Suggestions and questions about the section "Game consoles"

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Suggestions and questions about the section "Game consoles". :)

Dear users of the Game Consoles section! The section moderators turn to you with the question: "What can we do for you to make the Game Consoles section more popular and in demand? What useful information does the section most lack you for?"
Now on the expanses of the worldwide network a lot of scattered information regarding the Games on consoles, hacks, news and technical issues. We would like tosavagemessiahzine.comWas for you the place where you could go every day and get the latest, accurate and verified information: news and reviews of new consoles, new information about hacking, help and solving technical issues.
We trust you, so we ask for advice.
Any suggestions, even seemingly not realizable, are welcome. If you have something to advise or suggest, welcome to the dialogue in this topic: Suggestions and questions on the section "Game Console"
Your opinion is really important for us. Thank you in advance.

A big request - do not flood.

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everything is in place -PS Portable - games

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well now in place

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better here everything download -
constantly all new items in stock

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I immediately apologize for being off topic but I would like to see a section on sony playstation 2. or tell me if such a section can be created at all.

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section - no, this is a forum about portable devices. But you can create a topic in the subsectionConnection Games. Media

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if something specific interests - it is possible to me in a personal ...

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My suggestion is this:
You need to remove all links to games (Games must be bought otherwise no one will make games for free!
Remove all firmware firmware themes
Start an official life! : superman:

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as well as close the Android firmware section and demolish the entire catalog of games / software ... this is the bread of the developers ... I completely agree ... and we will discuss on the forum who wipes the screen with some rags ....

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My suggestions are as follows:
1. Required !! Rename the subsection to "Game Consoles."
2. Make the following structure:
-Gaming consoles
--- Sony PSP
----- Firmware
--- PS Vita
--- Nintendo
----- Games for DS, 3DS
----- Programs for DS, 3DS
----- Firmware for DS, 3DS
----- Games for Gameboy
--- Consoles on Dingux
----- Dingoo firmware
----- Programs for Dingux
----- Games for Dingux
--- Other consoles
----- Discussions
------- Android consoles (redirect to Android section)

In the sections Discussions-topics for discussion, purchase, marriage.
In the sections of the Games, Programs-necessarily theme-catalog and topics with discussions of the most interesting and important.
In the section Games for Gameboy-catalogs with images from different versions of the gameboy for emulators, discussion of the most important.
It is possible to add the Firmware section to Sony-Vita.

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Stjärnornas Fred,
We’ve already discussed ... all other consoles except “what to play” and there’s nothing to discuss - I bought an adapter and enjoy it ... on Android consoles and even more so - everything is chewed in the android section ...

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Well, Dingoo is a full-fledged PDA in the set-top box. You can and discuss.

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Stjärnornas Fred,
at least think about it -Dingoo A-320
users of this device once or twice and ended ...

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Everything is fine with partitions, unless the 3Ds branch was thrust in such a way that until it was poked with its nose, it was not found. There are few users of this portable, of course, but there are few of them on the forum to a greater extent because, having not found a thread here, they leave to discuss the console on other forums other To output a branch with 3Ds (to pair with DS, to the heap), and next to the twisted, psp ...

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And so, gentlemen, we are growing ... the other consoles are being added to us, including on the android and stationary ... the view of the section is not yet final, there is a discussion ... you can leave your wishes and your thoughts about the section .. .

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cooler.nvkz, uh uh! What did you do! I barely found my favorite section. Return back as it was. They made some kind of nesting doll.
On business - stick the section back between phones and a photo. So it’s not customary to see him below.

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Friends, why is there no section on Nintendo 3ds?

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StylePro @ 10.16.2013, 20:19*
why is there no section about Nintendo 3ds?

I propose to add the Nintendo 3DS (+ DS) section on a par with psp and ps vita, in fact there is something to discuss, the Roma have been dumping for a long time + they made the revolutionary Gateway 3DS car for which the firmware version is important (Only compatible with 3DS v4.5), and so are other cards for emulating DS Roms.
P.S. If you need a topic curator, I can do this (there is a curator experience).

Created a topic3DS В», I'm waiting for a moderator to introduce the topic along with psp / psv.

Plus, for sure, there are enthusiasts who will be engaged in new Android cansols, for whom you need to create a separate theme for the "Android console" and the subtopics of Nvidia Shield, OUYA, etc.

Approximate view
-Game consoles
--Sony PlayStation Portable
--- PSP 200 * / 300 * / GO
----- (other podcasts)
--- PS Vita (there’s nothing to discuss there, you need to delete it already, since there are the same topics in the merged portable and replaced with nintendo)
--- Discussion of DS, 3DS.
--- Games for DS, 3DS
--- Games for wii / cube / n64 / game boy, etc.
--- Programs / emulators for DS, 3DS
--- Firmware / hacks / hacks / carics for DS, 3DS
- Android console
--- (various podcasts on shield / ouya, etc.)

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the structure of the section "settled down" ... for the first time ... in the future we will separate particularly popular areas from the "other consoles" into our subsection ... for now, with 3DS, there are 12 people in the existing topic ...

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cooler.nvkz, people are gaining business)). It’s just still not clear how such a large portal like 4pda still didn’t have a topic with Nintendo prefixes), personally, because of this, I went to GBH, etc. forums, from the fact that there is no information or discussion about anything. You just need to "collect all the knowledge from other forums" already put together here, on the most visited forum 4pda. (Just the best place in the Internet, for all this you can’t find here in Russia.)

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And you can also "Section Archive - PS" in "Section Archive - PSP "rename?

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