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your OS on Samsung R522
Windows xp [ 16 ] ** [9,82%]
Windows vista [ 12 ] ** [7,36%]
Windows se7en [ 119 ] ** [73,01%]
Linux [ 13 ] ** [7,98%]
Mac os [ 4 ] ** [2,45%]
dr ... [ 8 ] ** [4,91%]
are planning to upgrade the Samsung R522
yes, I will expand the RAM [ 68 ] ** [41,72%]
yes, I will put a larger hard drive [ 48 ] ** [29,45%]
I will equip with a support with. cooled [ 28 ] ** [17,18%]
No, I am satisfied with the following technical characteristics of the R522: [ 59 ] ** [36,2%]
did you have any problems with this model
yes, because of its illiteracy [ 17 ] ** [10,43%]
Yes, they were with the OS (I decided on my own) [ 34 ] ** [20,86%]
Yes, they were with the OS (I had to ask for help, contact the SC) [ 2 ] ** [1,23%]
Yes, they were with iron (but decided on their own) [ 16 ] ** [9,82%]
Yes, they were with iron (I had to ask for help, contact the SC) [ 13 ] ** [7,98%]
No, I have not come across yet :) [ 80 ] ** [49,08%]
Total votes: 163

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Samsung R522:

Samsung has introduced a laptop R522. R522 is equipped with four USB ports, one of which can charge mobile devices, even when the laptop is turned off. Another combo port supports USB and eSATA protocols, which allows you to transfer data at speeds up to 3 gigabytes per second. The 15.6-inch display supports an aspect ratio of 16: 9. The model is equipped with a battery that provides up to five hours of battery life. The laptop keyboard has an antibacterial coating that prevents the proliferation of bacteria.
To ensure data security, the inside of the computer is protected by a durable Samsung Duracase case that prevents damage to components. The notebook has a SuperSilent Mode, in which the noise level is significantly reduced by reducing the speed of rotation of the cooler.
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Excellent style
Thanks to its great design, this laptop will always stand out from the others. A stylish platform for the hand, made in the style of "aluminum", as well as an unusual touchpad illumination provide ergonomics and ease of use. It helps to increase work efficiency and at the same time provides a real sample of style.
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Long battery life
Long battery life (up to 5 hours) provides maximum freedom and mobility. Such a significant increase in battery life is achieved through advanced engineering developments from Samsung.
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Moisture resistant
The waterproof layer protects the case of the laptop from possible damage due to accidental ingress of liquid. * Even if you spill coffee on the laptop, nothing terrible will happen. Let the computer dry - and it will work again like a clock! * Up to 100ml of liquid — according to tests conducted by Samsung.
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Larger HD image size
When quickly changing images, it is easy to miss an important detail. The 15.6-inch display on the R522 notebook provides a clear and vivid image, and a balanced 16: 9 aspect ratio provides the most accurate video transmission in movies and games in high resolution (HD format). Now you can enjoy a quality image without annoying black bars.
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Rechargeable USB port
A convenient USB port allows you to charge various portable devices (such as mobile phones and MP3 players), even if the laptop is turned off.
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Robust housing
The robust case and scratch-proof lid ensure exceptional durability and reliability. Due to this, laptops are reliably protected from possible mechanical damage during everyday work.
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High transfer rate
The combined port supports USB and eSATA connections and allows data exchange with external devices at speeds up to 3 GB per second (which is more than 6 times faster than the USB 2.0 interface).
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Silent operation
SuperSilent Mode © provides an even quieter operation and is optimal for use in the library, during a meeting or in other conditions where noise is undesirable. In addition, you can set a lower rotational speed for the fan cooling the processor — this also helps eliminate noise.
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Technical characteristics of R522:
Technology / Processor: Intel Centrino 2 processor technology /
Intel Core 2 Duo
Operating System: Windows Vista Home Premium, Windows Vista Home Basic
RAM: up to 4 gigabytes
Display: 15.6 "HD, resolution 1366 x 768 (optional LED backlight is possible)
Hard disk: 160/250/320/500 gigabyte (5400 rpm SATA)
Optical Drive: Super Multi Dual Layer (SATA)
Graphics system: Intel GMA 4500MHD, ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4330 (512 megabytes gDDR3), ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4650 (1 gigabyte gDDR3)
Wireless protocols: Intel 802.11a / b / g / n,
Atheros 802.11 b / g, Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR
Camera: 1.3 megapixels
Dimensions (W x D x H): 376 x 255.8 x 31.3 ~ 37.25 mm
Weight: 2.55 kg (with battery)

those. Samsung support (OS: XP, Vista, Se7en):

R522-FS07 , NP-R522-FS08 , NP-R522-FS09 , NP-R522-FS0A , NP-R522-JS01 , NP-R522-JS02 , NP-R522-JS03 , NP-R522-XA02

For those who have problems after changing the OS and can not restore the system:
useSamsung Recovery SolutionIII .
thank you sia2704
Samsung Recovery SolutionIV - thank Rvstrax

Interesting findings \ notes \ notes \ instructions:

will be added as new.
Laptop went on sale in May 2009

links will be added and updated as necessary.

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Guys, did anyone try to install MAC OS?

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: happy: if you share, then we will definitely try: thank_you:djclub

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Good afternoon, I bought this device, formatted the screw, installed Win7, I regularly observe blue screens with the error irql not less or equal, who had this thread and how did they decide?

