Suggestions and questions about the section "Game consoles"

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Suggestions and questions about the section "Game consoles". :)

Dear users of the Game Consoles section! The section moderators turn to you with the question: "What can we do for you to make the Game Consoles section more popular and in demand? What useful information does the section most lack you for?"
Now on the expanses of the worldwide network a lot of scattered information regarding the Games on consoles, hacks, news and technical issues. We would like tosavagemessiahzine.comWas for you the place where you could go every day and get the latest, accurate and verified information: news and reviews of new consoles, new information about hacking, help and solving technical issues.
We trust you, so we ask for advice.
Any suggestions, even seemingly not realizable, are welcome. If you have something to advise or suggest, welcome to the dialogue in this topic: Suggestions and questions on the section "Game Console"
Your opinion is really important for us. Thank you in advance.

A big request - do not flood.

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lay out minis like regular games: one game - one theme ...

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cooler.nvkz ,
but they have not laid out? I ask not to monitor the whole forum.
I can put everything on Monday. I have a day off

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some laid out ... if I unite the themes of repetition ...

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I propose to start a topic with a list of people who can help with problems with psp and people who can help with the firmware (I mean about Pandora)
in other words, those who stitch zyzu not in domestic conditions

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Kakashi.Hatake ,
theoretically and so the people respond quickly. and old-timers of the topic are known to everyone .....

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Kakashi.Hatake, uh ... is it?
PSP assistance in various cities

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I personally got threads like "zyz 3008 6.20 give a link to a virtual machine" or like "help flash psp" foul up the whole forum ... can't these topics be deleted faster ???? and then they closed all the topics and did not delete them ....

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By the way, yes. Need Help for newcomers to rename to something like Questions or Various small questions.

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novices and non-novice do not be lazy to create new topics :)

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If the moderators see fit, then I think that it would be possible to add to the FAQ a bit of basic (or all) of the following information:
Work with VSH Menu
Work with the Recovery menu
Running pirated games from a memory card
Theory and practice of installing plugins
PSP Slim Disassembly - Detailed Guide
The only thing they have below is: "When reprinting materials, the hyperlink tohttp://pspfaqs.rurequired "

More useful:
What is the difference between original and non-original Memory Stick?
[Guide] Accessories for your PSP

This infa can remove a lot of questions from beginners familiarity with the world of PSP.: sveta:

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Why not put the PSP Games / PSP Programs section on the main page as sections on mobile devices. I often visit this section, and I would like to facilitate access to it.
And please do not say to make a link in the bookmarks.

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It is necessary to put things in order in the section of films for psp, to make a catalog, but it is unrealistic to search by page
Shl if there is no willing, I can help ...

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Zloy Pryanik
there is one moderator for the whole section ... without curators, without assistants ... I will be glad to any help ...

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I will be glad to help than I can, including moderation. I spend enough time on the forum and almost every day

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likewise, how many are already sitting here, uh!

you need a section on hardware - to remove modding there, all questions on iron problems, and so on. similar topics to combine, and not to remove the archive.

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think ... :)

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Are there any people who want to prepare a "fac in pictures"? contact in person or in QMS ... in the fact you plan to add frequent "flashing", "installing virtuals" and visualizing "fao" ...

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Are there any people who want to prepare a "fac in pictures"?

That's my idea)))

1. Make a section under the "iron" questions / problems / manuals
2. Transfer closed topics from the general section to the archive in a week
3. Close threads on 3000 and PSPgo in favor of some common "fludilki"
4. The topic "what to put on non-flashable PSPs" is already irrelevant
5a. The name "NGP aka PS Vita" - not true, should be "PS Vita aka NGP"
5 B. Or even "PS Vita (PSV) a.k.a. New Generation Portable (NGP)"

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RealYoti @ 12/14/2011, 20:05*
I support, but such a decision may not coincide with the policy of the administration. Moreover, the site is not profile. PSP, we still do not PDA =)

on "more zadalblivayuschih themes" more stringent rules and for a question from the caps / fak - RO in general for 5 days ...} -)

1. will be ...
2. Yes, as I recall, I clean it: blush:
3. and there are still tatters and slips))) it’s just not enough ... to leave one instead of them all - for exampleFat, slim, 3000 or Go, which is better to take?, call somehow decently like "general questions on the PSP"?
4. agree ...
5. it is better to close and make a separate section ... with different themes "new games", "Discussion" ...

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and it is better to close and make a separate section ... with different themes "new games", "Discussion" ...

So here, I think, your section will be. Generally, consoles are extremely small. Therefore, it is possible to live with one topic before the release ...

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