) I would take some kind of PDA, or pay extra to this price. And the program didn’t work for me: huh:, even once again I’ll try to install it.

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Yes, with the screen, the developers were big dumb! Well, the truth is the price (7k.) Is quite acceptable for such an apparatus. But I would prefer Glowfish with ZHPS and a powerful processor for 12-13k.

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I have one more question. After installing 96dpi (steps 1 and 2 of the instructions), the icons in the upper bar changed and in UCWEB it started to show everything with zeros 0000000000000! But I thought of it and threw the font from the computer into the Fonts folder on the body (accidentally chose Tahoma) and after the reboot everything fell into place. In the UCWEB settings, then in the font selection window an LCD appeared which turns everything into zeros. But the question is - what exactly do these dpi changes give? Does this somehow improve the display? And when we run dpi.ccs through CeleCmd there, as I understand it, is something written to the registry? If not difficult to explain please! And thanks for the +!

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Is there a Manila version for Samsung I900 in nature - is there a WQVGA screen?

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SpartanMan @ 11.11.2008, 23:59*
Is there a Manila version for Samsung I900 in nature - is there a WQVGA screen?

On the website of the developers I saw, it seems specially for him. Only here is how it is not clear what to download from there. There seems to be a limitation for beginners.

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Found here russik on the developers site. Posted by Alexx ~. I had to check on soy, everything seems to be fine. Give it a try!

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I don’t get it? And how to perform step number 2 ???

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Gugenot @ 10/15/2008, 10:29*
And how to change the soft buttons? IMHO on the left there are 2 buttons (one full-time second software) for launching the phone is absolutely not necessary, but on the right it’s more familiar and more convenient than the contacts (I have PocketCM).

Look about soft buttonshere.

Or try this configurator for Manila. Will it work on smart, I don’t know.

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The Samsung i600 device, it was established that it was fixed, but everything began to slow down, and only the upper part of the table was reflected, most likely because of the display (landscape), these are the pies ....

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Dear experts!
Is it possible to add pages in the manila (for example, I need a page for St. Petersburg Dayari)?

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SpartanMan, here here describes the solution to this issue, but, unfortunately, IMHO, is too complicated and dreary. On smart, most likely, this method will not work, because third-party software is used: SecondToday, HomeScreen_PlusPlus ... I have not even tried on Tache yet, laziness.

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And it’s going to wm6.0, otherwise after installing 96 DPI it’s just worth it when you start windows mobile! HTC Touch (P3450). Installed on a memory card

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