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Sakoshel @ 31.8.10, 7:29*
formatted the screw, put Win7,

did the same, but not a blue screenpah pah pahwas not yet. saw similar inthisbranch, then you will be answered more precisely

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I saw a line in the blue screen athr.sys google says it is necessary to put fresh firewood on the Wi-Fi controller.
Atheros AR5007EG Wireless Network Adapter I have the firewood version dated 06/09/2010, if dear forum users do not bother you, please write what version of firewood and controller model you have. I also read that this is some kind of conflict between the Web and audio

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Sakoshel @ 31.8.10, 17:09*
I have a firewood version

in the topic header there are links to the official driver, if you use them I think you will not have problems, because I use them myself

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Yes, I downloaded everything from the off site, okay, it’s unlucky to call it, I downloaded Vista, I installed it, I don’t have any blue screens, I’m glad at least buying, and then the third day of forums and so on

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Sakoshel @ 31.8.10, 15:09*
In the blue screen I saw the line

No need to look at anything - an error record is in the Event Log.

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Sakoshel @ 31.8.10, 15:09*
Atheros AR5007EG Wireless Network Adapter

In general, the Windows itself proposes to update it, the Council check the drivers for updates, I have a bluetooth so dubbed in the blue screen, so the Windows reported the problem of these firewood, updated (replaced) and all

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Yes, I checked for updates, thanks

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Yes, I already know about minidumps too

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With the help of bourgeois forums, defeated the problem, the algorithm of actions:

Put Windows 7 Professional (normal off. Distr without any assemblies) activated the OEM key
I went to C: \ Windows \ System32 \ Drivers \ and renamed the file.athr.sysatathr.sys.old
and only then I started installing drivers (all except step 7 downloaded from the off site), in this sequence
(not from the ceiling, it is in this order that firewood is put on Windows Vista from the disk that comes with the beech)

1 Processor Driver(Chipset_9.1.1.1019)
2 Intel Matrix Storage Manager Driver(IMSM_8.9.0.1023)
3 video driver(External_VGA_AMD_8.652.0.0)
4 sound card driver(Sound_Win7_6.0.1.5948)
5 Modem Driver(Modem_2.2.97.0)
6 LAN driver(LAN_11.10.6.3)
7 Wireless driver(from the native disk with firewood, in Vista compatibility mode) Driver version from 04.11.2008
8 Bluetooth driver(Bluetooth_6.2.1.0100)
9 touch panel driver(Touchpad_Win7_15.0.10.0)
10 USB Webcam Driver(Camera_343.2001.4001.19)
11 Easy Display Manager(Easy_Display_Manager_3.0.3.8)


P.S. Beech model Samsung R522-FS08 I put seven seven times 10 each time it was the same, just turn on the torrent or DC ++ immediately blue screen, went through a bunch of firewood and always the same result, only the method described above helped. Thank you all and good luck

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Sakoshel @ 2.9.10, 16:39*
just turn on the torrent or DC ++ immediately blue screen, went through a bunch of firewood and always the same result, only the method described above helped.

Kohl you know about minidumps - all you had to do was analyze them and not reinvent the wheel. (IMHO)
But, in principle, the sequence is correct (and not only for this case), it was derived on the trunk many years ago (thanks to FatAndy :)):FatAndy: Charter OS installation. From personal experience ...

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pasha_550 @ 2.9.10, 22:53*
But, in principle, the sequence is correct (and not only for this case), it was derived on the trunk many years ago (thanks to FatAndy :)): FatAndy: Charter for installing the OS. From personal experience ...

I have never heard about Tolstoy Andy, I’ve been putting Windows to myself and to all my friends for many years, never had any problems, by the way, he advises to update firewood, in my case, on the contrary, the old driver on Wi-Fi only works + rename the driver, agree How was I to know that it should be renamed? Well stumbled upon the topic of the bourgeois, there is true Asus, but the controller is similar and problems

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Hello! Tell me what temperatures you have on the processor and video card when you play demanding games (tobish games with good graphics - krayzis, fused / second, etc.).

So, a couple of comments about this topic, firstly I was outraged by a point in the survey ..... then what can replace the video card in our laptop, you can’t replace the video card because It is soldered to the motherboard. Secondly, it was funny to read at the beginning of the discussion about installing 86-bit Windows.)

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genhoi @ 09/21/2010, 01:39*
That you can replace the video card in our laptop, you can’t replace the video card. It is soldered to the motherboard.

the question was asked for not experience - correct

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guys, how can I install XP and the seven on the laptop correctly so that one OS does not conflict with the other? (no compatibility of firewood, etc.) how hard is it right to break?

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Dimedrol01 @ 10/01/2010 02:30*
install XP and seven

what for?
presumably hereSo

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Dimedrol01 @ 10/01/2010 00:30*
how can i install xp and seven on laptop

Installing Windows XP on a computer with Windows 7
Installation - [SOLVED] Windows XP SP3 and Windows 7 on the same computer - how to install?

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Guys, tell me what to do ..
In short, everest shows the rotational speed of a video card cooler 30%, as a result of which you can play games for ten minutes, then overheat.
The question is how to increase the speed of rotation of the cooler ?? None of the prog with this function is not defined valves

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