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How to buy paid programs and games in

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To buy apps and games in the Android Market from your device orweb versions, we need a bank or virtual card. Almost any one can pay online. As a rule, Cirrus Maestro is not suitable. You can find out more in your bank. And also, through mobile operators: direct operator billing -more
    Important!Refunds for the purchased application can be made only for2 hoursafter the purchase. After this time, the money can not be returned. Be careful and try to use trial versions of programs (if available) before purchasing.Attention!Purchases through applications are different from purchases of Android applications themselves: Users haveno 2 hoursafter making a purchase -more

How to set up payment through the operator \ How to pay for the purchase through the operator
Original answer:tap here | For owners of dvuhsimochnikov
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Linking a card to your Google Checkout account
So, we go onhttps://wallet.google.comand authorize the google account we use on the phone.
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A form appears where you need to enter the card data and your personal data.
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Fill it.The owner's name is written as indicated on the map.The same applies to the expiration date of the card. Postal code and address must be specified the same as when receiving a card from the bank. Address is desirable to write in transliteration.
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After entering your data you need to agree to the terms of service and privacy conditions.
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If all data is entered correctly, then an amount of $ 1 will be blocked on the card. This is necessary to confirm the correctness of the data provided. Within about a month, the money will be returned back. Screenshot from Raiffeisen Internet Banking.
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List of accepted bank cards (incomplete, replenished)
Cirrus Maestro is not supported!
MasterCard from Svyaznoy Club
MasterCard from Svyaznoy-Bank
MasterCard from Avangard Bank
MasterCard from Clydesdale Bank
MasterCard Unembossed ("Bank in your pocket") from Russian Standard Bank
MasterCard Corn by Euroset
Citibank MasterCard
MasterCard from Choice Bank
MasterCard Standard from NOMOS-BANK
MasterCard from Russian Standard Bank
MasterCard Gold from RaiffeisenBank
MasterCard Gold from MDM Bank
MasterCard from Bank St. Petersburg
MasterCard Virtual from Promsvyazbank
MasterCard Standard from RaiffeisenBank
MasterCard Virtual card from Kazkommertsbank (KAZKOM)
MasterCard Prepaid (virtual) from Yandex
MasterCard from MTS Bank
MasterCard from Tinkoff-Bank (virtual)
Visa Unembossed Classic from Finservice Bank
Visa Classic from Belarusbank
Visa Classic from Belinvestbank
Visa Classic from NOMOS-BANK
Visa Classic from Avangard Bank
Visa Classic from Sberbank
Visa Classic from BPS-Sberbank
Visa Classic Zapsibkombanka (ZSKB)
Visa Gold from MDM Bank
Visa Electron Express from Avangard Bank
Visa Electron Named from Avangard Bank
Visa Electron Momentun from Sberbank
Visa Electron from Sberbank
Visa Electron from Belgazprombank
Visa Electron from Belinvestbank (RB)
Visa Virtuon from Bank Renaissance
Visa Virtuon from Unicreditbank
Qiwi's Visa Virtual
Visa Virtuon from Belinvestbank
Visa Virtuon from BPS-Sberbank
Visa Platinum from Roketbank
Qiwi Visa Card (refund works)
MegaFon-Visa online card
Moscow Bank for Reconstruction and Development (VISA)
Cards Privat Bank -instruction\ instruction
A small educational program for working with payment cards and systems
Earthlings! I leave this answer to Google Support here, too. about itspoke in topic!
But at the moment, if the Market is not licensed, then not everyone can help. We are trying to figure out and get around.
I checked your account. Unfortunately, device "xxx" does not support the Google Play Store app and play.google.com, so the Google Play website opens with an error.
Although it may seem strange, but not all devices on the Android platform are licensed to use the Google Play service. The reason is that manufacturers use free Android software on their devices, but these devices do not always meet Google’s compatibility requirements for installing Google Play Store.

Check your device for a license, everyone can independently:supported devices

Информация для владельцев карточек украинских банков download

The invoice is in euros, dollars, tugriks, canals, toses - why is that? And not, for example, in rubles?Original response fromcianofit

For PrivatBank card holders:in connection withPrivatBank's innovation, is it possible to issue me bills in USD, and not hryvnia on my UAH card?Answerfromdrugoj00
Ability to avoid double conversionAnswerfromVoodooSV

!!!Purchased programslinked to your google account and saved for you when flashing, changing the device. Why is this convenient ?! (8 spoiler)And can be installed on multiple devices at the same time . But provided that they are used same account from which the purchase was made.

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through which country is it better to donate to google now?

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